List of Free code Framework


  • adapt framework
    This is the output framework of the Adapt Learning open source project.
  • Addressbook Sample
    A simple sample application for Axon Framework.
  • adminjs
    The backend agnostic administration framework.
  • akase
    a small decoupled, event driven architecture framework.
  • angular contrib
    Widgets, formatters and other stuff for angular.js web framework.
  • animation .io
    Multi browser version of the Mehreinfach's Animation Framework.
  • animation developer
    Developer Edition of the Animation Framework (
  • apejs
    A tiny JavaScript web framework targeted for Google App Engine.
  • APMPlayer
    a javascript media player framework.
  • app engine sdk
    Single page web application framework that utilizes Mustache for rendering logicless templates.
  • appjs routers example
    Routers frameworks integration with AppJS.
  • arduinounit
    ArduinoUnit is a unit testing framework for Arduino libraries.
  • bakers oven
    Sinatra app for generating hpubs (Baker Framework format).
  • Banana
    Javascript Component Driven Framework.
  • banzai
    Document processing framework for Node.
  • baren
    Baren.js is a 1 d / 2d barcode generator in javascript forked from bwip js. This fork is intended to continue project development with public git version control as well as to rewrite the code library to have more modular API suitable for selective importing and easy integration into modern JS frameworks.
  • barista
    A client side web framework for rich web sites and apps.
  • basic foundation responsive prestashop theme
    A responsive Prestashop theme based on Foundation 3 framework.
  • basisjs
    Javascript framework to build single page applications.
  • basisjs tools
    Developer tools for basis.js framework.
  • BB10 WebWorks Framework
    The BB10 WebWorks Framework is packaged within an application BAR file to run on a BB10 device (or simulator).
  • beef
    The Browser Exploitation Framework Project.
  • bespoke.js
    DIY Presentation Micro Framework.
  • big
    big is a zero line application " framework ".
  • Blast Mojo
    Blast Mojo is a patterns based JavaScript framework that provides a consistent event driven architecture for complex client side web applications, built on existing best of breed JS libraries. Its objectives are to provide a structured way.
  • bookmarklets
    Simple framework to build bookmarklets easily.
  • Bootsoft Bowling
    Example used in the Slim framework presentation.
  • brackets xunit
    A brackets extension to run various unit test frameworks.
  • brixjs
    BrixJS Lightweight, simple, but pretty powerful addition to Marionette.js framework , that helps you to build bookmarkable singlepage JS Apps.
  • broccoli
    Compilation framework for browser assets.
  • brook
    javascript large development framework.
  • bv SDKFramework
    BV API SDK Framework.
  • Cappuccino X Juggernaut
    A demo application coded with the Cappuccino framework which uses the Juggernaut push server.
  • capsela
    A high level, promises based web framework for Node with an emphasis on testability.
  • carcass
    An Express.js framework with a bunch of tools and assumptions.
  • cartoset
    CartoSet is a Ruby framework to develop geospatial websites.
  • cfspec
    A behaviour driven development (BDD) framework for ColdFusion 8.
  • charlotte
    Charlotte is a framework for building mobile hybrid web/native apps using Express and PhoneGap. It allows you to build a web app using a traditional web development approach and then to reuse that web app and progressively enhance it for a native app.
  • charlotte demo
    A demo app for the charlotte framework.
  • Chicagoboss Habratest
    A test erlang website based on ChicagoBoss framework.
  • chico mobile
    Chico Mobile is the MercadoLibre's Visual Framework for the web mobile.
  • cl blogapp
    Simple blog application in common lisp using the framework Weblocks.
  • coffeebar
    The CoffeScript based Web Framework for Rapid Application Development.
  • collection js
    A collection framework tailored for Javascript.
  • collections js
    Framework independent JavaScript collection methods.
  • ColtJS
    Simple, efficient, modular JavaScript framework.
  • Compact.js
    A modular javascript framework based on require.js and an intuitive way to build class hierarchies.
  • composers
    Composers: An asynchronous programming framework.
  • connect cache
    Caching system for Connect framework.
  • cool kitten
    A parallax scrolling responsive framework.
  • corpus
    Corpus.js is a Javascript framework for large client side web applications.
  • cosyJS
    Isomorphic Javascript Component Framework using express.
  • cote
    An auto discovery mesh network framework for building fault tolerant and scalable applications.
  • coweb
    Open Cooperative Web Framework.
  • coweb boilerplates
    This repo is intended as a collection of pre built snapshots of developer working environments that combine OpenCoweb with other frameworks.
  • cowebx
    Example apps and widgets using the OpenCoweb framework.
