List of Free code Network


  • amp
    Acoustics Media Player network jukebox.
  • ANNClient
    Artificial Neural Network Client.
  • Anteater Network
    Connecting you to Anteaters!.
  • apexdjango
    The rails one meets a big problem where a suitable server which support scut's network can't be found.So...
  • App
    Appcelerator Developer Community Networking Application.
  • ardtweeno
    Ardtweeno is an application gateway which bridges devices connected via Serial Link and an Internet Protocol network. The system is designed as a PaaS (platform as a service) for the Raspberry Pi ARM platform.
  • arduino office communicator
    Control Arduino LEDs over the network and/or with Office Communicator status changes.
  • bgviews network templates
    Movable Type and other templates used in BG Views Network sites.
  • BigBrother
    The big brother is watching your network.
  • BioCrowd
    A Hierarchal Crowdsourcing Platform for Metabolic Networks.
    Network comparison tool for bioinformatic analysis.
  • Bitcoin estimator
    Playing with writing a javascript constraint network (and also an estimator of some bitcoin values).
  • blackbox
    Put data in; take data out; same data across child processes or networks with dnode.
  • blaggart presentation
    presentation for blaggart given to hacker news network london october 2011.
  • brain
    Neural networks in JavaScript.
  • c multilayer perceptron neural network
    C implementation of a multilayer perceptron / neural network with arbitrary number of nodes and layers. Trained with gradient descent.
  • CableOwl
    CableOwl lightweight accounting and billing system for CaTV network operators.
  • CAN Front End
    The front end of the Creative Action Network.
  • chromeHAR
    HAR viewer that mimics (or at least tries really hard to) Chromes network tab.
  • closurether
    network traffic hijack via Node.
  • CoNetServ
    CoNetServ (Complex Network Services). Extension that integrates network tools into the browser.
    Centre for Research on Safe Driving Attention Network Test. Click the "ZIP" link to download.
  • daily protocol
    daily The protocol encoder and decoder for network communcation.
  • digger network
    The contract / request and reply modules for digger.
  • DigitalIRC Webchat
    Webchat for the DigitalIRC Network.
  • discovery network
    A peer to peer discovery network.
  • dn leaderboard
    A leaderboard app build on discovery network.
  • EDEN hydrograph data
    Publish hydrograph pages and data for EDEN (Everglades Depth Estimation Network ).
  • EveLog
    Eve Online blogging network.
  • fathom
    A Browser based Network Measurement Platform.
  • feast
    Feast network browser & perl fastcgi proxy.
  • fgxgobot
    FG Multi Player Network Bot provides feeds of mpstatus, flights and tracks ( Experimantal and written in go ).
  • FloorSquare
    Fall 2011 Final for Understanding Networks at ITP.
  • Floorsquare Skills
    floorsquare / understanding networks / itp / nyu / 2011.
  • forever remote
    control forever processes through network.
  • friendsunhosted
    FRIENDS#UNHOSTED Own your network !.
  • gBroadcaster
    Centralized Vehicular Network Chat System.
  • GenreBot
    Audio genre classification using Bayesian Networks.
  • geographic tube map
    A mostly geographically accurate map of the London Underground network current and in the past.
  • gitcdn
    GitCDN The GitHub driven Content Delivery Network.
  • gnome shell system monitor applet
    Display system informations in gnome shell status bar, such as memory usage, cpu usage, network rates?.
  • how2read
    How to read terms correctly on computer/ network /IT industries.
  • i2p dashbord widget
    A OS X Dashboard widget to start/stop I2P (anon network ).
  • in transition
    Trial app for transition networks based on rails3.
  • infonet
    create term networks based on the wikipedia link structure.
  • inq
    Inquisitor is a hardware testing and certification system, suitable for both enterprise and home use. It is customizable, modular, and available in both a serverless live CD/DVD format and as a server controlled network boot production system.
  • inspeed
    browse your professional network , lightning fast.
