List of Free code Bluetooth


  • 32feet.NET
    32feet.NET is project to make personal area networking technologies such as Bluetooth, Infrared (IrDA) and OBEX, easily accessible from .NET code. The library supports desktop, mobile or embedded Windows platforms.
  • BlueBoss - Bluetooth Proximity Detection
    BlueBoss is an application that enables the end user to receive alerts and execute programs based on the bluetooth devices present.
  • Bluetooth Radar
    Bluetooth Radar is WPF 4.0 application built in Visual Studio 2010 (RTM) and based on shared source library.
  • EV3Messenger
    EV3MEssenger - A program for exchanging messages with a Lego EV3 robot over bluetooth.
  • iRobot Create C# API
    C# api's for iRobot Create, to be used with bluetooth connection
  • NET Library to interface with Zephyr Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
    .NET Library for interfacing to Zephyr Heart Rate Monitor
  • NFC-fy me!
    App which, with the help pf an NFC tag, makes the bluetooth pairing automatically between your headphones and your NFC enabled devices, like the Lumia 920
  • NXT.NET for LEGO Mindstorms
    NXT.NET is a .NET library written in C# 3.0 that enables host applications to control the LEGO Mindstorms NXT from managed code via Bluetooth connection. NXT.NET contains a desktop and a mobile library and sample desktop Windows Forms and Windows Mobile Pocket PC applications.
  • Stone - Carputer Frontend
    Frontend for carputer/carpc written in C#. It includes: - Radio - Gps based on openstreetmaps ( - Bluetooth phone control - mp3 player - dix, video player - skin support ... Use Visual studio 2008 to give your contribute!
  • Widcomm bluetooth C# wrapper
    This project is a Widcomm Bluetooth stack opensource wrapper to allow developers to write applications using Microsoft .net framwork.
  • WiiKonnekt
    WiiKonnekt is basic Wiimote connection applcation written in C# using InTheHand.Net's dll to use windows bluetooth stack. It should be useful to everyone wanting to learn Wiimote and Bluetooth programming.

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