List of Free code FTP


  • Alex FTPS Client
    This project provides a free complete FTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL) standard Framework 2.0 / Mono 2.0 client, a free class library providing easy and complete FTP and FTPS features to any app and Powershell integration Implemented RFCs: 959, 2228, 2389, 2428, 2640 and 3659.
  • Amalgam: Place FTP target as a HDD into Windows OS
    Synonyms: alloy, amalgamation, blend, combination, combo, fusion This will make an FTP target appear as a source drive within the windows OS (i.e. in Explorer or a DOS box). It will allow Media playback, file updates, backup programs etc. to function as if they are talking...
  • AsyncFtp
    AsyncFtp is a library, which enables support for async ftp transactions in .NET Framework.
  • C# FTP Library
    This library wraps the wininet.dll functions for FTP to create an effective way to interact with FTP servers using the C# language and the .Net framework.
  • FileTransferTool
    The program is a file transfer client, it monitor one or several local directories, verify,ftp and backup files found to the directory or ftp server you assign. the program is developed by c# + .framework 2.0(to support previous windows version). Hope it can help.
  • Fluent FTP
    I found there is a lack of samples for building client FTP applications, so I decided to create a fairly straightforward FTP client. It support basic abilities you would expect from a FTP client - directory browsing, file downloads and uploads, creating directories. The UI...
  • FTP to Azure Blob Storage Bridge
    An open-source project enabling FTP connections directly to Azure's Blob Storage. Deploy it to a worker role and use your own authentication/authorisation API to assign each FTP user their own storage container.
  • FtpHelper
    This project build with .net 4.5, used to upload file to ftp.
  • Image Scale
    A small application for resizing your photos, pictures, etc. You can run this app from Start Menu or by sending selected pictures through SendTo menu. You can save resized pictures to Clipboard, local folder or FTP site.
  • Import Media for Umbraco
    This package allows you to import multiple or large files that have been uploaded to the server via FTP or other means. A new media item is created in the media tree and the media is moved from the upload location to the new directory for the media item.
  • Johnshope free FTP & Folder command line Sync
    A simple but fast command line tool to sync ftp and local folders.
  • libftp - The open source ftp library for .NET
    *libftp* is an open-source library written in c# to provide an abstraction for ftp file tranfer functionality.
  • LINQ for .NET 2.0
    Backport of LINQ and Linq.Dynamic to the .NET Framework 2.0. The sources used to port it are taken from the mono project. It requires Visual Studio 2010 to compile. It won't compile on Visual Studio 2005.
  • OpenNETCF FTP Library
    The OPENNETCF FTP library provides a simple, non-stream-based FTP client API.
    A collection of open source servers built on top of a shared server architechture. Currently FTP is the only support server.
  • Reading Log file through FTP (C#.NET 4.0)
    This simple project is aimed to use ftp technology to read log file continuously every one minute, and is implemented by using C#.NET 4.0.
  • SecureFTP
    A secure FTP component for .NET and Mono.
  • SharpFTP
    An FTP library and in the future an ftp client too based on the library with SSL support developed in C# 2.0
  • System.Net.FtpClient
    System.Net.FtpClient is a client implementation of the FTP protocol that is designed to be easy to use and easy to extend. Aside from normal FTP client features, it supports SSL/TLS connections for command and data channels and parsing various file listing formats. This proje...

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