List of Free code MongoDB


  • AkkaWeb Sample Exercise
    Scala, Akka, and MongoDB web exercise for the Chicago Area Scala Enthusiasts Meeting.
  • angular sails socketio mongo demo
    AngularJS, SailsJS, & MongoDB Demo.
  • Annotorious Data Store
    Data Storage using express, mongodb, and the annotator plugin. No auth or permissions.
  • bitcoinjs server
    Bitcoin client library in JavaScript using Node.js / MongoDB.
  • boiledmongo
    A pyramid project boiler plate based on pyramid_starter that uses mongodb as database.
  • channel9
    channel9 demo of nodejs + mongodb + graphicsmagick.
  • Chow Finder API
    Node.js Application with Mongodb.
  • cloudfoundry node mongodb
    A sample for getting started with CloudFoundry + node.js + MongoDB.
  • Compare
    Photo Comparision Framework built on Nodejs / Expressjs MongoDB.
  • compound fb mongodb
    Boilerplate for Compound with Facebook auth (using passport) and MongoDB database.
  • connect multipart gridform
    Connect multipart middleware configured to use MongoDB Grid FS for file storage.
  • Data Hound
    Competitive intelligence tool built using Javascript, Nodejs, MongoDB, AngularJS, and Express.
  • ExpressApp Layout
    My first attempt at a clean MC layout with routes to produce a clean and readable API, this example uses mongodb with mongoose and separates the model from the routes using a controller.
  • farmstand nodejs mongodb example
    A sample application featuring Node.JS and MongoDB, configured to run on OpenShift.
  • geo neighborhood
    A sample app using MongoDB's $geoIntersects query operator.
  • geolocation twitter mongodb
    A random collection of mongodb JS scripts to process tweets with geolocation into interesting groupings.
  • Grid FS
    Simple Grid FS capabilities built on node mongodb native.
  • gumbo.js
    node.js database with mongodb feel.
  • HumanMap
    A demo app for MongoDb Geospatial Indexing (Spring MVC server, AngularJs client).
  • jumper
    Starter app for Scala/Spring/Spring MVC/Spring Security /MongoDB web applications.
  • karait
    A ridiculously simple queuing system, with clients in various languages, built on top of MongoDB.
  • Learnode.js
    Demo Learning application to go with the screencast, covering Node.js, Mongoose.js, Express.js, AngularJs and MongoDB using Nodester and MongoHQ.
  • lift ajax fileupload
    Example Lift ajax file upload, store in mongodb GridFS and serve to browser.
  • linkedin data miner
    Mine company information from LinkedIn and save it in MongoDB.
  • locomotive angular sample
    Working with nodejs, mongodb, mvc and stuff.
  • meteor deployments
    A meteor application reading from a mongodb rendering deploymentdata via d3.
  • meteor the medium is the message
    A talk about Meteor, MongoDB and D3 , as a Meteor app.
  • mongo lite
    Simple and compact API for MongoDB.
  • mongodb gridfs file
    Example shows how to upload and download an image from MongoDB via temp file.
  • MongoDB Node Express Blog
    Simple example of MongoDB, Node.js, Express, Mongoose, EJS blog.
  • MongoDB NoRM Sample
    Sample application demonstrating MongoDB and the NoRM.NET library. This app goes along with my MongoDB presentation.
  • mongoDB NoRM sample blog
    A very simple blog application to learn how to work with documents, as well as nested documents in mongoDB using NoRM.
  • mongodb profiler
    A tool to profile MongoDB database operations and their implications on collections.
  • mongodb riff
    This is an attempt to make a 90% faithful clone of MongoDB's collections with query and update.
  • mongodb schema miner
    Generate schemata from MongoDB collections.
  • MongoDB TV
    A storage engine for your TV shows built over MongoDB Grid FS. It also provides full text search capabilities to search into dialogs using subtitle files.
  • mongoinspector
    A proof of concept Meteor application that demos inserting some simple files into your application to expose the MongoDB Collections for visually inserting, finding, updating and deleting.
  • mongoose subpopulate
    A monkey patch of the populate Mongoose library for using MongoDB in Node.js apps. Subpopulate allows you to nest populate calls.
  • mongoq
    Use mongoDB like this: mongoq('mongodb://localhost/db'). collection ('users').find().toArray(function(error, docs){});.
