List of Free code JSON


  • absolute json
    A complete tool to maintain all the front end through a json.
  • activeobject
    An interface for JSON objects for updating, deleting, inserting and creating properties.
  • AlarmServer
    Envisalink 2DS/3 Alarm Server (Proxy & HTTP/ JSON ).
  • angular patch
    JSON Patch for Angular.
  • APIfy
    Convert data in any static site to JSON API by scraping it dynamically. Try
  • as3 lib subtitle
    Library to load subtitle in Flash or Flex projects using the formats (.srt.sub.usf and json format).
  • AVS File Decoder
    Read.avs preset files to JSON.
  • blobastorus
    A happy little open source dinosaur that offers free itty bitty bits of json cloud storage for webby html5y apps.
  • bogo yii json service
    JSON Controllers for Yii applications.
  • bootmap
    Generate static, dynamic and editable maps from semantic HTML. Supports editable overlays (WKT and geo JSON ) from textarea and input elements.
  • bramble
    A tool to easily update and test your package. json against the latest versions.
  • bt
    BT JSON to HTML processor.
  • build. json
    A better module build system for grunt using Browserify.
  • census places json
    Simple scripts for fetching Census places data and generating json representations.
  • chai json schema
    Chai plugin for JSON Schema v4.
  • circular json
    JSON does not handle circular references. Now it does.
  • cob
    read and manipulate json.
  • collection json
    Repo for the development and maintenance of the Collection+ JSON media type.
  • Concordia
    Concordia is a JSON schema language.
  • couchapp schema
    An Example CouchApp using JSON Schema.
  • CraftyDialogues
    The Crafty component adds an entity a ability to carry conversation. As data source it uses JSON file. For building data structure you can use prepared Dialogues builder (
  • crossfire
    Crossfire is a Firebug extension which implements a JSON protocol to allow remote clients (like an IDE or code editor) to connect to Firebug.
  • d3 cartogram
    Continuous area cartograms with d3 and Topo JSON.
  • dna2 json
    Formats your genome file as JSON.
  • dyson
    Node server for dynamic, fake JSON.
  • easy elasticsearch
    A sugared elasticsearch client with built in json query builder.
  • eksi server
    Eksi Sozluk JSON API Server.
  • eson
    Extended (pluggable) JSON for node great for configuration files and JSON transformations.
  • express soap2 json
    Node based JSON /HTTP proxy to SOAP webservices.
  • Fakester
    Fakester gives you lots of fake JSON data! Built at a RiotHQ hack night.
  • feedme.js
    RSS/Atom/ JSON feed parser.
  • FilterList
    A template based list created from Json data.
  • fixtures
    npm package for testing with fixtures as JSON data.
  • Flexi Json Editor
    JSON editor jQuery plugin.
  • flight storage
    Store JSON data using multiple storage backends.
  • freezer
    Ice cold JSON , served just how you like it.
  • gedcomServer
    A Server that uses DallanQ's Gedcom to JSON Parser and display the results.
  • GenerateData Json
    A fork of the project, that adds support for exporting JSON.
  • Geo JSON Parser
    Parse Geo JSON file to Google Maps.
  • geodata checkout
    Draw an area and view geodata inside that neighborhood as an interactive map, time enabled KML, or Geo JSON.
  • geojson utils
    A set of utilities for converting between standard geojson and other json formats.
  • GeoMap
    JavaScript geo JSON map.
  • geopastebin
    A pastebin for text based geographic content such as WKT and Geo JSON.
  • gettext i18n rails js
    extends gettext_i18n_rails making your.po files available to client side javascript as JSON.
  • Gilbert
    Code generator for mobile views. Currently creates Objective C and HTML views from JSON.
  • github from package
    return the github url from a package. json file.
  • greatjson
    JSON. parse replacement with helpful Syntax messages providing location, expected tokens and offending excerpt. By Harald Rudell.
  • grunt contrib bump
    A work in progress Grunt plugin for bumping a version number in JSON files.
  • grunt dir2 json
    Grunt task to flatten a folder to a JSON file representing its contents.
  • grunt filerev assets
    Record asset paths from grunt filerev to a json file.
  • grunt github api
    Grunt plugin used to query the Github API and save the returned JSON files locally.
