List of Free code AngularJS


  • android addressbook
    Android addressbook replica with AngularJs.
  • angular album
    This is the sample project for building a photo album with AngularJS.
  • angular animated list
    Just playing around with AngularJS, directives and animation.
  • Angular Animations Demo
    Demo Application showing AngularJS animations new in AngularJS version 1.1.5.
  • angular art gallery
    Art Gallery application using dynamic API data built with AngularJS.
  • angular carousel
    Mobile friendly AngularJS carousel.
  • angular couch potato
    Lazy Load and Register Components in AngularJS Applications.
  • angular datetimepicker
    AngularJS Date TimePicker input directive.
  • angular dchart
    Extensible declarative chart library using D3.js and AngularJS (Line Chart, Histogramm, Scatterplot).
  • angular deckgrid
    A lightweight masonry like grid for AngularJS.
  • angular detour
    Lazy loaded/runtime configurable/ server enhanced routing for AngularJS applications.
  • angular drag
    Native drag & drop support for AngularJs.
  • angular drag n drop
    angularjs drag n drop demo.
  • angular dragdrop
    Drag and Drop for AngularJS (with Animation ).
  • angular drop
    Drag & Drop functionality in AngularJS, no jQuery required.
  • angular esri
    Sample project demonstrating how to use ArcGIS JavaScript API with AngularJS.
  • angular express blog
    Example AngularJS app using an Express + Node.js backend.
  • angular express mongoose blog
    Example AngularJS app using an Express + Node.js backend. Mongoose used for database.
  • angular express seed
    A great starting point for writing AngularJS apps backed by an Express powered node.js server.
  • Angular Express Train Seed
    A starting point for making an AngularJS app with node.js on the back end, using the Express Train framework.
  • angular file upload
    An AngularJS directive for file upload using HTML5 with FileAPI polyfill for unsupported browsers.
  • angular github demo
    AngularJS demo application for HoustonJS.
  • angular google maps
    AngularJS directives for the Google Maps Javascript API.
  • angular hovercard
    Hovercard is a very lightweight Angular directive that is written purely in AngularJS. It is a card that is displayed when you hover over a label. The card can contain any html element.
  • angular io
    AngularIO Collection of AngularJS modules worth checking out.
  • angular jqm
    AngularJS directives for jQuery Mobile.
  • angular jstree demo
    An example of how to use jstree with AngularJS.
  • angular leaflet directive
    AngularJS directive to embed an interact with maps managed by Leaflet library.
  • angular meteor example
    a simple example meteor application which uses the angularjs v2.0.0 plugin from
  • angular modernizr
    Collection of AngularJS fallbacks for less modern browsers.
  • angular nodejs example
    Simple Blog with AngularJS App with an Express + Node.js Backend (Jade template).
  • angular overflow scroll
    CSS 3 Overflow Scroll directive for AngularJS.
  • angular phonegap
    Source repository for a collection of AngularJS wrappers for Cordova/PhoneGap API 's.
  • angular prime directive
    Prime Number Table written in native AngularJS.
  • angular pull to refresh
    CSS 3 Pull to Refresh directive for AngularJS.
  • angular require lazy
    An example experimental application for mixing AngularJS, RequireJS and require lazy.
  • angular requirejs seed
    AngularJS + RequireJS HTML5 project example , could easily be used as a boilerplate.
  • angular socket io seed
    A great starting point for writing AngularJS apps backed by a powered node.js server.
  • angular symfony demo
    Demo App of Symfony using AngularJS.
  • angular treemap
    An AngularJS directive for a D3 treemap.
  • angular widgetarea directive
    AngularJS directive, which allows you to build iGoogle like dashboard apps (aka portlets or iNettuts).
  • angular.treeview
    AngularJS based Treeview (no jQuery ).
    An AngularJS demo using YouTube feed data.
  • AngularGridGames
    An angularjs directive and small framework for quickly designing 2d grid based board games.
