List of Free code AJAX


  • Add resource with ajax and facebox tutorial
    See new resource with ajax / and http://add new resource with
  • AJAX 1
    Example code for Build Your Own AJAX Web Applications book.
  • Ajax CartLite
    Open Source Ajax Cart from MagentoGarden, ajax cart lite.html.
  • ajax continuations talk
    Companion repository for my Ajax Continuations talk.
  • ajax crud sample
    rails ajax crud sample.
    A Digital Repository System written entirely in browser.
  • Ajax Enrique
    Editor musical con interfaz gr?fica.
  • ajax file uploader
    A C# file upload user control, with progress bar. Client side code courtesy of Ajax Uploader.
  • ajax gist
    A simple web service that allows GitHub Gists to be used via AJAX.
  • ajax Hooks
    Collection of converters, prefilters and transports.
  • Ajax Include Pattern
    An Ajax Include Pattern for Modular Content.
  • ajax Monitor
    A plug in for jQuery that allows you to monitor ajax requests.
  • Ajax Mutator
    Mutation analysis tool for JavaScript Web Applications.
  • ajax overlay
    Simple AJAX Overlay jQuery Plugin.
  • ajax Preparer
    Prepare ajax calls through conventions. Ajaxify anchors (links), inputs, and selects.
  • Ajax Ready
    Ajax Ready is a small JavaScript library that allow you to make asynchronous requests in really simple mode!.
  • Ajax Reference
    Some basic text book exercises to get a strong foundation in the Ajax technologies.
  • AJAX Search Suggest Style
    A recreation of the search feature found on
  • ajax solr
    A JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces to Solr.
  • ajax TableCreater
    asenkton table Creater with Ajax.
  • ajax taglib
    A JSP taglib for commonly used AJAX tasks, implemented with jQuery.
  • ajax tools
    Collection of AJAX enabled tools implemented using the Play! Framework and jQuery.
  • Ajax Upload
    MVC 3 " Ajax " Upload Example.
  • Ajax upload Carrierwave Rails 3.2.3
    A small application that demonstrates the work of these programs together: Ajax upload + Carrierwave + Rails 3.2.3.
  • ajax utils
    Some miscellaneous utils and scripts useful many sites.
  • ajax widgets
    Intalio AJAX widgets based on General Interface technology.
  • AJAX with JQuery
    AJAX with jQuery presentation and examples August 3, 2011.
  • ajaxdict
    AJAX dictionary that hooks into the Wiktionary API.
  • ajaxmodels
    Simple demo showing multiple models and simple ajax updates using metadata.
  • ajaxr
    some AJAX helpers for rails.
  • AliDatatableBundle
    Symfony2 Ajax Datagrid Bundle for doctrine2 entities.
  • AlValumUploaderBundle
    The AlValumUploadeBundle encapsulates the ajax valum uploader javascript.
  • amplify streamline
    A sample project used in the talk Streamlining Your AJAX Requests with AmplifyJS and jQuery.
  • angular feedback
    Simple ajax feedback widget wrapped in an angular.js directive.
  • arv web framework
    A New Type of AJAX Framework.
  • asfar
    a "simple" and unified approch to implement the new HTML5 History Interface & loading content via ajax.
  • Autocompleter w AJAX
    This is an autocompleter jQuery script that uses AJAX to query a DB for suggestions.
  • BladeJs
    A small library for mapping HTML5 data attributes to jQuery AJAX request objects.
  • cache Ajax
    jquery plugin to cache ajax request and more.
  • Cached Ajax Request
    Multiple request caching for Ajax.Request.
  • CakePHP Ajax MultiUpload
    CakePHP 2 plugin to allow for easy multi file upload with AJAX.
  • cassie
    [dead. Use Pinky] Simple Promise library for JS. Ready to be raped by Ajax !.
  • CFup
    A file upload progress indicator written in ColdFusion and Ajax (no Flash or Java).
  • chosen ajax addition
    ajaxification of chosen auto complete plugin.
  • cloud9 skywriter shared
    Shared code between Cloud9 and Mozilla Skywriter.