  • grunt global config
    Create a global config object from json files.
  • grunt istanbul coverage
    Grunt plugin for checking aggregated coverage thresholds from istanbul JSON files.
  • grunt jquery json
    Grunt plugin that generates a jquery. json manifest file from package. json.
  • grunt json
    Turns JSON file(s) into a single JavaScript file for use in the browser.
  • grunt minjson
    A Grunt plugin for minifying json files.
  • grunt strip json comments
    Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!.
  • grunt tree
    parse a directory to a tree with json format.
  • gtalkjsonproxy
    a proxy to use gtalk through a JSON +callback interface.
  • GTFS realtime JSON
    Online JS Google Maps API application that pulls in real time structured JSON to create a live map of all busses/trains in a city's GTFS transportation network.
  • hal browser
    An API browser for the hal+json media type.
  • hell
    Hell is an open source web interface that exposes a set of capistrano recipes as a json api, for usage within large teams.
  • hive parser
    A JSON crawler that processes JSON trees with a system of handlers and loaders to search for patterns of key/values.
  • hoard js
    A Javascript Library for storing key/value or json objects in the browser provided databases.
  • feedsub bindings for RSS/Atom/ JSON feeds.
  • HoursTool
    Database for storing library hours. The front end display may not be in a usable state since I use the JSON API feed to display the front end in another interface. I don't have time to support it or answer a lot of questions. Treat this like a free kitten. It may not work, and one day it may scratch you or you will wake up with it sleeping on your face.
  • html sanitizer
    Write a simple function to parse the request with cheerio, get a running JSON API endpoint.
  • hulk
    In browser JSON editor.
  • i18next gettext converter
    converts or.po to 18next json format and vice versa.
  • Inspector JSON
    A simple way to inspect JSON.
  • jade editor
    Live, real time jade editor with html, preview, and options JSON.
  • javascript
    The PubNub Network makes Real time easy with a Simple Communications API. Two Functions: Send/Receive (Publish/Subscribe). We provide a web service API for businesses to build scalable Data Push communication apps on Mobile, Tablet and Web. Bidirectional JSON. @PubNub IRC #pubnub @
  • jexpr
    JSON expressions as abstract syntax notation (think "s expressions").
  • journey
    liberal JSON only HTTP request routing for node.
  • JPath
    XPath for json data set.
  • jpon
    edit a JSON with specified format.
  • jquery cloudkit
    An in browser queryable JSON store for CloudKit.
  • jquery json feed
    $.get JSON > HTML with templating.
  • jQuery JSON Suggest Search Box
    A JSON powered auto suggest box implemented as a jQuery plugin.
  • jquery jsoncookie
    jQuery cookie plugin for storing/retrieving JSON.
  • jquery jsonrpc
    JSON RPC 2.0 client for jQuery 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6.
  • jquery jsonrpc2.0
    JSON RPC 2.0 for jQuery.
  • jquery shoutcast
    jQuery plugin to communicate with SHOUTcast DNAS v2 via JSON P.
  • jquery slideview
    Responsive, JSON loading carousel for jQuery.
  • js components
    JS Components for parsing eligible json.
  • jsca2js
    Utility to convert JSON in Appcelerator's JSCA format to JavaScript.
  • jschat
    JSON based chat that has web and console clients, and a server.
  • JsFail
    JsFail is a website containing a collection of JavaScript and Json tools glued together from awesome open source projects from around the net.
  • jshint json
    JSON reporter for JSHint.
  • jsjws
    pure JavaScript implementation of JSON Web Signature(JWS) and JSON Web Token(JWT).
  • JSON 2
    json 2 / native JSON normalizer for Joose.
  • json 5
    JSON for the ES5 era. (Not an official successor to JSON.).
  • json context
    Create a single object containing all data required to render a view/page that provides hooks to sync with server and data bind with elements on the page.
  • json diff
    show the differences between JSON encoded objects.
  • Json DiffPatch
    Diff & Patch for JavaScript object trees.
  • json editor
    Web Based JSON Editor Library.
  • json formatter
    Takes JSON and renders it into an HTML list.
  • json ld macros
    Declarative transformation of JSON APIs into JSON LD.
  • json normalizer
    A small, lightweight library for normalizing JSON properties and values.
