List of Free code Facebook


  • APLSlide Menu
    Sliding Hamburger Menu like the one in the Facebook App.
  • ASASocialServices
    [iOS] New SDKs for social services like Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook.
  • ASFBClient
    Sample iOS facebook client written using Social.framework.
  • ASFBPostController
    ASFBPostController provides photo posting function to Facebook. You can easily integrate Facebook post function to you iOS app.
  • ATShareViewController iOS
    To share message with twitter or facebook.
  • bamboo
    a lightweight, simple objective c library implementation of facebook's graph api , for the iPhone.
  • BMSocial Share
    Share via Facebook, Twitter and Email! All in a single framework bundle for iOS!.
  • BPContentView
    Facebook Camera App style UIViewController.
  • BSFacebookImagePicker
    A lightweight, drop in replacement for UIImagePickerController to allow users to choose photos from Facebook.
  • chatheads
    An implementation of Facebook's Chat Heads on iOS.
  • ChattAR ios
    Augmented Reality Chat for iOS code sample (works with Facebook API and QuickBlox API).
  • CityWatch iOS
    Report road hazards, fires, and other emergent events and share them using Facebook Open Graph.
  • cocoa facebook connection example
    example using webview to connect to Facebook Graph API.
  • cordova facebook connect
    Cordova ARC plugin for the Facebook SDK.
  • CSSocial
    CSSocial is an iOS social sharing library supporting Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • CustomKeyboardInputView Sample
    This sample describes how to add a toolbar(input AccessoryView) on top of system keyboard and how to add a custom keyboard by replacing system UIKeyboard. this sample also describes that how to use Custom UIViews and XIB UIViews.Developers can also join in Linkedin iOS Developers Chennai group facebook iosdeveloperschennai group to discuss about iOS development.
  • DDMenuController
    Menu controller similar to the one found in Facebook and Path 2.0 on iOS.
  • DDShareViewController
    DDShareViewController is designed to share Facebook "Post" rapidly on small iOS devices.
  • DKSocial
    A block based API that allows you to interact with Twitter and Facebook in Objective C.
  • DMSocialContacts List
    An objective c contacts picker example which fetch local and Facebook contacts, merge and sort them. Plus handle selection. Useful to send SMS, Email, Facebook invitation.
  • DragToLoad Table View
    Utilize UIScrollView delegate inside UITableView to trigger loading new information. Actually, this is more like a mock up of the Facebook app's feed table View.
  • DYFloatingHeader View
    A Facebook inspired custom Objective C UIView that floats on top of an underlying UIScroll View.
  • easyshare ios4.3
    Share Facebook Twitter like iOS 6 on iOS 4.3.
  • EBFacebook Photos
    A small library to help fetch Facebook albums and photos as efficiently as easily as possible.
  • echo ios
    App utilizing the Facebook platform and API. Developed through VandyMobile.
  • ETRSliding Menu ViewControllerDemo
    Sliding (Facebook style) Content View Controller.
  • EverydayCity iOS
    Everyday City lets you automatically share the cities you visit with Facebook!.
  • Facebook Chat
    Facebook chat over XMPPFramework.
  • Facebook Event List Generator
    You pass the event ID and an Authorization token and it will generate the list of all attendees, and write a text file to the desktop.
  • Facebook Friends List for iOS
    Simple and easy library to implement a Friendslist in iOS.
  • Facebook Image Gallery
    A sample project demonstrating usage of Facebook Connect and an efficient image downloading and display process.
  • facebook ios sdk
    Use the Facebook SDK for iOS to integrate with Facebook, help build engaging social apps, and get more installs.
  • facebook ios sdk framework
    *Unofficial* build of the Facebook iOS SDK Framework.
  • Facebook iOS SDK SBSJon renaming
    Facebook iOS framework uses old version of SBSjson library, If you want to use new versions of SBJson, either you update SBSjon part of facebook SDK or rename all classes and protocols in JSON part of library.
  • facebook ios sdk ta
    Customized fb ios sdk.
  • Facebook Log In and Share Application For iOS
    You can log in to Facebook in a very simple way & share the application.
  • facebook monotouch
    An up to date MonoTouch binding for Facebook SDK.
  • facebook osx sdk
    Modified FB iOS SDK to be used in OSX apps.
