List of Free code MySQL


  • ajaxchat
    Ajax PHP MySQL Chat system.
  • ASQ
    Query manager for your MySQL database.
  • autodafe
    node.js web framework with rich features such as mvc, mysql orm, authentication and role based access control, testing, logging etc.
  • CCTiddlywiki
    a PHP/mySQL server version of Tiddlywiki.
  • CorkBoardIt
    Pinterest clone for a databases course. Built with Flask, Bootstrap, and MySQL. Spring 2012?.
  • crud bones
    Sample CRUD application with Node.JS, using MySQL, Mongo and Redis. Basically, I am using it as a boilerplate (template, skeleton) for all new backend apps I start.
  • CustomerApp
    Customer app that was shown during a Sencha webinar on 23rd May 2013. Includes Architect project, PHP code, and MySQL database scripts.
  • dba py
    A MySQL database manager.
  • dbslayer
    DBSlayer is a lightweight asynchronous HTTP/ JSON database abstraction for MySQL.
  • diagraph
    Diagraph is a web based Diagramming software based on the latest HTML5 web technology (Javascript, CSS3, AJAX ) with a PHP/MySQL backend.
  • DNodeS
    Node.js DNS server backed by mysql.
  • dropbox.afra
    Kleines Skript zum Erstellen mehrere Dropboxen und hochladen der Daten per HTML5 Drag &Drop Upload. Ben?tigt Mysql.
  • dversions
    MySQL database version manager.
  • easymysql
    mysql client in cluster, based on node mysql.
  • ee mysql orm
    object relationale mapper for node.js. reads the model from the database.
  • Extjs4 PHP MySQL
    Simple CRUD using Extjs 4 MVC style with PHP/MySQL.
  • FreeRADIUSWeb
    A web interface for the FreeRadius radpostauth MySQL table.
  • FurrySkeleton
    This is a code skeleton for quick starting development of Bootstrap+PHP+MySQL web apps using good practices and security conserns.
  • heroapp Teeny URL
    URL Shortener (NodeJS + MySQL).
  • jabberauth mysql
    Auth scripts for ejabberd daemon. It stores hashed passwords on a database for users autentication.
  • json store
    Storing JSON data in MySQL, as simply as possible.
  • KMDG Job Board
    Minimalist, color coordinated PHP / MySQL / jQuery / AJAX job board.
  • Magbor
    Realtime online multiplayer role playing game using AJAX and a pure PHP/MySQL backend.
  • minecraft online log
    Minecraft bukkit server mod that logs online players to a mysql database.
  • mutiny
    move a mysql table to a mongodb collection.
  • my json
    Use a MySQL database as a JSON document store (in Node).
  • myHTML GUI
    GUI to connect to and query a local mySQL database.
  • MySQL.js
    Light weight MySQL database viewer and executor in the browser.
  • mysql2 parse
    experiment migration from mysql to the Parse cloud.
  • node mysql
    [obsolete] pure Javascript MySQL network driver for node.js.
  • node mysql benchmarks
    Benchmarks for MySQL client modules for Node.js.
  • node webservice example
    A simple restfull webservice using express.js, jade, express resource, node mysql libmysqlclient and node syslog. Just for learning purpouses.
  • nodejs mysql native
    Native mysql async client for node.js.
  • Nodejs Socketio Mysql Demo
    How to do queries in nodejs.
  • NoJSQL
    NoJSQL is an open sourced Javascript library engine to run and analyze mySQL statements on a local mySQL representational jSON database.
  • openSqlAdmin
    Php program to manage your mySQL databases.
  • PhoneGap App
    android + phonegap + mysql + json.
  • PHP MySQL JQuery CSS Database search
    a search application based on using AJAX to search data in a MySQL database.
  • Polaroid Previewer
    Photo gallery which can preview, zoom, drag, drop, search and sort images in HTML5 Canvas. Written as a jQuery plugin. Example PHP to load files from a directory and descriptions from MySQL.
  • querydb
    Sinatra/jQuery mysql database client.
  • sensor database
    Work project. Yii web interface for mysql db.
  • trueDAT4
    MySQL database GUI designed to be lightweight, easy to use, extremely handy, and just plain good looking.
  • Tugux CMS
    Tugux CMS was developed to understand and practice PHP/MYSQL easily for students its not to use for comercial use there are few security bugs.
  • ultimatemysql
    work based on PHP MySQL database access wrapper.html.
  • WebKDB
    PHP MySQL database class.

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