List of Free code Library


  • abba
    Javascript library for A/B test analysis.
  • accounting.js
    A lightweight JavaScript library for number, money and currency formatting fully localisable, zero dependencies.
  • adventures in d3
    tutorials and code samples for the d3.js library.
  • aerogear js
    JavaScript client library implementation for AeroGear.
  • agave
    A lightweight library for cleaner, simpler Javascript.
  • alert
    JavaScript library to play sound alerts.
  • angular chartjs
    A fully functional directive set for the ChartJS library. Supports data bindings and attribute level specification for chart specific options.
  • annyang
    A javascript library for adding voice commands to your site, using speech recognition.
  • api
    Zero click API Libraries.
  • AppScroll.js
    AppScroll is a tiny (< 100 lines) JS library that fixes the "website dragging" issue caused on iDevices.
  • as3 gatracking
    Actionscript 3 library for Google Analytics data collection.
  • atoll.js
    atoll.js is a basic stats library for javascript.
  • atomize client
    Client library for AtomizeJS.
  • Attention Plotter
    d3.js based library for comparing volumes of content from multiple media sources.
  • Audiolet
    A JavaScript library for real time audio synthesis and composition from within the browser.
  • audiolib.js
    audiolib.js is a powerful audio tools library for javascript.
  • aws js sdk
    Helper library to talk to AWS client side.
  • BabelExt
    BabelExt is a cross browser boilerplate/ library for extension development.
  • bake js
    Composable Client Side JS Recipes (A bit like Homebrew but for JS libraries) #buildjs.
  • Baseball Tracker
    This application serves as a demonstration app for the Gameday API project. With this app, you can view live and archived boxscores and stats from MLB. This is a Ruby on Rails application that uses the gameday_ api Ruby library for working with live.
  • benchmark.js
    A benchmarking library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms, supports high resolution timers, and returns statistically significant results. As used on
  • big.js
    A small, fast JavaScript library for arbitrary precision decimal arithmetic.
  • BigDecimal.js
    Arbitrary precision decimals library for JavaScript.
  • bignumber.js
    A JavaScript library for arbitrary precision decimal and non decimal arithmetic.
  • bilby.js
    Serious functional programming library for JavaScript.
  • bluebird
    Bluebird is a full featured promise library with unmatched performance.
  • bluebutton.js
    The Blue Button JavaScript Library.
  • boilerplatejs
    Your own boilerplate code to start your next big javascript project. We incorporate the best design practices with best in market open source libraries.
  • Boot
    A mighty boot utility library.
  • bot.dart
    A collection of (mostly) general libraries to make working with Dart more productive.
  • braintree.js
    Javascript Library for Client side Encryption with Braintree.
  • buckets
    A complete, fully tested and documented data structure library written in JavaScript.
  • camunda bpmn.js
    camunda BPMN 2.0 Javascript libraries.
  • canto34
    A library for building recursive descent parsers.
  • changesets
    Changeset library with operational transformation for node and the browser!.
  • chaplin boilerplate
    Boilerplate application for the Chaplin.js library.
  • chaplin boilerplate plain
    Boilerplate application for the Chaplin.js library ? written in plain JavaScript.
  • check types.js
    A tiny JavaScript library for checking arguments and throwing exceptions.
  • chert
    library collection for JScript on WSH.
  • ckanjs
    Javascript client library and app for CKAN data hub software.
  • claire
    A property based testing library for clearly specifying code invariants and behaviour.
  • client js JavaScript client library.
  • clientcide
    The Clientcide Javascript Libraries.
  • clientsidedata
    Client Side Data Examples for Varying Libraries.
  • clique
    A Javascript linear algebra library with applications to spectral analysis of large data sets.
  • clj record blog
    Sample web application using compojure and clj record libs.
  • cljs binding
    A ClojureScript binding library.
  • collection functions
    js library that provides typical collection /enumerable functions (think underscore.js) but it's agnostic about storage and iteration details.
  • combigreater
    the greater parser combinator library.
  • contracts.js
    Contract library for JavaScript.
  • Cookies
    JavaScript Client Side Cookie Manipulation Library.
  • credit card track parser
    Small Javascript library to parse track 1/2 magnetic stripe data from credit cards.
  • csharp ember handlebars
    CSharp Library for precompilation of Ember Handlebars.
  • d3 BarChart
    A class for generating bar charts with the d3 library.
  • D3 Builder
    Chart building tool using D3 library.
  • d3 github
    github repositories visualized with the d3 JavaScript library.
