List of Free code Client


  • ajaxframe
    Small webframework, still in experimental stage. Many things borrowed from lift, but focus on client side apps. Written in scala + javascript.
  • amqp js
    A push enabled AMQP Client for Javascript.
  • app template
    The NPR Apps team's opinionated project template for client side apps.
  • bigdata.js
    A client side data store that handles versioning and conflict resolution. Still a work in progress.
    JavaScript Client Side Bitcoin Wallet Generator.
  • bmr
    Bmr the Bitmessage reader, a bitmessage client with a better experience.
  • brassReader
    Client side rss reader.
  • browsermail
    Javascript IMAP email client for browsers.
  • btcbin
    Offline Bitcoin Address Client.
  • Bungloo
    Basic Tent client for OS X and Linux.
  • bunyip
    Automate client side unit testing in real browsers using the CLI.
  • candy
    JavaScript based multi user chat client for XMPP.
  • caress client
    JavaScript client to translate TUIO to browser touches.
  • Cassette Express
    An asset manager for your client side javascript files, for use in Express.JS.
  • cifre
    Fast crypto toolkit for modern client side JavaScript.
  • cilantro
    Official client for The Harvest Stack.
    An API implementation of Express but to be used on the client instead.
  • clientjade
    command line tool to compile your jade templates into client side templates for use in the browser.
  • clientside haml js
    Haml compiler for client side javascript view templates.
  • Cloud Tasks
    A very simple Palm webOS client for Remember The Milk.
  • cloudyrun
    CloudyRun is a test driver based on browser clients.
  • cors planner
    Powerful and Elegant Client Side Timetable Builder for Universities (Support NUS and NTU Now).
  • DDPClient.NET
    A DDP client for.NET.
  • deck.remote.js
    Allow clients for deck.js.
  • demogram
    Full featured Instagram client built with SproutCore 2.0 and using Strobe.
  • device.js
    Semantic client side device detection with Media Queries.
  • dialect http
    http client to manage your dialect translations.
  • director reflector
    reflect isomorphic HTTP client API wrappers from Director routers.
  • evercookie
    evercookie is a javascript API available that produces extremely persistent cookies in a browser. Its goal is to identify a client even after they've removed standard cookies, Flash cookies (Local Shared Objects or LSOs), and others.
  • express expose
    Expose raw js, objects, and functions to the client side (awesome for sharing utils, settings, current user data etc).
  • express state
    Share configuration and state data of an Express app with the client side via JavaScript.
  • fast autocompleter
    Scriptaculous Autocompleter with client side caching.
  • feeder webos
    The coolest Google Reader client for webos.
  • Flask Starter
    Structure of Flask project easily used both for small and big apps. Includes great communication layer, between APP and client.
  • franz kafka
    Kafka client for node.
  • FTP Button
    Send clients a button with ftp details pre set that loads a window to drag files into.
  • fxos irc
    IRC client for FxOS (and now desktop FF).
  • gh3
    Client side Javascript API wrapper for GitHub API V3.
  • gitter
    GitHub client for node and browsers (v3 API ).
  • grunt dot compiler
    Compile doT templates for ready to use in node and client.
  • Guasa
    JavaScript WhatsApp client using Whats API.
  • hackernews
    Pure client side Hacker News Reader powered by coffee script.js and less.js.
  • hackernewstwo
    An alternate, modernized client for Hacker News.
  • hr.js
    Build large client side applications in a structured way.
  • hyperagent
    A HAL client for JavaScript.
  • iam fox
    AWS IAM GUI client.
  • ianki
    An internet based client for the Anki spaced learning system that works offline.
  • jadevu
    Minimal precompiled Jade templates exposed to the client.
  • Jenkins X
    A OSX client for Jenkins.
  • js fragment
    Client side templating for modern thinkers.
  • jsVNC
    VNC client in JavaScript.
  • liveBalls
    A mutliclient chat with balls for each client , you can move with your mouse and chat with other persons in realtime.
