List of Free code Socket


  • #Ftp#
    #Ftp# is a fully managed Ftp Client in C# , with features including a site manager , queued tasks scheduler . #Ftp# is based on Indy Sockets library
  • Cuddy Chat Server Client
    Small Chat Server & Client - basierend auf C# mit Sockets
  • dIRca WP7 IRC Client
    IRC client with possible SL/WPF ports. Utilizes native tcp sockets until the communication layer from MS solidifies. Basically put, this project would not exist without the work of some wp7 hackers. Pip pip old boys.
  • EDAS-An Event driven async socket development framework
    This framework will help you to build async socket application very quickly. It's solves IOCP events,error handling,IO buffer for package receive and visio packet?pack?unpack...... all you need to do is to write your logic
  • FreeSwitch EventSocket
    FreeSWITCH is an open source ip pbx available from: This is a event socket implementation that allows you to control most aspects of FreeSWITCH.
  • Indy.Sockets
    Indy.Sockets is an open source socket library that supports clients, servers, TCP, UDP, raw sockets, as well as over 100 higher level protocols such as SMTP, POP3, NNTP, HTTP, and many more. Indy.Sockets is available for C#, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic.NET, any .NET language, an...
  • Kinection
    Valentia Kinection is open source community project. Purpose of Kinection is to provide user ability to publish Kinect data on socket, which then can be utilised on remote clients or HTML5 web pages using socket. See video at:
  • Orchard SSL
    Orchard Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) module ensures SSL is used when accessing specific parts of the website like the dashboard, authentication pages or custom pages.
  • Socket Policy File Server
    The socket policy file server is a simple TCP server that serves the socket policy file required by Adobe Flash Player for cross domain resource access.
  • SocketIO4Net.Client
    SocketIO4Net.Client is a .NET C# websocket client for Socket.IO. It is also available as a NuGet package: Install-Package SocketIO4Net.Client (w/o examples)
  • SuperSocket ClientEngine
    Socket client framework wrapping async data receiving, sending and error handling
  • SuperSocket, an extensible socket server framework
    SuperSocket, an extensible command line based socket application framework
  • TCP Port ReRouter (ALPHA)
    TCP PortReRouter is a basic network service that proxies TCP sockets to/from an alternate IP and/or an alternate port. ALPHA RELEASE
  • TraceMyNet: a network tracing tool
    TraceMyNet is a network tracing tool. It acts as a TCP socket proxy and allows you visualize network traffic, including local traffic that tools like netmon can't capture. It has support for SLL encrypted connections as well.
  • Warensoft Socket Server
    Warensoft Socket Server is a solo server, which never cares about the real logical business. While you could process your socket message with IronPython, and the message processing interface is reserved
  • Windows Media Center TCP/IP Controller
    Provides a way to monitor state and control Windows Media Center (and extenders) through a standard TCP/IP socket port and/or simple HTTP server.
  • Wpf Poker
    A simple open source poker game for local area networks. The project is developed under Visual Studio 2008 and uses .NET 3.5 The graphical user interface is pure WPF. Recently the project communications were converted from simple binary sockets to use WCF

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