  • dat.gui
    dat.gui is a lightweight controller library for JavaScript.
  • data
    A data persistence library for Ember.js.
  • data layer helper
    JavaScript library for working with data Layer message queues.
  • dataseries.js
    A JavaScript data series modeling library.
  • dataset
    JavaScript library that makes managing the data behind client side visualisations easy.
  • Dataview.js
    Dataview.js is a JavaScript library connecting data objects to selected views. It helps you in writing more consistent applications where nothing happens by accident, because you simply decide where and what can modify your data. Dataview.js is delivered to you under MIT license.
  • dattss sdk
    DaTtSs Client Libraries & SDK.
  • deeptissuejs
    A TOuch Abstraction Library for MSPointer andWebKit touch APIs.
  • djeo
    djeo is a javascript geo library. Write one application code and get it instantly to work under Google Maps API , Google Earth API , Leaflet, ArcGIS API for JavaScript and others.
  • Drag AndDrop
    Drag and Drop library in javascript.
  • dragdropextra
    A library of javascripts that we use at Iterative Designs.
  • eejs
    An ExpressionEngine extension that lets you to retrieve EE settings and resources from client side JavaScript libraries.
  • ember ezdata
    A data library for ember.js.
  • ember model
    A lightweight model library for Ember.js.
  • ember restless
    A lightweight data persistence library for Ember.js.
  • ember touch
    A lightweight library for building and using touch gestures with Ember Applications.
  • ember uploader
    An Ember library for uploading files.
  • emu
    Simple data access library for Ember.js.
  • eslevels
    ECMAScript scope levels analyzer based on escope library.
  • example libglobal
    Use AMD modules to develop a JS library that builds to a lib that can be used by "globals only" scripts or as an AMD module.
  • explainjs
    A JavaScript library that creates a side by side view of your code with your explanations.
  • extender
    `extender` is a library that helps in making chainable APIs, by creating a function that accepts different values and returns an object decorated with functions based on the type.
  • factory girl
    A library for setting up objects as relational data used with jasmine, mocha or qunit.
  • familysearch javascript sdk
    A javascript library for API interaction with FamilySearch.
  • filepicker phonegap
    Phonegap code and example libraries for integration with
  • filternet
    A proxy library that provides easy hooks to manipulate http and https traffic consistently.
  • finchjs
    A simple but powerful route listener library.
  • fishbone.js
    A super lightweight (?kb) JavaScript library with automatic method chaining, automatic context binding, event support and simple inheritance.?c {{{ <.
  • Fluorine
    Context based Javascript eDSL and library ; provides a way to isolate impure computations.
    Free Open JavaScript Lib Collection.
  • fondue
    JavaScript instrumentation library for collecting traces.
  • fontificate
    a client side font analysis library.
  • Freebase.js
    a very masculine library for
  • fullproof
    javascript fulltext search engine library.
  • functional javascript workshop
    A functional javascript workshop. No libraries required (i.e. no underscore), just ES5.
  • functools
    A JavaScript Library for Functional Programming.
  • Gantt Chart
    Gantt chart library using D3.js.
  • gear lib
    Collection of common Gear.js tasks.
  • generator closure
    Closure Library generator using Yeoman.
  • Geolib
    Small library to provide some basic geo functions.
  • geoloqi js
    JavaScript library for the Geoloqi platform.
  • geostats
    a tiny and standalone javascript library for classification and basic statistics.
  • Geoxml3 Map
    An example starter map using the Google Maps API v3 and the Geoxml3 library. The map will have a sidebar and layer controls.
  • Gibberish
    Fast, JavaScript DSP library that creates JIT optimized audio callbacks using code generation techniques.
  • gibberish aes
    A fully OpenSSL compliant javascript library for AES encryption.
  • gif.js
    JavaScript GIF encoding library.
  • github.js
    Frontend JavaScript library for interacting with the GitHub API v3.
  • github.wind
    A JS library of github API build on wind.js.
  • gizmos
    A collection of JavaScript libraries that make life more fun.
  • gmap features
    Library for using Google Maps API V3 Polygon's to make chloropleth maps.
  • gowiththeflow.js
    Async flow control micro library for node and browser.
  • GreenSock JS
    Public repository for GreenSock's JavaScript libraries like GSAP. See
  • Guideline.js
    JavaScript library for creating non invasive guides/tours.
  • hamster
    A javascript library for caching functions instead of data.
  • har
    Ruby library to work with HTTP archives.
