List of Free code Database


  • 9dbs 45mins
    SORT 2012 presentation on database features and advantages.
  • ach job frontend
    crude little clojure webapp for inspecting the ACH jobs database.
  • admitall movies
    Movie Database Viewer for AdmitOne backup file.
  • Advanced Database Project
    This is for a school project.
  • afflux server.js
    Standalone log server, that routes and send message logs to different db/bucket/ table /realtime interface.
  • alphabetaDB
    Alphabet, charset and glyph database exploring design of web interfaces concepts.
  • AR Layar DBTool
    Manage a Layar database.
    Articles database about linux, programming, food, business and other stuff.
  • AtomicWiki
    A wiki based on eXist db which stores data as Atom feeds.
  • autobase
    A Grails plugin to automatically manage database changes through Liquibase and Liquibase DSL.
  • b3playerdb
    Searches b3 player databases.
  • bangkok
    a little web interface for you databases.
  • baster
    baster paster app for database queries.
  • bcms content syncing
    A BrowserCMS module that provides rake/capistrano tools to synchronize content between local and production databases.
  • Beer
    The Beer Database Project.
  • bible
    Parsing the bible into a searchable database.
  • bitstarter ssjs db
    Very simple SSJS app that writes crowdfunder preorders to a local database. Uses Sequelize, Express, Async.
  • bitstarterdb
    Bitstarter Site with database.
  • blood bank
    An online automated blood bank database management project.
  • bndb database app in development.
  • bonelabdb
    Human bone catalog database.
  • book database
    Book Database Website built on LAMP.
  • CanDB
    Database for storing potential recruitment candidates.
  • cassadmin
    Cassandra distributed database web based admin.
  • castle
    A structured database with a local web service to edit it.
  • caterwaul.db.file
    An indexed flat file database for prototyping and small scale production use.
  • cddb parser
    Parse out CDDB files and either list them or put them in database.
  • chat test 2k
    A simple chat application with login and database.
  • chineserp jquery
    A better region picker plugin for jQuery in China. based on Chineserp, data provided by Chinese region db.
  • clouddatabase
    Rackspace Database as a service.
  • clouddatabase cli
    Rackspace Cloud Database cli tool.
  • CogsDB
    document database like persistence framework.
  • coltrane
    A simple web interface for your applications. Deploy your app, backup the database , run migrations etc all from a single interface.
  • conjuring
    Create databases from excel files and then create a web app to serve the data.
  • Courses
    My Databases final project. Utilizes the Food and Drinks database from to create an online kitchen.
  • cowork
    A database of coworking places.
  • crud
    Database create read update delete scaffolding.
  • CRUD Management System Tutorial
    CRUD stands for Create, Read , Updated and Delete Database items using a GUI based application.Source files are a part of 7 videos long tutorials series which are available on
  • CSD Web
    Web interface for the Central Scouting Database for FIRST Robotics.
  • cubesviewer
    Visual tool for exploring and analyzing OLAP databases.
  • culpeper
    A small lending library database system, built in Rails.
  • Database sync phonegap
    this example for synchronization with remote server in phone gap and android by making synchronization in update ,insert and delete.
  • Database.Com PhoneGap Sample
    Sample application showing how to access data from within PhoneGap applications.
  • DataBaseAdmin
    Web application for managing DB severs.
  • datavore
    A small, fast, in browser database engine written in JavaScript.
  • Datumo 2.0
    Datumo 2.0 database management.
  • db engine
    Hackbright Final Project // Database engine written in Go.
  • DB Manager
    A database manager in Rails.
  • db.js
    High level API for working with client side databases.
  • DBDesigner
    Database designer plugin for phpPgAdmin.
  • DBHouse
    Hosting platform for database.
  • dbjs
    In Memory Database Engine for JavaScript.
  • DBO labs
    This is repository for lab projects in Database organization for students of group KV 01.
  • DbToRia
    The generic Database Frontend for Endusers.
  • dbv
    Database version control, made easy!.
  • dcat
    Digital Catalog. Cross database & format agnostic multisearch.
  • ddbi
    Database independent interface for the D programming language.
  • DDLBuilder
    Convert Regularly Formatted Text to Database Table Insert Scripts.
  • debugdb
    SNO+ electronics debugging database.
  • DECA
    Database of Early Chesapeake Architecture.
  • Demo Dexter
    Collect stats and make maps on a neighborhood level using a network database, OpenStreetMap, & city records.
  • deputy
    Local Key Bucket and Directory Database.
  • description
    It help extract database schema doc from migration files.
