List of Free code RESTful


  • abaaso
    abaaso is a modern, lightweight Enterprise class RESTful JavaScript application framework.
  • activator akka spray
    Basic Akka / Spray template showing REST API built around Akka actors.
  • ajax resource
    Provides REST functionality for javascript objects via ajax.
  • ajaxim yahoo plugin
    Yahoo REST API plugin for Ajax IM.
  • alamid
    Framework for RESTful JavaScript web applications that run both on the server and clientside.
  • angular cellar basic
    Uses basic json file for data rather than REST API for simplicity.
  • angular java server midi
    Example webapp with Angular in the browser, Java RESTful server, all built with Maven.
  • angular login
    Angular, Express, Mongoose, Mongo, User Login Boilerplate using REST api.
  • angular rest springsecurity
    An example AngularJS Application that uses a Spring Security protected Jersey REST backend based on Hibernate/JPA.
  • angular yii
    A Gallery Manager demo application with Yii (PHP) REST backend and AngularJS frontend.
  • angularjs cakephp sample
    An example appliation using AnguarJS/Bootstrap as frontend and CakePHP as REST API producer.
  • angularjs django rest framework seed
    Seed for a cross domain Angularjs/Django Rest Framework Application.
  • AngularJsSpringExample
    An example AngularJS website using a Spring REST backend with the Security Module.
  • api console
    A Web Component for an interactive REST console based on RAML files.
  • api easy
    Fluent (i.e. chainable) syntax for generating vows tests against RESTful APIs.
  • Apic.js
    Rest API Client Builder thats pretty epic.
  • apidoc
    RESTful web API Documentation Generator.
  • apis
    Web framework for restful web services development with node.js.
  • archaeologist
    A thin Node.js client for working with the ESRI ArcGIS Server REST API.
  • auto crud
    auto crud is an abstraction layer for generating REST routes to perform basic CRUD operations. It glues together express, mongo and json schema validation. The end goal is to define CRUD APIs in a declarative and uniform way instead of writing route handlers directly.
  • axon addressbook nodejs
    Creating a node.js client for the rest based axon addressbook sample.
  • backbone.service
    Backbone service for non restful or semi restful apis.
  • BackboneNodeContacts
    This is part of my BackboneContacts CRUD/REST example , this time using NodeJS and Express to host the app.
  • baucis
    Baucis is Express middleware that creates configurable REST APIs using Mongoose schemata.
  • BedFrame
    A framework for exposing RESTful APIs to Appcelerator Titanium Mobile.
  • bench rest
    bench rest benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API's using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.
  • books
    Poor man's CRUD: jqGrid, REST, AJAX , Spring MVC and JPA in one house.
  • bozon
    JSON REST Data API Toy.
  • bugzilla node
    A prototype REST API on top of the Bugzilla database.
  • bz.js
    JavaScript wrapper for the Bugzilla REST API.
  • c.auguste
    A simple, RESTFUL interface to the SEC's EDGAR database.
  • cache
    A simple cache for JSON data with a REST API.
  • cardscience
    Magic the Gathering card database. Scrapes card data from Gatherer and stores it in CouchDB. It will gain a REST interface and possibly a deck builder/browser web interface in the near future.
  • Category Tree and localization with nodeJS
    REST Full web service example under `NodeJS`, `ExpressJs` and `Mongoose` (**MongoDB**) to effectively manage a category tree localized in several languages.
  • chatter api sample public
    A sample application for the Chatter REST API.
  • citibike
    A Node.js library for Citibike's REST API.
  • clj webapp
    Sample Rest Web App in Clojure, frontend in batman.js.
  • Crude
    Crude is a clever JavaScript library for working with RESTful services, inspired by the Rails routing engine.
  • discussion
    Dynamic comments for static blogs. Use it "server less" with Firebase, or provide your own RESTful API.
  • django rest swagger
    Swagger Documentation Generator for Django REST Framework.
  • django todo lists
    This is a simple django application for todo management. It supports lists, contexts, tags and priorities. It consists in two components RESTful AJAX API and javascript frontend.
  • DropwizardEmber Data
    A simple demonstrator of Ember Data against a Dropwizard RESTful API.
  • drupal.api.js
    An object oriented JavaScript API Library for RESTful Drupal CMS.