  • angularjs
    Collection of AngularJS plugins.
  • AngularJS Animation Demo
    This is a working demo of the documentation for AngularJS ngView (
  • angularjs automation example
    Example project files for the corresponding blog post: 06 11 automating angularjs with yeoman grunt and bower/.
  • angularjs blog
    An example application to demonstrate AngularJS.
  • angularjs bower
    bower angularjs package... will try to keep it up to date :).
  • angularjs common
    A collection of common directives.
  • angularjs demo
    AngularJS Demo application (including custom directives, requirejs integration).
  • angularjs directives
    A collection of useful angular directives.
  • angularjs edge
    Examples for the book Developing an AngularJS Edge by Christopher Hiller.
  • angularjs github info
    prove of concept using angularjs accessing github api.
  • angularjs gravatardirective
    An AngularJS Gravatar Image Directive.
  • angularjs mobile
    Example AngularJS mobile application.
  • angularjs post message testing project
    Example demonstrating communication between a wrapper and an Angular application within an IFrame using postMessage.
  • AngularJS RequireJS Sample Project
    AngularJS + RequireJS Based Project Sample.
  • angularjs role based auth
    Role based auth example in AngularJS.
  • AngularJS Routing
    An example of how to do deep routing in an AngularJS application when ngView is not enough.
  • AngularJS Scope.onReady
    a helper wrapper for AngularJS to keep controllers and directives in in sync in regards to HTTP data.
  • angularjs spinner
    Using Response Interceptors to Show and Hide a Loading Widget.
  • AngularJS SpringMVC example
    Ein Beispielprojekt f?r das Zusammenspiel von AngularJS und Spring MVC.
  • angularJS TwitterSearch
    TwitterSearch HTML5 application with AngularJS and GSAP frameworks.
  • angularjs typescript e2e
    Sample AngularJS app in TypeScript with working httpBackend mocked E2E tests.
  • AngularJSExamples
    A repository for AngularJS coding examples I develop as I work with the framework.
  • AngularJSSamples
    Demo code for a forthcoming AngularJS talk.
  • angularsailsdemo
    Demo using AngularJS in a SailsJS app.
  • async template
    Case study: AngularJS directive to load both JSON data from remote endpoint and template asynchronously to a page.
  • BookLook
    A social based P2P library system where users can share physical items. Implemented using AngularJS and Parse.
  • bz dragndrop
    AngularJS native drag &drop (IE 9+).
  • cammy
    Meet Cammy, a simple orthogonal projection camera built on top of AngularJS and D3.js.
  • cart
    Sample AngularJS application using Yeoman stack.
  • clj angularjs recipes
    Example Angular.js and Clojure web application.
  • CodeIgniter AngularJS App
    Sample App based on CodeIgniter and AngularJS.
  • couchbase node ideas
    A sample application that shows how to work with Couchbase, Node and AngularJS.
  • darlingjs
    Component & entity based javascript game engine. With dependency injections, and modular architecture. Inspired by Ash, AngularJS and CraftyJS.
  • egghead angularjs
    Functioning and annotated example code for each of the AngularJS videos.
  • elasticsearch gui
    An angularJS client for Elastic search as a plugin.
  • end to end with angularjs
    An intermediate/advanced look at how to use Angular JS in conjunction with a server side.
  • flexible layout
    A flexible layout module with AngularJS (resizable).
  • flouss
    Paid content management system. Powered by Stripe,Amazon APIs and NodeJS & AngularJS libraries.
  • gabbler
    Very simple reactive chat web app demoing Scala, Akka, spray and AngularJS.
  • gearmanui
    A web interface to follow activity on a cluster of gearman servers , powered by Silex and AngularJs.
  • goangular
    AngularJS bindings for GoInstant. Build realtime, multi user apps with AngularJS and GoInstant easily. html.
  • GoUtec
    Demo site : Creating a cart with the Amazing AngularJs.
  • grails angular cellar
    An AngularJS version of the Wine Cellar demo running with Grails.