  • CodeMirrorRemoteValidator
    An asynchronous CodeMirror lint plugin that will receive code, send it to a callback (that can send it somewhere via Ajax , etc..), and apply any discovered errors on return.
  • conf reverse ajax
    Samples for Reverse Ajax conference.
  • connect prerenderer
    Express/connect middleware to pre render ajax page for non ajax browsers, especially using angular.js.
    Allow RSS requests using ajax.
  • countador
    Web counter with countdown and countup based ajax requests.
  • crawlerjs
    AJAX crawler that stores escaped fragment snapshots of #!/ sites that search engines can understand.
  • Crawlme
    Ajax crawling for your web application.
  • crossdomain ajax with jquery and yql
    A demo of how to use YQL and the jQuery load() method to get to third party content in Ajax.
  • cruyff
    Ajax CRUD solution for Rails applications.
  • cubique
    Elegant AJAX datagrid for Zend Framework and jQuery.
  • CustomerDemo
    A full ajax Rails apllication.
  • customTree
    Greatly Customisable AJAX Tree View for some of my projects.
  • deck.lazyload.js
    Load deck.js slides lazily using Ajax.
  • delta downloads
    This is an web app to create interface for delta downloads... heavy use of ajax to make the site very interactive.
  • dissident
    A framework designed to break standard web application conventions and embrace the technologies that exist rather than hinder them. This framework is based on Erlang as an extension of mochiweb and will leverage a JQuery JSON based AJAX head pattern.
  • eldarion ajax
    a library for adding declarative ajax functionality to your website.
  • elements
    Rails CMS application providing a tree structure, using Ancestry and STI, with a working jQuery ajax tree.
  • FakeServer
    Fake Server is a bridge between Jasmine and Sinon. It provides a simplified interface for mocking ajax requests with Sinon's fakeServer when writing tests with Jasmine.
  • File Uploader
    JavaScript File Uploader (SWFUpload alternative, AJAX file upload).
  • filx
    A rails 3 demo app that emulates netflix queue drag and drop sorting and ajax DB updates.
  • FrameworkJS
    Another MVC framework for Javascript. FrameworkJS has built in support for Models, Views, Controllers and Services. It supports a strip down Publisher/Subscriber pattern and it also has a utility for doing AJAX calls.
  • frameworks
    This repository contains the AJAX framework libraries features and plugins of Aptana Studio.
  • FubuMVC. Ajax
    Temporary home so I can share stuff with Alex.
  • fubuvalidation js
    FubuValidation, Ajax Continuations, and JavaScript walk into a bar...
  • gae ajax demo
    A simple Google App Engine demo using ajax setup as a forum for me to ask questions.
  • ganelon
    Ganelon microframework brings rapid development of dynamic web applications to Clojure, by introducing thin JavaScript layer for AJAX based server side management of page's content.
  • ghostentista
    Ghost Theme Responsive, AJAX driven, Semantic and Beautiful.
  • gjwoa
    get JSON whisout AJAX.
  • grails ajax uploader
    The Grails Ajax Uploader plugin is a Grails Tag Library which implements Andrew Valum's excellent file uploader. Supporting drag and drop, progress/status updates, multiple file uploads and more for your application. Visit ajax uploader for detailed documentation and feature list.
  • HackNashville FileBrowser
    AJAX driven file browser backend.
  • hashrouter
    easy url routing for ajax applications.
  • htm
    html5/ ajax web front of
    Simple javascript to help bind select HTML elements with ajax.
  • html5 ajax file upload demo
    HTML5 Ajax File upload with Sinatra demo application.
  • httpjs
    http.js provides AJAX functionality for the browser.
  • infinite ajax scroll
    A jQuery plugin that turns your regular paginated page into an infinite scrolling page using AJAX.
  • inline uploader
    rack endpoint and handler for ajax uploads.
  • inplacericheditor
    AJAX In Place Rich Editor: In place AJAX powered WYSIWYG editor.
  • jasmine ajax
    jasmine ajax A library for faking Ajax responses in your Jasmine suite.
