List of Free code Network


  • Action Bar
    Action Bar is a SNS network based on activities.
  • AgnisExchange
    <AGNIS>as A Growable Network Infor;ation System is developped in <C#>
  • AMDev.IT BNET ClientAPI
    BNET ClientAPI is an open source project that allow comunication with Blizzard Battle.NET network using Blizzard own Community APIs.
  • Arca4
    Arca4 is a chat server for the Ares Galaxy File Sharing Network. It's developed in C# 4.0.
  • Back-Propagation Neural Networks Simulation
    This is simple Back-Propagation Neural Network simulation using C#. This code is a part of my "Supervised Neural Network" book written in 2006.
  • BITS Download Manager
    This is a stand-alone client application that uses the BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) API (used by services like Windows Update) to perform file downloads. Downloads are done in an intelligent manner, backing off to allow other network traffic to take priority...
  • Box Social
    Box Social is a piece of free and open source social networking software written in c# for the mono platform.
  • C#.NET Instant Messenging Service
    Instant Messaging Chat Application in C#.NET. Allows users to log in over a network and chat with their contacts. Feel free to run it on your own network or web server. Includes Server & Client. Intended for educational purposes. Demonstrates use of a variety of C#.NET pro...
  • Cerebrum : Object-oriented database and knowledge base management system
    The Object-oriented database and knowledge base management system Cerebrum uses network data model. Cerebrum makes it easier for developers to save the state of the complex objects graph or the neural network into the database.
  • ClipboardLAN
    ClipboardLAN is just yet another shared clipboard application. It makes easier to share data between two computers over a network. It is intended for people who use two or more computers at the same time or pairs who are sharing a large number of bytes :D. It is developed in C#.
  • Coding4Fun Mission Control
    Coding4Fun Mission Control is a system that allows users to control a variety of devices through an extensible network communication platform.
  • DesktopManager
    This application allow you to manage your desktop wallpaper. Features: - Integration with AsideBar - Lock computer when flash-key is lost - Translate Desktop to the network
  • Device Analysis & Reporting Tool (DART)
    DART is a comprehensive tool for analyzing system information and memory distribution of high volume network drives and folders. It gives graphical analysis of system memory along with usage history, snapshot & reporting making maintenance easy and efficient. DART makes it ...
  • eEx Network Library
    The eEx Network Library contains many classes for monitoring, analyzing, parsing and also changing network traffic. It is basically around WinPcap/LibPcap and provides a framework to write own functions and plug-ins.
  • Fast Networking Library
    Fast Networking Library makes network communications fast and easy to do for any coder from beginner to advanced. You'll no longer have to write your own from scratch every time as we aim to support as much as we possibly can.
  • FreeMeter Revival
    This is a new implementation of the FreeMeter application FreeMeter Revival is a simple, friendly network monitoring and diagnosis tool.
  • Geometric Network Utility SOE Rest
    Geometric Network Utility SOE Rest
  • Groep18_AvartonScanner
    Scan all your WiFi networks close to you and all connected clients. Shows all info you need.
  • GwApiNET
    This library hopes to provide an minimal abstraction from the Guild Wars 2 API using a Caching scheme to reduce network traffic and allow persistent data.
  • HostsEditor
    Hosts Editor is small application for editing windows Hosts file. The hosts file is a computer file used to store information on where to find a node on a computer network. This file maps hostnames to IP addresses. The hosts file is used as a supplement to (or instead of) the ...
  • Hyper-V Management Library in C#
    A C# library to manage Hyper-V server (network switch settings, VM configurations, etc.) via WMI APIs
  • IP Configurator
    IP Configurator is a small tool that allows you to quickly switch through various configurations (IP address, subnet mask, DNS servers) of your network cards. It is very usefull when you must connect your PC to several LANs and each of them requires different configuration.
  • IPNetwork utility computes your netmask, cidr, subnet, supernet and network
    IPNetwork command line and C# library take care of complex network, ip, netmask, cidr, subnet, subnetting, supernet and supernetting calculation for .Net developpers. It works with IPv4, it is written in C# and has a light and clean API and is fully unit tested.
  • IpScanner
    The IpScanner windows application should help discovering hosts in a ip based network. The project is written in C#
  • Kinect Controlled Robot
    Kinect Controlled Robot: This Is a small independant project that is designed to help me learn the C# language in a fun and Hands on way. Involves the Kinect sensor, GHI FEZ Panda 2, and some basic networking.
  • Mates: A location-based social networking system
    mates is a location-based social networking system in the form of a robust web service, or Relationship Engine, and an optional rich media client application, or Relationship Space Navigator. Mates was developed between January and May 2005. The mates team released the sourc...
  • Meridian VK
    Meridian is an audio player for russian social network Vkontakte
  • Mobile Share for Windows
    Mobile Share allows the Windows Mobile OS to access network resources shared on any Windows network. Mobile Share can view, stream or download these resources as well as more basic network explorer function such as copy, move and delete.
  • Mona artificial neural network
    Mona is a goal-seeking artificial neural network.that is able to learn a number of tasks, including how to solve mazes and forage for food and water. The simulated environment included in this package is a block world containing mushrooms and pools of water. Robot-like creatur...
