List of Free code Server


  • actionHero
    actionHero.js is a multi transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilites and delayed tasks.
  • aether
    Cloud computing management console initially for Chef Server with EC2.
  • amd testing
    testing AMD modules client and server side.
  • angular login example
    Stand alone project showing how to make a robust angular application serving access permissions from Server.
  • AnnotoriousClient Server
    Client and Server side code for Annotorious.
  • apiserver
    Api Server The oracle of the dyno world.
  • audience meter
    Lightweight server to mesure audience of a live event.
  • authpack
    Package of distributed client and server OAuth2 classes.
  • axon rpc
    Axon RPC client / server.
  • barefoot
    Barefoot makes code sharing between browser and server reality. Write your application once and run it on both ends of the wire.
  • baudio party
    javascript music party server.
  • beanstalk console
    Admin console for Beanstalk queue server.
  • beefy
    local development server that aims to make using browserify fast and fun.
  • bemp
    bemp is a simple URL router proxy for bem server.
  • bipio
    The Bipio API Server.
  • browserify server
    spin up browserify demos real easy.
  • browserijade
    A Browserify middleware that pre compiles Jade templates on the server and uses the light weight Jade runtime made for the browser to render them on the client.
  • BrowserSocket
    Create a socket server in the browser.
  • cabinet
    A lightweight fast static file server for node loaded with useful features.
  • cc board
    Big Board to consolidate CruiseControl.rb info from multiple servers.
  • cicada
    a teeny git based continuous integration server.
  • cockatoo
    Cockatoo is a simple chat server coded with EventMachine and using the Long Polling technique.
  • coderunner
    Run server side code quickly and securely in the browser.
  • comet
    Example comet server in erlang.
  • connect modrewrite
    Adds modrewrite functionality to your connect/express server.
  • controllercontroller
    Sinatra server for unlimited users to control iTunes remotely.
  • Countly API Heroku
    This is a Countly API server version that can run on Heroku.
  • couple server
    Node server for the Couple application.
  • CrimsonHttp
    Dart HTTP webserver, providing server side session and routing and static file serving.
  • dart hash server
    A server that calculates hashes from a client. Sample code of bringing together different projects.
  • dashy
    He's always watching... your ci server.
  • dnsbalance
    Generic DNS server to dynamically distribute requests.
  • dnsd
    Dynamic authoritative name server for Iris services.
  • doks server
    API server for (
  • door
    Minimalistic HTTP proxy server with config auto reloading and static file serving.
  • dotcloudjs server
    Server side application exposing services through the RPC layer to be used by dotcloudjs client.
  • Downloadify
    A tiny javascript + Flash library that enables the creation and download of text files without server interaction.
  • drawstory server
    a draw something clone ( server side).
  • echoecho
    Simple server reponse echoer to help when testing.
  • ember data sync
    Two way client/ server data storage synchronisation for Ember Data.
  • Eye Server
    Eye Server is a server for the EYE reasoner.
  • fay server
    A server for running Fay examples.
  • fbopen
    An open API server, data import tools, and sample apps to help small businesses search for opportunities to work with the U.S. government.
  • FlashPolicyFile Server
    A simple Flash Policy File Server for node.
  • fleet
    multi server continuous git based deployment and process management.
  • flinger
    Monkey patch console.log and fling all the log messages from browser to server.
  • formaterrors
    A server side javascript API that provides various options for formatting and highlighting javascript Errors. Works in Node.
  • foundation middleman template
    Zurb's Foundation + Slim + Middleman server + Heroku.
  • FSharp.EventSource
    A F# library of Server Sent Events, with sample , MIT license and nuget.
  • fun dns
    Little Javascript DNS Server for resolve internet's hostname only.
  • fxa auth server
    An Identity Provider for Profile In the CLoud.
  • gearoscope
    Gearman server monitoring and worker management system.
  • gith
    simple node server that responds to github post receive events with meaningful data.
  • gnome3 jenkins indicator
    Gnome 3 Shell Extension to represent the current state of all jobs of a Jenkins CI Server.