  • jasmine fake ajax
    Fake (or mock if you will) Ajax to be used with the Jasmine BDD framework & jQuery Ajax.
  • JavaScript AJAX jQuery
    Dateien zum Unterricht JavaScript/ AJAX /jQuery.
  • Johnny Mnemonic
    Yet another ` ajax back button` implementation, on Joose3, with the test suite and no required page markup at this time.
  • jqPlot AJAX JSON
    Implementation of jqplot using AJAX +JSON Line chart.
  • jQuery Ajax ErrorHandling
    Intro to Error Handling in Ajax Apps.
  • jquery ajax goodies
    jQuery ajax cache and concurrency extensions.
  • jquery ajax page change
    Dynamically change your page content with ajax.
  • jquery ajax Queue
    A simple queue for your ajax requests in jQuery.
  • jQuery AJAX Translation
    An extension of the Google AJAX Translation plugin for WordPress.
  • jQuery ajax upload
    A jQuery plugin that simplifies the way you can upload files asynchronously.
  • jquery ajax wizard
    Jquery multistep wizard librazy for ajax loaded content.
  • jquery ajaxstartdelay
    A small jQuery plugin providing a delay to be set before the handler is called in jQuery's. ajax Start().
  • jquery autocomplete
    Ajax Autocomplete for jQuery from
  • jquery domwindow
    Easily create "interstitial style" windows based on an iframe, ajax call, or inline HTML (based on jQuery.DOMWindow from swip).
  • jQuery easyXDM
    Extends JQuery with easyXDM to support CORS (with credentials/cookies) for cross domain ajax on legacy and common browsers (IE6/7/8/9).
  • jquery iframe transport
    jQuery Ajax transport plugin that supports file uploads through a hidden iframe.
  • jquery lazy tree table
    jQuery plugin for treating tables as trees with optional asynchronous ( Ajax ) loading of children.
  • jquery loader plugin
    This little jQuery plugin is used to add a loading popup. This could be usefull for ajax calls, and it?s really simple to use !.
  • jQuery Loading
    Allows you to toggle a loading state for any part of the page. useful where the page is about to be updated pending the results of an AJAX request.
  • jquery mock ajax
    Override jQuery. ajax , then put it back again.
  • jquery mockjax
    The jQuery Mockjax Plugin provides a simple and extremely flexible interface for mocking or simulating ajax requests and responses.
  • jquery pjax
    pushState + ajax = pjax.
  • jquery pjaxr
    Pushstate aJAX eXtended Replacements.
  • jquery treetable ajax example
    Ruby on Rails example of AJAXified jQuery treeTable table with D&D support.
  • jquery. ajax .fake
    fake your webservice until your server make it..
  • jquery. ajax ComboBox.js
    A jQuery plugin for creating a text box it can "autocomplete" and "pulldown select".
  • jQuery.autocompletr
    A new, better and more extensible jQuery plugin for autocompletion and ( ajax ) suggesting.
  • jquery.fileDownload
    jQuery File Download is a cross server platform compatible jQuery plugin that allows for an Ajax like file download experience that isn?t normally possible using the web.
  • jquery.mb.easyPage
    jquery ajax page navigation.
  • jquery.waiting
    jQuery Waiting provides a way to add and remove a loading indication (e.g. an AJAX spinner gif) with some useful options like positioning and adding it as an overlay inside the element or over the entire page.
  • jquery.xrequest
    Simple plugin to Ajax Request.
  • Jsend
    Ajax wrapper that handles JSON data exchange according to the non official JSend spec.
  • jtable
    A JQuery plugin to create AJAX based CRUD tables.
  • jTiny Ajax
    A jQuery Plugin that turns TinyMCE into an Ajax Editor.
  • jUri.js
    JavaScript library for URL handling and events, AJAX , browser's history and more.
  • kassit
    Kassit Rapid Client Side AJAX Applications Development Framework.
  • Kool Swap
    Kool Swap enables impressively ajax load support for websites. Just tell the plugin what should be switched and see the magic!.
  • Kynetx Ajax Eventer
    Makes it easy to create event listeners in javascript for ajax web pages.