  • Netkill
    Simple kill button for network connectivity, with some additional features. Disable network connectivity with a single click, or when a certain program starts.
  • Network Adapter/ Interface Analyzer, viewer, Speed Calculator
    Simple .Net Application to give information about all network adapters in the system, their running status, max speed, download upload speed, etc
  • Network Crash Simulator
    Network Crash Simulator can be used to simulate network crashes. It came from a need of QA team to simulate multiple network crashes in a easy way. It's developed in C# on .net framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2008
  • Network Messenger
    Network Messenger is a LAN messaging and chat program which allows messages to be sent between users on a network peer-to-peer with no need for a server. It is developed in C#.
  • Network Tools
    Want to replace what we lost when DNSTools started charging? This tool does ping, ping -t, tracert, telnet as well as netstat with intervals. Helps network and server admins to troubleshoot faster.
  • NOnkyo
    This is a library and a GUI to communicate with Onkyo AV receivers over the network.
  • Osm Parser Community Edition
    Osm Parser parse highways in open street maps to generate routable roads network in spatialite.
  • P2P Social networking
    P2P social networking makes it easier and more efficient for people to communicate with each other across the Internet. It's developed in C#.
  • Rerun
    Rerun is designed to restart specific applications that have been closed by a novice/non-administrator user. The original design was to prevent people on my home network (i.e. children) from closing out programs I want running at all times (i.e. Windows Live Messenger). Th...
  • RserveCLI
    RserveCLI is a .NET/CLI client for Rserve. It allows .NET/CLI client to access R on the same machine or across the network.
  • semantics
    A middleware of semantic network, including retrieving, presenting, querying and reasoning
  • SeventhGate
    SeventhGate enables Windows 7 and Server 2008R2 computers with wireless network card to turn into simple wireless routers.
  • ShoutBox
    Push-to-Talk communication within home networks - Windows service for audio output (running in background) - WPF GUI (to shout towards other ShoutBoxes)
  • Simple HostMonitor
    Simple Host Monitor makes it easier for network administrators to keep track of the status of certain hosts. In case of network errors and server crashes, it will alert you immediately. It is simple but handful with no need of installation. It's developed in .NET 3.5 with VS2010.
  • Simple Server Monitor (SSM)
    Simple and efficient server monitoring. Keep an eye on CPU, memory, disk and network usage, and display live server stats using the Web Reports module. Very customizable, almost all settings are user defined. Works with all versions of Windows from 2000 onwards.
  • SimplyMessenger
    SimplyMessenger is a light Network Messenger. It use C# and WPF.
  • Skynet
    Skynet is a project with the goal of creating a self-aware software program. The program will be supplied with heuristic alogorithms allowing it to learn, analyze, and adapt. In phase two, the program will be able to hack into any network and enslave other machines to creat...
  • SnagL
    Social Network Analysis Graph Live (SnagL) is a light-weight, pluggable application that operates from a web browser and works with existing applications and back-end data stores to provide a visual way to understand information and enhance analysis.
  • Social Blend (Old)
    An email and social network client. old name: iHunter
  • The Ping Master
    A service that periodically pings network addresses and allows the running of command line type utilities in response to success or failure.
  • Top Protocols Expert for Network Monitor
    A Network Monitor Expert which shows you the usage frequency of protocols in a trace. This expert plugs into the Network Monitor UI so you run it directly from the Expert menu.
  • Top Users Expert for Network Monitor
    A Network Monitor Expert which shows you the heavy talkers in a trace. This expert plugs into the Network Monitor UI so you run directly from the Expert menu.
  • TouchProxy (for Windows 8)
    A remote touch injection client for Windows 8 using standard TUIO+OSC protocols, variable input calibration, and integrated hosted Wi-Fi networking for devices.
  • Virtual Router Manager - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 2008 R2
    Virtual Router Manager turns any Windows XP, 7, 8 or 2008 R2 computer into a Wifi Hot Spot using Windows Wireless Hosted Network (Virtual Wifi) technology.
  • Virtual Wifi Hotspot for Windows 7 & 8
    Virtual Wifi Hotspot turns any Windows 7 and Windows 8 computer into a Wifi Hotspot using Wireless hosted network technology.
  • Visio Add-In For Disk Space Monitoring
    The Visio 2007 Add-In allows the users to view the results of monitoring servers from in a clear, comprehensive Visio network diagram. This project will help in Visio add-ins development.
  • Vkontakte API
    .NET API for communication with Russian social network
  • Vkontakte WP
    unofficial WP7 client of the Russian social network "Vkontakte"
  • WikiImporter for NodeXL
    Import networks from MediaWikis directly into NodeXL for analysis and visualization.
  • Xinx Remote Screen
    Remote Screen (RS) is a Client /server App. Remote Screen makes it possible for network/ internet users to "View" remote users screen on which "XRS" Server is running with the help of a Browser or "XRS" client, though you can not control remote computer. Developed in .NET/C#
  • ZpovedniceAPI
    Api using web requests for social network site

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