List of Free code URL


  • Angular Multi View
    Angular library to use multiple views and controllers for one URL.
  • arg.js
    Lightweight URL argument and parameter parser.
  • AutoPrivateTab
    Opera extension to automatically open URLS containing keywords in a new private tab.
  • baker
    module to generate breadcrumbs automatically based on the url.
  • ballpoint
    URL listener and push notifications.
  • browsergrid
    Take screenshots of a url in multiple browsers, powered by selenium.
  • browserify sourcemap example
    Shows how browserify source mapping urls work (via separate browserify fork).
  • browserify sourcemap poc
    Source mapping urls for browserify proof of concept.
  • cfsfileurl example
    Simple CollectionFS Url Example.
  • CodeInspector
    (Experimental) Tool to track code executed and other metrics (coverage, hotness,...) DEMO URL BELOW.
  • CodeSpotlightSmall Url Bundle
    A bundle which is a complete site to create small URLs from normal ones (similar to Tiny URL and others).
  • connect static expiry
    Connect middleware for static files that sets caching response headers as well as generates and rewrites fingerprinted urls.
  • Console2
    Unofficial repository to attempt to add support for resource:// urls.
  • dart url shortner
    simple url shortner in dart.
  • databounce
    A simple Internet Explorer workaround for handling data: urls when flash isn't available.
  • delicious sweeper
    webtool to inspect delicious bookmarks and check urls status code.
    Directory of developer center websites with memorable URL shortcuts.
  • drawabox
    A simple App Engine app that allows a website to request the user to draw a bounding box and receive the bounding box in a callback URL.
  • droplr randomizer
    A small Node application, which searches for random public droplr urls and display the content.
  • Embedify
    Embedify converts URLs in a body of text to embedded content.
  • escort
    Escort is a middleware for Connect which provides routing and url generation capabilities.
  • express dryroutes
    Generates URLs from named Express routes.
  • Fast URL Lite
    Quick URL storage app for webOS.
  • fetch upload s3
    Fetch an asset (picture for instance) from a remote URL and upload it to Amazon S3.
  • FFFac is a URL shorterner.
  • flowdock text
    A javascript utility for extracting and linkifying hashtags and URLs in Flowdock.
  • github star
    Github Star is Chorme extension. This extension displays the information(star, fork) from github project URL.
  • Googl Url Expander
    Online Short URL Expander.
  • gopasty
    Share your code and I will highlight the syntax for you. Now with Unique URLs.
  • goto
    A URL shortening service.
    A collaborative service that provides users with URL 's to unsubscribe from online services.
  • grunt cache breaker
    Simple cache breaker appends a timestamp to an asset url.
    An HTTPS wrapper for Pinky
  • hAPIness
    The hAPIness function wraps the complexities of creating valid and usable URLs for requests to the Smugmug API by requiring only the necessary information and allows for dependancy injection if desired for easier use.
  • HashbangJS
    A simple yet powerful Hash URL router library for Javascript. Easy syntax, precompiled mappings, small footprint, complex path.
  • Hasher
    Javascript URL Hash Routing Made Simple.
  • historyvis
    Visualise a list of URLs Like your internet history!.
  • inbound
    A url and referrer parsing library for node.
  • js url
    url() A simple, lightweight url parser for JavaScript.
  • jsurlify
    Makes creating, reading and editing urls easy in Javascript.
  • jurl
    Javascript URL Builder and Manipulator.
  • link share
    App for Zendesk to shorten urls , and store them.
  • linkchess
    Display chess positions from url.
  • linkify tweet
    Javascript library for converting #hash_tags, @user_mentions, and URLs to links.
  • LinkStream
    Best URL Bookmarking and Sharing Platform.
  • locate
    A URL to object map.
    Simple URL shortening service.
  • matchurls
    Tool to grab replay URLs from Dota 2.
  • media textfield
    A textfield that auto generates previews from pasted URLs.
  • mozilla get url
    Find the url where a given mozilla product lives for all kinds of branches / releases / pre releases.
  • multi shorten
    Use multiple url shorteners using a single gem. No signup required.
  • musquat
    rank common URL mutations on popular sites, for the purpose of domain squatting.
  • ndesk options mirror
    Exact Mirror of ndesk options on github. Cause I don't want to remember too many URLs. This is a good optparse implementation in C#. See the original homepage for details.
  • newsblocks
    A Pop URLs like demo, using SimplePie.
  • nice map urls
    An example of how google map urls SHOULD look. Try searching for a business or address, then hit enter.
  • node realurl
    A simple command line/module to convert short url 's to the original url.
