List of Free code Yui


  • CheeseApp
    This is a small demo application to showcase the YUI 3 App Framework.
  • grailsyui
    Demonstration of YUI Components in a Grails Application.
  • grunt yui compressor
    A Grunt plugin for compressing JavaScript and CSS files using YUI Compressor.
  • handlebars helpers
    Library of 120+ handlebars helpers for any project: Assemble, Ghost, YUI... This project is active and supported, we love contributors and appreciate stars.
  • jQuery Height Fix
    Height Fix is a pair of jQuery plugins, made too justify the heights of children elements via a Class or YUI Grids Units.
  • nested y apps spike
    Spike for nesting YUI App instances for integrating independent client side applications.
  • new gallery
    Repo for YUI 3 Gallery Modules, mostly applied to Data Table.
  • ojay
    Wrapper for YUI 2.4 upwards with a concise API and asynchronous method chaining.
  • popover
    A YUI 3 Popover Widget.
  • tw2.yui
    YUI widgets for tw2.
  • y 3d
    a yui webgl module.
  • yoshioka.js
    Javascript MVC framework for client side webapp based on YUI 3.
  • yproject
    Command line utility to scaffold projects and components using the YUI Build Tool.
  • yui compressor fu
    Minify your js/ css using the best compressor out there.
  • yui configger
    NodeJS scripts to extract meta data from a folder of YUI modules & generate a Loader config.
  • yui datatable
    DSL for defining the columns and find logic of your data table , based on field_defs.
  • yui date helper tool
    Make some operations with dates.
  • YUI Doc Example
    This is an example of integrating YUI Doc into your build.
  • yui express
    Example YUI 3 based View engine for ExpressJS.
  • yui gallery
    SmugMug YUI gallery components.
  • yui gallery datetime input
    yui gallery datetime input.
  • yui gallery scrollanim
    YUI3 Gallery module Scroll Animation Widget.
  • YUI HTML5 Player
    An HTML5 video player written in JavaScript with YUI3.
  • YUI Magnifier
    An image magnification widget based on YUI2.
  • yui.rocket
    A JavaScript MVC framework for scalable One Page Application using YUI.
  • yui2 examples
    A collection of working examples using YUI.
  • yui3 cookbook
    All example files from the YUI 3 Cookbook, published by O'Reilly Press.
  • yui3 lite
    Lightweight versions of YUI components.
  • yui4rails
    a Ruby on Rails plugin for easier integration of the YUI library into a Ruby on Rails application. It will include helpers for generating widgets and including the YUI file dependencies.
  • yuicompressor maven plugin
    maven's plugin to compress (Minify / Ofuscate / Aggregate) Javascript files and CSS files using YUI Compressor.

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