  • grunt html 2js
    Grunt plugin for converting AngularJS templates to JavaScript.
  • hoodieangulartodo
    Todo AngularJS todo app using for data storage (and user accounts).
  • kingofpop
    sample app for meetup on 130909.
  • lunacy
    Werewolves game for Chrome and iOS using CouchDB, Node.js and AngularJS.
  • makan siang
    Simple Android and iOS hybrid app built using Cordova (PhoneGap) and AngularJS.
  • ng calendar
    An example calendar grid created using AngularJS.
  • ng component seed
    This repo contains all you need to kickstart implementing your own Angular directive. Just clone this repo, implement your directive and share with other AngularJS enthusiasts!.
  • ng data binding sample
    AngularJS Data Binding Sample.
  • ng mobile
    An AngularJS based boilerplate for mobile applications.
  • ngtable
    create data table using angularjs.
  • ngx library
    Extension library for AngularJS projects.
  • ngyn
    ngyn is a collection of modules and directives designed to reduce boilerplate code in AngularJS applications.
  • ninja stack
    Boilerplate client and server side stack using Node.js, Express, Swig, and AngularJS.
  • nycMap
    A map of new york city using yeoman, angularJS, d3.js and geoJSON file.
  • phonecat mobile
    Mobile version of Phonecat sample application from AngularJs.
  • play angular demos
    Growing collection of demos of using Play! framework with AngularJS. Combine multiple AngularJS projects to a large Play! application.
  • play angularjs
    A sample Play! Framework 2.0 application with Angular.js integration.
  • play2 demo jasmine
    How to run AngularJS and Jasmine testing in Play 2.
  • ratpack angular auth
    Sample http auth application built with Ratpack and AngularJS.
  • realtime tasks
    A simple collaborative task list based on TodoMVC. Built with AngularJS and the Drive Realtime API.
  • rn lazy
    AngularJS lazy loader for images.
  • sample angularjs
    A sample structure of angular js with tests, controllers and views. Generated with yeoman.
  • serialgraphy
    7 Days TV Shows airtime guide. Using CSS 3 and AngularJS.
  • ServiceStack. Api .AngularJS
    Generate api documentation in just a few lines of code. (Uses ServiceStack, ServiceStack. Api.Swagger but not Swagger itself).
  • SharingModels AngularJS
    This example shows how to fetch, store and share data across different controllers without loosing its bindable functionality.
  • shoppinglist
    A Grails + AngularJS example (Web mobile app).
  • SignalR JS HTML
    Samples using many technologies: SignalR, AngularJS, EntityFramework.
  • SparkCore WebApp
    An amazing web based interface for your Spark Core. It uses the power of Node.js, Express, Jade, Stylus for the backend, jQuery and AngularJS for the frontend, and the Spark API to let you remote control your own Spark Core. Simply log into your device, and take control... from anywhere in the world! Fork us and make your own!.
  • spring mvc angularjs
    A simple application to demonstrate how to configure angularjs with Spring MVC.
  • sw grid
    A angularJS table grid.
  • tabular
    Table utilities for AngularJS.
  • task manager
    Simple client for managing tasks through Google API. Powered by Google App Engine & AngularJS.
  • TechbarAngularJS01
    Some samples for the Techbar AngularJS part 1 basics.
  • the issues angularjs demo
    "Versus" demo application written in AngularJS.
  • todoapp javaee6 angularjs
    A todo list sample app made with Java EE 6 and AngularJS.
  • todomvc
    A demo application for the cloud based user management service UserApp. Based on TodoMVC with AngularJS.
  • trapped
    Amber Smalltalk widgets with two way data bindings, inspired by AngularJS.
  • uhunt components
    Collections of uHunt web components (using AngularJS directive).
  • underthegun
    Heads up hold'em mobile webapp, Node and AngularJS goodness.
  • yii angularjs
    Integrated AngularJS to Yii framework to easy create HTML components and to inject AngularJS to project.

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