List of Free code Flickr


  • AaronCam
    Camera + Flickr app skeleton.
  • Aperture Web Account Plugin
    A try to implement a plugin like the Facebook and Flickr synced web accounts in aperture 3.2.
  • async uitableview
    Sample project using the ASIHTTPRequest to load the public Flickr RSS feed, and then load the images in a UITableView in asynchronous fashion.
  • DPFlickr
    Open Source Flickr SDK for iOS.
  • ESSVideo Share for OS X Lion
    A framework for OS X Lion (and later) and iOS to implement publishing videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr with ease.
  • Findr
    Flickr image search app.
  • Flickd
    iPhone client for uploading EXIF rich photos to Flickr.
  • Flickit
    Fetch Photos from Flickr to your iPhone/FB.
  • Flickr Photo
    An application that presents a list of popular Flickr photo spots.
  • Flickr Photo DL
    Download the Flickr Photos.
  • Flickr Table
    Grabs the latest uploaded pictures on Flickr.
  • FlickrBrowser
    2nd Project for iOS class, shows recent flickr photos by location.
  • FlickrExplorer
    A iOS app to display the most popular Flickr Images.
  • FlickrFetcher
    stanfordcs193p2011Fall Lecture9 10 assignment In this assignment, you will continue working on your application that lets users browse Flickr photos. The first assignment in this series was to create a navigation based application to let users browse.
  • Flickrium
    Flickr photos preview for Adium.
  • FlickrKit
    An iOS Flickr Framework , written in Objective C.
  • flickrlabs
    simple project using the public flickr api.
  • FlickrLinks
    utility to check whether a Flickr photo is tied to any kind of information.
  • FlickrSpots
    Uses Flickr API to get photos from top locations.
  • flup
    Drag and drop to quickly put images on Flickr.
  • FlyPlace
    An iOS app that presents most recent Flickr photos sorted by Location.
  • GalerkApp
    gallery module which fetches conent through Flickr API, handles caching, and presents in a scroll view, similarly to the
  • Interestingness
    Live flickr images Interestingness.
  • MediaObject
    little hack to parse out youtube/dailymotion and flickr links and get the images for each link.
  • monothumb
    Creates an image sprite from recent Flickr uploads with monochrome and colour versions of each thumbnail.
  • MoViCoKit
    Lightweight MVC lib for objective C with Flickr photo search sample.
  • objectiveflickr
    ObjectiveFlickr, a Flickr API framework for Objective C.
  • p120730 Async Image DownloadWithIndicator
    This sample project shows async download image from Flickr (free to change the URL). While downloading image , this app shows animation gif image like activity indicator.
  • Photo Detail
    A demo project for recent flickr photo.
  • Photo Flickr
    CNC Software iOS Project Template.
  • Photo Fly
    A universal application which downloads Flickr photos and displays their images and locations in a map view.
  • Photo Locatr
    Photo Locatr records your path as you take photos , and after you upload them to Flickr, it will geotag them with the location at which they were taken.
  • Photo Search
    search photos from flickr,facebook etc.
  • Photos Master
    iOS App for browsing Flickr photos.
  • randcom
    Random images from the Flickr Commons, iPhone app with Rails server.
  • titanium flickr
    Titanium demo app for a blogpost.
  • vowl
    Automatic Flickr slideshow from a list of tags (Max OS X).
  • yayapage
    Store and manage your photos and videos on famous provider (picasa, flickr, youtube, S3, etc). yayapage consolidate them then provide to your friends at one place, in streaming way, just like a proxy. And also providing more useful feature, such as airplay.

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