  • has.js
    Pure Feature Detection Library.
  • headtrackr
    Javascript library for headtracking via webcam and WebRTC/getUserMedia.
  • i18n js
    It's a small library to provide the I18n translations on the Javascript. It comes with Rails support.
  • Idle.js
    Javascript activity library for the browser. (away, idle, etc).
  • infuser
    Lightweight JavaScript library to be used for pulling external templates & other content asynchronously/synchronously.
  • interface.js
    gui library for music / arts applications that works with touch, mouse and motion events.
  • intern examples
    A collection of examples for the Intern testing library.
  • invoke
    JS flow control micro library.
  • ircb
    An IRC library which *I* like.
  • is js
    A small library for identifying Javascript types.
  • IsoBlocks
    A library to create eye candy isometric texts.
  • itier client
    client library for itier.
  • iugo
    A super lightweight library for data binding.
  • j Data host
    j Data host JavaScript library.
  • janicek core haxe
    My personal collection of Haxe core libraries.
  • Jarallax
    Parallax scrolling library javascript.
  • javascript biginteger
    A big integer library for JavaScript.
  • javascript bignum
    Scheme arithmetic library for JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Data Store
    This is a small JavaScript library with no dependencies that helps quickly and easily cache JavaScript values and retrieve them later.
  • javascript ipv6
    A library for parsing and manipulating IPv6 (and v4) addresses in JavaScript.
  • jim
    jim is your friendly javascript library manager.
  • js cursor position
    A small library which allows to detect cursor position in Javascript textarea.
  • js doc parse
    An experimental library for parsing JavaScript files and extracting inline documentation.
  • JS Probability Library
    Collection of probability functions in Javascript.
  • js webdav client
    A low level webDAV client library written in/for JavaScript.
    An AMF library in JavaScript.
  • jsapi info
    Publically configurable, centralised store of JS libs' API source code.
  • jschannel
    A JavaScript library which implements fancy IPC semantics on top of postMessage.
  • jscreole
    A JavaScript library for parsing Creole 1.0 wiki markup.
  • jsdeferred
    Asynchronous library in JavaScript. Standalone and Compact.
  • jsdicom
    dicom library and viewer in javascript.
  • jsfeat
    JavaScript Computer Vision library.
  • jshamcrest
    Library of matcher objects for JavaScript, based on the ideas behind Hamcrest.
  • JSJaC
    JavaScript Jabber Client Library.
  • jslibs
    A collection of js libs.
  • jslim
    It's your favorite JavaScript library , only faster.
  • jsmin
    UNMAINTAINED Ruby library for minifying JavaScript. Based on Douglas Crockford's jsmin.c.
  • jsplotlib
    A matplotlib/MATLAB (TM) inspired library for creating interactive plots with d3.js.
  • JsSIP
    JsSIP, the JavaScript SIP library.
  • jsunzip
    A JavaScript port of J?rgen Ibsens "tiny inflate library " and some additional code for reading a zip archive. All available under the zlib/libpng license.
  • khtmlib
    javascript library for browser maps.
  • kimbo.js
    An ECMAScript 5 only compatible JavaScript library.
  • knead
    a drag and drop library ( because you push and pull on things ).
  • knockout.sync.js
    Sync library managing models to be in sync between devices and backends.
  • l10n.js
    Passive localization JavaScript library.
  • later
    A javascript library for defining recurring schedules and calculating future (or past) occurrences for them. Includes support for using English phrases and Cron schedules. Works in Node and in the browser.
  • latex log parser
    A Javascript library for parsing LaTeX logs.
  • le js
    Client side JavaScript logging library for Logentries.
  • leaflet users map
    Map showing users of the Leaflet mapping library.
  • learnrx
    A series of interactive exercises for learning Microsoft's Reactive Extensions Library for Javascript.
  • lemonad
    a functional programming library for javascript. an experiment in elegant JS.
  • lessins
    A library of mixins for {less}.
  • lib
    A collection of js utilities.
  • lib tmpl
    A JavaScript library template.
  • libgithub
    a JavaScript library for displaying GitHub data on websites.
  • library
    A library of free eBooks we're working on.
  • library detector sdk
    Port of Paul Bakaus's Library Detector to the Add on SDK.
  • lightstring
    XMPP client library for browsers.
  • lodash
    A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras.
  • Logi
    AS3 HUD/Console logging library built on top of foxhole starling.
  • LucidJS
    LucidJS is a library boasting an EventEmitter than supports emitter piping, flags, event scope, and a collection of useful meta events.