  • developmentdatabase
    Updating MAPC's regional developments database.
  • discojs
    Javascript API for Database integrated Server Client Objects.
  • distributed query optimizer
    Thesis project of a distributed database query optimizer.
  • Djangoats
    Work order database for computer technicians.
  • document databases databasepro 2010
    Slides for my talk at the databasepro PowerDays 2010 on document databases.
  • dogtrak
    Database software for doggie daycares and kennels.
  • DotNetNuke Data Expose
    Expose data from your DotNetNuke database utilizing the Web API framework.
  • dribbledb
    MVCC database written in javascript.
  • DuckFeet
    Web Log Analyzer with Database backend.
  • dust
    The cleanest way to fill your database.
  • dynamic liquid templates
    Manage your templates in your database instead of view files, and with Liquid templating support.
  • Easy Course
    Introduction to Databases Course Project.
  • ecofunds
    RedLAC's database of environmental projects.
  • edifice maps
    Maps of Chicago's built environment. Data is from the Edifice building database.
  • emmaus house food pantry
    Emmaus House Food Pantry inventory management database.
    Espa?a en llamas is a free software web application created to search, analyze, and compare forest fires in Spain during the last decade, its magnitude, location, causes and consequences. It uses the national forest fires database provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
  • ExportMessages
    Exports messages from webos database to a text file.
  • express ejs boilerplate
    How I like my node boilerplate: HTML5BP2 + Express + EJS + recent jQuery. No stylus, jade, or database of any sort.
  • express restify mongoose
    Easily restify mongoose databases.
  • express view cache
    Unobtrusive solution to express framework cache rendered page, without database requests and rendering.
  • ezwebapp ezdesigner
    jQuery & Raphael drag and drop database designer for Yii.
  • fastestdb
    A collection of benchmarks for which database is the fastest for Tornado.
  • femSTEM is an ongoing passion project. It is an effort to connect groups focused on encouraging girls and women in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This site is to serve as a searchable index and growing database for these organizations.
  • file db
    Document database that uses directories and files to store its data, supporting nested key value objects in named collections.
  • filex
    A file database site.
  • final front tier
    Rails app pre loaded with plugins to support GUI development. No database , no models.
  • financeFlask
    new version of finance database using flask, sqlalchemy, and angular.
  • flicks rails
    Flicks is a Rails application for organizing your own database of movies. (DEPRECATED: development continues in couchflicks).
  • fluidinfo.js
    A javascript client library to access the Fluidinfo database.
  • flystockdb
    A free web database for keeping Drosophila melanogaster stocks.
  • foodcartpages
    CouchApp for Foodcart Database.
  • forexdb
    Foreign exchange rates database (CRUD example application).
  • FSU ISYS 371 Group Project
    Create a Database for a dentist office.
  • fulltext.js
    Full text search with JavaScript using browser's database API.
  • g octave db
    g Octave package database.
  • gc db
    Database abstraction for gc core.
  • gearsinmotion
    User interface to manage Gears Databases.
  • geekwise clientside db
    Client side local storage database.
  • germ
    the git error message database.
  • gigs
    Deakin 'TUGG' historical gig listing database.
  • Go Fight Win
    A database for Organizing.
  • grotte
    super simple list of maps database behind a super simple crud interface.
  • grunt deployments
    Code and database deployments using GruntJS.
  • grunt flyway
    Run Flyway database migration tool with Grunt.
  • helenos
    Helenos is a free web based environment that simplifies a data exploring & schema managament with Apache Cassandra database.
  • hive model
    A javascript based database for local memory based storage of data or resources.
  • hnet
    a decentralized and anonymous database.
  • html5 todo demo
    Task TODO demo using HTML5 and web database.
  • hypeDBExplorer
    Elgg Database Explorer GUI.
  • ic blaster
    IC Blaster is a commandline interface for the GIICM integrated circuit database.
  • immunotoxibase
    Immunotoxicology database of adverse effects on the immune system.
  • inter
    A JavaScript locale library based on information extracted from the Unicode CLDR database.
  • ioEditableContentPlugin
    Create inline editable content areas that display from and save to any database model.
  • IsMyHouseFlooded
    Crowdsourced Database in Response to Thailand Flood Crisis of 2011.
  • Itchy
    Visualisation of movie database.
  • IVI.Chartviewer
    A mobile Webapp for displaying database data as charts.
  • jdal
    [DEFUNCT] JavaScript Database Abstraction Library.