  • JSON Patch
    Lean and mean Javascript implementation of the JSON Patch standard. Update JSON documents using delta patches.
  • json pointer
    Some utilities for the JSON pointers described by RFC 6901.
  • json query compilation
    My CopenhagenJS talk on JSON query compilation.
  • Json Report
    Chome app to make use of jsonreport.js by
  • json stable stringify
    deterministic JSON.stringify() with custom sorting to get deterministic hashes from stringified results.
  • JSON stat
    JSON stat Javascript Toolkit.
  • json storage js
    A wrapper for storage engines which use the W3C Storage API.
  • json StorageDB
    json objectStore with json Query support.
  • json Table
    A simple jQuery plugin to get your JSON data on a table.
  • json to table
    Converts JSON into a flattened " table style" data format.
  • JSON Webservice Tester
    A small tool that helps (me) testing json web services.
  • json2caseclass
    Kickstart your scala API client by turning JSON into case classes.
  • jsonary
    Quickly assemble clients for JSON based APIs (powered by JSON Schema).
  • jsonblob
    JSON Blob was created to help parallelize client/server development. Mock JSON responses can be defined using the online editor and then clients can use the JSON Blob API to retrieve and update the mock responses.
  • JSONCache
    HTML5 's localStorage caching layer for fetching JSON data with jQuery.
  • jsoncrossdomainrequest
    Does a JSON (crossdomain) request and retrieves the result as a parsed object.
  • jsondiff
    A simple command line JSON diff utility.
  • jsondiff js
    A JavaScript implementation to create json patches of the JSON Media Type for partial modifications: ietf appsawg json patch 08. See also js.
  • jsoneditor
    A web based tool to view, edit and format JSON.
  • jsonfiles
    Simple database as flat JSON files.
  • jsonld.js
    A JSON LD Processor and API implementation in JavaScript.
  • JSONpad
    JSONpad is an editor with a nice GUI for simply editing JSON data. The GUI runs inside the Adobe Air runtime and is build with JavaScript.
  • jsonpatch js
    A JavaScript implementation of the JSON Media Type for partial modifications: html /rfc6902.
  • JSONPath
    A fork of JSONPath from Json Path/.
  • jsonpath scala
    jsonpath queries for json in scala.
  • JSONplus
    JSON with circular reference support.
  • jsonviewer
    Format and show in tables JSON.
  • jspath
    DSL that enables you to navigate and find data within your JSON documents.
  • jsterm
    JavaScript terminal using a JSON pseudo filesystem.
  • JUP
    A fast JSON to Markup Engine.
  • jwcrypto
    JavaScript implementation of JSON Web Signatures, JSON Web Tokens, and JSON Web Certificates.
  • jwt js
    JSON Web Tokens implemented in pure JavaScript.
  • koop
    Expose Geo JSON services as Feature Services.
  • lawnchair notes
    A demo of the Lawnchair client side JSON document store.
  • leaflet tilejson
    Tile JSON support for Leaflet.
  • Leaflet.Elevation
    Leaflet plugin to view height profile of Geo JSON lines using d3.
  • levelgraph jsonld
    The Object Document Mapper for LevelGraph based on JSON LD.
  • liquidsoap controler
    Generic JSON based HTTP controler for liquidsoap radios.
  • Loading data into PhoneGap
    Sample iOS PhoneGap app that requests and loads a JSON object.
  • mapjack
    Map based editing of Geo JSON files on GitHub.
  • marc2rdf
    MARC to RDF toolkit converter and harvester through json mapping.
  • matic
    Automated HTML documentation for JSON schemas.
  • mediawiki jsondata
    Json Data extension for MediaWiki.
  • microjungle
    client side HTML via JSON templating.
  • minimal.js
    minimal.js: HTML +JSON template engine.
  • modeljs
    A simple javascript library for creating a Model part of a MVC application from JSON.
  • mongoose gen
    generates mongoose schemas from json documents, supports DBRefs and Arrays of DBRef.
  • MT Red OS X Dashboard Widget
    This project is a dashboard widget for Mac OS X that is built in dashcode. It pulls in JSON data from to display stats.
  • muskox
    A JSON Schema based parser generator.
  • myserver
    Spring mvc + JSON playground.