  • lz
    the fastest functional lazy library for JavaScript.
  • marelle
    Foursquare API Javascript client lib.
  • mathy.js
    Mathy.js is a simple formula parsing library.
  • Medium.js
    A tiny JavaScript library for making contenteditable beautiful (Like Medium's editor).
  • microfiche.js
    A carousel library made With Associates, focusing on performance, simplicity and touch.
  • micropolar
    A tiny polar charts library made with D3.js.
  • min.js
    Super minimal selector and event library.
  • minimal
    A minimalistic javascript library that prefers performance and brevity over convenience or ease of use.
  • mixpanel as3
    Native Actionscript 3 library for sending data to Mixpanel.
  • moescript
    A not very but still light Javascript targeted language. (and its runtime and libraries.).
  • Monocle
    A silky, tactile browser based ebook JavaScript library.
  • mousetrap
    Simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript.
  • multimethod js
    A multimethod library for JavaScript, Clojure inspired.
  • multipart parser
    A C++ multipart MIME parser that isn't bloated with unnecessary stuff and doesn't depend on huge external libraries.
  • music.js
    music theory library for javascript.
  • mux.js
    A data multiplexing library for javascript. MIT LICENSE.
  • mxn
    A Javascript Mapping Abstraction library.
  • n8iv
    n8iv is a functional programming library ? for modern javascript engines ? which correctly extends JavaScript Natives. Giving you a ? relatively ? safe and easy to use API , to make your code more succinct and efficient.
  • Namespace.js
    Namespacing library for javascript.
  • narwhal
    A JavaScript standard library , package manager, and more.
  • nimble
    A really tiny functional JavaScript and async flow control library.
  • nitrogen core
    The core Nitrogen library.
  • nock
    HTTP mocking and expectations library.
  • node baunsu
    Library to parse and detect bounced emails.
  • node github
    node library to access the GitHub API.
  • node globule
    An easy to use wildcard globbing library.
  • node hive
    Node Hive Client Library.
  • node measured
    This is an alternative port of Coda Hale's metrics library.
  • node pusher
    Node library for Pusher API.
  • node rdf
    ECMAScript libraries for handling RDF data (based off of the current RDF APIs and webr3's js3).
  • node require directory
    Recursively iterates over specified directory, requiring each file, and returning a nested hash structure containing those libraries.
  • node sound
    The best sound library for Node.
  • node trees
    Library contains quad tree class that will grow automatically as data is inserted.
  • node twilio
    A Twilio helper library for node.
  • node twilio api
    A high level Twilio helper library to make Twilio API requests, handle incoming requests, and generate TwiML.
  • node utest
    The minimal unit testing library.
  • node virtualbox
    A JavaScript Library for Interacting with VirtualBox.
  • notifyjs
    Notify.js A simple, versatile notification library.
  • npm tweets
    Publishes tweets when libraries are updated on NPM.
  • Numeral js
    A javascript library for formatting and manipulating numbers.
  • o JS Library for Object Manipulation
    o JS Library for Object Manipulation.
  • o3djs
    O3D's Javascript library, imported from samples /o3djs/.
  • oasis.js
    A lightweight library for embedding untrusted content and exposing capabilities. I guess it does two things? But it does them well.
  • oath
    Tiny library for node and the browser that makes it easy to build and interact with promise/future based APIs.
  • oauth2 client node
    A node library providing the bases to implement an OAuth2 client (as connect middleware).
  • objs
    A minimalistic library intended to help in using namespaces and class inheritance in JavaScript.
  • observable
    An event system for JavaScript libraries.
  • observe js
    A library for observing Arrays, Objects and PathValues.
  • okapijs
    Graphical symbols library for Javascript.
  • oolib
    The JavaScript OOP library.
  • op
    C++ Open Peer core library P2P Protocol (needed for iOS SDK ).
  • opds js
    JS OPDS Parsing library.
  • open platform content api scala client
    A simple scala client library for the Guardian's openplatform content api.
  • overtoneCljs
    a simple example project using noir, overtone, and my cljs libraries.
  • packet.js
    A packet parser library written in JavaScript.
  • pantomime
    A tiny Clojure library that deals with MIME types (Internet media types).
  • PaperCube
    PaperCube, a visual digital library browser.
  • Parallaxjs
    A Library for Javascript that allows easy page parallaxing.
  • parallel.js
    Parallel.js is a tiny library for multi core processing in Javascript.