  • lazyBlock
    Conditionally load content in responsive designs without relying on AJAX. Proof of concept.
  • LazyPagination
    Automatically sends ajax requests as the user scrolls an element.
  • leaflet ajax
    plugin for leaflet for ajax.
  • Leaflet Lazy Loading Markers Ajax
    An example I created to lazy load markers on a Leaflet map.
  • lesson ajax
    Notes and materials for the Intoxicoders AJAX lesson.
  • Libertas Yachting
    Libertas Yachting Ajax website for Danijel in Croatia.
  • lift ajax fu
    Lift Ajax File Upload.
  • lift file uploader
    AJAX file upload with progress bar using the Lift framework.
  • LinkageSel
    javascript Infinite level linkage select, chainable select, generate <select> element dynamitically, support local, ajax data get.
  • local
    An Ajax messaging library.
  • lzosutils
    OpenLaszlo utilities: flash bridge, ajax , etc.
  • magento quick view ajax
    Quick view AJAX window for Magento.
  • mantiskanban
    Mantis Kanban that uses ajax and mantisconnect.
  • Mastiffe
    The Manual AJAX System Testing Interface For FitnessE. Lets you run manual tests on FitNesse servers.
  • micrajax
    A micro AJAX library.
  • microsoft ajax translation wordpress plugin
    A quick, simple, and light way for your readers to translate your blog by using the Microsoft Translator API.
  • Migur Ajax Search Plugin
    This is a Joomla 1.6+ plugin that hooks on the standard Joomla! search input field and enhances it with AJAX functionality for showing results in real time!.
  • mint livestats
    AJAX y dashboard for mint stats.
  • mochikit ajax experience 2006
    Intro to MochiKit (The Ajax Experience 2006).
  • mockbuilder
    Quickly turn HTTP Archive (.har) files into AJAX test mocks.
  • mockjax
    Define ajax stubs in your request specs.
  • modx ajaxmanager
    Ajax Manager plugin for MODX Revolution.
  • moopopup
    moopopup is a plugin designed to display html content in a draggable, resizable popup window (really a layer over the document). The content shown may be passed as an option, taken from an existing html node or through an ajax request.
  • mt plugin ajax publish
    A Movable Type and Melody plugin that adds support for publishing entries via AJAX without leaving the entry listing screen.
  • multiple ajax upload
    Ruby on Rails demo of uploading multiple files on one page using ajax. Displays errors and successful saves. Added support for mutliple file uploads.
  • Multiple file drag and drop upload master
    Multiple File Drag and Drop Upload this will work in modern browsers (HTML 5), File uploads happening through ajax.
  • netty ajax server
    A netty server that demonstrates various ways of using netty to implement Ajax push to the browser.
  • Node.Micro Ajax
    An easy to use lightweight ajax oriented site/application framework designed to be both lightweight and produce very functional output with minimal code.
  • nprogress rails
    Slim progress bars for Ajax 'y applications. Inspired by Google, YouTube, and Medium for the Rails Asset Pipeline (and some turbolinks/pjax love).
  • O2
    A simple music player written in Adobe AIR aimed at demonstrating the features of AIR AJAX.
  • Oileide
    An "automatic" AJAX library with bookmarking helpers.
  • pajamas
    A lightweight AJAX library using the Q promise library.
  • pebbles
    Actionable Javascript Library for 0 line AJAX interactions.
  • phonebook
    A lightweight AJAX wrapper to make your code cleaner and more maintainable.
  • photon
    AJAX powered gallery plugin for Croogo 1.3.3+.
  • Pic upload Crop in Ajax
    Rails 3 Ajax Upload + Crop with Paperclip.
  • postal ajax examples
    Attempts at useful patterns to separate AJAX /data access from client side models via messaging.
  • postmessage proxied xhr
    A simple polyfill for cross origin ajax requests.
  • Presentation JS
    A presentation framework using AJAX to break up slides instead of packing everything in the same HTML page.
  • pseudositer
    content management for the lazy :: an ajax file browser CMS.
  • pushnav
    Automatic ajax navigation using html5 push state.
