List of Free code Windows Presentation Foundation


  • .NET MSI Install Manager
    MSI Install Manager is an API that allows you to install an MSI within a .NET application. You can create a WPF install experience and drive the execution of th
  • AppManager
    WPF tool to help you launch your programs easily.
  • Async Task Manager
    Async task manager allow you to manage asynchronous tasks using the .NET 4 Framework and Prism for WPF
  • Auto logoff on user inactivity in WPF application
    Implementation of Auto logoff using hooking approach on user inactivity in WPF Application
  • Auto update dialog for WPF
    A simple solution for auto-updating a WPF application. The component starts a Windows download to get the updated installation package.
  • Better WPF TabControl
    The purpose of this project is to build a better version of TabControl which comes with WPF.
  • BigEgg's Core
    Contains all the BigEgg's WPF Framework, MEF Log Assemblies and WPF Skins.
  • Breadcrumb bar / Vista explorer address bar
    First Vista - like Breadcrumb bar / Adressbar for WPF and it's FREE :)
  • Burning and Erasing CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media with WPF and IMAPI2
    Burning and Erasing CD/DVD/Blu-ray Media with WPF and IMAPI2
  • C.B.R. : Comic Book Reader
    Comic Book Reader aka C.B.R allow to read CBZ/ZIP and CBR/RAR books and comics with WPF Engine in the line of the well known CDisplay.
  • CatchTheDrop
    CatchTheDrop is a little single/two-players Kinect based videogame. The goal is to catch as fast as possible the falling drops. It's developed in C# / WPF. It has been realized as a case-study for a demo event organized by Beps Engineering, based on one of the Kinect SDK sampl...
  • CC.Hearts Screen Saver
    A complete screensaver that draws pretty hearts. Supports all standard screensaver functionality (preview window, options, multi-monitor). Written in C# utilizing .NET 4.0 and WPF.
  • Chronos WPF
    Windows Presentation Foundation MDI Framework
  • COBOL the Barbarian: Multi-Language .NET Snippet Compiler
    COBOL the Barbarian is a multi-language .NET snippet compiler based on Jon Skeet's Snippy. The Barbarian compiles C# and VB, has a WPF user interface, and is written in COBOL. In principle it could be extended to compile additional .NET languages, and unmanaged code snippets.
  • CodeIn
    CodeIn is an experimental source-to-source High-Level Synthesis (HLS) environment. It aims at supporting a part of the SystemC specification, and outputs VHDL code from it. It is developped in C#/WPF (.NET 4.0).
  • Crack.NET
    A runtime debugging and scripting tool that gives you access to the internals of a WPF or Windows Forms application
  • CrashReporterWPF.Net
    WPF DLL For Crash Report
  • Cyclops Chat
    Cyclops Chat is a jabber-based (jabber-net) chat application. It's developed in C# WPF.
  • Deep Zoom for WPF
    An implementation of MultiScaleImage (Deep Zoom) for WPF, compatible with Deep Zoom Composer and
  • Disk Usage
    Disk Usage is a small WPF tool to analyze the drive space on Windows. It can plot pie charts of the folder size.
  • Droid Builder
    Droid Builder is a WPF based application that can help Android ROM maker to create customized ROM. The basic functions of Droid Build are: 1. Deodex 2. Packaging 3. Signing In future, Droid Builder will provide more function on Android ROM customization.
  • Family.Show
    For a hobby that revolves around dead people, genealogy is remarkably popular: it's the fastest growing scene in North America. And a perfect study for our first Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) reference application. Our designers employed every trick in the WPF book? s...
  • Federated Search with Prism and Unity
    Federated Search for Prism and Unity demonstrates how to implement core distributed search concepts under the respective frameworks. It is built off of the WPF Quickstart solution for Prism and written in C#
  • Find Duplicate file
    This application is developed in WPF. you can find duplicate files from the file impression not from file size of from file name. Although this process is very time consuming. You can search and delete the similar file from the application itself. you can also open file loc...
  • Flipbook
    Simple flipbook project in WPF
  • ForQuilt
    ForQuilt is designed to assist people who has a hobby or a job related to quilting. This product made on WPF and may be useful for software developers.
  • GammaJul LgLcd
    A .NET wrapper around the Logitech SDK for G15/G19 keyboard screens. Supports raw byte sending, GDI+ drawing and rendering WPF elements onto the screen.
