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  • ADBGridView
    ADBGridView inherits from UITableView and is populated with ADBImageViews ( Number of images for row (cells) can be customized. UITableView is inherited to use cell reuse facility.
  • AFGitHubClient
    AFNetworking Client for the GitHub API V3.
  • AnimalHash Table
    The first ever GitHub Repository.
  • Appcelerator MVC Demo
    A simple example to show the Appcelerator MVC framework in action. See this blog post ( in appcelerator/) and this Git repository ( on Rails) for more information.
  • box ios sdk v2
    iOS + OS X SDK for the Box V2 API Sample apps built with this SDK : ios sdk sample app.
  • Cocoa Game Socket
    The Objective C counterpart of (Client only, though).
  • Disk Image qsplugin
    Quicksilver Disk Image Plugin please report any bugs at
  • DOLDataSDK iOS
    iOS SDK to ease access to DOL's and other federal agencies' APIs. For a list of APIs that this SDK has been tested against, please see the wiki. For documentation, please see the readme. For sample code, please visit Sample App/.
  • Dropbox SDK Mirror
    Mirror of the official Dropbox SDK on GitHub.
  • drupal ios sdk example
    An Example Project for testing your Drupal IOS SDK Setup Refer to ios sdk.
  • DTNibHook
    THIS IS DEPRECATED, see for my new table cell handling. A NibHook loads a view from a nib linking the outlet properties as usual. It then reassigns the tag for those views to the position.
  • elements. webbridge qsplugin
    Quicksilver elements.webbridge Plugin please report any bugs at
  • elements. websearch qsplugin
    Quicksilver elements.websearch Plugin please report any bugs at
  • EmergentViewController
    Easy way to show (and hide) a custom sidebar view with a menu , a rating bar or anything you want. This is NOT a sliding sidebar. If you are here looking for a sliding view controller, is the best (and easier) option i've found.
  • ESSVideo Share Youtube
    a customized version of Share for OS X Lion.
  • Fiorite
    Components and utilities for iOS applications. Based on the Pearl iOS library ( ).
  • Fold Table ViewHeader
    Fold Table ViewHeader learn from for iOS, it's sample, you can add subview.
  • geiger camera
    geiger application camera server information is child project.
  • Generic Heterogeneous Table Views
    Github fork of Craig Hockenberry's modified and improved Heterogenous Table Views first created by Matt Gallagher.
  • GHAPIDemo
    Mac app demonstrating interactions with the GitHub API , using RAC.
  • GitBrowser
    An iPhone app to browse Github repositories and issues. Just a showcase / demo for the awesome RestKit library.
  • github
    GitHub news feed on your iPhone.
  • GitHub API
    GitHub API implemented with SLRESTfulCoreData.
  • Github Status
    A menu bar utility tracking Github's status using the api.
  • githubkit
    Cocoa Client Library for GitHub API Version 3.
  • GithubNotifier
    Little OS X menu bar app that posts Growl notifications from your Github network activity.
  • GitHubObjC
    A GitHub API implementation in Objective C.
  • GithubWrapper
    An objective c wrapper for the github api.
  • hello world
    my demo in github.
  • HelloWorld3
    HelloWorld3 has created on github web.
  • HexFiend
    Github mirror of official HexFiend svn, an open source hex editor application & framework.
  • HIDRemote SDK
    Unofficial Github repo hosting Felix Schwarz's Apple Remote class.
  • HPLChatViewController
    HPLChatViewController is a component for making sms like screens on iOS. It is a fork of Table View, which is no longer maintained.
  • HubKit
    A GitHub API wrapper for Objective C based on AFNetworking.
  • IFToolkit
    An umbrella framework for my other GitHub repositories.
  • Image Manipulation qsplugin
    Quicksilver Image Manipulation Plugin please report any bugs at
  • Image Vetter
    An app I quickly put together to allow you to boo/yay images for
  • ios client charlie rose
    The prototype for an iOS Client built to display data delivered by a running instace of " api charlie rose" ( api charlie rose show ).