  • q and ajax
    Simple little AJAX app that requests answers to questions from a text file.
  • rack cors
    Rack Middleware for handling Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), which makes cross origin AJAX possible.
  • Rails powered Ajax Blog
    Ajax blog with Solr based search engine.
  • railsbrain updated
    Rails Doc API (currently 2.3.2) with RailsBrain ajax generator from docrails.
  • rar.js
    Pure JavaScript RAR reader using AJAX , File API & local access.
    HTML5 and AJAX display of videos from to replace Includes any video embed type from reddit. Only backend is's API, everything else is clientside.
  • Remotipart Tutorial
    Files for a tutorial on utilizing the remotipart gem for AJAX file uploads in the Rails 3.
  • replacejs
    Tool for adding simple AJAX functionality to a site.
  • rocket feedback
    A feedback panel for Ruby on Rails applications. It's built using JQuery for AJAX goodness and uses Rails' ActionMailer to send feedback.
  • S3 Ajax
    Libraries to make S3 easier via AJAX , includes S3Wiki.
  • SeadragonHotspots
    Enabling hotspots on the AJAX version of Microsoft's Seadragon.
  • seajax utils
    A utility library that provides a number of extras to the Seadragon AJAX viewer.
  • serializeCFJSON
    A simple JQuery method that takes the JSON, returned from a ColdFusion ajax call, and will recursively search each key, converting native ColdFusion query objects into a standard JSON record set.
  • server facade
    Code and slides belonging to my JavaZone talk about wrapping your ajax calls to get cleaner code and nicer testing.
  • sfMultiple Ajax UploadGalleryPlugin
    This project is a Symfoy plugin which allow user to get a beautiful and powerfull gallery the easyest way !.
  • shellinabox
    Shell In A Box is a web based AJAX terminal emulator. This is a mirror of the upstream repository.
  • ShogoMVC
    Serves as a base.NET MVC project for building dynamic AJAX driven.NET websites.
  • simile ajax
    Unofficial SIMILE Ajax project cloned primarily to work as submodule for ShowSlow.
  • sinatra xhr upload example
    An example sinatra app with html 5 xhr upload and faux ajax iframe upload as fallback for older browsers, the principles can be ported to Rails very easily.
  • smoax
    Simple Mock Ajax For jQuery.
  • spring data mvc ajax
    This project is an example to build java ee project using the Spring framework.
  • subversion ajax view
    Subversion server's extension to show Ajax view.
  • swf upload
    CakePHP swfUpload plugin for ajax file uploads with multi upload feature.
  • switchTab
    switch tab in an easy way, and using Ajax.
  • tablerise
    Utilities for html tables static or dynamic (ajax).
  • tafel tree view
    Plugin can be used to present data with ajax tree.
  • Tiepoints
    Seadragon AJAX based Tiepoint Picker.
  • Tornado AJAXSample
    Written to provide a demo of a simple AJAX post / response loop.
  • TWiki Ajax Contrib
    Foswiki's TWiki Ajax Contrib.
  • ujs jquery scaffold example
    this is an experiment, a sort of unobtrusive ajax scaffold, made borrowing code and ideas from github, famspam and more.(thanks to Chris and jquery community).
  • uploadManager
    HTML5 & crossbrowser ajax file uploader.
  • virtualbrowser
    jQuery.fn.virtualBrowser() recursively ajax load local pages inside your document. Like having a seamless <iframe> element on your page. Voodoo magic!.
  • wdim 387 wk5
    Advanced Scripting Class jsdoc toolkit + AJAX Chat.
  • Who where
    Web application for create office plan (jQuery, jQueryUI, AJAX , JSON).
  • wp ajax
    Wordpress Ajax Ajaxify Wordpress.
  • writeCapture
    Utility to assist the Ajax loading of HTML containing script tags that use document.write. Mailing List: users.
  • yakriak
    A Riak powered Ajax polling chatroom. Not for production use!.
  • yii ajax crud behavior
    Single Page CRUD operations on ActiveRecord models with controller behavior inherited AJAX actions.
  • ytinstant
    A clone of ytinstant to play with jquery and ajax.

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