List of Free code URL Shortener


    Source code for URL shortener.
    A Ruby on Rails based URL shortener.
  • clvr
    A url shortener written in Node and Express.js.
  • flip flap
    An URL shortener targeting intranets.
  • fwd
    Url shortener for persistent, user defined aliases.
  • gash
    Google Analytics URL shortener.
  • href
    The URL Shortener Service.
  • LinkForce
    LinkForce is a URL shortener built natively for
  • naurls
    Not Another URL Shortener.
  • node unshortener
    This simple library can take an short URL and discover its long counterpart while attempting to be nice and using the correct shortener's API.
  • pranala
    Yet another URL shortener.
    Another Sinatra URL shortener.
  • shortkiwi
    Just another URL shortener.
  • shortnsweet
    url shortener, file host.
  • shrtnrqr
    Url Shortener with QR Code generation.
    .NET port of URL shortener.
  • TDevShortener
    TDevShortener Private URL Shortener.
  • triggy
    An URL shortener to apply trigger warnings.
  • u
    URL shortener (sample Rails 3 app using BDD & TDD).
  • URL Shortener Example
    Single file URL shortening Jetpack Extension.
    another bloody url shortener.

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