  • cramp
    Real time web application framework in Ruby.
  • crypton
    A framework for creating zero knowledge web applications.
  • csscritic
    A lightweight framework for regression testing of Cascading Style Sheets.
  • cuba app
    Template application for the Cuba framework.
  • cubes.js
    Cubes JavaScript framework for Slicer Server.
  • customers
    Pyramid web framework demo app.
  • d3.chart
    A framework for creating reusable charts with d3.js.
  • datacollector
    A generic system for collection push/pull data from external sources (such as API's) based on the rails framework.
  • deckster polymer
    An exercise in learning the Polymer web component framework by implementing bits of 42sixsolutions/deckster.
  • DexterJS
    Dexter is a simple Test Helper, framework independent.
  • di.js
    General purpose extensible dependency injection framework for JavaScript.
  • dijon
    An IOC/DI framework in Javascript, inspired by Robotlegs and Swiftsuspenders.
  • dota 2 engine
    dota 2 api framework.
  • dragondrop
    A toolkit and framework for creating drag and drop exercises.
  • driftwood.js
    Driftwood a dirt simple logging framework for javascript.
  • ebeer
    JS Widgets based framework.
  • ed.ultimate package
    Erskine's framework for rapidly developing the front end of our projects.
  • EFineUploader
    Extension for Yii Framework, allows your users to easily upload files to your server without use Flash.
  • ember utils
    A collection of addons for Ember.js framework.
  • ember.js
    Ember.js A JavaScript framework for creating ambitious web applications.
  • Ender
    the no library library : open module JavaScript framework.
  • entityspaces.js
    A JavaScript Data Access Framework that uses Knockout.
  • enyo
    A JavaScript application framework emphasizing modularity and encapsulation.
  • Enyo Components
    Misc Components for Enyo Framework.
  • enyo extras
    Open source controls for the Enyo javascript framework.
  • epf
    A framework for keeping your Ember.js apps in sync.
  • erlchat
    Erlchat is a simple chat server built using the Chicago Boss web framework.
  • esuna
    Classy Front End Framework.
  • exampleApp
    This is a sample application that uses the dojoEnterpriseApp framework. The same application is written 3 different ways to show possible uses of the framework.
  • express lingua
    An i18n middleware for the Express.js framework.
  • Extendables
    A framework for Adobe ExtendScript.
  • fakeplasticcubes
    A 9K demoscene intro in Javascript (and framework for future 4 64K intros).
  • FastJs
    The Fastest Javascript Framework.
  • Fastworks.js
    A super fast middleware framework similar to, and very compatible with, connect().
  • feather
    Full featured widget based RIA framework for node.
  • Flow
    A stateful JavaScript framework , for unparalleled code organization and control.
  • foounit
    A simple but powerful cross platform BDD test framework.
  • fortune
    A framework for prototyping hypermedia APIs.
  • foundation base
    Child theme for Thematic framework , based on Foundation by ZURB and Responsive Base by Scott Nix.
  • Foundation MODX
    MODX Revolution template based on Foundation from Zurb ( This is a very minimal MODX Revolution template, with this template you can quickly install to start using the fantastic Foundation framework.
  • foundationify
    A theme for Shopify based on the responsive Zurb Foundation 4 framework.
  • FoundationLess
    ZURB's Foundation framework , LESS powered.
  • foundstyles
    Cool looking and ready to use themes based on Foundation framework.
  • Frameless
    The spiritual successor to Less Framework.
  • framework build tools
    Collection of package build tools.
  • framework samples js
    An example app written in different frameworks using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.
  • frenzy bunnies
    RabbitMQ JRuby based worker framework on top of hot_bunnies.
  • FRWD
    A responsive, proportional, nestable, customizable, and mobile first framework.
  • Fuel gallery
    A gallery package for the FuelPHP framework.
  • gaffa js
    Model driven JavaScript application framework.
  • gnzkrz
    gnzkrz is a URL shortener based on the web framework.
  • GRI
    the ghost rider igniter framework web components.
  • gridbee framework
    A JavaScript framework enabling browsers to participate in distributed computing projects and communicating with BOINC servers.
  • ground
    Ground MV(C/VM) Javascript Framework.
  • grunt micro
    Ensure your micro framework stays micro.
  • guimate.tmbundle
    TextMate bundle application creation framework. Includes awesome simple GUI for Git.
  • GumbyPress
    WordPress Theme based on the Gumby Framework.
  • h ubu
    H UBU is an extensible injection framework for JavaScript.
  • habanero
    Load Testing framework in erlang with real time feedback.