  • mongoqp
    A frontend for MongoDB's query profiler collection.
  • mongous
    Simple MongoDB driver for Node.js with jQuery like syntax.
  • monk
    The wise MongoDB API.
  • muri
    Muri is your friendly neighborhood MongoDB URI parser for Node.js.
  • node crud
    Simple CRUD Application using Node.js, express/jade, mongodb/mongoose and jQuery Mobile.
  • node express3 mvc
    Ready for use mvc express3 nodejs architecture (nodejs, express3, mongodb, everyauth).
  • node geonames
    A node.js module that creates a MongoDB collection of Geonames database ( and allows to find places by name or coordinates.
  • node kendoui
    Sample desktop web + mobile (Android & iOS) example using Kendo UI, Node JS and MongoDB.
  • node scheduler demo
    Demo of dhtmlxScheduler with NodeJs + MongoDB as backend.
  • node social auth boilerplate
    Fully working social authorization example in Node with Express that includes persistence, Mongoose and connect mongodb.
  • node user management
    An example node application demonstrates support for a MongoDB based user system and authenticating users.
  • Node.js Sample Blog
    Sample Blog Built With Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Jade.
  • NodeBlog
    A blog engine made with node.js and express with mongodb database.
  • nodejs express stylus mongodb example
    Example of application, that uses MongoDB, Express, Stylus and Node.js.
  • nodejs mongodb file uploader
    a simple HTML/JQuery file upload system that is powered by node.js and MongoDB's Grid FS.
  • nodejs mongodb urlshortener
    URL Shortener based on Node.js and MongoDB.
  • nodejs mvc cms
    simple blogging MVC CMS written in nodejs and mongoDb.
  • NodeJS Sample App
    Sample Employee CRUD application with Node.js, Express and MongoDB.
  • NodeJS with ExpressJS and MongoDB
    example of using mongodb with ExpressJS.
  • NodeSencha MVC
    An example nodejs application using express template and Sencha defined MVC framework pulling data from a MongoDB database.
  • papermill
    Papermill is a sinatra front end designed to query and analyze a Bunyan/MongoDB capped collection.
  • phpmongotweet example
    Demo application on OpenShift | A sample OpenShift application that loads tweets into MongoDB.
  • Poang
    A sample node.js/mongodb app for Strider & Heroku/MongoLab.
  • pow mongodb fixtures
    Easy JSON fixture loading for MongoDB. Makes managing relationships easier.
  • profilebuilder
    A mongodb based dynamic profile builder for Rural Housing Knowledge Network.
  • prometheus
    ODM for Node.js with adapter for MongoDB, with built in form builder and form parser.
  • proton db
    HTML5 Local Storage with a MongoDB style interface.
  • pubnames
    MongoDB aggregation framework demo Interactive UK pub names wordle.
  • Punches
    A simple webapp that allows users to visualize quantitative data in the style of github's punchcard. Runs on node.js, D3 , a dab of jQuery, and mongoDB.
  • racer db mongo
    MongoDB database plugin for Racer.
  • Rails Mongo Spine cs
    An introduction to a Rails 3.1 Application with MongoDB and Spine.js MVC Framework.
  • sails PassportLocalMongo Example
    An example application demonstrating how to get pasport local, mongodb, and bcrypt working on sailsjs 0.9.3.
  • sails social auth example
    Sails.js Social Auth example with Passport and MongoDB.
  • shortylicious
    Mojolicious & MongoDB based URL shortener.
  • shurly
    Shurly (pronounced Shirley) is a URL shortener implemented in node.js and using MongoDB for data storage.
  • Sinatra Chat
    AJAX Chat written in Ruby/Sinatra using MongoDB.
  • stubble
    A super simple URL shortening app written in Ruby using Sinatra, Slim, and MongoDB.
  • tatoo
    Todo list written by Express (Nodejs) + Mongodb for learning purpose ( demo : ).
  • url short
    Simple node.js implementation of a URL shortener with MongoDB for the backend. Has basic stats tracking. Also provides a pastebin feature.
  • Watchlist
    The Watch List in a Sencha Touch 2.1 example showcasing integration with Facebook, Node.js and MongoDB.
  • wildcloud storage
    NodeJS + MongoDB + Grid FS.
  • xhgui
    A graphical interface for XHProf data built on MongoDB.

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