  • ember data django rest adapter
    An ember data adapter for django web applications powered by the django rest framework.
  • ember yii
    Ember.js and with Yii (PHP) REST API Backend, Demo.
  • emberjs clj
    A simple Ember.js and Clojure web app template a minimal example of making a REST call from Ember.js back to Clojure.
  • entropy.js
    entropy is a simple RESTful server in front of a MongoDB instance using node.js, Express, Connect and Mongoose.
  • everest js
    Ready to run Node JS version of Evernote API. Everest is an example of how to create Evernote RESTful Web Services from many Node.js components.
  • example code
    Code used to create the servers and clients shown in "RESTful Web APIs".
  • express mongodb 2d GeoSpatial Sample
    Simple Sample Rest API for 2d Spatial MongoDB with Express.
    Using Rest and OAuth with designed specifically for use with Heroku.
  • feathers
    A light weight web application framework to create RESTful webservices and real time applications.
  • fermata
    Succinct native REST client , for client side web apps and node.js. Turns URLs into (optionally: magic!) JavaScript objects.
  • Fjord
    Fjord is a Declarative, RESTful JSON Mashup Language! Implemented on Node.js.
  • flickr
    Scripts for flickr photos using JavaScript, MooTools and PHP with REST.
  • JavaScript REST Toolkit
    ForceTK a minimal REST API for JavaScript apps.
  • frisby
    Frisby is a REST API testing framework built on node.js and Jasmine that makes testing API endpoints easy, fast, and fun.
  • fulljs
    Backbone.js application example backed by Node.js REST API and MongoDB.
  • github forms
    A RESTful API for submitting standard HTML form data to a GitHub hosted CSV.
  • GPS Tracker Android 2Web
    Track GPS positions in a periodic manner and report into a web based interface consist with a REST API, finally you could check the way it went along on the Map!.
  • Grails Json RestSample
    Example of using Grails json rest api plugin with Backbone.js.
  • hello.js
    A Javascript RESTFUL API library for connecting with OAuth2 services, such as Google+ API, Facebook Graph and Windows Live Connect.
  • hookbox
    HookBox is a Comet server and message queue that tightly integrates with your existing web application via web hooks and a REST interface.
  • HR
    Example of ServiceStack REST services integrated with ASP.Net MVC 4.
  • instafilter
    An easy RESTful API for manipulating images and applying customizable filters in real time.
  • JEE6 REST jQuery Example
    A JEE6 project example with JAX RS RESTful Web Service, JPA2 (Hibernate) and jQuery AJAX calls tested in JBoss 7.1.
  • JITNeo4jGWT
    Visualize a Neo4j graph with JIT using Neo4j REST server and GWT.
  • jmacs
    user modifiable network aware editor in javascript and REST.
  • jQuery Parse
    An AJAX wrapper for the REST API.
  • js openclient
    An opinionated client for dealing with RESTful APIs (particularly OpenStack's).
    Javascript Canvas HTML REST InspecteurDeryque Student Technology.
  • json mask
    Tiny language and engine for selecting specific parts of a JS object, hiding the rest.
  • Json RestStores
    A module to create Json Rest stores compatible with Dojo in minutes.
  • jsonapi
    JSON document driven design for REST APIs and clients.
  • jsondoc
    Easily generate docs and playground for your RESTful API.
  • JustMyType Boilerplate
    A tiny CSS boilerplate providing custom stylesheets to calculate your typography sizes and balancing them with the rest of the layout to maintain rythm.
  • kaiseki
    A REST API Client for Node.js.
  • KendoNode
    Node.js RESTful combined with a Kendo UI Grid.
  • laces.js
    Laces.js Provides the M in MVC , while you tie the rest.
  • lattices photogallery
    A REST service photo gallery, for Node JS and Mongo DB.
  • localize api
    proxy for REST/RPC style API's w/ caching & garbage collection.
  • madame
    RESTful API for MongoDB built on Flask.
  • megafilter
    Single user Google RSS Reader alternative, with RESTful API.
  • Molajo
    Molajo is a content management framework for building websites, RESTful applications, and command line interfaces.
  • mongodb admin
    Graphical webfrontend for MongoDB using a REST API and JSON.
  • mongodb rest
    (outdated/abandoned) REST Server for MongoDB (using node.js).