  • golang sse todo
    golang server sent events (sse) example.
  • graygelf
    Fully compliant Graylog2/GELF client and server.
  • grunt express server
    Grunt task for running an Express Server that works great with LiveReload + Watch/Regarde.
  • grunt express workflow
    A simple set of starter files that will help you to integrate grunt, express, and nodemon for rapid development of the server and client. Client side files based off of a Yeoman scaffold.
  • grunt mocha cli
    Run Mocha server side tests in Grunt.
  • grunt mocha cov
    Run Mocha server side tests in Grunt with code coverage support and optional integration to
  • GwtMobile Persistence
    gwtmobile persistence is a GWT wrapper of the Javascript object relational mapper library persistence.js. It provides client side object persistence capability to GWT applications, a feature similar to what Hibernate provides for GWT applications on the server side.
  • gyazo server
    Gyazo Server made with Ruby on Rails.
  • haml js
    Haml ported to server side Javascript. This is a traditional server side templating language. Tested with node js.
  • Haraka
    An event driven SMTP server.
  • hascan
    Build slim versions of has.js or use has.js on the server to optimize your code.
  • http raw
    expose the raw request data in an http server.
  • http server
    a simple zero configuration command line http server.
  • hyperkey
    shared server +client rendering with live updates for key/value stores.
  • impress server
    A node server that allows you to share an impress.js presentation with other browsers.
  • instant fileserver
    An instant file server from your command line.
  • integrations's server side connections to different analytics services.
  • interface. server
    A server for generating OSC and MIDI messages from interfaces created using Interface.js.
  • ircbrowse
    An IRC analysis server.
  • istanbul
    Yet another JS code coverage tool that computes statement, line, function and branch coverage with module loader hooks to transparently add coverage when running tests. Supports all JS coverage use cases including unit tests, server side functional tests and browser tests. Built for scale.
  • istanbul middleware
    Connect middleware for server side code coverage using istanbul.
  • Jang
    Javascripts Jang to your server 's Jin.
  • jekyll hook
    A server that listens for GitHub webhook posts and renders a Jekyll site.
  • jenky
    Jenky is a beautiful radiator for your Jenkins CI server.
  • jmx dashboard
    Client side server monitoring with Jolokia and JMX.
  • joey
    An HTTP content negotiation client and server JavaScript library, inspired by Sinatra and JSGI, and using Q promises.
  • jot
    A server less pastebin app for short messages. Data is stored within the URL.
  • js spec server
    The JSSpec client library ( plus a convenient ruby server.
  • jsderiv
    Parser Generator in Server Side JavaScript.
  • jshashes
    A fast and independent hashing library pure JavaScript implemented (ES3 compliant) for both server and client side (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, RIPEMD, HMAC and Base64).
  • keepvideos
    Download YouTube videos with javascript only. No server side scripts needed!.
  • knockout sync
    Persistence ( server synchronization) for knockout; sync with just about any data store.
  • kuromoji server
    Kuromoji server and demo that shows Japanese morphological analyzer capabilities.
  • Lactate
    Featureful static file server for Node.
  • lineman
    Lineman helps you build fat client JavaScript apps. It produces happiness by building assets, mocking servers , running specs on every file change.
  • LinkTracker
    A simple bit of JavaScript to catch clicks to a link that can be logged by any server side tracking system.
  • livelykernel scripts
    Scripts and minimal server for running, testing and maintaining LivelyKernel.
  • logan
    A minimal test runner for both server and client side JavaScript.
  • m2cl
    A Common Lisp handler for the mongrel2 HTTP server.
  • marshmallow
    An open source Campfire server.
  • mediablast
    open source media processing server.
  • Meteor http publish
    Adds HTTP server publish HTTP.publish.
  • microee
    A tiny EventEmitter like client and server side library for routing events.
  • mightyclient
    A set of client and server side modules for real time data synchronization.
  • mock server
    SPA application debug proxy server.
  • modella
    simpler models for both client & server.
  • mongoose datatable
    Server side data Table request support for mongoose.
  • mqtt benchmark
    A benchmarking tool for MQTT Servers.
