List of Free code Youtube


  • DVSlide View Controller
    DVSlide View Controller is an iOS View Controller, witch allows you to slide view controllers on and offscreen with a swipe of your finger. For a preview of this slide View Controller watch the YouTube video.
  • fizyunofficial
    Unofficial version of fizy player for ios devices. You can search, queue and play music and videos from iphone or any iOS devices. It's also capable to login with credentials and load online playlist into queue. It has some tricky classes to get mp4 video from youtube non public api.
  • iOS GTLYouTube
    Google's Objective C wrapper for the YouTube API , served up as a CocoaPod. No installation.
  • iOS.YouTubeController
    An Objective C Package that will query the Google API and return the JSON output of requested Youtube videos, based on userid.
  • LBYouTube View
    A MPMoviePlayer View Controller subclass that can display YouTube videos.
  • ModalYoutubeIOS5Bug
    Modal+ Web View+Youtube Bug, found in iOS5.1 (It's now OK in iOS6 beta 2).
  • MyYoutube Sample
    Using youtube GData search sample.
  • Orbivoid
    iOS SpriteKit game used in my YouTube tutorial.
  • PinchToReveal Cocos2D
    Have a look at the youtube video of the animation in action : ( 3BjBDc& Krzysztof zablocki ( wrote a fantastic piece on how to use gesture recognizer in cocos2d and another tutorial.
  • testYouTube API
    pull friends' recently favorited / liked youtube videos and embed in tableview.
  • TTYouTube Table Cell
    Three20 Table Cell with a YouTube thumb.
  • YooToob
    A sample app to download a YouTube playlist.
  • YouTube Sample iOS
    Little iPhone Sample App for uploading a Video To YouTube using gdata objectivec client.
  • YouTube Table View
    simple example of youtube videos in a uitableview, sharekit and fgallery.
  • YouTubeBrowserDemo
    A fully functional iOS app that uses the YouTube JSON search API to demonstrate JSONModel usage.
  • YouTubePlayerKit
    Example implementation of a YouTube Player for iOS.
  • YouTubeUploader4iOS
    This is sample code for uploading videos to YouTube from iOS using Gdataclient of google code.
  • YouTubeUploads List
    This project use the GData to connect to youtube API and fetch all the uploads videos.
  • YouTubeUploadVideo
    Upload videos to Youtube and get sharing link.
  • ZDYoutubeBrowser
    ZDYoutubeBrowser is a Objective C module for iPhone to search videos in a table interface similar to the YouTube app.

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