  • Generic Dashboard
    WPF application develop to use as Dashboard for presentation of multiple TFS reports (ALM dashboad) - generic viewer of "view parts". Currenly supports live web pages and WPF slide tamplate
  • Globe is the world atlas
    Globe is the world atlas. Here you can find information about any country in the world and see it's borders, any information about it. An analogue for Amiglobe. It's developed in C#, WPF.
  • Google Authenticator TOTP C#
    An implementation of Google's Authenticator in C# and WPF. It's a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) described in RFC 6238. You could use it to implement two-factor authentication in your own .Net application.
  • GroupToolbar for WPF
    A Toolbar that can group your items and is totally templatable :)
  • Hash Calculator
    WPF Windows 7 program to compute SHA1, MD5 & CRC32 hash functions.
  • Heritage Academy
    Heritage Academy is an interactive desktop application with integrated studing and testing possiblities. The main purpose of it is to read course files and conduct testing. It gether general statistics about course progress and testing success. Project based on C# and WPF.
  • Hudson build monitor
    Simple WPF application that monitors your Hudson build server.
  • iFinance
    The wpf/sl solution for personal finance manager.
  • InkSpot
    Adds SVG runtime support to WPF applications.
  • Interop
    Interop is a .NET wrapper for Windows API. It includes custom Window Chrome for WPF Window.
  • JMC Photo Gallery
    JMC Photo Gallery is similar to Windows Live Photo Gallery and Picasa, but it is using new technologies, C# and WPF (.Net Framework 3.0). Unlike other software, this one will never change existing user files (Zero Worries and Zero Screw Up). Specialized for 10K photos and more.
  • lib12
    lib12 is set of useful classes and extension created for .net 4 core and WPF.
  • LongBar
    LongBar is an alternative tile-based sidebar for Windows XP/Vista/7. It is based on idea of Longhorn Sidebar. LongBar shows some relevant information to user using tiles. LongBar written in Visual Basic .NET using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • Lunar Lander
    Simple WPF Lunar Lander simulator, with reactive intelligent agent autopilot.
  • Mad Media Manager
    Mad Media Manager is an open source WPF application for managing .iso files.
  • MassRenamer
    MassRenamer makes it easier to do mass file renaming for a directory. MassRenamer allows replacement (with wildcards), trimming start and end, capitalization, replacing underscores and dashes, and more. It also has an on the fly preview of changes. It is developed in C#/WPF.
  • MoDrive : Model Driven Editor
    A ready-to-use model-driven editor implementation in C# with WPF.
  • MoonyDesk (windows desktop widgets)
    Windows desktop plugin based widgets system written on WPF. This application shows how to implement plugin based application and onscreen desktop widgets in WPF. Requirements: .Net framework 3.5
  • Mubox
    Mubox is a multiplexer emulator written in C#/.NET utilizing WPF and WinAPI. It offers "Keyboard Multicast", "Mouse Clone" and multiple-clients locally and remotely. Mubox is an Open-Source (MS-RL) variation of pre-existing closed-source and/or proprietary multiplexer emulator...
  • myManga
    Clean simple to use Manga Reader written in WPF C#. Download and organize your manga from various sites across the internet in an easy to use application.
  • Navi File Manager
    C# WPF file manager implementation uses winapi
  • Next Code Generator
    Next.CodeGen project is a simple application generator that offers a command line interface in order to help developers create WPF applications.
  • Parallel Mandelbrot Set solver
    This application calculates the Mandelbrot set using a parallel solver loop (.net 4.0 + WPF).
  • PhotoAlbumWorkflow
    A WPF application which reads and writes EXIF metadata on pictures. Written in C# using WPF. Renames files, sets title, and changes date properties.
  • PhotoHelperNET
    PhotoHelperNET allows users to combine multiple pictures and to resize multiple pictures with one click. Photographers and photo enthusiasts will save time by using this tool to resize and combine their pictures. It was made using C# and WPF.
  • Photoviewer
    A photoviewer application build in WPF using the composite WPF framework. This application is used to test and demonstrate several composite WPF features and WPF features.
  • Physio Assist
    Study tool for Physiotherapy students written in WPF
  • Ping Test
    Simple Ping Test App with WPF interface
  • Pocket Book
    A WPF version of the popular PocketMod utility.
  • Pythagorean Theorem in WPF
    This project shows off using the Pythagorean Theorem in a simple drawing WPF Application. Measuring the distance between 2 objects in WPF can easily be achieved using this approach.
  • QuickConverter
    QuickConverter provides you with WPF markup that allows you to write inline converters and multi-bindings using a C# like language directly in your xaml.
