List of Free code Social


  • 00Promise IOS
    2013 Social Inovation Camp 00 Team IOS Project!.
  • ANE UMeng Social
    UMeng Social Analytics Adobe Air Extension.
  • beDJ
    beDJ Social Playlist App. See
  • Cignal
    Prototype Pase Based Social Polling iOS App.
  • CrossPost
    A library for cross posting to various social networks.
  • DDSocialClient
    A handy library that makes access to social media clients easy.
  • Developer Social
    Social platform for developers.
  • DriftHere
    Social DevCamp 2011 Winning App.
  • EatUp
    Making Social Eating possible.
    Objective C wrapper for the VKontakte social network API.
  • feedlr
    An iOS app for tying together and filtering your flooded social media streams and information flows.
  • ios social cafe
    iOS version of Social Cafe sample app that enables users to tell friends what beverages they've ordered, where and with whom. Users can also like a drink after ordering it.
  • lame ios
    Everyone's favorite anti social network, on iOS!.
  • Little Snoop for Mac
    A Mac version of Little Snoop a small installable application required for social network.
  • lots ios
    iOS Application for a social parking lot application.
  • lover to i o s
    Social App for iOS.
  • Meemi
    An iOS client for the Meemi social network.
  • Moonlight Social
    Moonlight Social iOS application.
  • ofxiPhone Social
    Social Framework Addon for openFrameworks iOS.
  • Password Demo
    A demo for a new method of using passwords/PINs that is far more resistant to both social hacking and otherwise.
  • Path SDK
    iOS Client for the social network Path.
  • piggy
    Piggy, an iOS app to keep track of your social finances.
  • Read Social iOS Client
    Read Social iOS Client.
  • recipe
    An active and ongoing project to build a client for Recipe Lover Social Networking.
  • scenery ios
    Creating a new iOS social networking application.
  • SGGimmeAPI
    An Objective C implementation of multiple social APIs.
  • SimpleAuth
    Extensible social login framework for iOS.
  • SLRequest Tweet
    Tweeting using SLRequest from the Social.Framework.
  • smcliv
    iOS app for Social Media Cafe Liverpool.
  • Social Accounts
    Social Accounts is an iOS framework that provides an easy way to manage social network accounts.
  • Social App
    If you now what I`m talking about.
  • Social Auth Sample
    Sample for Social Auth.
  • Social Engine
    Inner agregator for social engines.
  • Social Go IOS
    IOS app for Social GO.
  • Social Prospects
    This is social prospects project.
  • Social ScoresApi
    An API to create social , level based, scoreboards within your iOS Application.
  • Social Stream
    This is R&D project for Social Stream.
  • Social Test
    iOS project that demonstrates iOS 6's Social framework.
  • Social Toolkit iOS
    A basic framework for kicking off additional Hack for a Cause apps.
  • socialframework
    Social Framework Reference for iOS 6.
  • Spika iOS
    Spika is a full fledged social networking app under MIT license.
  • Story Blocks
    Social stories application for helping individuals with autism with transitions.
  • tableandfriends ios
    My first native iOS app. My inspiration was "" a social dinning app, with two main objectives: Either joining/creating public themed meals or creating private meals which can be attended exclusively upon invitation.
  • TestCRShare
    Social networks communication framework.
  • thesocialvault
    Social archiving at it's finest.
  • Ti Social
    A Titanium Appcelerator module that implements Social framework in iOS 6+.
  • Timelive iOS
    Real Time Life Social Network.
  • Unified Social
    A Social Media Unifier.
  • Vortrag SocialnetworksGoogleChat
    Vortragsfolien f?r einen CCC Vortrag ?ber die Risiken von Social Networks, Suchmaschinen, etc. an einer Schule.

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