List of Free code Redis


  • 2short
    A URL shortener using Sinatra and Redis.
  • activity streams mongoose
    Activity Streams Real Time Data Store backed by MongoDB(via Mongoose) and Redis.
  • ascoltatori
    The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!.
  • cate
    simple webapp to add some information to a redis database.
  • demo42
    Displays three values _graphically_ from a Redis database on a web client.
  • goshorty
    A URL shortener in Go with Redis as the backend.
  • granmaHolidaysFeed
    This is an one page web site written in ruby/ramaze that give the last inorfmations about your familie holidays to your Granma. The feeding of this page is done by twitter, mail, and google maps : _you need only an Iphone to contribute_... No local storage needed. Redis caching for the mails.
  • html5 local redis
    Redis like API for HTML5 Local Storage.
  • jsdc2013
    Real Time Web Application with Node.js,, and Redis.. DEMO for JSDC 2013.
  • juke
    Flossy way to build a user registration app/ component with Express, Redis and Stylus. It's also a decent starting point for any Express app.
  • letterpress solver
    A CLI tool to solve the Letterpress game by Loren Brichter. This solver used a Redis database to preprocess data and store results. A plain version to solve the board without redis is also included.
  • linkmin
    A expressjs/redis URL shortner.
  • little
    A URL shortener using Redis and Node.js.
  • nedis
    Redis server implementation written with nodejs.
  • node image proxy
    An image proxy written in node.js with a redis backend, Ready to run on cloud service like CloudFoundry.
  • node multivariate
    A/B and Multivariate website testing framework using nodejs and redis.
  • node passport couchbase redis
    Sample node.JS application using express 3, passport, couchbase and redis to log in users.
  • Node Polina
    Beanstalkd and redis clients.
  • node redis
    redis client for node.
  • node redis protocol
    Implement your own server using the redis protocol.
  • node redis urlshortener
    URL Shortener written in NodeJS and Redis.
  • Node.VaSH
    VaSh is a content manager aka a blog engine powered by node.js and Redis. All is driven by memory cache (static content + database ) so it's really really... really fast !.
  • nodewiki
    A simple wiki developed using node.js, redis node client and showdown.
  • nodisly
    URL Shortener written with Node.js + Redis.
  • PHP redis A B Testing
    A simple A/B testing framework for PHP based on the Vanity Project for Rails.
  • play2 redxplay
    Redis web console based on Play2 framework v2.0.3.
  • PyRedisAdmin
    A web GUI for Redis data management.
  • redback
    A high level Redis library for Node.JS.
  • redis lua example
    A demo app using thoonk and lua scripting in redis to build a dead simple blog engine.
  • redis mock
    Node.js redis client mock.
  • redis node
    A Redis client for node.js.
  • redis node client
    Redis client for Node.js (abandoned).
  • redis proxy
    A Proxy for redis servers , for failover and standby handling.
  • redis search example
    An example for use redis search gem.
  • redis stream
    streaming redis client for node.
  • redis talk
    Samples from Node Redis talk.
  • redis util
    A collection of utilities for node redis.
  • rediskit
    Collection of Redis backed data structures for nodejs, including the primitives (List, Hash, Queue, etc).
  • redisparse
    Streaming Redis response parser.
  • redisplay
    Simple Rack app for browsing Redis database.
  • rss redis socketio pubsub
    A Node.js, and Redis Technology Sample.
  • save
    A simple CRUD based persistence abstraction for storing objects to any backend data store. eg. Memory, MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB, Postgres, Punch Card etc.
  • screenshot app
    website screenshot service & app powered by node.js, express, redis, node canvas , phantomjs and more.
  • socket redis
    WebSocket pub/sub server and client (with SockJS), exposing an API over Redis.
  • Redis RealTime Chat Example Redis Real Time Chat Example.
  • sses node example
    Example of Express.js application providing Server Sent Events (SSEs) on top of Redis pub/sub connection.
  • stapler
    Makes it easy to attach files to collections (mongoose, redis, etc.).
  • tapit
    Tapit is a Dancing Game built using express, Redis pubsub and!.
  • then redis
    A small, promise based Redis client for node.js.
  • try.redis
    A demonstration of the Redis database.
  • URL shortener App in Node.js
    URL shortener app using Express (Node.js framework) and Redis (data structure server).
  • URL Shortener Node App
    Express framework, Node JS, Redis, jQuery.

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