List of Free code SQL


  • backbone webdatabase
    Web SQL Database provider for Backbone.js.
  • Churros
    Churros is a Javascript library for sycing a local HTML 5 Web SQL Database with your server's database.
  • css explain
    SQL EXPLAIN for CSS selectors.
  • Database
    Web SQL Storage Made Easy.
  • Database Front End
    PHP/jQuery/SQL Web App for running database queries.
  • JSDeferred Migemo
    Migemo using Web SQL Database and JSDeferred.
  • jSQL
    a SQL like database using javascript.
  • jstodo
    A todo list implemented in JavaScript using a Web SQL database.
  • MyTODO
    Simple Task Management application that uses ASP.NET and Windows Azure SQL Databases.
  • Node DBI
    A SQL database abstraction layer strongly inspired by the PHP Zend Framework Zend_Db API, with support of multiple Node.js database engines.
  • node sqljs
    SQL parser for node.js.
  • Online Banking Solution
    Databases Project, SQL implementation. PHP Python.
  • PacketQ
    A tool that provides a basic SQL frontend to PCAP files. Outputs JSON, CSV and XML and includes a build in webserver with JSON api and a nice looking AJAX GUI.
  • palo
    palo is a tool designed to write sql statement with a simple drag and drop operation.
  • php reports
    A PHP framework for displaying reports from any data source, including SQL and MongoDB.
  • ringo sqlstore
    RingoJS ORM implementation for SQL databases.
  • searchjs
    A library for filtering JavaScript objects based on a json SQL like language, jsql.
  • sequel web
    Browse (almost) any SQL database with a web browser using the power of Sequel + Sinatra.
  • simpleSql Parser
    Javascript library to parse CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete) SQL queries.
  • siqqel
    siqqel allows you to create simple or complex reports and views of your MySQL database using only HTML/JS and SQL.
  • sql parser
    A SQL parser written in pure JS.
  • sqld3
    SQL parser in javascript.
  • SQLinJS
    Manage a Javascript object database using the SQL syntax.
  • sqlparser
    a simple sql parse tool.
  • thin orm
    A node.js object relational mapper for SQL databases.
  • torque
    Temporal mapping for CartoDB using the SQL API.
  • vkBeautify
    vkBeautify is a small, simple and powerfull javascript plugin to beautify XML, JSON, CSS and SQL text.
  • Webpage Tag Extension
    sql scripts for exporting/importing. So, if you manipulate that script you would be playing with your own data. You can download the src.crx file(chrome extension) from downloads button and drag and drop that file into your chrome browser to install.

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