  • mongoose edgeapi
    Powerful REST and Web Sockets API for MongoDB collections using Mongoose and Express.
  • mongrue
    A simple, free form REST interface to a MongoDB database instance built on top of node.js.
  • moya javascript sdk
    A javascript sdk for RESTful Hypermedia API's written on the moya platform that can run on node.js and the browser.
  • MVC 3 Rest API
    MVC 3 template for REST API.
  • neo4js
    Neo4j REST client for JavaScript.
  • netsuite rest client
    RESTlet based client for Netsuite.
  • nforce
    nforce is a node.js salesforce REST API wrapper for,, and
  • ng drupal
    AngularJS demo consuming Drupal7 Rest services.
  • Node API
    Simple RESTful API implementation on Node.js + MongoDB.
  • node armory
    A simple node.js wrapper around Blizzard's REST API for World of Warcraft.
  • Node REST Demo
    Simple Node.js sample application using the REST API and OAuth for CRUDing accounts.
  • Node FSAPI
    A RESTful FileSystem API for NodeJS.
  • node geoservices adaptor
    This is a node.js implementation of the ArcGIS REST API.
  • node jira
    A nodejs wrapper for the JIRA REST API.
  • node phonegap build api
    Node.js REST Client for the PhoneGap Build API.
  • node rest client
    REST API client from node.js.
  • node restful
    A library for quickly providing a REST API with express or connect.
  • node restify
    node.js REST framework specifically meant for web service APIs.
  • node spore
    generic ReST client and server : nodejs implementation of spore (Specification to a POrtable Rest Environment).
  • node swiz
    Serialization and Validation Framework for Objects in REST APIs.
  • nodetoy
    Simple REST server for an instant back end.
  • NService MVC
    A lightweight framework enabling the creation of REST services within ASP.NET MVC 3.
  • nTunes
    A REST (HTTP) API for interacting with iTunes written in NodeJS.
  • observatory
    Powerful, yet easy to use, logging and monitoring package for Meteor framework. Demo app link is right below, for the rest .
  • opt
    A very simple module for loading JSON configurations, command line options and building RESTful http responses in NodeJS.
  • Papp
    AngularJS resource for, query builder for REST api.
  • pdf filler
    PDF Filler is a RESTful service ( API ) to aid in the completion of existing PDF based forms and empowers web developers to use browser based forms and modern web standards to facilitate the collection of information.
  • persevere
    The Persevere server features a secure RESTful JSON interface for data interaction and storage of dynamic data, JSONQuery/JSONPath querying, Comet based real time data notification through Rest Channels and Bayeux support, class based based object oriented business logic with data integrity and validation through JSON Schema in its server side JavaScript environment.
  • Photohub
    Go out, hang out, take photos ! Photo Hub makes the rest.
  • pieshop
    a Javascript client for RESTful APIs targeting django tastypie.
  • pineapple
    A very simple, fun, and extendable RESTful API framework that includes routing and a model wrapper around MongoDB. Built for MVC idealists. A framework that just steps out of the way and helps you get your data.
  • pintura
    Pintura is the JSGI based RESTful JSON/JavaScript server middleware stack that provides the web interface for the Persevere 2.0 framework.
  • pmpknpi
    A RESTful Blog API written in Merb.
  • PointyPatient
    A reference implementation for how to build an Angular JS application backed by a JavaEE RESTful API.
  • Porter
    Resource oriented abstraction layer for JSON REST.
  • product database
    Product Database including a rest XML interface and documentation.
  • pwlocker
    Password locker sample application built using django and backbone.js see restful password locker with django and backbone js/.
  • rackspace open cloud php
    PHP client for Rackspace's Cloud Servers REST API.
  • rapid rest
    Minimal NodeJS REST server.
  • rest
    A orm like library for interacting with REST API's within AngularJS.
  • rest api sample app nodejs
    Sample App showcasing the REST APIs using the nodejs SDK.
  • rest api sdk nodejs
    PayPal's Node.js SDK for REST APIs.
  • rest mongo
    A JS ORM for both server and browser providing Rest server connect middleware.
  • rest suite
    Server side Javascript library that wraps parts of the Netsuite SuiteScript API.
  • rest4dbdotcom
    Better Rest library for and
  • rest4jmx
    A simple service that exposes a Java MBeanServer as a restful API with JSON or JSONP as data protocol.
