List of Free code Image


  • AcornRaindrop
    A CloudApp Raindrop for use with the Acorn image editor.
  • AGSimple Image EditorView
    Yet Another Image Editor for iOS.
  • Alertbox
    custom image AlertBox to replaced Apple default alertBox.
  • AOTag
    Tag with label and local or distant image.
  • Async Image Test
    test of AsynchronousUIImage class.
  • Asynchronous Image Fetcher
    Demonstrates how to use NSOperation to fetch content from remote locations.
  • Blog MKMapOverlayView
    MKMapView Image Overlay Application Example.
  • BMXSwitch
    Image based replacement for UISwitch.
  • Chain
    See and manage images from a folder.
  • CIFstagram
    Core Image demo that's kind of vaguely like a low rent version of an app you might have heard of.
  • CNUserNotification
    CNUserNotification is a kind of proxy to give OS X Lion 10.7 ?the same? support for user notifications like OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 does. Benefits are also a bit more flexibility since you are able to define a custom banner image or variable dismiss delay times.
  • cocoaascii
    A tool to convert images to ascii art.
  • Cocoanetics Benchmarks
    Collection of Image Decompression Benchmarks.
  • CocoaSlideShow
    Simple Image Browser for Mac OS X.
  • compare Images
    I will use this project to try to remove captcha in OperadorApp.
  • CSLINEOpener
    Open with Text OR Image By Public API.
  • CursorInspector
    Inspect and save the current OS X cursor image.
  • DCControls
    iOS Rotary Knob & Slider controls. All custom drawing, no images , customizable.
  • DCTImageCache
    Caches images both on disk and in memory.
  • deepImage
    A memory workout of image matching game for iOS.
  • DemoWare
    Takes screenshots from iOS devices (iPods, iPhones and iPads) and decorates them with device images. Great for doing presentations and documentation for apps.
  • DHBarButtonItem
    Easy to use UIBarButtonItem subclass supporting multiple images and text (requires ARC).
  • DLImageLoader iOS
    Image Loader for ios.
  • draw ios
    Easily draw your images in code.
  • DRImagePlaceholderHelper
    iOS placeholder images made simple.
  • edge detection
    Silhouette and Crease detection via image processing.
  • ELCImageGrabber
    Populate your iOS Simulator (or device) with images from Google.
  • Embed Image IntoEmail
    How to embed an image into the email body and send it using MFMailComposeViewController.
  • EmotiLabel
    Uses CoreText to replace strings with images.
  • evolve image
    Evolve an image using polygons with cross platform Objective C.
  • ExtraFile
    New image file formats for artistic purpose.
  • Eye Image DataFetch
    An iOS app that can fetch eye image and save it to text file in order for the training of the Neural Network.
  • FaceDetectionExample2
    FaceDetection with Core Image sample project.
  • FillColor
    FillColor is very easy app to fill color in images.
  • FindEdges
    A small iOS class that can outline objects in transparent images.
  • FloatingPanels
    A quick demo app to mimic the famous Android's Floating Image app.
  • FMNetwork Image
    An Async Network Image Loader for iOS.
  • fmpsd
    Flying Meat's classes for reading and writing PSD images.
  • FPO
    A mac app for copying generated lorem ipsum & fpo images to the clipboard.
  • FXColorSpace
    High level image pixels enumeration.
  • HHFilterView
    Application make change color image.
  • HJImagesToVideo
    Convert image array to mp4.
  • HotspotViewer
    Simple OSX App for saving coordinate based hotspots on images.
  • HTCore Image Blurring
    Asynchronous blurring of images , with an optional gradient mask to only blur part of the image.
  • iCensored
    a photography application, in which user can add stickers on images to make them censored images.
  • IGFast Image
    Finds the size and type of an image given its uri by fetching as little as needed.
  • ILBarButtonItem
    Custom image for a UIBarButtonItem without the default bordered style.
  • Image ColorAnalyzer
    simple iOS port of Panic's ColorArt.
  • Image Drop
    You Drop An Image I Will Upload It.
  • Image Importer
    import images to ios simulator.