  • parse .js
    Combinatorial Parser Javascript Library.
  • parseq
    a javascript simple flow control library , as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  • parser lib
    Collection of parsers written in JavaScript.
  • parsimmon
    A monadic LL(infinity) parser combinator library for javascript.
  • passbookster
    Apple passbook library for node.
  • patternlab
    Make a pattern library using atomic design.
  • paynode
    Mega library that includes various loadable modules for interacting with different payment gateways.
  • pcmdata.js
    A javascript library to read / write.wav pcm data files.
  • Pearson Api Sdk
    JavaScript client library for accessing Pearson API.
  • persian.js
    A simple library for Persian language localization.
  • persist js
    PersistJS is a JavaScript client side persistent storage library.
  • phonegap tablet app boilerplate
    This is the blank template for phonegap project specifically made for tablets. Enabled with cordova 2.2.0 library.
  • photonews lib
    micro library for photonews.
  • picnet closure repo
    A repository of all of PicNet's google closure custom controls and library code.For a quick demo click the link below.
  • pjsaudio
    a comprehensive audio library for javascript/processing.js.
  • platform.js
    A platform detection library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.
  • playdar.js
    Javascript library for interacting with the Playdar HTTP API.
  • please.js
    A simple PostMessage communication library.
  • Pokki
    A collection of examples and useful libraries for Pokki developers.
  • portal
    JavaScript library for real time web application development.
  • postal.js
    JavaScript pub/sub library supporting some advanced subscription features, plus message capture and replay.
  • Pot.js
    Pot.js is an implemental utility library that can execute JavaScript without burdening the CPU.
  • presentz.js
    A js library to show synchronized video and slides presentations, powering
  • proj4js
    JavaScript library to transform coordinates from one coordinate system to another, including datum transformations.
  • psdJs
    A Photoshop Document (PSD) parsing library written in Javascript.
  • puttext
    Gettext like i18n library for javascript.
  • q connection
    A JavaScript library for communicating asynchronously with remote objects using promises.
  • qq
    Out of service ? Extensions for the Q promise library for JavaScript.
  • quail
    The QUAIL Accessibility Information Library.
  • queue
    Yet another asynchronous helper library for JavaScript. 387 bytes minified and gzipped!.
  • Radio
    Dependency free Chainable Publish/Subscribe Library for Javascript.
  • radioactive
    a library for playing with nuclear decay.
  • raphy charts
    Charting library built on Raphael.js.
  • react
    React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • readium shared js
    Repository for the shared JavaScript libraries that are used in the SDK Launchers and other applications developed on top of the SDK.
  • reducers
    Library for higher order manipulation of collections.
  • RegExpBuilder Examples
    A collection of examples using the RegExpBuilder library and how it can be used to generate Regular Expressions in a human readable format.
  • remotestorage.js
    JavaScript client library for integrating remoteStorage.
  • requirified
    Popular JavaScript Libraries AMD modularized for browsers only. Without any global window namespace pollution.
  • resistance
    A javascript flow library.
  • responsive elements
    Responsive elements makes it possible for any element to adapt and respond to the area they occupy. It's a tiny javascript library that you can drop into your projects today.
  • restruct.js
    A JavaScript binary data library.
  • retire.js
    scanner detecting the use of JavaScript libraries with known vulnerabilites.
  • rmUnify Sdk ForDotNet
    Client Library and Sample App for integrating your educational web application with the RM Unify Platform (
  • route recognizer
    A lightweight JavaScript library that matches paths against registered routes. It includes support for dynamic and star segments and nested handlers.
  • rsvp.js
    A lightweight library that provides tools for organizing asynchronous code.
  • RTree
    R Tree Library for Javascript. Check out the Wiki for API information!.
  • rye
    A modern, lightweight browser library using ES5 natives.
  • sample project library
    My tutorial, sample and template projects, mostly discussed in my blog.
  • sc4node
    A library for sclang (SuperCollider client application).
  • scribe analytics
    An open source JavaScript library for capturing all user interaction data into pluggable back ends.
  • sdk
    teleportd 1.x API libs.
  • sdk sample script action
    Sample project to help you define your own Share Document Library Actions.
  • searchlogic example
    Rails app using the searchlogic library.
  • select2 rails
    Integrate Select2 javascript library with Rails asset pipeline.
  • ShaderGraph.js
    Library to build GLSL shaders out of reusable building blocks.
  • shegon
    Sprockets for ClojureScript: A library to serve and develop CLJS assets.
