List of Free code Twitter


  • ALMoviePlayerController
    A drop in replacement for MPMoviePlayerController that exposes the UI elements and allows for maximum customization
  • BirdHouseKit
    An AFNetworking based Twitter library (unfinished).
  • BITTwitter
    BITTwitter is a lightweight, delightful, and simple to use Twitter client for iOS. It is an updated and improved version of my previous BSTwitter project. Tested to work on iOS 4.3 and above. It should work for iOS 4.2 or below, but I haven't personally test it. Will automatically use the Twitter framework for iOS 5 and above devices.
  • BJImageCropper
    A simple UIView subclass that allows a user to crop an image. If you use it, I'd love to know! Twitter: @barrettjacobsen.
  • CLCascade
    Twitter like cascade UI library.
  • CloudChronos
    A simple ios chronometer with option to share in twitter.
  • CLTwitterEngine
    A simple, ARC and blocks based Twitter engine for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Supports Twitter's streaming (via user streams) & image service as well as Tweet Marker.
  • code mag twitter searcher
    An example iPhone application that searches twitter. Published in Code Magazine.
  • Custom Share
    An app for Twitter.
  • FastEasyBlog iOS app
    it's a iPhone client app to help you share and twitter your idea and the feeling what you are thinking.
  • FHSTwitterEngine
    Twitter API for Cocoa developers.
  • FMTwitterKit
    A simple to use but full featured Twitter framework.
  • Gig
    A great Twitter API client for Objective C.
  • hollagram ios
    The next gen social app destined to replace Twitter ; ).
  • HushATweet
    An arcade game similar to whack a mole powered by the public twitter API stream.
  • IDTwitterAccountChooser View Controller
    Twitter Account Chooser view controller for iOS 5+.
  • Just Twitter It
    This project contains code for iOS to post a Twitter tweet using web login and intents.
  • LifeNotes2
    A simple note taking iOS app leveraging Twitter style hashtags. Needs UI work as I'm concentrated on the Model.
  • LLJogTest
    My First Independent Application that uses MGTwitterEngine to (try) and provide real time pushing of location information to a Twitter for tracking someone as they move. I was going to develop then release this on the App Store however RunKeeper have implemented this in an already established application, so I thought I would share the source.
  • LongTweetIsLong
    A tweak for Twitter for Mac that allows you to post tweets or send direct messages that are over 140 characters by sending the extra text to
  • MGTimelineManager
    Very easy to use twitter timeline manager & parser Uses async twitter api fetches see demo for capabilities/example useage.
  • MGTwitterEngine
    Git fork for a Cocoa Twitter API Engine MGTwitterEngine. Originally by Matt Gemmell.
  • iPhone 3GS app. is your place to capture and share your life on video. Deeply integrated into Twitter and with multiple ways to upload your files.
  • MYTwitterEngine
    A minimalist Twitter engine for anyone who just wants to post simple text and images.
  • ObjectiveBlip
    ObjectiveC API for connecting to (Polish Twitter like service).
  • PictTweet2
    Twitter client with image service built in.
  • Public Timeline Demo
    Simple iOS Project that uses the Twitter API to display the public timeline.
  • Sendai.iPhone ver1.3 sample
    Twitter API + cocos2d sample program.
  • SGShareKit
    iOS sharing view. Supports Social.framework, Twitter.framework, Message UI.framework.
  • Simple Twitter Search
    iOS example of an implementation of the Twitter Search API.
  • SNSClientSample iOS
    Sample Twitter Client for iOS using Accounts and Twitter frameworks.
  • Static Table BackgroundDemo
    An example application demonstrating how one would use a UITableView's backgroundView property to get similar behavior to Twitter for iPhone's sign up screen.
  • STTwitterStreamer
    [DRAFT] A little wrapper to use the Twitter's Stream API.
  • STwitter
    Twitter Framework for iOS/OS X.
  • THProgress View
    UIView subclass that mimics the progress bar of Twitter for iOS.
  • Tweeter
    Twitter Framework for the iPhone (or really any Obj C project).
  • TweetGull
    A iOS Twitter client with pre loading web site feature.
  • Tweetie Style UITabBarController
    Drop in subclass of UITabBarController to look like the one in the Twitter application.
  • tweetlonger
    Restores the official Twitter iOS app's ability to expand TwitLonger statuses in line rather than opening it in a browser, wasting time and data loading ads, images etc.
  • TweetPoster
    Simple Twitter toolkit for iOS. Dedicated to game apps.
  • Twithit
    Twitter handle sharing app.
  • twitter api example
    An example of how to use the Twitter API in iOS5.
  • Twitter Demo
    Demo application for iOS showing Twitter timeline.
  • Twitter Game
    An upward scrolling platformer game for the iPhone that uses For educational purposes only.
  • Twitter IOS5 sample
    Twitter framework iOS5 sample.
  • Twitter Sample
    Just some sample code that accesses Twitter, who hasn't written this.
  • twitter text objc
    An Objective C implementation of Twitter's text processing library.
  • Twitter XAuth and Sharing
    Share easier in Twitter.
  • TwitterClient
    Twitter Client based on the new Twitter API in iOS 5.
  • TwitterFriends
    Just an app to mess around with the twitter api.
  • TwitterPrototype
    Just messing around with the twitter API.
  • TwitterSearch
    A simple Objective C app to use Twitter Search API.
  • TwitterSearch Example App
    A sample IOS App that can search twitter, loads user icons, has custom cells, shows results paginated and keeps a search history. for edu purposes, not production ready :D.
  • TwitterViewer
    twitter client app demo.
  • TwitThis
    Sample project showing a helper class which wraps the complexity of having to deal with many different Twitter clients from the same iPhone application.
  • TWReverseAuthExample
    Example project that demonstrates using reverse auth with Twitter. framework.
  • UIDickBar
    Dickbar, Twitter's mainstream consumer client experience, now available for your iOS apps too.
  • VKSocialKit
    We can use correctly Twitter.framework and Social.framework depending on iOS version. And we can use easily Twitter API.
  • WFSocial Listener
    Twitter event detection library for iOS.
  • XAuthTwitterEngine
    A collection of libraries in Objective C for working with Twitter's xAuth implementation.
  • XXTwitterKit
    A light and easy to use twitter kit for iOS 5. Based on twitter. framework & account. framework , will add support for MKNetworkKit. Also thanks to SSToolkit.

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