List of Free code MooTools


    Ajax Push Engine : APE JavaScript Framework. Based on Mootools, it handles the basics of the APE Server.
  • art widgets
    Widgets for MooTools ART.
  • AutoTagger
    This plugin MooTools will analyse the text of a form field, run it through the Yahoo Term Extraction Web Service and provides a list of signifiant words or phrases as tags.
  • browserID MooTools
    This is a MooTools client library for the BrowserID Protocol.
  • BubbleBubble
    MooTools Class for pure css speech bubble tooltips, showing content from inline elements, images or HTML from AJAX requests.
  • calendar
    A Javascript class for Mootools that adds accessible and unobtrusive date pickers to your form elements.
  • cascripts
    A collection of widgets I've found useful. Powered by MooTools.
  • Color Roller MooTools Color Picker
    Mootools Color Chooser, supporting many color spaces and color picker styles.
  • colorpicker for MooTools
    Photoshop style color picker plugin for Mootools.
  • company
    Mediated Component System for MooTools.
  • cowboy.js
    JS components built on top of Mootools to make GestionAIR (or your own web projects) faster and efficient to use.
  • CreateReadUpdateDelete.js
    serverside JSON API. Written in Plain Old JavaScript without any framework dependencies, you can use this with Mootools, Jquery, Zepto, Ember, or whatever your drug of choice is.
  • CSSFx MooTools
    A series of MooTools classes that replicate the MooTools Fx API but use CSS Transitions and Animations instead.
  • digitarald fancyupload
    Swiff meets Ajax for powerful and elegant uploads (MooTools Plugin).
  • Dragon.js
    Dynamic drag and drop support for MooTools.
  • dropmenu2
    Mootools, Menu, Animation , Accessiblity.
  • Epitome
    Epitome is a MVC* (MVP) framework for MooTools.
  • facebook like photo ordering mootools
    Facebook like photo order sorting using javascript mootools framework (drag and drop).
  • Filter Table
    MooTools Plugin for filtering table rows.
  • floom
    Floom ? Image slideshow with a visible timer/progressbar and a funky blinds like animation for MooTools.
  • Flower
    Flower is a JavaScript library designed to give musicians easy access to UI tools like image/video lightboxes and sound players. Built with MooTools and SoundManager 2. And computers.
  • Form Check
    MooTools Clientside Form Validation Class.
  • fublo parent theme
    Parent theme containing the 960 Grid System, MooTools, normalize.css and more.
  • Fx. css
    css 3 transform rule and css animations with mootools, no change required in your script!.
  • Fx. CSS3
    A patch designed to make MooTools run all Fx. CSS animations using CSS3 transitions.
  • Fx.Tabs
    MooTools Plugin to handle a Tabbed layout.
  • github repo widgets
    MooTools plugin to fetch repo info from github and create a widget or hovercards.
  • grid nav
    Grid navigation for mootools.
  • HashNav
    An AJAX esque hash navigation class written in JavaScript using the MooTools Framework version 1.3.x and up.
  • htmlbuilder
    A data driven template system for MooTools.
  • instagram.js
    Wrapper for Instagram iPhone in MooTools 1.3.2.
  • js Table
    A fast and easy to use javascript table control for mootools.
  • JxLib
    JxLib is a JavaScript UI framework built on MooTools. It allows web developers and designers to quickly build user interfaces for their applications. JxLib is based on some sweet HMTL markup and strives to be fully CSS compliant.
  • Korx.Cycler
    Korx.Cycler is a versatile MooTools plugin which can be used to easily create a user interface control which cycles through elements, for example a slider, carousel or slideshow. It uses CSS 3 transitions with a fallback to Fx.Morph for older browsers, and there's plenty of options to configure it how you want and events to hook in to.
  • lsd
    LSD Lovely Scalable Drawings. Interface library that uses SVG, CSS and mootools to provide never before customizable widgets and layouts.
  • mifgrid
    javascript grid control, mootools based.
  • monstars.js
    Javascript MVC framework using MooTools as the Core.
  • Moo 3D
    A basic 3D rendering engine for MooTools.
  • Moo Date Picker
    A simple datepicker plugin for Mootools.
  • moo model
    A Javascript framework built on top of mootools.
  • moo nojs mvc
    MVC mootools libs that do not suppose you're writing obstrusive code.
  • moobile core
    A mobile application framework based on Mootools.
  • MooDialog
    MooDialog is a MooTools plugin to replace the native alert(), confirm() and promt() javascript functions by more stylish ones. You can use it also for other DOM elements, create an IFrame dialog or even create an Ajax Dialog.