  • sifter.js
    A library for textually searching arrays and hashes of objects by property (or multiple properties). Designed specifically for autocomplete.
  • simperium js
    Simperium client library for Javascript.
  • Simple Touch
    A quick and dirty touch specific drag and drop (dnd) library.
  • sink.js
    A javascript library for audio output.
  • sloth.js
    The lazy JavaScript iterator library.
  • sly
    JavaScript library for one directional scrolling with item based navigation support.
  • snack
    A tiny, cross browser, JavaScript library.
  • source map
    This is an unconnected fork of Mozilla's source map library.
  • Squares
    ?small, extensible, free and open source library for in browser maps, written in Typescript and using D3 under the hood.
  • StarRequests
    A collection of modular requests and request utilities that are built using the AS3 Signals library. They utilise Interfaces to provide a consistent API for each request.
  • step
    An async control flow library that makes stepping through logic easy.
  • subcollider.js
    JavaScript library that provides like SuperCollider functions.
  • superfeedr node
    A library to interract with Superfeedr's XMPP API in any node application.
  • suspend
    A generator based control flow library designed to work seamlessly with Node's callback conventions.
  • syn
    Standalone Synthetic Event Library.
  • Tablekit Demonstration
    This is a sample app created to demonstrate the use of the tablekit library with Rails 3.0.
  • taboverride
    A lightweight library that allows tabs to be entered in textarea elements.
  • Tangle
    a JavaScript library for reactive documents.
  • templayed.js
    The fastest and smallest Mustache compliant Javascript templating library written in 1806 bytes (uncompressed).
  • text parse
    Node library for parsing plaintext.
  • textarea helper
    A small helper library for textareas.
  • thumbs.js
    Add touch support to your browser with thumbs.js a small, transparent, and syntax less library.
  • timbre.js
    JavaScript library for objective sound programming.
  • Timecop.js
    A Javascript library providing "time travel" and "time freezing" capabilities for testing. See also
  • TinCanJS
    JavaScript library for Tin Can API.
  • tire
    Tire is a lightweight JavaScript library for modern browsers.
  • toe.js
    a sophisticated library to enable amazing touch events.
  • toxiclibsjs
    Toxiclibsjs is an open source library for computational design tasks with JavaScript. This library is a port of for java and processing.
  • TrafficCop
    Simple js lib to prevent multiple simultaneous client requests to same HTTP endpoint.
  • typeahead.js
    typeahead.js is a fast and fully featured autocomplete library.
  • uber.js
    Small Base JavaScript Library.
  • UglifyJS java
    JavaScript parser / mangler / compressor / beautifier library for for Java.
    Front page for uki js library. Code examples, docs.
  • UnderscoreKO
    A tiny library that adds all of the Underscore.js collection/array methods to Knockout observable arrays.
  • upcast
    A JavaScript type checking/casting library.
  • uvCharts
    Simple yet powerful JavaScript Charting library built using d3.js.
  • vagueTime.js
    A tiny JavaScript library that formats precise time differences as a vague/fuzzy time, e.g. '3 months ago', 'just now' or 'in 2 hours'.
  • vapor.js
    The World's Smallest & Fastest JavaScript Library.
  • vcloud client
    Playing with the vcloud js sdk lib.
  • VersionOne. SDK .Java.Integration.Build
    Common libraries for build integrations.
  • vexflow
    A JavaScript library for rendering music notation and guitar tablature.
  • Vita
    A sample implementation of my Regalo DDD/CQRS/ES library that contains multiple bounded contexts useful for managing one's personal affairs.
  • volumetrics
    An AS3 library for real time volumetric lighting effects.
  • walltime js
    A JavaScript library for easily translating a UTC time to a "Wall Time" for a particular time zone.
  • webL10n
    Client side internationalization / localization library.
  • whenever.js
    A nice little library for writing and implementing web application behavior in javascript that looks like English.
  • whiskers.js
    Whiskers templating library for JavaScript.
  • wii js
    A sane, documented, (hopefully) performant event based library for Wiimote webpage interaction.
  • wish
    node assertion library without special syntax.
  • xhr2 lib
    XMLHttpRequest Level 2 Library.
  • yadda
    A BDD javascript library.
  • Youtube TV
    A small, slick, library independent YouTube User/Playlist player.
  • zeroclipboard
    The ZeroClipboard library provides an easy way to copy text to the clipboard using an invisible Adobe Flash movie and a JavaScript interface.
  • zip.js
    JavaScript library to zip and unzip files.

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