  • Image Info
    A cli tool that logs all exif properties of an image.
  • image Masking
    Sample app that demonstrate image masking in iOS application.
  • Image Optim
    GUI image optimizer for Mac.
  • image
    Code catalog for image processing. This examples is result of learning the image processing. It may have a defect or performance issue.
  • Image ProgressBar
    create your custom progress bar using only few images.
  • Image Rope
    Merge multiple images into one.
  • Image Searcher
    A demo iOS project which takes a user query and returns a grid of images from Google Image Search.
  • Image Slideshow
    An asynchronous paged image slideshow controller for iOS.
  • Image Sorter
    Calculates overall brightness of images.
  • Image Writer
    SD Card Image Writer for OS X. Intended to write Linux images to SD cards on OS X (e.g. raspberry pi).
  • imageflow
    A node based image editor for Mac OS X.
  • imagegenerate mac
    Image + icon generator Mac version, it is an icon/ image generate tool for iOS/Android/windows phone.
  • Images2Pen
    Make a Pen (Penultimate) Document with a Bunch of Images.
  • imagetinter
    Small example of tinting an NSImage without using Core Image.
  • imde
    Image Multi Distortion Estimation.
  • imgs
    Imgs is a fun app for viewing the best images on the internet. Created as an example use of
  • IMGURUploader
    An example project in Objective C to demonstrate how to anonymously upload an image to the IMGUR image service with only foundation classes.
  • imolib
    Octave functions to play with DCT image compression.
  • iOS Custom Page Control
    This project contains code for making a page control based on images.
  • ios darken image with cifilter
    I was frustrated trying to get a CIFilter that'd work to darken an image by 50% (the equivalent, in photoshop, to adding a 0.5 alpha black layer in front of a picture). Enjoy!.
  • iOS image examples
    A few examples of different ways to use images in iOS. From my CodeMash 2013 presentation.
  • ios tab bar
    A custom tab bar for iOS for use with ready made tab image assets.
  • iOS6.0Core Image
    PoCs for all changes that were brought in iOs 6.0.
  • isupload
    Image Shack Upload automator action.
  • jazzhands
    Scratch off images like woah.
  • LAFeatureDetection
    LAFeatureDetection exposes an easy interface for Objective C developers to identify features in images.
  • Layout Image InText
    A simple project demo the ability of CoreText API in a image text mixture layout.
  • LoremIpsum
    A lightweight lorem ipsum and image placeholders generator for Objective C.
  • LRRemote Image
    A really simple class to handle remote images.
  • matscicut
    propagated segmentation for materials images.
  • MBMapSnapshotter
    Make static images from MapBox without loosing the coordinates.
  • mcfsfuse
    OSXFUSE Filesystem driver for MCFS images (rpc8/Minecraft).
  • MCPagerView
    Replacement for the UIPageControl with custom images.
  • MDPictureSourceSheet
    A simple iOS class for getting an image from a user.
  • MemeYourself
    iOS "meme" image creator app.
  • MenuMe
    drop an image on this app to see how it looks in the MenuBar at 18px x 18px.
  • midas journal 760
    ITK Image IO interface with Apple iOS.
  • MKImageDownloader
    Asynchronous Image Downloader for iOS.
  • MosaicGenerator
    Generates mosaic images in Mac.
  • NGPageControl
    A UIPageControl subclass, which allows to set Images for current and other Pages.
  • NIM
    Next Image Direct iOS App.
  • NinePatch Laboratory
    A prototype for nine patch images on iOS.
  • NLImageCropper
    IOS Image Cropper Control.
  • NLImageShowcase
    An Image Showcase for iOS, with Image Preview and configurable layout.
  • NSDictionary Image Metadata
    NSDictionary methods for working with Image metadata (EXIF etc..).
  • NSURLRetina
    A NSURL Category that returns a scaled image NSURL.
  • ObjCDownload Image
    Neglect this it's a bit of code I needed SC for during my 4th year design project.
  • ofxOpenVision
    An openFrameworks addon that simplifies the use of fragment shaders for image processing.