  • HandyMan
    A Mobile Manager for the MODX Content Management Framework.
  • HeadlinersApp
    Business intelligence application that monitors a brand, company, or person's impact on social networking site. Application runs on the Chicago Boss Framework and is required for the application to run.
  • helium
    A responsive frontend framework that won't weigh you down.
  • hexabones
    Framework for building PrestaShop themes.
  • highkick
    HighKick is a small testing framework that I like.
  • hiro
    Framework for testing third party JavaScript applications.
  • holy
    A non framework framework for easy web interface development.
  • http framework
    A web framework based purely on require('http').
  • iDevUI
    iDevUI is a Javascript framework for desktop and mobile web applications.
  • imap js
    JavaScript clientside IMAP mail client written for the Golf web framework. Talks directly to an IMAP server using a long polling socket proxy for transport.
  • impressive
    An impress.js presentation framework ; ATM I don't have the time to work on this project, because of my final exams.
  • inspec
    Javascript BDD Test Framework similar to RSpec.
  • ioreader
    IO Reader a news reading framework to enable you to target one news app to multiple devices.
  • IOSANEDevelop Framework
    A framework for ANE coding, packaging, testing and debuging.
  • jasmine flight
    Extensions to the Jasmine test framework for use with Flight.
  • javascript collections
    Collections framework similar to the java collections framework or guava (Unfinished).
  • javascript state machine
    A finite state machine javascript micro framework.
  • javascript testdrive example
    A collection of examples using various different frameworks to test drive javascript.
  • javelin
    Large, bloated Javascript framework with an unintuitive, verbose syntax and very few features. Browsing its inelegant, poorly written source is an unwelcome experience.
  • jazz
    Run javascript tests from various frameworks in various environments.
  • jcollections
    A Powerful Collections Framework in JavaScript.
  • jefferson
    Javascript application framework for mobile , or web based, single page web apps.
  • jekyll foundation base
    An "empty" jekyll base structure, with the foundation web framework built in and ready to use.
  • jessie
    Node runner for Jasmine JavaScript BDD testing framework.
  • joe
    Joe is a javascript testing framework that actually works. Unlike Mocha, we won't die on you abruptly when executing dynamically created tests and are always able to associate the correct test to the correct corresponding test suite. Switching from Mocha is trivial and only takes a few minutes.
  • js tableframe
    Lightweight table framework for JS.
  • js test examples
    How to run JS tests using various frameworks on different platforms.
  • jsfw components
    Sample components for the JSFW framework.
  • jsmockito
    Javascript mocking framework inspired by the awesome mockito.
  • jsMovieclip
    A javascript little framework to animate spritesheet as AS3 movieclip.
  • jsshaper
    an extensible framework for JavaScript syntax tree shaping.
  • jsunity
    Lightweight Universal JavaScript Unit Testing Framework.
  • JUTE
    Javascript Unit Test Framework.
  • kanji
    Web declarative component framework.
  • keel
    A stabilizing framework for Domain Driven applications.
  • Ki
    A Statechart Framework for SproutCore.
  • kibi
    a client side web framework in 1,024 bytes.
  • kick.js
    sinatra style routing framework.
  • KnockoutApp
    A framework for KnockoutJS.
    A framework for building awesome knockout.js apps.
  • Kooshy
    Kooshy (/?ko?oSH?/) is a content management system designed as an addon module for the Kohana framework. It has been designed to help you manage your site content easily, with as little hassle as possible. KMS is a constant work in progress and we are always looking to get better.
  • laika
    testing framework for meteor.
  • Lair
    Lair is a reactive attack collaboration framework and web application built with meteor.
  • leaflet. animation
    Lightweight Leaflet animation framework.
  • loadable frameworks
    loadable frameworks component for the core applications.
  • locache
    JavaScript caching framework for client side caching in the browser using localStorage gracefully degrades when the browser doesn't support localStorage.
  • look ma no frameworks
    As it says on the tin.
  • lua.js
    An ECMAscript framework to compile and run Lua code, allowing Lua to run in a browser or in Flash.
  • macchiato
    BDD + QDD testing framework for JavaScript.
  • magix
    A Web Application Framework.
  • mamoo
    A javascript model, observer framework built on top of the Motionbox EventHandler.
  • MapKit
    A MapKit Framework for google.
  • meteor mocha web
    easily and safely run mocha tests within the Meteor framework.
  • methadone
    OOP Framework for Javascript.
  • micro module definition
    A tiny JavaScript module definition and dependency management framework.
    Fantastic Micro Frameworks and Micro Libraries for Fun and Profit!.
  • minima
    yet another web framework.