  • Facebook Photo Browser
    iOS image picker component for picking Facebook photo.
  • Facebook SDK .framework
    Framework build of Facebook SDK 3.5.1.
  • Facebook SDK in iOS5 and using storyboarding
    When you follow the tutorial and use iOS5 and storyboarding you will run into trouble. This is a solution.
  • facebook testuser
    Category to provide Facebook SDK test capabilities with Calabash iOS.
  • Facebook TwitterIntegrationForiOS6
    Integrating Facebook and Twitter sharing in iPhone Application.
  • FacebookCache
    A neat tool for quickly archiving a friend's Facebook photos.
  • FacebookFeed
    Facebook feed for iOS powered by facebook ios sdk.
  • FacebookKit
    Facebook SDK which could be used as a submodule, uses built in JSON parser or JSONKit and has minor bugfixes.
  • FacebookLib
    Facebook SDK in a static library project form. Easy to use it as library shared amongst various projects.
  • FacebookLike View
    A Facebook Like button for native iOS apps.
  • FacebookLogin
    This is just to refer how to achieve facebook login using facebook 3.5 SDK. very soon we will update this code with running FQL queries and fetching Facebook friends who are using same app.
  • FacebookManager
    a wrapper of facebook ios sdk.
  • FacebookSample
    Facebook compose sheet view controller like in iOS 6.0.
  • fachero
    Facebook Messages for Lion OSX.
  • fb connect
    Using Facebook ios API.
  • FB Gallery
    An implementation of Facebook's photo browser.
  • fb ios sdk hacks
    Facebook iOS SDK Hacks just playing around with the SDK and Graph API from iOS.
  • FBDemoApp
    App which connects with facebook and show the list of friends and pictures.
  • FCSSlide Menu ContainerController
    A sliding menu implementation like facebook/path with left and/or right menu and a navigation content controller.
  • ferkberk
    Replication of Facebook's Login UI.
  • flicktabcontrol
    FlickTabControl is an easy to use library of the "Flick" tab bar, originally inspired by the implementation of tabbing in Facebook's iPhone application. [tags:iphone,objective c].
  • FMFacebookPanel
    FMFacebookPanel is a class that replicates SLComposeViewController native Facebook sharing functionalities introduced in iOS6 and extends their availability in iOS5.
  • friendbrowser
    Facebook friend browser. Filter your friend list by relationship status, location, school, etc.
  • FTShare
    sharing with Facebook, Twitter and email in few lines.
  • GBSlideOutController
    An iOS slide out menu like the Facebook app.
  • GHSidebarNav
    A clone of the new Facebook iOS UI paradigm.
  • go ios app
    Go?Squallstar is a simple social bookmarking tool made by Nicholas Valbusa. Signup is not required, you can use Facebook Connect to register on the website. Through this app you can browse all your bookmarks from your iPhone.
  • HHTab List Controller master
    This is a simple example of spliteview like facebook HHTab List Controller.
  • HPSocialNetworkManager
    iOS framework for authenticating with Facebook and Twitter, with reverse auth support.
  • IDMPhotoBrowser
    Photo Browser / Viewer inspired by Facebook's and Tweetbot's with ARC support, swipe to dismiss, image progress and more.
  • ios 3.1 howtos
    Samples supporting How To documentation for Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS.
  • ios 3.2 howtos
    Samples supporting How To documentation for Facebook SDK 3.2 for iOS.
  • ios 3.5 howtos
    Samples supporting How To documentation for Facebook SDK 3.5 for iOS.
  • ios 3.x howtos
    Samples supporting How To documentation for Facebook SDK 3.0 for iOS.
  • ios contacts example
    Import contacts from Facebook, Geni, GMail and Hotmail using OAuthX SDK.
  • iOS Facebook SDK Manager
    An block based wrapper class for easy integration of Facebook SDK , SSO call back.
  • IOS Facebook Share
    Annul IOS Facebook Share.
  • iOS Facebook Share or Post
    Post or share to facebook from iOS application.
  • ios facebook style navigation
    Example of how to create a facebook style navigation menu on iOS.
  • ios KRFacebook
    iOS Facebook Connect API Library, It integrated Facebook SDK 3.6+.
  • ios KRImageViewer
    KRImageViewer is an image viewer likes Facebook Image Viewer.