  • nested sortable
    This plugin adds nested drag and drop functionality using json for acts_as_tree.
  • NetIO OSX Dashboard Widget
    This is an OSX Dashboard Widget which takes a NetIO JSON configuration, renders its content and performs the specified commands.
  • nlp2 json
    convert a natural language query to a json schema.
  • node browser resolve
    resolve function which support the browser field in package. json.
  • node cjson
    comments enabled json loader (Commented Javascript Object Notation).
  • node docstore
    Simple JSON document storage and retrieval.
  • node feedsub
    Subscribes to RSS/Atom/ JSON feeds and notifies on new items.
  • node hacker news parser
    Parses the insanely shitty html of hacker news comments into JSON.
  • node jsonfile
    Easily read/write JSON files.
  • node jstream
    Continuously reads in JSON and outputs Javascript objects.
  • node oconf
    Experiments with doing c JSON with includes for configuration management.
  • node ostatus
    An OStatus library for node js. Implementing webfinger, PubSubHubBub, hcard, atom/json activitystreams and salmon. It serves as the building block of a decentralized social network.
  • node pkginfo
    An easy way to expose properties on a module from a package. json.
  • node prompter
    create json files, prompting for input and evaluating expressions.
  • node stat
    statistics tool which output Linux statistics as JSON format.
  • node vcard
    parse vCard files/data into JSON.
  • oauth2orize jwt bearer
    JSON Web Token (JWT) Bearer Token Exchange Middleware for OAuth2orize.
  • oboe.js
    A fresh approach to JSON loading that speeds up web applications by providing the parsed objects before the response completes.
  • octave rpc
    A little json rpc server for octave functions.
  • onde
    Web based schema based JSON document editing component.
  • open pos
    A Point of Sale using Ember JS, Ember Data, and Rails as the JSON API.
  • openlayers timeline
    Plugin for OpenLayers to show Geo JSON /GeoRSS data on the map through time. Cluster strategy support for huge datasets.
  • outliner.js
    a project to try out different ways of presenting json data.
  • package
    Easy package. json exports.
  • pdf2 json
    A PDF file parser that converts PDF binaries to text based JSON , powered by a fork of PDF.JS.
    JSON API for datasets for Portland, OR.
  • penv
    A package. json environment customizer.
  • pepete
    [just an experiment] a JSON presentation tool for the interweb.
  • po2 json
    Pure Javascript implementation of Uniforum message translation. Based on a great gist.
  • popcorn
    Popcorn the JSON fuzzer.
  • promzard
    A prompting json thingie.
  • PSON
    A super efficient binary serialization format for JSON.
  • pubnub api
    The PubNub Network makes Real time easy with a Simple Communications API. Two Functions: Send/Receive (Publish/Subscribe). We provide a web service API for businesses to build scalable Data Push communication apps on Mobile, Tablet and Web. Bidirectional JSON. @PubNub IRC #pubnub @
  • qif2json
    Parse.qif files into a sensible JSON format.
  • rabbitmq jsonrpc channel
    RabbitMQ JSON RPC Channels.
  • rabbitmq jsonrpc channel examples
    RabbitMQ JSON RPC Channels examples.
  • rack goggles
    Rack middleware for JSON API visibility.
  • rainbowdriver server
    Selenium driver for WinJS Metro apps via Json WireProtocol.
  • redcar runnables
    Some useful JSON runnables for various types of projects for use in redcar, the text editor of awesomeness.
  • relatable
    JSON to relational management framework.
  • relaxed json parser
    A relaxed JSON parser inspired by the syntax used in Knockout.js data bind attributes.
  • Resume Web Service
    A web service for serving a resume using JSON.
    Recursive JSON (RJSON) is data format and compressor.
  • rsa json
    generate rsa keypairs as json blobs.
  • safari json formatter
    A Safari extension which makes valid JSON documents human readable.
  • schema
    A single page HTML5 application for creating, visualizing, and editing JSON encoded Soft Circuit Description Language (SCDL) system models.
  • schematic js
    Adding JSON schema support to models.
  • sdp jingle json
    A parser/serializer for SDP to JSON. Useful for converting SDP to other formats like Jingle for WebRTC signalling.