  • inventory
    Inventory of network devices.
  • iot automotive plateform
    Plateform to manage connected cars over GSM network.
  • iStat Pro.wdgt
    Monitor widget: CPU, memory, network , bandwidth and drive. (I'm not the author, just patched the discontinued widget for my own needs).
  • js client network
    JavaScript network of clients.
  • js nacl
    Emscripten compiled Javascript version of NaCl, the Networking and Cryptography library.
  • knetwork
    K Network empowers students and teachers to learn any subject through Task based learning.
  • KnowledgePlan
    Website about Network Admission Control using Silex.
  • kv login
    Tool for autologin into free wifi network.
  • LANdmine client
    LANdmine server, a minesweeper clone with network support.
  • libinet
    A networking library for humans that code in C++.
  • LiquidDC1.0
    JavaScript application that can visualize the network plumbing of a VMware virtual data center (vDC).
  • lozigo
    Collect logs from a distributed network and parse them with connect style middleware.
  • manoc
    Network monitoring and reporting tool.
  • mappingmilitants
    Dynamic interactive timelines and network diagrams that depict relationships among militant organizations. Our website is available at
  • mashery intel xdk demos
    Mashery API Network demo apps for Intel XDK.
  • masscontrol
    Mass console control for network devices.
    Mesh Now was a project that aims at mapping the volunteering effort in installing nodes for Wireless Ad hoc Networks. DISCLAIMER :: This project is dead birth since i've found a far better, complete and mature project called Nodeshot made by the Ninux Community ( ).
  • Mingle
    An "ascoial networking " CouchApp.
  • Minion
    A simple network monitoring tool.
    Multi link VPN (ADSL/SDSL/xDSL/ Network aggregation).
  • multilevel
    Expose a levelDB over the network.
  • nachos
    This project aims at building additional features like, tlb, networking and filesystem upon NACHOS operating system.
  • Nejupy Ruby
    Network Competition Manager written in Ruby.
  • netcontrol
    Internet access control and traffic shaping for local network.
  • netlet
    Network Enabled Power Strip.
  • NetMapJs
    520 Network Map Project.
  • network
    Measure network latency to make dynamic adjustments to content.
  • Network Builder
    Network Builder script for CADC.
  • Network Calculator
    Network Calculator estimates the time required to transfer files depending on the specified connection speed.
  • network constants.js
    Just a bunch of network (mainly HTTP) constants for js programs (node + browser), AMD.
  • Network DiscoverySpec
    Draft specification for Home Network Service Discovery and Messaging.
  • network JS
    A (simple) network simulator.
  • network model
    This project emulates tcp\ip network and visualizes it.
  • Network Monitor
    Vast community mini challenge 2.
  • network projector
    Share your desktop on your projector/tv.
  • Network Stat
    A simple OS X Dashboard widget that displays IP information.
  • Network Visualizor
    A simulation for a network visualizor.
    Auto generated sphinix version of the Network X website. Since this is an auto generated directory, please do not submit pull requests against this repository. The actual sources are in the networkx website repository.
  • neural js
    A kick ass neural network for javascript.
  • Neural Network
    Neural network developed in C++.
  • Neurobots
    This program simulates small robots, each one is controlled by a recurrent artificial neural network.
  • node ifinfo
    More information about the local network interfaces.
  • node sync
    Synchronize a directory tree on several systems across a network.
  • node wireless
    View available networks , connect, provide credentials, event bindings.
  • NoobHub
    Open source network multiplayer and messaging for Corona SDK.
  • nsmon
    Network Service Monitoring system.
  • nsync
    Event based neural network simulator for pulse coupled neurons.
  • ntwk
    The repository representing the networking activities of Wintermute.
  • o11s dashboard
    Minimal remote monitoring of mesh networks. Hopefully someone will write something better soon, but until then this will have to do.
    The main webpage for the Open Archive Network project.
  • Object Mash
    Object Network client code: Javascript library and simple demo viewer app.