  • jdb.js
    jdb.js is a framework that helps coding with Indexed Database API (IDB). As you know, 'J' is the next character of 'I' in alphabetical order, so 'JDB' means the 'Better IDB API': ).
  • jobwatch
    Watch files, database tables , and log files to ensure valid cron processing.
  • js hypercube
    An n dimensional database , useful for aggregation and charting analytics.
  • JsCounter
    A simple Counter with database and chart.
  • jsdeferred webdatabase
    Web Database ORMapper for jsdefferd.
  • jsormdb
    native JavaScript database for use in browser, can be synced with the server.
  • keigan
    Keigan is web interface for viewing a risu database.
  • kimidori web
    kimidori (french AJSTK database ) web templates && other files.
  • kpdb js
    KeePass Database Parser for Javascript.
  • ksdbjs
    KSDB is Keyless Signature Database with RESTish Web Interface.
  • latdb
    A simple startup database /wiki.
  • leaqweb
    An interface to manage the Luxembourg Energy System database of ETEM Luxembourg. Theorically, this interface could manage/generate any ETEM databases.
  • level transaction
    Transactions, commits and rollbacks for leveldb/levelup databases.
  • LexikTranslationBundle
    This Symfony2 bundle allow to import translation files content into the database and provide a GUI to edit translations.
  • lextract
    tool for semi automatically converting textual dictionaries to databases.
  • LibraryDSS
    A non Hierarchical Filesystem/ Database hybrid for immutable only data.
  • lilacs
    Li'l ACS is an instant API on top of Appcelerator Cloud Services, using the Custom Objects API. Use LilACS any time you need to have a custom on line database for your web and/or mobile apps.
  • listening room add ons site
    A website/ database for storing track play data from Listening Room.
  • livedb
    A database frontend for concurrent editing systems.
  • locationmapr
    A simple web app for viewing your iPhone location database in Google Maps.
  • logdb
    A database that is really just a log.
  • LokiJS
    javascript embedded / in memory database.
  • LudumDare23MMO
    LudumDare23 MMO source code (rebuilt to remove database stuff).
  • MahewinSimpleBlog
    It's a simple blog engine, use text file and no database , and it's dynamic.
  • MediaShare adobeairclient
    Adobe Air client to maintain information on a mediaShare database.
  • meteor
    Meteor, an ultra simple, database everywhere, data on the wire, pure Javascript web framework.
  • Meteor GroundDB
    GroundDB is a thin layer providing Meteor offline database and methods.
  • meteor migrations
    A meteor package for database migrations.
  • Microfinance Database
    An Analytics Tool for Microfinance Loan Portfolios.
  • migrate
    Node database migration tool.
  • minipetter
    World of Warcraft Minipets database.
  • mm
    Mongolian Music Database (TT).
  • ModX Evo dbEdit
    Edit arbitrary databases from within ModX Evo Manager.
  • Mojolicious Plugin DBViewer
    Mojolicious plugin to display database information on browser.
  • MoteMap
    Sinatra webapp for visualizing environment info from MoteView database.
  • MUDBug
    Web Application Monitor to Utility Database.
  • MultiThreadFileAccessWebApp
    A web app that uses a background thread to create files from database request.
  • mvc4 example simple
    Simple Movies Database Default MVC Theme.
  • MyBioDb
    A fully featured biological database WebApp.
  • Myfly simple flight booking system
    For the database homework.
  • narthex
    Narthex is a front end that simplifies understanding and working with content in a MarkLogic Server database.
  • natureCollection
    Transparent Carbon Offset Database for PROJECT TOGO.
  • NDDB
    Javascript lightweight N dimensional database.
  • NDEx Site
    Network Database Website a project of the Cytoscape Consortium, under development.
  • neo viz
    A gem for visualizing a Neo database with Javascript.
  • neocola
    Neocola is a Neopets pet and NC trading directory and database.
  • new rails plugin
    A generator for create a rails plugin squeleton with better rails database support.
  • NimbuslyDB
    HTML Database Access Layer.
  • NLog. Mvc
    Provides an NLog target that uses an Entity Framework DbContext to write log entries to a database.
  • node any db
    Thin and less opinionated database abstraction layer for node.
  • node database cleaner
    The simplest way to clean your database after tests.
  • node db meta
    Relational database metadata extraction library.
  • node db migrate
    Database migration framework for node.
  • node dbhouse
    Database API for DBHouse Cloud Platform.
  • node dirty query
    Query API for node dirty databases.
  • node hdb
    SAP HANA Database Client for Node.
  • node hyper
    An n dimensional database , written in JavaScript, useful for aggregation and charting analytics.