  • ios oauth twitter and facebook
    Using OAuth, Twitter and Facebook API.
  • IOS Share
    Annul All Share IOS share text on twitter and facebook with simple one button.
  • iOS Slide Menu
    iOS Slide Menu with ability to add both left and right menu , and built in gesture recognizer. Similar to Path and Facebook.
  • ios TryGongApp
    It's an App like basic InstaWeather to take a picture and choose a template to share to facebook.
  • iOS5 Facebook Layout
    A "Facebook like" UI implementation where top view slides on top of bottom view to the left and right.
  • iOSFBShareProto
    iOS Facebook Share Prototype with deeplinking.
  • JASidePanels
    Reveal side ViewControllers similar to Facebook/Path's menu.
  • JBSliding Table ViewCell
    UITableViewCell subclass whose contentView can slide out to reveal another view, as seen in the Facebook app, SCVNGR app, and Twitter app.
  • JSFacebook
    Facebook Graph API iOS SDK.
  • JTRevealSidebarDemo
    (discontinued) A carefully implemented iOS objective c library to mimic the sidebar layout of the new Facebook app and Path 2.0 app.
  • KGFacebook Demo
    IOS Facebook integration Template.
  • KidsIQ6
    KidsIQ + Facebook Share.
  • KKRevealNavigationController
    Flexible implementation of Facebook's swipe menu. I had the idea before their app came out. Trust me.
  • KKSideNavigation
    A lightweight objective c library implemented a side bar menu layout similar with Facebook on iOS.
  • LASharekit
    LASharekit to automatically share to facebook, twitter, pinterest or by email.
  • LBFacebook
    Sample project to signUp/login with Facebook on iOS 6 very fast and easy.
  • Location Based Social Network Client for iOS
    Built for iOS 5 and above. Implemented: CoreLocation, AFNetworking, Facebook and Chat. Backend: Ruby on Rails.
  • MasterDetailController
    A master detail controller that works like the facebook sliding menu /view.
  • MCMenuViewController
    A reproduction of the Menu in Facebook app.
  • Menu Book
    Facebook Notification menu application for Mac (MIT License).
  • MFSide Menu
    Facebook like side menu for iOS.
  • MHFacebook Image Viewer
    New Image Viewer/Browser inspired by Facebook for IOS.
  • MKAbeFook
    Objective C framework for accessing Facebook APIs.
  • MKDSlide View Controller
    MKDSlide View Controller is a shameless copy of the sliding view controller user interface found in popular apps like Facebook or Path.
  • Mobile Sharer
    Plugging a hole in the Facebook for iPhone app.
  • motion facebook sdk
    iOS Facebook SDK (3.0 beta) for use with RubyMotion.
  • MSSlideNavigationController
    Facebook like UINavigationController to slide back to previous view controller.
  • MTSlide View Controller
    Just another take on Facebook's and Path's sliding navigation concept for iPhone.
  • MTStack View Controller
    MTStack View Controller is a container view controller which mimics the navigation patterns found in apps such as Path and Facebook.
  • MTStackableNavigationController
    A drop in replacement for UINavigationController with stacked views ala Path / Facebook.
  • My Facebook Friends
    An example for displaying an indexed localized facebook friends list using AFNetworking library and facebook io sdk.
  • MyFriends
    iPhone application that allows the user to view a list of his Facebook friends on a TableView. Without IB. Using LazyTable Images for displaying images in a table cells.
  • NSSidebarController
    SidebarController is a similar menu controller to the one found in Facebook and Path 2.0 on iOS.
  • NSURL Social Links
    A small iOS utility for promoting your app (gifting, rate & review, open facebook or twitter page, etc.).
  • Objective c social integration template app
    This is a template app that will get you plugged into facebook, twitter, and gowalla. All you have to do is download the repo, change the constant vairables for your api keys and app keys, then build and run on your device or simulator/emulator. No need to go through all the api's to get started this is a template that does that for you.
  • ofxFacebook
    ofxFacebook allows easy implementation of Facebook SDK 3.0 with OF in a C++ environment.
  • PhFacebook
    MacOSX Interface to Facebook graph API.
  • phonegap sliding menu transition
    Phonegap plugin which allow you to build a native sliding menu (facebook like) and have native transition.
