List of Free code Image Library


  • AmazeKit
    AmazeKit is a library for rendering beautiful images in your iOS app.
  • CustomWidgetIcons
    A library for iOS 5 widget devs to use custom icon images on the Notifications settings page.
  • Filtrr
    iOS Image filter library.
  • i Image ProcessingLibrary
    iOS Image Processing Library.
  • Image CacheResize
    iOS library to manage Caches of images and Resize transformations.
  • Image StoreMac
    Image Store is a library for Mac to download images in background automatically.
  • JPNG
    JPNG is a bespoke image file format that combines the compression benefits of JPEG with the alpha channel support of a PNG file. The JPNG library provides an Objective C implementation of this format along with transparent JPNG loading support for iOS and Mac OS.
  • JTImageKit
    Simple cocoa library to provide convenience image manipulation for iOS.
  • MUKImageFetcher
    Simple, block based, ARC enabled, iOS 4+ library built to provide you a component which fetches and stores images.
  • PEPhotoCropEditor
    Image cropping library for iOS.
  • PSDWriter
    An Objective C library for creating layered PSDs from a set of images on Mac OS X or iOS.
  • Quartz Help Library
    Quartz Help Library for iOS, for image processing on iOS.
  • sdwebimage download progress
    An extension of the SDWeb Image library that adds the ability to use OCProgress to accurately show the downloading progress on an image.
  • STRemoteResources
    iOS Library for lazily retrieving objects and images from the network.
  • wolfpack
    Wolfpack is an image processing library for iOS.

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