  • seajs text
    A Sea.js plugin for loading text resources such as template, json etc.
  • seed filestore
    Store Seed datasets in a JSON based file structure.
  • SEL Blocks
    Chris Noe's original SEL Blocks flow control package plus demo scripts and ForEach JSON looping.
  • Selenium Proxy
    A Selenium Proxy that translates the Selenium JSON Wire Protocol to Marionette Wire Protocol.
  • sense
    a json aware ElasticSearch front end.
  • Simple Android Service
    Access online data via JSON using PhoneGap on Android platform.
  • simple Json Template
    Client side view engine for rendering JSON as HTML. Spark like markup.
  • simple map d3
    A very simple "choropleth" style map with D3. All you need is a Geo JSON of polygons.
  • simple open weather
    It's a jQuery plugin using openweathermap json api.
  • simple protocol
    A very simple json header and body protocol.
  • SimpleBroadcast
    Simple broadcasting and repeating of JSON messages using net sockets.
  • SimpleMessages
    Simple bidirectional JSON message channels using net sockets.
  • siren resource
    Resourceful routing with siren+ json hypermedia for Express.
  • snapshot
    Serialize circular references, custom objects and other types not supported by JSON.
  • solidus
    A simple server that generates pages from JSON and Templates.
  • sphere animation
    loading an animating from a texturePacker JSON file.
  • spine.js
    A JavaScript API for the Spine JSON animation data format.
  • spud
    A content bundle transcoder. It will convert to and from different formats,,. json , etc.
  • static api
    Reads a JSON file and generates a static folder structure that matches the JSON to allow data end points for simple apps.
  • strip json comments
    Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!.
  • syncjs
    a markup driven approach to drive the behaviors of an application. For instance, when I link is clicked, the framework automatically makes a request to the server and updates the returned HTML or JSON depending on associated metadata.
  • system. json
    Package management for any OS with semver, JSON , configuration and friends.
  • table to json
    Serializes HTML tables into JSON objects.
  • tarmac
    A CouchApp for manipulating Geo JSON.
  • Taxonomy
    Manipulates tree like structure. Produces JSON compatible with jstree (although jstree is not required to use).
  • the json store
    Code for the Sammy Tutorial series.
  • thrift over socketio
    An implementation of the thrift JSON protocol in erlang.
  • Tidy Table
    Generate a sortable HTML table from JSON.
  • tilejson spec
    JSON format for describing map tilesets.
  • tilelive s3
    Extends Tile JSON for S3 specific tasks.
  • tin
    Easily manage npm package. json , component component. json , and bower bower. json files.
  • tinyjira
    Tiny interface for Atlassian JIRA based on JSON RPC.
  • tokml
    Convert Geo JSON to KML.
  • topojson
    An extension to Geo JSON that encodes topology.
  • treema
    jQuery plugin that generates HTML interfaces to edit JSON data defined by json schema.
  • tuio JSON Parser
    JavaScript based tuio JSON Protocol parser to enable HTML5 application to receive Touch events from TUIO servers.
  • twifip
    Parses large. json and tweet it.
  • ubahn
    tube station data as JSON.
  • UIBuilder
    A JSON declarative way to build qooxdoo interfaces.
  • underscore cli
    Command line utility belt for hacking JSON and Javascript.
    JSON like object notation that can be embedded in URLs.
  • VarStream
    VarStream is an elegant alternative to JSON to exchange datas between apps.
  • vcard json
    Converts Vcard3.0 to JSON and JSON to Vcard3.0.
  • voxel json
    capture player edits into json voxel diffs.
  • whatsforlunch
    JSON api that builds lunch polls.
  • WhereAmI
    WhereAmI is a simple WebOS application that I wrote while learning the WebOS Mojo SDK. It uses the freegeoip web service to show location information based on your IP address. It demonstrates how to call a JSON based web service and also use the WebOS application manager to open the maps application with the supplied data.
  • wiki
    Fetch component. json files of components registered in our wiki.
  • wizard
    experimental configuration wizard that transforms json and json schemas into user experiences.
  • xdm.js
    JSON RPC 2.0 cross domain communication over postMessage.
  • xl json
    JSON encoder/decoder for xyzzy Lisp.
  • xliff2 json
    Convert to/from json and xliff.

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