  • iOS Foldable Menu
    Test repository for testing GitHub.
  • iOS Sample App
    A sample app using the federal API SDK for iOS. For documentation, see Sample App/.
  • iOS.Dynamic Table Search
    Initial commit to Github. Dynamic Search used for Table ViewController to query Data from plist files.
  • iPhone Web Browser
    testing github with some code from a cocoa tutorial im working through.
  • IphoneApp Web View
    setting up Github repo test.
  • KSGithubStatus API
    A simple Objective C API controller for
  • Kurogo iOS old
    Kurogo for iOS is a framework for developing native iOS client apps in conjunction with Kurogo. Kurogo ( Mobile Web ) is a PHP framework for delivering high quality, data driven customizable content to a wide range of mobile devices.
  • LBGithubStatus
    An Objective C wrapper for GitHub Status API based on AFNetworking.
  • libav Frameworks
    Make frameworks for MacOSX from libav(
  • libGithub
    An iOS static library for interacting with the Github API.
  • macfusion
    Fork of ? With mainly UI changes like menu item icon and OS standard volume icons) ? Download latest release build:
  • Menu qsplugin
    Quicksilver Menu Interface Plugin please report any bugs at
  • MenubarCountdown
    GitHub mirror of MenubarCountdown source.
  • Messages qsplugin
    Quicksilver Messages Plugin please report any bugs at
  • MGOrderedDictionary
    A GitHub repository for Matt Gallagher's OrderedDictionary sample code.
  • OcticonsIOS
    A library for easily adding GitHub's Octions to your iOS projects.
  • octokit.objc
    GitHub API client for Objective C.
  • Octotco
    iOS App to access the Github v3 API via RestKit.
  • ofxIPhoneTracker
    get stored location data from iPhone into open Frameworks 007 (see
  • Parse iOS SDK
    Unofficial Parse iOS SDK mirror on Github.
  • photocontrol
    photocontrol An iPhone Application for picture presentation The server application on github: server.
  • PWLoadMore Table Footer
    A similar control to load more control. Idea come from
  • QSOmni Web PlugIn qsplugin
    Quicksilver QSOmni Web PlugIn Plugin please report any bugs at
  • Reorder Table View
    A cell reorderable tableview based on Table ViewController.
  • restkit github client example
    Example Github iOS client using RestKit.
  • restkit github example
    RestKit GitHub API Example.
  • RKGithub
    The RestKit Github API example application.
  • sc.mapbox
    Titanium module wrapping the Mapbox iOS SDK ( ios sdk ).
  • SCFacebook
    The SCFacebook is a simpler and cleaner to use the api facebook ios sdk Objective C ( ios sdk) to perform login, get friends list , information about the user and posting on the wall with ^Block for iPhone.
  • sharetribe ios
    Sharetribe iOS client. See for the source code of the actual Sharetribe server.
  • simple iphone image processing
    Inofficial github mirror of "... a simple C++ class with an Objective C wrapper that provides a set of common image processing tasks along with conversion to and from UIImage." Updated evey 15min.
  • SMGitHub API
    iOS Library for fetching data from GitHub.
  • SpringBoard Demo
    This is a springboard movable icon demo uppon PST CollectionView:
  • TTWordPress
    DEPRECIATED use instead An example iPhone app which hooks into a WordPress blog for its content.
  • UAGithubEngine
    Objective C Wrapper for the Github API.
  • UIAccess qsplugin
    Quicksilver User Interface Access plug in please report any bugs at
  • uicolor copic
    UIColor+Copic category for Copic markers colors. Generated by category maker.
  • webcam osx
    Recycling the webcam code onto github so I can make the PlayStation Eye work on Lion.
  • WTag List
    Tag List for iOS. Started based on DWTag List of Dominic Wroblewski (Search on GitHub).
  • ZWEmoji
    Objective C library for using unicode emoji based on emoji codes used in Campfire/GitHub.

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