  • NagiosTV
    Watch one or more Nagios servers on a wall mounted TV (or your desktop).
  • newnewtab
    New Tab page: content server and recommendation service.
  • node angel
    angel.js is a simple library to gracefully restart multi process net. Servers on node >= 0.6.
  • node apiserver router
    A fast API router with caching system bundled with Api Server.
  • node bang suggest
    Node JS server that proxies google suggest queries for the Duck Duck Go search box, and adds the !'s back on when google removes them.
  • node buffet
    Performance oriented static file server.
  • node chess
    Node knockout chess server.
  • node cloudq
    Cloudq Server in Node.
  • node cmbn
    Generate and serve combo URLs across various CDNs and other public servers.
  • node DJs
    Restart a server after each change in main script and dependencies.
  • node ecstatic
    A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron.
  • node filesync
    Synchronizes files from client to server using node for both client and server.
  • node gpstracker
    server library for a GPS / GPRS tracker.
  • node ircd
    IRC server (and eventually, client) library.
  • node mappy
    Server side map rendering for Node.
  • node pushserver
    Cross platform push notifications server.
  • node remote
    A node server and webpage that uses to allow clients browsing to the page to use their keyboard and mouse to remotely control the server 's display.
  • node smtp protocol
    smtp client and server protocol implementation in node.
  • node static
    rfc 2616 compliant HTTP static file server module, with built in caching.
  • nodebootcamp chat
    A powered chat server for Node Bootcamp.
  • nodeflakes client
    A simple client which demonstrates how to consume the nodeflakes server output.
  • nodeshot
    Wireless Community Map Server easy to use.
  • nodetag
    A nabaztag server written in javascript (the first?).
  • nom nom nom
    A Simple Status Server for Chef.
  • notepad
    Example app for using davis.js with mustache templates on both server and client.
  • notification api
    Let's build a notification server !.
  • npm server
    local npm registry w/ real registry fallback.
  • oauth2 server
    oauth2 server with scalatra.
  • oauth2 server node
    Node library providing the bases to implement an OAuth2 server (as connect middleware).
  • OAuthStack
    A sample project demonstrating how to use DotNetOpenAuth and ServiceStack to create an OAuth2 resource server.
  • officejs
    UNG 2.0 project aims to create a browser based office environment completely independent of any server technology.
  • onlinesms server
    Server side (GAE) code for Online SMS.
  • openid fake server
    OpenID fake server for testing. It's based on ruby openid example.
  • pejs
    Pre compiled EJS with inheritance, block and file support that works both in the client and on the server.
  • picl server
    backend for Profile In the CLoud.
  • PIGS
    Lightweight server for querying and playing from Grooveshark.
  • plum
    Demo server environment by node.
  • plummet
    node point javascript server for plumbdb.
  • pm
    A graceful node library to contribute a permanent "master worker" server.
  • Posting data from PhoneGap
    An iOS PhoneGap app that demonstrates how to submit data to a server.
  • pre compiled hogan templates
    An example Express app which pre compiles and shares hogan templates between server and client.
  • pretenders
    Fake servers for testing.
  • prism
    A fast, modular Realtime Server.
  • proclaim
    A simple assertion library for server and client side JavaScript.
  • pubnub chat channel presence
    PubNub Chat with Channel Presence is a new and breakthrough technology that has never existed until now empowering you (the developer) to obtain details about a PubNub Channel's Occupants. Receive Server Sent Notifications World wide from PubNub's 10 Data Centers regarding "Who's There?" Who is online and who will receive PubNub messages.
    Social server with an ActivityStreams API.
  • puppet gitolite
    Create and manage Gitolite Server.
  • pushover
    git push deploy server over http.
  • rap battle
    Markov dnode rap battle server.
  • RasPod
    A simple music server for Raspberry Pi.
  • relay.js
    Host a JavaScript server in your browser.
  • resourceserver
    Implements an in memory resource oriented HTTP server.
  • resume up
    A resumable file upload server and script.
  • rivulet
    OpenTransact style Ripple server.
  • RouteMap
    URL Mapping Library for client side and server side JS.