  • ocr lab
    The engine implements kohonen neural network in javascript to recognize the hand writing character. The demo presents with a nice GUI and preload patterns. Play with it and hope you will have fun.
  • ondics gdc gdcbox
    GDCBox read values from local network , local hardware and send it to GDC (optimized for Raspberry PI).
  • p
    Peer to peer networking with browsers.
  • p2pool scanner
    p2pool mining network public node scanner.
  • power hungry
    Wireless network of Kill a watts, using Adafruit's Tweet A Watt hardware kit & plans.
  • pr site
    PR Networking site interactive mockup.
  • Prunetube
    My local network video sharing site.
  • pump2status
    Service for finding your StatusNet friends on the network *and* posting stuff.
  • pumplive
    Public dashboard showing stats for the network.
  • pydata2013
    The source code from my Network Science talk from PyData 2013.
  • qrcan
    Query Resolver & Comprehensive Archive Network.
  • quinnsms
    Quick Unified Interactive Notification Network.
  • tag search server for the pump network.
  • reconomise
    Crowd sourced local business support network and priority ranking system. 'Best Use of SAPI' at RHoK Melbourne June '12.
  • remapatron
    MapRoulette (formerly known as the Remap A Tron) remapping the OpenStreetMap road network one deleted way at a time.
  • rtc p2p
    Proof of concept and demo of using WebRTC data channels to create a browser based P2P file sharing network.
  • Ruby OpenACN
    Ruby language bindings for Architecture for Control Networks protocol suite.
  • sagi music
    for sharing music on a local network.
  • santanderbus
    web app with info about the bus network in Santander.
  • shdhers
    SHDH participant private network.
  • simple ant
    Pheromone based internally optimizing resource gathering network simulation using automata inspired by ants.
  • skylivex
    SkyliveX: a (new) cross platform client for the Skylive Robotic telescopes network
  • slidesink
    Web app for keeping multiple browsers in sync across networks.
  • snet
    arduino xbee sensor network.
  • solidarity economy map
    Google Maps / JS implementation for local economic network mapping.
  • squidanalyzer
    Squid Analyzer parses Squid proxy access log and reports general statistics about hits, bytes, users, networks , top URLs, and top second level domains. Statistic reports are oriented toward user and bandwidth control.
  • Startpage
    This is the homepage available at http://home.local on my network.
  • strider remote worker
    A worker for strider that delegates jobs over a network.
  • supercluster
    A module to make it easy to distribute work across multiple network connected hosts.
  • talon v2
    Ruby on Rails Network Monitor.
  • thing tracker network
    Contains the specification, and supporting work, for the Thing Tracker Network.
  • tinygraph
    The simple and intuitive way to monitor devices on your network using SNMP.
  • triplie ng
    An IRC conversation simulator (chatbot) utilising Markov chains, Hebbian networks and information theory (2nd generation).
  • troll
    Language sentiment analysis and neural networks... for trolls.
  • tyrion
    A chat client for the messenger network.
  • tzm network
    A solution that would take the burden off chapter administrators to update manually chapter links.
  • UCheck In
    Universal checkin for geosocial networks.
  • UCL Media
    Mapping Project for UCL Media Network.
    Universal Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Veracitor
    An application that studies the trust in a network of users, sources and articles.
  • Visualize Wiki
    Uses processing.js to display network of authors.
  • we client
    the we network javascript client code.
  • WebTundra Networking
    Networking functionality for a JavaScript WebTundra client.
  • webtunes
    rails interface to itunes so that everyone on the local network can have control over the tunes.
  • wifi configuration
    A Sinatra app for configuring the network connection on a raspberry pi.
  • www. network .org
    a google apps engine wiki.
  • Youtube Party Player
    OUTDATED! New versions at (A simple network application that allows you to remotely play back youtube videos.).
  • zombie net
    A brain eating distributed network for post apocalypse interwebs.
  • zwave.js
    A comprehensive stack for managing a home Z Wave network.

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