List of Free code Windows Presentation Foundation DataGrid


  • Actipro WPF Controls Contrib
    Open source code developed in C# that can be used with Actipro's WPF controls. Current features include a number of enhancements for Microsoft's open source WPF DataGrid along with integration of Actipro's docking windows product with Prism.
  • Items Filter (WPF DataGrid column Filter).
    WPF quick filter controls - all where you need it. This is the easiest way to enrich you DataGrid width quick filter in header like in Excell, but not only that
  • JibGrid - WPF DataGrid With Grouping, Freezing, and Filtering
    Jib.Grid is a reference implementation demonstrating how to add Grouping, Freezing, and Filtering to the base WPF DataGrid. This project can serve as the basis for your specific needs.
  • WPF Datagrid Conditional Formatting
    The conditional formatting library allows the formatting of several datagrid elements based on given conditions. It currently works with the datagrid control of the WPF Toolkit and is written entirely in C#.
  • WPF Extended DataGrid
    This is extended version of WPF toolkit DataGrid control. This grid has many advanced features
  • WPF Table View
    WPF DataGrid replacement. Simple WPF control to display a table of data with improved performance. Developed in C#.
  • WPF Themes and Custom Controls
    Adding new supported controls to WPF Themes project (for example DataGrid, Calendar). Also adding new custom controls to this project.