  • Photo DismissAnimation
    A sample to demonstrate photo dismiss animation of Facebook app.
  • Photo Face
    Application filter photo facebook.
  • photoforce ios
    photostream app that uses the facebook api.
  • Pixel Life
    iOS app for Facebook photo browsing.
  • PPRevealSide View Controller
    A new container controller to easily push views on side like Path or Facebook.
  • QBShare iPhone
    An iphone component + demo project that makes it easier to share content on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.
  • Scrumptious iOS
    Facebook Open Graph Sample App using Kinvey as a backend.
  • Share SDK sample
    A simple social share sample to share to twitter and facebook using Share SDK.
  • Share This Song
    Simple app to share info about song played to facebook.
  • SharingInIOS6
    facebook and twitter sharing.
  • SHOmniAuthFacebook
    Facebook Strategy for SHOmniAuth, uses ACAccount and the Facebook SDK.
  • simple share ios
    Simple Share for iOS is an easy drop in library for sharing. (Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Safari).
  • SimplySocial
    Quick and dirty support for posting text and images to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Slide Menu Sample
    A sample for slide menu UI like facebook for iOS.
  • SlideViewController
    SlideViewController is an effort to reproduce the "Slide away menu " effect that the new Facebook iOS App and many other apps are now doing.
  • SM LeftSlidingTab
    Sliding Menu like Path and Facebook for iOS application.
  • snake player
    A simple program which plays a game of snake on Facebook.
  • SNTRYSide Menu Controller
    This is a reusable iOS component for showing and hiding a menu on either side of the screen (like the Facebook app on iOS or the Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion).
  • Social APIHelpers
    Twitter and Facebook API Helper classes for iOS using Social.framework.
  • Social Auth
    Painless Facebook & Twitter auth on iOS 6+.
  • Social Login
    Twitter and facebook iOS5 integration example.
  • Social Networks Timeline
    Timeline with Facebook status posts and Twitter posts.
  • Social PostSample
    Sample code about post twitter, facebook, weibo using Social.framework for iOS6.
  • Social Wrapper
    A wrapper for social networks (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus).
  • SOSide Menus Controller
    A flexible, generic, side menus view controller with a powerfully simple API, similar to the Facebook and Path 2.0 Apps.
  • STActivities
    STActivities consist of UIActivity subclasses for Twitter and Facebook sharing , which send users to Setting if they are not logged into their accounts.
  • sub Menu
    Slide sub menu like in
  • SVShareViewController
    A simple compose UI for posting textual content to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Swipe Menu Demo
    It's iOS View Controller Structure like as Facebook iOS App Menu.
  • SWReveal View Controller
    A UIViewController subclass for presenting side view controllers inspired on the FaceBook and Wunderlist apps, done right !.
  • TablessNavigationTemplate
    Tutorial Gmail/Facebook like menu navigation structure for IOS.
  • three20lite
    A lite stripped down version of Facebook's three20 framework.
  • Timeline Photos
    An iPhone app which allows you to post photos to your Facebook Timeline.
  • TiSocial.Framework
    iOS6 Social.Framework. Appcelerator apps is able to share content to Facebook and Twitter.
  • unity facebook
    allows your unity project to use facebook sdk.
  • unity ios facebook
    Unity3d Plugin for Facebook iOS SDK.
  • unoffical twitter sdk
    A Unoffical Twitter SDK that give capablities similar to the facebook ios sdk.
  • Upload Photo FB
    upload photos to facebook.
  • Venti
    A private and social sharing experience for all the stuff you would never put up on Facebook.
  • View Deck
    An implementation of the sliding functionality found in the Path 2.0 or Facebook iOS apps.
  • Vkontakte Sharer
    Simple Vkontakte share library, that mimic native iOS Social Framework functionality for twitter/facebook.
  • wishlist mobile sample
    facebook open graph sample.
  • xplore
    xplore is an iOS application that explores Facebook Open Graph APIs.
  • YIPopupText View
    facebook's post like input text view for iOS (Beerware license).
  • YLActivityIndicator View
    A facebook like loading indicator.
  • ZMSharing
    An iOS Sharing Manager Library (SMS, Mail, Print, Twitter, Facebook).
  • Zuckerkit
    A wrapper around the Facebook SDK that makes common tasks easy.

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