  • Reflection Studio
    Reflection Studio is a development tool that encapsulate all my work around reflection, performance and WPF. It allows to inject performance traces into any NET software, get them back for analyse and reporting.
  • RegTreeView
    RegTreeView is a simple Registry view using WPF.
  • Run Windows Shell Commands
    This is a simple WPF Application that run Windows Shell commands like the well knonw "shell:sendto". Currently supported operating systems are Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Show My Apps
    This project aims to build a WPF Application that monitors resources and display them in a beautiful screen, usually seen on TV.
  • Simple Hand Tracking with MS Kinect SDK & WPF
    KinectHandTracking makes it easier for MS Kinect SDK developers to track the hands and tell whether a hand is making a fist. It's developed in C#.
  • Simple WPF Line Chart
    Simple WPF Line Chart
  • Snap.NET
    Snap is a lightweight tool developed in WPF that gives you the ability to capture a screenshot using an overlay to crop out the desired part to be captured. Since it lies in the system tray it's very fast to take a screenshot whenever you want.
  • Snoop, the WPF Spy Utility
    This is the CodePlex project for Snoop ... the WPF utility by Pete Blois and now maintained by Cory Plotts that allows you to spy/browse the visual tree and change properties ... amongst other things.
  • Songhay WPF BiggestBox
    A Rich Client Technology Summary for Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Sora Help System
    Aimed at providing an uniform way of accessing and displaying help content from any wpf based application
  • SpiralClock
    SpiralClock is a UserControl developed in WPF that allows you to arrange events on a 24h spiral clock. It can be templated.
  • StackDeck
    StackDeck is a StackOverflow analysis tool written in WPF
  • Subtitles Matcher
    WPF application using prism and MEF automaticlly find and download subtitles for you media file
  • Swyish Chess
    Chess Application built using C# and WPF
  • The Dot Net Download Manager
    A fast and user friendly download manager that aims to keep it simple. The aim is to provide all the important features of commercial download managers while keeping it simple, functional and user friendly. The application is written in C# WPF
  • Toastify
    Toastify adds some missing functionallity to the Spotify client(Windows only). It shows a popup, toast style, dialog on track change and it allows you to use global hot keys for Play/Pause, Next, Previous etc. Toastify is developed using C# and WPF.
  • Topographic Explorer
    A project to import, convert, explore, manipulate, and save topographical maps. Looking to use C# and WPF.
  • Trading Application Foundation
    This is a base / foundation for a trading application (automation or anything else). The aim is to have a stable and solid system using C++ with Boost on the server side, and C# with WPF on the client side.
  • Tweet Me!
    Tweet Me! makes it easier for tweeter users to send tweets very fast from their PC by clicking a hot-key, typing the tweet and press enter. With Tweet Me! You'll no longer have to use a complex application for just sending your daily or hourly tweets. It's developed in C# and WPF
  • TypeLoader
    TypeLoader can achieve a vertical Japanese text processing such as WPF more easily. TypeLoader acquires the substitution table for vertical text processing reading the file of TrueType or OpenType directly. It's developed in Visual C# 2010 Express.
  • UrzaGatherer
    UrzaGatherer is a WPF 4.0 client application to handle Magic The Gathering cards collections. You can manage expansions, blocks and all informations about cards. You can browse and search for specific cards.
  • UsefulTools for .NET and WPF
    A collection of useful extension methods and utility classes for .NET in general and WPF.
  • Vehicle Rental
    teamwork assigment for wpf application. It should be a simple app about renting several types of vehicles
  • WinBudget
    WinBudget is a simple C# WPF application that allows for the recording of income and expenses along with a few charts and statistics of your budget. It has been created in order to get rid of budget design in spreadsheets. This project is also being developed as I learn how to...
  • Windows Forms to Windows Presentation Foundation Converter
    WF2WPF helps .NET developers learn WPF by converting their existing Windows Forms projects into WPF projects. WF2WPF is developed in C#. It currently only supports C# projects, but VB support is planned and in development.
  • Wosk: Flexible On Screen Keyboard using WPF
    Wosk is targeted at touch-screen users (Tablet PC, UMPC, HP TouchSmart, MS Surface...) who want to customize and enrich their keyboard input options. Written in C# and WPF.
  • WPF & MEF Studio
    WPF & MEF Studio
  • WPF 4.0 Chromium WebBrowser
    Being able to render and interact with webpages within WPF opens up some great opportunities. This project mixes Google?s Chromium project, a great wrapper called Awesomium and a little WPF 4.0 pixie dust...