  • scenejs asset server
    Experimental scene asset server for SceneJS.
  • screw unit server
    Server and helpers for your Screw Unit tests.
  • seedbox from scratch
    Creating a seedbox on a Linux server.
  • server 2js
    Transfer data objects from server to javascript on page load.
  • serverless webrtc
    A demo of using WebRTC with no signaling server.
  • shared views
    I want to share server side templates with the browser.
  • sheep
    HTTP Proxy server that uses Seaport as routing table.
    Proof of concept demo for server side JavaScript driven "middle end" architecture.
  • shot
    Injects a fake HTTP request/response into your node server logic.
  • simple node server
    A simple fast node http server toolkit.
  • simplesmtp
    Simple SMTP server /client module.
  • sinopia
    Private npm repository server.
  • slurp
    IRC log bot and log server.
  • smartos public dsapi
    a dsapi server for serving datasets and mirroring remote dataset servers.
  • cowboy
    Socket.IO server for Erlang.
  • sockethub
    a polyglot socialweb socket server.
  • spah
    A stab at solving the single page architecture problem for Javascript+your_ server _here applications.
  • spdy with server push tutorial
    A short tutorial on creating a SPDY server and using server push.
  • spm yuan
    A simple spm source server.
  • Spotify Server
    Let other clients control your Spotify app remotely.
  • sse goliath
    Server Sent Events experiment with Goliath.
  • ssu
    Server Side Uploader, the data aggregation engine.
  • stardust
    the simplest COMET server I could imagine.
  • stomp benchmark
    A benchmarking tool for Stomp Servers.
  • store server
    Sample RhoConnect application demonstrating Product and Customer adapters connecting to
  • strider
    Strider: Open Source Continuous Integration & Deployment Server.
  • supercolliderjs
    Tools for communicating with the SuperCollider music synthesis language and directly with the SuperCollider synthesis server.
  • supervisorui
    Supervisor multi server dashboard.
  • svgtex
    Using MathJax and PhantomJS to create SVGs on server side with minimum overhead.
  • sync with server
    Demos approaches to sync with server.
  • Table TennisTimeServer
    Server for making table tennis matches.
  • Tablet skin for Squeezebox Server
    A skin for Squeezebox Server that is designed to work well on the iPad.
  • tattletale
    A utility to send console logs over XHR for server side processing.
  • telegraft
    Remotely configure servers using Javascript and SSH.
  • teleport
    Tool that enables you to write interoperable modules across server and browser without any dependency hassles.
  • Templ8
    JavaScript Client/ Server Template Engine.
  • templar
    A lightweight template thing for node http servers.
  • Test Data Tables Editable
    Test datatables editable inline Server side.
  • testling server
    run your browser tests on every commit.
  • token bucket
    Tenfold increase in server throughput with Servlet 3.0 asynchronous processing.
  • tracks
    Shared browser and server routes built on Express.
  • traffic light
    The traffic light used to show the state of our continuos integration server.
  • trampoline
    AirPlay trampoline server and various tools.
  • translation server
    Server side Zotero translation based on Mozilla xpcshell.
  • uhura
    Server to server event emitter with session support.
  • UniversalJavaScriptModules Example
    Example library that demonstrates how to create universal JavaScript libraries which can be tested on the client and the server.
  • WebRTC Experiment
    to server based WebRTC Experiments. Group text chat and file transferring; audio only calls; and much more! WebRTC libraries like RecordRTC, RTCPeerConnection, RTCMultiConnection, RTCall, and DataChannel.js.
  • woodman
    Flexible JavaScript logger utility based on log4j. Runs client side and server side.
  • xmpp server
    A full blown XMPP server based on xmpp with modules.
  • xo server
    Server part of Xen Orchestra.
  • xstats
    Stats aggregator/reporter server/client system with modular collection and data publishing modules.
  • yeoman server test
    demo app for the yeoman + express.js integration, uses Angular.js.
  • ZeroBin
    A minimalist, opensource online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.
  • zotero browser
    Server side javascript browser for Zotero to make doing interesting stuff with zotero easier.

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