  • node iphone tracker
    map your iphone location database on google maps.
  • nodo
    Command line todo app compatible with Wunderlist database.
  • nohm backend
    a web interface for nohm database management.
  • nombase
    A recipe database with a sexy webapp.
  • ntnugangstatz
    Gangstatz was first created in May 2010. The application generates statistics and highscores based on logs in the database.
  • ntua db
    Database project for NTUA.
  • nutrient database parser
    Parses the ASCII values in the ARS branch of the USDA.
  • oddx arch
    This project is about creating an open, reliable, global database that associates symptoms with diseases.
  • OldHomeLibrary
    Online database to keep track of your Movies, books and CDs.
  • op sync
    HTML5 data sync vaguely based on Operational Transformations for database fields.
  • Open Source Access Control Web Interface
    Web software for managing a database of members in a collaborative grassroots workshop, and also controlling Arclight of 23b Hackerspace's Arduino access control system via Ethernet ( ).
  • OpenMRS Mapping
    Automate your cross database mapping for varied OpenMRS data models.
  • openmrs module querybrowser
    A simple database query interface in the administration area.
  • opensemanticapi
    Allows to grab your very own wording database with semantic relations.
  • OpenSQLManager
    Database Manager for Open Source Databases.
  • openwifimap api
    OpenWiFiMap database and its api.
  • osm livechanges
    Near real time display of edits in the OpenStreetMap database.
  • pappal
    Browsable database for palaeographic samples.
  • PDF.js Viewer For PouchDB
    Have PDFs in a PouchDB database ? You can view them using this web app by setting the db, docId, and file parameters in the viewer.html's URL.
  • persephone
    A material assay database for the low background physics community.
  • persistencejs
    persistence.js is an asynchronous Javascript database mapper library. You can use it in the browser, as well on the server (and you can share data models between them).
  • Phoenix Tpl
    Tiny CMS based on Silex no database required.
  • phonegap plugin hashpipe
    A PhoneGap plugin to create a hash table database similar to DOMStorage with Lawnchair support.
  • phonegap remote
    Test application for phonegap with remote database access.
  • PhoneGapAPISourceTemplateProject
    PhoneGap API source project templates for ios and android. Includes source code for the PhoneGap APIs for things like camera, compass, file system, accelerometer, database, event handling etc.
  • pincode
    PIN Code mapping database.
  • plasmid
    A browser database with optional multi device syncronization.
  • poi api
    An API built to work with the OSM API database schema written in node as express middleware. Built for use by the Places of Interest system.
  • pomelo sync
    the backend database sync module.
  • PortableIPDB
    A database for IP address management.
  • pouchdb
    PouchDB is a pocket sized database.
  • Project Management System
    Final Project in Database Processing.
  • PropelTranslationBundle
    A bundle wich stores Symfony2 translations into database , using Propel 1.6.
  • publicdb
    The HiSPARC Public Database.
  • r3t
    A Rails 3 Template wired up with rspec, cucumber, devise, mongoid, cancan haml, shoulda, factory girl, spork, capybara, database cleaner and autotest.
  • rabbithealth
    House Rabbit Health database.
  • radiograph
    Database of primate skull radiographs supporting Terry Ritzman's dissertation.
  • rails admin content
    Development environment database content management tools.
  • rails db manager
    A web based database management tool.
  • Rdb.Js
    Javascript library to access Rdbhost databases.
  • Rdbadmin
    Javascript Admin program for RdbHost databases.
  • RDFAdmin
    An RDF database administration software.
  • RecipeEditor
    Supports interaction with the recipe and database web services.
  • recipes
    Simple recipe database , written in flask.
  • recommendationRaccoon
    is useful for anyone with a database of users, a database of products/movies/items and the desire to give their users the ability to like/dislike and receive recommendations.
  • redash
    Rethinking how data is queried, shared and visualized. A web application that allows to easily query an existing database , share the dataset and visualize it in different ways. Oh and you can also create dashboards.
  • Refine Oracle
    An extension for Google Refine that allows you to export a dataset to an Oracle Database.
  • RemoteMonitor
    Web base dashboard to database outlining health status of remote field sites.
  • resourcer
    a resource oriented object relational mapper for document databases.
  • Riak Webmin
    An intuitive web based Riak database management application.
  • Riaktive
    Riak database Management Tool.
  • riWeb
    This Multivalue Database module for RingoJS is designed to provide access to data and business logic in your Multivalue (D3, Universe, & OpenQM). This is the RingoJS module and application code.
  • rrdtool histograms
    Jonathan Zev's client side rendering of histograms based on a rrdtool database.