  • MagicTouch
    Spec compatible touch events based on npTuio Client callbacks.
  • meteor client sessions
    MOSTLY DEAD, SEE README A smart package for tracking clients across requests.
  • meteor mini pages
    Simple client side page routing for Meteor.
  • minj
    Middleware for connect/express to minify client side javascript files.
  • MobileShadowSocks
    Shadowsocks Client for Jailbroken iOS Devices.
  • myna js
    Javascript client for Myna.
  • node elasticsearch client
    A client written in node for elastic search.
  • node handlersocket
    Pure JavaScript client for HandlerSocket.
  • node rfb
    implements the client side of the rfb protocol that vnc uses.
  • node sonos
    Sonos Media Player Interface/ Client.
  • node sunny
    Sunny.js cloud datastore client (AWS S3, Google Storage, etc.).
  • node thrift hive
    Hive client using the Apache Thrift RPC system.
  • node2node
    a node2node transport and client for
  • OpenRadarApp
    client side app for automatically posting Apple filed RADARs to OpenRadar.
  • OpenSearchlight
    An OpenSearch client in JavaScript.
  • otalk
    Badass webrtc capable xmpp client <3.
  • page.js
    Micro client side router inspired by the Express router (~1200 bytes).
  • pandion
    An easy to use XMPP and Jabber client.
  • peer.js
    A multipeer WebRTC client.
  • pepper.js
    Pepper applications as Native Client or JavaScript.
  • placemat.js
    Client side template caching and rendering using different template engines.
  • pygowave qt
    The PyGoWave Qt Based Desktop Client and C++ API.
  • r53 fox
    AWS Route53 GUI client.
  • rate limiter
    A module for rate limiting HTTP(s) requests based on the client IP address.
  • raven js
    JavaScript client for Sentry.
  • registry client
    Provides easy interaction with the Bower registry.
  • request
    Simplified HTTP request client.
  • require client
    node require for JS client side.
  • responsive gallery
    An experiment in client side responsive imagery.
  • riak javascript client
    UNSUPPORTED Javascript clients for Riak.
  • riak js
    Riak client for Javascript.
  • riak pb
    Riak Protocol Buffers Client.
  • robohydra
    Testing tool for HTTP based API clients.
  • ruhoh.js
    client side implementation of ruhoh.
  • s3
    Upload files to s3 from the client.
  • sameplace
    Mozilla based instant messaging client.
  • client
    Client side files for, a simple end to end encrypted file sharing website.
  • sntp
    SNTP client (RFC4330) for node.
  • SourceDiff
    Side by side diff of text files in your browser or in an Adobe Air client.
  • Sparky.js
    Sparky.js is an idea about client side Javascript organization.
  • srp client
    An RFC 5054 compatible SRP Client for Javascript.
  • structure
    Add some basic structure to your client side JavaScript.
  • sugar
    Client side display ad solution. Flexible, performance focused, and analytics included.
  • synchroscope
    Realtime Angular.js scope syncing across multiple clients with Socket.IO.
  • tally
    Tally is a simple, unobtrusive, design?led JavaScript template engine for Node/Express and client.
  • templatizer
    Simple solution for compiling jade templates into vanilla JS functions for blazin' fast client side use.
  • theoricus
    Tiny MV(C) implementation for client side projects.
  • top
    Taobao Open API Client.
  • Transistor Radio client. Client side Javascript.
  • transit
    Client side simulation of schedule driven transit systems.
  • Typo.js
    A client side JavaScript spellchecker that uses Hunspell style dictionaries.
  • vnc.js
    A JavaScript VNC Client.
  • weave webos
    A Mozilla Weave client for Palm webOS.
  • webclient
    A javascript client to access buddycloud channels.
  • wikipedia js
    A simple client to query wikipedia.
  • xtuple
    xTuple Web Services and Client.
    yet Another Tiny Tiny RSS Client.

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