  • node url tools
    A set of libraries to extract specific metrics, states and data about a URL.
  • nwurls
    Very basic URL shortening app.
  • omnom
    Omnom is a bookmarking/ url shortening and archival service.
  • OperaExtensionShowFilteredContent
    A simple Opera extension that shows which URLs have been blocked in the current page.
  • pa11y webservice
    pa11y webservice provides scheduled accessibility reports for multiple URLs.
  • PageOptions
    Stores Knockout viewmodels in cookies or URL , with history support.
  • parametrizedLocation
    Extend angular.$location with support for a parametrized URL template with parameters (like angular.$resource) prefixed by `:`.
    "yet another shorter url ".
  • pinkyurl
    a webservice to generate thumbnails out of urls.
  • play url
    Unified API for playing Youtube, Rdio, SoundCloud and Mp3 URLs.
  • privacy scanner
    Put in a url , we give you back privacy info.
  • radiant nostalgia extension
    Easily administer legacy urls.
  • Random Url
    Very very small website, chooses random urls in an iframe.
  • rax URL
    URL Shortner for
  • Resource Collector
    Collect the urls of all relative resources from a webpage and return them to a callback.
  • reverse.js
    reverse match your urls in clientside javascript (and node).
  • rhumb
    URL routing in js.
  • Route.js
    URL routing module that uses History.js.
  • routington
    Trie based URL Routing.
  • s3 Drag Up
    Application that allows a drag and drop upload from a url or a local file to Amazon S3.
  • sails attractive urls example
    Creating attractive URLs with slugs.
  • SendToAirFlick
    Send url to AirFlick.
  • shorter urls crx
    Share shorter URLs for Google Search.
  • shortid
    Short id generator. Url friendly. Non predictable. Cluster compatible.
  • single page demo
    single page Ember.js app with Director for distinct urls.
  • soundcloud twilio
    A simple node app to make a phonecall based off of a soundcloud url.
  • spidertest
    Test HTTP responses from URLs obtained by spidering, discovering URLs and selecting requests and tests based on URL patterns.
  • spine.bitly
    ( Demo app) A Spine.js client for shortening URLs and archiving references to these links offline.
  • squeez quickstart
    Squeeze, squeezes URLs OpenShift quickstart.
  • SslRouteHelper aspmvc
    provide protocol < > routename feature to Url Helper.
  • static router
    Simple router to match URLs and fire callbacks without pushState.
  • StaticMaps
    It draws in a static map with Static Maps API V2. The acquisition of URL is also possible.
  • tab grouper
    Extension for Opera that groupes all tabs by site url.
  • tabcast
    Broadcast the URLs you visit in specific tabs, and/or automatically track other people or groups.
  • tanchor
    The (anchor) URL parsing library.
  • throw url
    Open a URL in a browser on another computer in a single click. Makes it convenient to search a Youtube video on your laptop and then watch it on your TV screen if you have another computer connected to it.
  • top domain
    Finds the "top" domain for a given URL.
  • Tree URL
    Phylogenetic trees social application using Google App Engine.
  • trotter url
    JavaScript Url Parser and Generator.
  • unshortenit
    Unshortens ad based url 's and 301 redirects. Supports,,, and
  • URI.js
    Javascript URL mutation library.
  • url
    URL parser in JavaScript.
  • url benchmark tool
    Just a small, but useful tool.
  • url express crud example
    Example application used to demo the usage of the url express crud library.
  • url extract
    Snapshot & extract url library.
  • url google map utils
    Simple google maps APIi utility functions for dealing with addresses.
  • Url Masher
    Mash up some url 's for multi site testing purposes.
  • url testing
    Test cases and harnesses for URL testing.
  • url valid
    Url validity detection library.
  • URLDispatcher
    This library is an event dispatcher with a light URL base.
  • urljs
    An API for working with URLs in JavaScript.
  • urlrar
    Expand any shorten url for you.
  • urlresolve
    Resolves paths against URL patterns.
  • urlstalker
    stalking URLs... doing the dirty work for you.
  • utm stripper
    Removes Google Analytics related utm_ parameters from displayed URLs.
  • virality
    A CLI to check the virality of a URL.
  • webappdev
    Original stab at my Web Application Development course. New and future versions at URL below.
  • website changes notifications
    A notification service for simple urls and (more complex) the piratenpads.
    An URL Shorcut for
  • Yii JSUrlManager
    Yii extension providing a Javascript implementation of the Url Manager.
  • yougif
    Takes a YouTube URL and outputs an editable gif.
  • youtube 2 mp4.js
    extract mp4 url from youtube's video url.

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