  • MooFlick
    Mootools widget to grab and display flickr feed images.
  • moogallery
    This is a mootools plugin which allows to generate an interactive gallery of images. Given the thumbs and full images paths it creates a table structure gallery (autosized) inside a given container with tips and lightbox effect when clicking over an image.
  • mooml
    Mooml is a javascript templating engine for HTML generation, based in Jaml and powered by Mootools.
  • mooQute
    Set of widgets and utilities for mootools.
  • mooRainbow
    Color Picker for MooTools 1.3 and higher original by Djamil Legato (w00fz).
  • mooswitch
    A mootools based iPhone like accessible toggle button.
  • Mootable
    Mootools extensions for HTML table.
  • mootools autocompleter
    This AutoCompleter script for MooTools (by Harald Kirschner provides the functionality for text suggestion and completion. It features different data sources (local, JSON or XML), a variety of user interactions, custom formatting, multiple selection, animations and much more.
  • mootools data binding
    Data Binding Plugins for MooTools 1.2.x.
  • mootools date format translations
    Allows date formatting in mootools to translate a foreign language to mootools format.
  • mootools datepicker
    Smoothly animating, very configurable and easy to install. No Ajax , pure Javascript.
  • mootools depender
    A server side dependency builder for MooTools scirpts.
  • mootools form replacements
    Creates styleable elements that function like standard form elements.
  • mootools form upload
    Upload your multiple files with HTML5 Drag and Drop, XMLHttpRequest with graceful degradation.
  • MooTools Formular
    Form Check + Form.Validator form validation.
  • mootools fx tween css 3
    Mimics the Mootools Fx.Tween behavior but tries to use native CSS 3 transition if possible.
  • mootools mobile
    Makes your web applications more touching.
  • mootools mvc
    attempt to create a mootools mvc layer.
  • mootools mvc controller
    MVC Style Controller extension for MooTools. Data binding is your friend!.
  • mootools mvc transformer
    MVC Style Data Transformer plugin for MooTools.
  • MooTools Responsive Table
    Port of Filament Groups jQuery plugin that allows columns to be shown/hidden with checkboxes based on media queries
  • mootools subtle templates
    subtleTemplates is a MooTools Plugin which allows you to define a template in html itself and reuse it to populate dynamic data easily.
  • mootools thingies
    Various mootools widgets packed altogether.
  • mootools tree
    MooTools powered Tree Components : Sortable Tree + Expand/Collapse Functionality.
  • mootools unittester
    A JavaScript Unit Test / User Test Framework.
  • MooTools.Html Table .Paginate
    Adds a pagination control to a MooTools Html Table.
  • MooTouch
    A small framework for doing cool things with MooTools on touch enabled devices.
  • MooUI
    A few lightweight MooTools classes to ease the development of complex UI components.
  • MooUpload
    MooUpload is a MooTools class that help you to create a file uploader using some new features of HTML5 like multiple file selection, AJAX file upload, upload progress, etc.
  • mtAudioPlayer
    MooTools Driven HTML5 Audio Player w/ Templates and Skins.
  • Neuro
    Neuro is an MVC framework that leverages MooTools.
  • omnigrid
    Advanced Data Grid for Mootools.
  • PassShark
    iPhone style password masking using MooTools.
  • ProgressBar
    ProgressBar is a highly customizable MooTools progress bar class that animates to the desired percentage and can be styled in any manner by CSS.
  • quickForm
    quickForm is a free plugin that allow you to skin your HTML forms using Mootools , inpired from iPhone & a clone to jqtransform.
  • rabidratings
    MooTools Forge version of AJAX ratings script. NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE OVER MAIN SITE.
  • rabidwidgets
    An assortment of MooTools widgets.
  • scrollGallery
    scrolls images with mootools.
  • ShapeHover
    A MooTools plugin that add rollover effect on an image map using canvas or vml.
  • SplatterPlot.js
    A concentric ring layout widget in MooTools + Raphael.
  • timeframe mootools
    Click draggable. Range makeable. A better calendar. In MooTools.
  • ui
    moolego ui is a minimal and extensible, object oriented javascript ui based on mootools framework.
  • VMFormValidator
    A form validation script for MooTools 1.3.
  • woottools
    Lean mootools based framework for hashbang routing and JSON based DOM definitions.
  • XPage.js
    A page wrapper for page to page AJAX requests written in MooTools.
  • YQL utilities
    YQL utilities and programs for working with YQL, coupling YUI, jQuery, MooTools to Build Dynamic Widgets.

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