  • WPF application Single Instance in one line of code for usage.
    Usage: WpfSingleInstance.Make(); or WpfSingleInstance.Make(SingleInstanceModes.ForEveryUser);
  • WPF Bits and Pieces
    WPF being a truely dynamic enviroment, opens up enless oppotunities. This application will show-case snippets of code, which I found really useful.
  • WPF Christmas Lights
    Let's bring Christmas to your desktop! This small application shows Christmas lights on your desktop. Written in C# using WPF.
  • WPF Converters
    A set of generic WPF binding converters that can be leveraged by most any WPF application.
  • WPF Draggable Extended Window Frame Demo
    A sample WPF application, written in C#, demonstrating window dragging behavior on extended non-client window frame regions of a window.
  • WPF Fundamentals
    WPF Fundamentals is a toolset with basic classes to use in any common WPF project.
  • WPF Google Search
    A WPF Google search module that can easily be inserted into any WPF application. Uses Google Suggest and Google Search APIs asynchronously.
  • WPF Inspector
    WPF Inspector is a utility that attaches to a running WPF application to troubleshoot common problems with layouting, databinding or styling. WPF Inspector allows you to explore a live view of the logical- and visual tree, read and edit property values of elements, watch the data
  • WPF Manga Reader
    This is quite simple WPF-based manga and comics reader, written in C#. It utilizes functionality of WPF to provide good user experience, in particular, reality-like page flipping.
  • WPF Native Folder Browser
    Use the Windows Vista / Windows 7 Folder Browser Dialog from your WPF projects, without any additional dependencies.
  • WPF Print Engine
    WPF Print Engine makes is easier for .net developers working with WPF applications to leverage printing facility. It is a standalone component that takes in few required and optional parameters to give encapsulate developers from all heavy lifting in order to deal with printing.
  • WPF Prism Starter Kit
    The goal of this project is to deliver a partitioned project skeleton to use prism with WPF.
    WPF RCP is RCP (Rich Client Platform) for project written in WPF .Net. It enables you easily build your own application leaving tools to be platform's issues.
  • WPF Shape Demo
    This WPF application demos shape objects in WPF,such as Point,Rectangle,Polygon,Polyline and so on.
  • WPF SplitButton & MenuButton
    This WPF SplitButton and MenuButton implementation aims to be more robust and visual attractive than the other WPF split buttons available on CodePlex and elsewhere. The code is based on David Anson's implementation made available on his blog.
  • WPF Terminal
    WPF Terminal is a simple terminal-like console. It features command parsing and interactive prompt.
  • WPF Two States Button (iPhone like)
    A Two states button for WPF 4 Applications. iPhone like
  • WPF Weather Station Project
    Weather Station project implemented using WPF.
  • WPF XML FlowDocument sample
    A simple example of rendering XML as a WPF FlowDocument. It's implemented as an IValueConverter, but can also be used standalone.
    this proyect it's a college proyect form grafic computer course. Consist in the development of a cad soft implementing all grafics algoritms.
  • WpfCustomChromeLibrary
    WpfCustomChromeLibrary makes it easier to create WPF applications with custom chrome and caption buttons (min/max/close). You'll no longer have to do all the dirty work yourself in each application where you want a custom chrome. It's developed in XAML and C#.
  • WPFGhosts
    The WPFGhosts is a Undo Redo Framework which's based on the WPF's dependency property.It provides the common functions of Undo, Redo,Copy,Past.
  • Yaam
    (Yet Another Ambient Munny) Yaam uses an Arduino or Netduino to light a LED in a Munny to glow the same color as your Microsoft Lync status. The project uses C for the Arduino, .NET Micro Framework for the Netduino, and WPF (C#/XAML) for the Lync status daemon.
  • Yarr
    Yarr is a Lisp-based scripting language for .NET with many features borrowed from Common Lisp. It has numerous extensibility features, and can serve as the basis for domain-specific languages. Includes sample console and WPF applications showing how to host the Yarr runtime.
  • Zugger
    Zugger is an assistant application for those people who are using Zentao PMS. It provides the functions: 1. Your the counts of your bugs and tasks. 2. The lists of bugs and tasks. 3. Quick edit for bugs and tasks. 4. Notification of new bugs and tasks. It is developed in C# WPF
  • Zune Lyrics
    Zune Lyrics is a plugin for Zune Software which automatically fetches lyrics of the song currently being played in Zune Software from Built using WPF, it uses the registry data stored by Zune - Now Playing to detect the current song.