  • OpenPics
    An open source iOS application for viewing images from multiple remote sources.
  • Overlay
    Mac application to overlay images on the screen. You can "always on top" and adjust alpha. By default all images ignore mouse events unless the application has focus. Great for tracing or keeping a note/ image visible for reference at all times.
  • pca reconstruction
    Implementation of PCA Reconstruction for image detection.
  • PickeL
    UIPickerView with images in cells, built programatically.
  • Pixellation
    Demo app for PixelView, an NSView subclass for creating pixelized versions of images.
  • PLImageManager
    image manager/downloader for iOS.
    A tool for setting the resolution metadata of any PNG image.
  • PSAnalogClock
    A class for making analog style clocks with your own provided images.
  • Reddit Image PanningDemo
    Demo project for readers of /r/iosprogramming.
  • RGBA
    Gets the RGBA value of a specific pixel in an image.
  • RGMPerceptualHash
    Perceptual image hashing using Core Image / Mac OS X.
  • RMImageScroller
    Image scroller for iOS.
  • Runing
    I am modify some image and program logic in this game. Description: Tweejump is a jumping arcade game inspired by many wonderful games including Icy Tower, Doodle Jump, PapiJump, and others.
  • RW segmentation
    Package to carry out random walker based segmentation on 3D images.
  • Safe
    A simple frontend to `hdiutil` for creating and opening encrypted, password protected disk images.
  • Saving Images Tutorial
    A tutorial on how to save images using Parse.
  • scenekitgeometry
    SceneKit Geometry generation examples perlin height field & 2D images.
  • screenr
    Core Image infused screenshot tool.
  • set icon
    Quickly set custom drive icons in OS X, any drive, any image.
  • SHGoogle Image SearchKit
    A Custome Google Image SearchKit.
  • Similar Images
    Similar Images is a Mac application that searches for images on your filesystem using a reference image. It is GPLv3 licensed.
  • sip
    Signal and Image Processing 2010.
  • Slasher
    Chop an image into the desired number of rows/columns.
  • Sleepy Images
    An unused image detector for iOS/OSX applications.
  • snesimg
    Convert images to SNES Format with Palette.
  • SpyTools
    Text encryption and image steganography tool in Objective C.
  • SR
    single image super resolution.
  • Strata
    Quartz Composer patch to decompose an image into wavelet scales.
  • Sunset Detector
    Sunset Detector for CSSE 463 Image Rec.
  • SXSimpleClipped Image
    Simple extension of SPImage which allows you to clip a rectangular area of an SPImage. Any parts of the image outside the clip area will not be visibile.
  • SYAppStart
    a control app start image to custom hidden.
  • SymbolFontKit
    Easy to use 'SymbolFont' as image in iOS 6.
  • TiCustomTab
    Create Tabs with custom selected / unselected images.
  • tiimagefilters
    Image Processing module for Titanium Mobile.
  • Tile Cutter
    Mac OS X application for splitting large images up into tiles.
  • Timelapser
    Makes movies from images.
  • TKAssignToContact
    This controller is modified your selected person image in contacts.
  • TKImageIpsum
    Lorem ipsum for images for iOS.
  • TKRoundedView
    Rounded Corners Without Images.
  • TransparentJPEG
    Allows you to combine a JPEG with a second image to give it transparency.
  • TTSwitch
    Fully customizable switch for iOS using images.
  • UIMenuItem CXAImageSupport
    UIMenuItem with Image Support.
  • UltimageSharer
    Ultimate image sharer for social networks.
  • Unretiner
    Creates standard res images from retina size images.
  • veii
    iyuba image learn english.
  • weather
    Fetch weather and weather image from Google in one line.
  • WikiStream Image ScreenSaver
    WikiStream Image ScreenSaver for OSX.
  • WTGlyphFontSet
    draw or create image using glyph webfont on iOS.
  • Yandex Fotki API
    API wrapper for image hosting service, written in objective c.
  • YKImageCropper
    A Simple image cropper.
  • ZGExpandZoomView
    just another Header image expand and zoom.

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