List of Free code CouchDB


  • artemia
    Artemia is a clientside JSON document store like Lawnchair (in the way of CouchDb). It's very very (and very) inspired by Lawnchair (it copies many aspects, normal, i love Lawnchair) but has some specific features.
  • contentEditable Demo
    Demo of contenteditable with erlang jquery and couchdb.
  • CopyrightScripts
    Scripts for copyright couchdb database.
  • couch board
    couchdb based taskboard firebug must be on to run demo from link below. Login com/123.
  • couch image resizer
    Use Image Magick to resize CouchDB image attachments.
  • couch irc stats
    IRC channel stats page for ##rochack, using CouchDB and d3.js.
  • couch login
    A module for doing logged in requests against a couchdb server.
  • couchbib
    A bibtex style citation and literature database based on CouchDB.
  • couchdb client
    Appcelerator Titanium module for interacting with a CouchDB instance.
  • CouchDB Kanban Board
    A CouchApp that provides http://www.simple a database backend.
  • couchdb update views
    Keep couchdb views up to date.
  • couchdb xd
    Cross domain AJAX for CouchDB.
  • couchpenter
    CouchDB database and document setup tool.
  • couchtato
    CouchDB database iterator tool.
  • CouchTodos
    SproutCore Todos sample application with CouchDB backend.
  • couchviews
    Store and load CouchDB views to / from your file system for easier setup of new databases.
  • country capitals
    Sample CouchDB / Kanso application.
  • cqs
    CouchDB Queue Service: API compatible Amazon SQS implementation with NodeJS, CouchDB.
  • cradle
    a high level CouchDB client for Node.js.
  • deposits demo
    Sinatra front end for CouchDB deposited papers store.
  • dropbucket
    dropbucket: interface to post object easily to CouchDB. use HTML5 drag & drop API.
  • ember couchdb adapter
    CouchDBAdapter for Ember Data.
  • ftang
    HTML5 + CouchDB music browser/player.
  • GitCouch
    Implementation of CouchDB in Bash, using Git as the backing data store.
  • haraka couchdb
    a real time email server using nodejs, haraka and couchdb.
  • io
    Personal URL shortening with CouchDB.
  • Kanso CRUD
    CRUD operations on couchdb with the Kanso Framework.
  • kanso spine todos
    Example app connecting spine to couchdb in a pure couchapp via kanso.
  • LivelyCouch
    Fusion of CouchDB and Node.js an http event driven framework.
  • loveseat
    an URL shortener for CouchDB.
  • mobilefuton
    An admin interface for CouchDB that is suitable for mobile devices.
  • mozilla persona express couchdb
    Mozilla Persona example app with Express and CouchDB.
  • nano
    Nano is a minimalistic client for CouchDB.
  • node couchdb api
    An async wrapper for the CouchDB API , following Node.JS conventions.
  • node search engine
    Sample search engine with web crawler, built on Node.js + CouchDB + Limestone.
  • Offline Android App Store
    A CouchApp that will send APKs in a CouchDB to install on all Android devices attached to a Raspberry Pi. It's like an offline version of the Google Play store.
  • PJsonCouch
    PJsonCouch (PJs on Couch) is a node.js client lib for CouchDB.
  • polimi database 2 couchdb
    A small CouchDB project for the Database Systems 2 course.
  • removalist
    a moving team for your couch data. helps to export and import data from couchdb.
  • replicationdemo
    A Demo for CouchDB Replication.
  • sag js
    A simple but powerful JavaScript (browser and Node.JS) library for talking to CouchDB.
  • SearchApp
    SearchApp is a CouchDB application that enables full text search and creates a simple search page for any CouchApp or CouchDB database hosted on Cloudant's hosted CouchDB (
  • ShutterStem
    Open, decentralized photo repository based on CouchDB.
  • Skills Database
    A simple rails application utilizing CouchDB to load, store, and tag resumes and skills of individual developers.
  • testapp couchdb
    sample application for CouchDB on Android.
  • TiddlyCouch
    couchapp + TiddlyWiki plugins to serve a TiddlyWiki from CouchDB and read and write tiddlers to the database.
  • txn
    Process and update CouchDB data in atomic, all or nothing transactions.
  • yokohama
    experimenting with CouchDB & statistics collection.

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