List of Free code Windows Presentation Foundation Control


  • agauge
    Two WPF controls A rotating progress/working wheel. Three styles are provided - Internet Explorer, Firefox and Mac OS An Analog/Radial or circular gauge for displaying values using a needle and scale. Useful for Instrumentation/dashboard applications. The example appl...
  • Amazings WPF Controls
    This project is the portal for accessing a lot of amazing WPF controls. It's developed in C# 4.0 with Visual studio 2010 ...
  • Avalon Wizard
    Wizard control for WPF. Provides Aero Wizard and Wizard 97 styles. Supports non-linear navigation.
  • BeeCoders WPF Controls
    Various Wpf user controls. This project contains some Wpf users controls that are hard to find as open source on the web. FileExplorer control PdfCanvas control
  • Better WPF Controls
    The purpose of this project is to add new or provide better versions of existing WPF controls.
  • Blake.NUI
    Blake.NUI is a collection of helpful controls, utilities, and samples useful for multi-touch and NUI development with WPF 4 and Surface. Much of this code was used in samples in my book, Natural User Interfaces in .NET.
  • Brokenhouse WPF Control Suite
    The Brokenhouse Control Suite is library that provides a rich set of controls for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It provides a full featured transition control as well as WPF replacements for the standard windows Wizards and Task dialogs.
  • Caliburn.Micro.DevExpress
    A library containing Caliburn.Micro conventions for DevExpress' visual controls. Target platform: WPF.
  • ColorDialogEx
    WPF ColorDialog control and dialog windows. You can embedd only control into you application, or use "ready to use" ColorDialog windows - small and big.
  • Custom WPF Controls in F#
    This project is to give users non trivial examples of custom WPF controls in F#. The code is a translation of the excellent book ?WPF Control Development Unleashed: Building Advanced User Interfaces? written by Pavan Podila and Kevin Hoffman.
  • Dotway.WPF Controls - Controls, Effects and Panels
    A WPF control library with custom controls, panels and pixel shader effects. E.g. Color picker, editable slider, interaction controls for transforms, grayscale effect, pixelation effect, halftoning effect, dynamic wrap panel, zipper panel.
  • Extended WPF Control
    Extended WPF Control for research and learning.
  • Extended WPF File Previewer Control
    A WPF user control that implements extended file previewing. The project includes source for the control as well as for a "demo" project.
  • File Explorer for WPF
    FileExplorer is a WPF control that's emulate the Windows Explorer, it supports both FIleSystem and non-FileSystem class.
  • FluidKit
    This is a WPF library containing a powerhouse of controls, frameworks, helpers, tools, etc. for productive WPF development. If you have ever heard of Drag and Drop with Attached properties, ElementFlow, GlassWindow, this is the library that will contain all such goodies.
  • Guia - Graphical User Interface Automation
    Guia supports the automation of WPF applications. It allows access to, and remote control of, miscellaneous WPF-components in an easy and comfortable way. It is possible to directly run and test WPF windows and user-controls, without the need for a previously created executable.
  • iControl
    iControl is a very beautiful, very simple remote control for Apple's iTunes that uses global keyboard shortcuts to control it. It's developed in C# and uses WPF for its user interface.
  • IpControls
    "IpControls" contains IPv4 and IPv6 text boxes, both as Windows Forms and WPF version. The IPv6 control automatically detects the older hybrid format which i.e. is used on Windows XP platforms. Developed in C#/XAML.
  • iTuner - The iTunes Companion
    A system tray app that adds seamless features to iTunes including automated library maintenance, playlist management, playlist sychronization with MP3 players, lyrics downloads, track and playback control, and global keyboard control. C#, WPF, MusicBrainz, iTunes APIs, and more!
  • MPlayer.NET for Windows Forms & WPF
    MPlayer.NET is a wrapper around MPlayer executable. It's developed on .NET platform and includes visual controls for both Windows Forms and WPF applications.
  • OpenSearch Client
    A WPF control and IE Toolbar capable of using any OpenSearch-compatible search engines. The toolbar is a replacement for the missing SearchBox in IE 9. The control currently relies on IE's list of registered search engines, but the API allows others to be plugged in
  • Rotating Knob control
    The c# programming language lacks a default WPF knob control. The following is a general purpose knob control.
  • ThunderStorm
    This is a browser build using WPF and the windows browser control. ThunderStorm does all the basic browser operations like browsing multiple sites using tabs, a
  • Timeline Control
    Timeline control fill a missing part in WPF toolbox. It allow you to show visual representation of data on visual timeline such as present in MS Project application. TimelineControl is highly customizable using DataTemplate and Style and is 100% C# WPF managed code.
  • TouchControls
    TouchControls is an experiment around WPF applications for windows tablet devices. It comes up with a control library, and a few sample applications like TouchExplorer, a "File Explorer" replacement for Windows 7.
  • WPF Behavior Library
    WPF Behavior Library is a set of additional actions for WPF that allow you to add extra behaviors to a control quickly and easily. Currently the only behavior is Drag & Drop but more are planned. Help, comments, and feedback are welcome.
  • Wpf Borderless Window
    This is a custom window with no borders and kipping all the logic thanks to the WPF Shell Integration. It has a custom control for the caption buttons and you can customize it with themes.
  • WPF Carousel Control
    A Carousel Control for WPF that includes the ability to specify z-tilt angle (horizontal-to-vertical carousels), perspective tilt angle (to make the objects in rear easier to see), and item location-based opacity and size.
  • WPF Chromium WebBrowser control
    Being able to render and interact with webpages within WPF opens up some great opportunities. This project mixes Google?s Chromium project, a great wrapper called Awesomium and a little WPF pixie dust...
  • WPF Composites
    WPF Composites offers a pure C# code-behind (no XAML, no datatemplates) approach to working with WPF controls via grid-based composites.
  • WPF Contrib
    WPF Contrib is a community-developed library of controls and utilities for WPF.
  • WPF ExpressionEditor
    Control representing expression editor. Allows usage of custom expression parsers.
  • WPF Gantt chart
    Gantt chart control for WPF
  • WPF Gauge
    WPF Gauge is an attempt to bring a nicely designed, flexible gauge control to the WPF open source community.
  • WPF Google Map Control
    WPF Google Map Control is a custom control for WPF that can be used in applications for mapping requirements. The strength of the application is uses a open source wpf browser and so all operations are done using google map api javascripts. Thus it is highly extendible.
  • WPF Sound Visualization Library
    The WPF Sound Visualization Library is a collection of WPF Controls for graphically displaying data related to sound processing. Current controls include a Spectrum Analyzer, Waveform Timeline, and an Album Art Display Panel.
  • Wpf Source Code Editor
    WPF control extension of RichTextBox control that can be used for basing source code formatting.
  • WPF Toolbelt
    The WPF Toolbelt is an open source library of WPF controls, styles, and utility classes designed to enhance the WPF framework. The primary goal of the library is to accelerate market penetration of WPF in corporate development environments.
  • WPF Treemaps & SquarifiedTreeMaps control
    A WPF implementation of a bindable Treemaps control.
  • WPF Window
    WPF Window is an attempt to bring a nicely designed, flexible window control to the WPF open source community.
  • WPFEdit
    WPFEdit is a starter kit for applications that edit files. It contains easy-to-use starter controls and a document management system. WPFEdit is developed with C# / .NET 4.0 / WPF.