List of Free code Thumbnail


  • asi web thumbnail
    A command line tool for Mac OS X that generates thumbnails from web pages using Web Kit, with an API to allow Cocoa applications to use it.
  • ASMediaFocusManager
    Animate your iOS image thumbnail views to fullscreen on a simple tap.
  • Cocoa Thumbnail
    Create thumbnails from external images on iOS.
  • CViPhoneLibrary
    An assortment of views, controllers that can be used in Cocoa based iPhone projects. Includes a thumbnail gridview, a reusable iPhone settings like tableview and an in memory cache for images.
  • Evernote SDKPatch
    Provide a simple wrapper over Evernote iOS SDK to allow developers to download thumbnail image of a note or a resource image.
  • iconmerge
    Create composite icon image from two icons, with 2nd image as a thumbnail on top of the 1st.
  • Image Shark
    Image Shark, a prototype OSX app is small image tool to extract exif and gps or generate thumbnail.
  • iOS Image Presenter
    Present images from a thumbnail/masked version to a full screen zoomable version with transitions. Similar to Path 2.0.
  • MOThumbnail Table View
    A table view to present thumbnails that is generated from a plist specification.
  • NRPDFReader
    A Simple hack which allows you to use UIWebView to display PDFs along with connection to a "thumbnail table " in iOS apps.
  • set Webloc Thumb
    Assign web page thumbnails to.webloc files on OS X.
  • Thumbnail List
    its a thumnail like table with multiple columns.
  • URBMediaFocus View Controller
    An easy to use view controller that animates thumbnail previews of your media to their full size versions with physics similar to Tweetbot 3.
  • VCGrid View
    iOS like grid view for viewing thumbnails.
  • ViewPicturesFromWeb
    Demo App That Displays Thumbnail Images in a TableView.
  • Web Capture
    Simple iOS app for taking web site thumbnail using uiwebview.

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