List of Free code Instagram


  • Banjogram
    A one day project that shows the Instagram photos being captured in your immediate vicinity.
  • Core Graphics InstagramArtwork
    Draws the Instagram iTunes Artwork using only Core Graphics.
  • CostaRica NationalParks
    iOS Project to demonstrate how you can use Parse for downloading on demand images and apply them Instagram filters on the fly!.
  • Dinstagram
    Using Instagram API to customize UI of instagram app. Colourful Progress View API.
  • DMActivityInstagram
    Instagram sharing , iOS 6 style.
  • filteriser
    Python code to generate the polynomials needed in order to create image filters (like the ones used in Instagram , Camera + etc) and examples on how to use them in iOS and Windows Phone.
  • FilterMaker
    Make filters like instagram and output objective c Core Image code for use in projects.
  • grabKit
    Drop in iOS component to easily import photos from Facebook, FlickR, Instagram, Picasa, and more.
  • insta test
    iOS App that loads the popular feed from Instagram. Used as a demo for a talk on Kiwi at Develop Denver 2013.
  • InstaAdd
    Complete code to share photos from your iOS app to Instagram.
  • instaclone ios
    iOS 5 sample app. Clones basic functionality of Instagram. Photo upload, fetches api feeds, like users, follow users, Facebook auth, etc.
  • instagram ios sdk
    Instagram SDK for iOS.
  • instagram4iPad
    [iOS] Instagram Browser for iPad / API Example (quite outdated).
  • InstagramFeed
    AFNetworking PullToRefresh Instagram API.
  • InstagramShareiOS
    Sharing image on Instagram.
  • Instagrawr
    iPad only app that hooks Instagram photos to maps.
  • Instaround
    Finds Instagram Photos around you.
  • InstaShow
    feed photo and caption from instagram.
  • ios image filters
    photoshop style filter interface for UIImage class on iOS to make instagram style images.
  • iTrimmingView
    iOS example of trimming image like Instagram.
  • Kinvey OAuth2 DI Sample
    Sample Application that uses Instagram's API through OAuth 2.0 and Data Integration.
  • LikeApp
    A photo social like Instagram for trainning course in my company.
  • MGInstagram
    A Simple and Easy to use iOS Instagram Utility for posting images to Instagram.
  • NPRImageView
    Instagram like UIImageView subclass. Progress view and activity view appear during image download. Support memory and disk caching. Inspired by FXImageView and Tapku's TKImageCache. Using AFNetworking.
  • NRGramKit
    An Objective C block based, ARC, API wrapper for the complete Instagram API for iOS.
  • Phostock
    Instagram like application for filter photos and using social platform Airshipdock.
  • Photo App
    Instagram flavored iPhoneApp using Parse.
  • photoplank
    Photoplank Mac app. Instagram photo transfers made easy.
  • RobotLove
    Print photos as they happen from instagram via a hashtag or geotagging Node + Objective C + CouchDB.
  • SimpleInstagramApp
    How to share image from your iOS app to Instagram.
  • SocialFilter
    SocialFilter take photos from social networking, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it. Frameworks : FacebookSDK, GPUImage,Vkontakte iOS SDK, GKImagePicker, Instagram ios sdk, JTRevealSidebarV2. Tested and created on Xcode 4.6 for ios 6.1.
  • WFInstagram API
    An Instagram API wrapper for iOS.
  • XLMediaZoom
    UI controls to view an image or reproduce a video in fullscreen like Instagram does.
  • XLRemote Image View
    UIImageView that shows a progress indicator while the image is loading from server. It makes use of AFNetworking. It looks like the Instagram loading indicator.

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