  • restangular
    AngularJS service to handle Rest API Restful Resources properly and easily.
  • RESTdesc
    RESTful Web API Description A sample implementation. This is _not_ the actual RESTdesc method. It is still a working draft at the moment.
  • RESTeasy
    Node.JS Easy 3rd party OAuth & REST API Consumer.
  • restful bookmarks nodejs
    Bookmarks webapp example using RESTful with Node.js.
  • restful clicktocall
    An example Adhearsion component performing a Click to Call via the Adhearsion RESTful API.
  • restful router
    Simple RESTful url router.
  • restfulgoose
    Middleware to expose Mongoose collections to a REST API.
  • restgen
    RestFul for AJAX application.
  • restie
    JavaScript ORM that talks to RESTful interface, rather than database. For Node.js and browsers.
  • restler
    REST client library for node.js.
  • restlink.js
    A powerful REST server for node.js + browser with batteries (local, http and interfaces, optional middleware including sessions, security...) WORK IN PROGRESS.
    a REST only mail server for ephemeral email addresses.
  • restmvc.js
    A simple, lightweight framework that helps you write Restful web services in NodeJS.
  • RESTNode
    REST API samples using Node.js with MongoDB and Mongoose.
  • rhatter
    Rails and JQuery Mobile app using the Chatter REST API.
  • s3 iframe proxy
    Using the magic of window.postMessage, use the Amazon S3 REST API via Ajax from alien origins.
  • sammy
    Sammy is a tiny javascript framework built on top of jQuery, It's RESTful Evented Javascript.
  • sds tasks
    A sample application using the sds rest libraries active resource adapter.
  • seraph
    A thin and familiar layer between node and neo4j's REST api.
  • sfdc node
    Node.js wrapper for the Salesforce REST API leverging express and the OAuth 2.0 packages.
  • shortnr
    Open source RESTful URL shortening service written in node.js. Software behind
  • simple rest api explorer
    A simple way to showcasing and exploring all endpoints of your RESTful API.
  • Snooze
    RESTful conventions for ASP.NET MVC.
  • social cms backend
    Express middleware to provide schema less REST APIs for creating a social networking website primarily using angular.js. It comes with built in authentication, authorization and notification features.
  • client
    Sockets for the rest of us.
  • sourcery
    Consume any RESTful API with just a few lines of JavaScript.
  • Spitfire
    A specialized crawler that exposes RESTful APIs to its content. Also a famous beer. Also a plane from the WWII.
  • sprest
    Sprest is a collection of libaries to make building REST services simpler using Spray.
  • spring angularjs
    Demo of Spring MVC REST and AngularJS.
  • spring security mvc rest
    Spring MVC RESTful services.
  • SpringRESTboilerplate
    Java Spring MVC restful boiler plate using angular.
  • stackcanon
    Canonical Web Stack apps involving Play Scala MongoDB Android iOS and RESTful JSON.
  • swagger doc
    Document your express/restify rest api and expose to swagger ui.
  • teamcity dashboard
    Teamcity REST interface merged to simple JSON feed with visuals to display builds & breakers.
  • testrest
    REST API Testing Helpers (designed for use with Mocha) #nodejs #testing.
    Todo list with Angular.js and Spring MVC /REST.
  • tradeking sdk
    A javascript SDK utility/wrapper for the TradeKing RESTFul API.
  • transmogrifier
    Transmogrifier is a RESTful image manipulation webservice wrapper around Graphics Magick.
  • twilio php 5
    A re factored plug n play PHP 5 client for Twilio's REST API for custom frameworks.
  • twit
    Twitter API Client for node (REST & Streaming API ).
  • Twitter API
    Minimal python wrapper for Twitter's REST and Streaming APIs.
  • twitter navigator
    Experimental pure javascript twitter relationship navigator using neo4j rest, jquery, JIT and HTML5 Canvas.
  • unio
    One REST API Client for All.
  • usa blog
    Blog where my girlfriend and I share experiences and photos from our upcoming usa trip with the rest of the world ; ).
  • wishpot samples
    Sample code in multiple languages for accessing the Wishpot REST API.
  • youbrew extjs
    A java, spring, hibernate, spring mvc, restful, json , extjs starter app.

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