    Open source solution for asynchronous, master master replication of relational databases.
  • Samarth TheAdminSite
    The admin site and the database layer source code.
  • schedulemaker
    A course database lookup tool and schedule building web application for use at Rochester Institute of Technology. Address Below is my dev workspace, use it to check out upcoming changes!.
  • SchemaWiki
    An easy way to show/edit schema relationships in a database.
  • Scrapy MTG Database
    A learning project, to get try and learn how to use Scrapy!.
  • scribble
    no database microblogging CMS.
  • search prtb
    An application to search the PRTB database.
  • select
    A JavaScript database library.
  • sequelize auto
    Automatically generate bare sequelize models from your database.
  • servershell
    exposing interface for querying database , privilege based select update insert, file system, priviledge based file upload,.
  • shortstack
    Inspired by Crunchbase, ShortStack is the CfA database for public software, products and government entities.
  • simpledb webview
    Web based browser for Amazon SimpleDB databases.
  • sisql
    website for allowing an easy interaction with databases.
  • skybreak
    Skybreak, an ultra simple, database everywhere, data on the wire, pure Javascript web framework.
  • slides from cad to db
    Slides about the migration of CAD data to a database.
  • sms
    setup http proxy or database(oracle) sms msg table monitor to send/receive sms using telecomunication industry's SGIP/SMPP protocol.
  • smt4tool
    Shin Megami Tensei IV Database and Fusion Tool.
  • SNCBLeakCheck
    SNCB Leak Checker is a simple lookup application that was used to lookup your personal information in the leaked SNCB database in a way that respects privacy of everyone.
  • spot a trope
    Spot a trope application with Marcus Aurelius' Meditations in database.
  • spring music
    A sample application for using database services on Cloud Foundry with Spring Framework.
  • SQLNavigator
    An alpha set of building blocks for searching and navigating database source code and.
  • squarespace parse
    This is the website template content for a Football Pool site hosted using with as the backend database.
  • stolen cars
    A visualisation of NZ's stolen car database.
  • student log
    A database application for teachers to record interactions and communications with teachers.
  • SyncDB
    A database abstraction layer for javascript. Capable of caching and syncing data from remote storage engines into different types of persistent local storage.
  • Tagedit
    Tagedit jQuery Plugin The Plugin can be used to edit tags from a database the easy way.
  • tc aowow
    TrinityCore Web platform for wow database ( based on AoWoW ).
  • tdsurface
    Teledrill Surface System ( Database and Web App).
  • Terraformer
    A geometric toolkit for dealing with geometry, geography, formats, and building geo databases.
  • theArk
    A Database for Bnei Noach.
  • Thoth
    A Node based communications hub for multi user SproutCore applications, serving as a unified database interface and automating distribution of data changes.
  • timeseriesDB
    Erlang based time series database.
  • training
    Training database to track continuing education.
  • Tribal Wars Report Database
    A little report database for the Browsergame Tribal Wars.
  • triface
    jvm interactive database api.
  • tungus
    Mongoose driver for TingoDB embedded database.
  • tutorial db
    What do you want to do on your Android today?.
  • twinners ivr menu
    Database driven menu system for Twinners.
  • ucd
    UCD Unicode Character Database for JavaScript.
  • userific postgres
    Implement the Userific interface using a postgres database to store user data.
  • UWH Heroes
    A database of national representatives for Underwater Hockey.
  • varDB ruby
    antigenic variation sequence database.
  • versiondb
    Tool to version database schemas.
  • VirtueMart
    Database Sytems Lab JSP Website Project.
  • voidzone
    HTML5 Dropbox like file upload application. No need for a database.
  • WebKeePass
    Web interface over a KeePass database.
  • webParser
    Parse websites and accumulate a database of words.
  • Webservices
    Webservices from SciELO Regional databases.
  • WebTV
    WebTV study project, backend/service/ database.
  • wordpress database reset
    An easy way to reinitialize the WordPress database to its default settings.
  • worksheets
    A document based interface to databases and similar services, accessed via a browser.
  • xbmc webinterface.readonly
    Addon for XBMC that shows a simple web page with download links to movies in the database.
  • yocto.js
    A tiny in memory object database with an tuple space inspired API for the browser.
  • yourls index page
    Example index page listing all the URLs held in a YOURLS database.
  • ZFCrud
    A never finished attempt to make a CRUD admin page for databases.
  • zoe mongo
    Module that handles communication with the zoe mongo database.
  • Zotero autoexporting
    Exports the database automatically.

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