  • mobify client
    Mobify CLI and Tools for use with the Mobify.js Adaptation Framework.
  • mojo.js
    Modular Isomorphic MV+ JavaScript Framework
  • moksi
    Moksi is an all in one JavaScript testing framework with a lot of salt, but easy on the pepper.
  • monarch old
    A relational framework for realtime client/ server web applications in JavaScript.
  • MQFramework Fluid
    A Fluid version of our framework.
  • mwf
    UCLA Mobile Web Framework.
  • mysticpaste
    A sample pastebin built using the Apache Wicket java web framework.
  • namespace
    Framework for standardized modularization of JavaScript code.
  • namespacedotjs
    Namespace.js is a small javascript script which provide namespacing utilities. It is framework independent. It also allows you to remotely include files.
  • neato
    webOS app (Mojo Framework) to move content and URLs to and from your computer and other devices.
  • NextJS
    RIA Server side Framework.
  • ngForce Angular.js framework. A better description forthwith.
  • nitro
    Nitro Web Application Framework.
  • node covershot
    Multi format, test framework agnostic, code coverage report generator.
  • node fast or slow
    Are your tests fast or slow? A pragmatic testing framework.
  • node intestine
    Roll your own test framework with these guts.
  • node pivot
    Simple feature variant testing framework for node and component.
  • node rio
    Integration with Rserve, a TCP/IP server for R framework.
    A data scraping and processing framework.
  • ntfd
    Network Testing Framework Daemon.
  • ntfserver
    Network Testing Framework Server.
  • nwt
    Node Web Toolkit nwt is a modern javascript framework.
  • opencomparison
    OpenComparison is the framework for creating package comparison sites like
  • opensteam
    e commerce framework for ruby on rails.
  • opentip
    Opentip is an open source javascript tooltip based on the protoype framework.
  • oui
    Web app client server framework developed as part of
  • Overthrow
    A tiny, no frills, framework independent, targeted overflow: auto polyfill for use in responsive design.
  • pagerjs
    The Single Page Application Framework for KnockoutJS.
  • paginieren
    A free minimalistic Wordpress theme with an extensive and easy to use control panel. Our framework includes custom widgets , integrated search engine optimization, page templates too showcase your content and many other cool features!.
  • performance
    performance testing of darlingjs framework and some core modules (box 2d , pixi.js rendering and so on).
  • phantomrobot
    Robot Framework Remote Test Library for PhantomJS.
  • picciotto
    minimalistic website framework based on Padrino.
  • piece
    piece mobile web framework.
  • play2 mustache
    Mustache ( module for the Play2! Framework.
  • playframework elasticsearch
    Integrate Elastic Search in a Play! Framework Application. This module uses JPA events to notify Elastic Search of events of their own. It embeds a running Elastic Search instance for Rapid Development.
    A Network Service Messaging framework for use on top of the W3C Network Service Discovery specification.
  • pomelo flash tcp
    it`s a simple framework for supporting pomelo hybridconnector(tcp).
  • pomelo rpc
    rpc framework for pomelo.
  • powerdelivery
    A deployment framework helping you to continuously deliver software to your customers using Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Windows PowerShell.
    Primus.IO Real Time framework build on top of the great Primus, it makes running with it a little slicker : ).
  • println
    blogging / publishing software written in Scala (Lift Web Framework ).
  • Propulsor.JS
    Animation framework in TypeScript.
  • protosock
    Framework for building network protocols.
  • protractor
    E2E test framework for Angular apps.
  • qmock
    QMock is a standalone, lightweight mocking framework that facilitates the testing of JavaScript programs.
  • qooxlisp
    The Last Web App Framework You Will Ever Evaluate: qooxdoo, Lisp, and Cells.
  • quanah
    JavaScript framework for distributing and scheduling computations.
  • qunit
    An easy to use JavaScript Unit Testing framework.
  • RAD.JS
    RAD.JS Rapid Application Development (PhoneGap optimized javascript framework ).
  • referee
    Test framework agnostic assertion and expectation library.
  • refueljs
    ReFuel is a fast and flexible mobile first Javascript framework aimed to easily develop web applications.
  • responsive base
    A responsive mobile first child theme for the Thematic theme framework, intended to be a base starting point for WordPress themes.
  • restish
    Restish is a simple to use, lightweight WSGI web framework and library with a strong focus on resources, request/response, URLs and content negotiation.
  • Riff js
    Riff js is Mobile Web Framework.
  • riotjs
    The 1kb client side MVP framework.
  • river js
    Web app development framework based on Facade/Mediator pattern.
  • roach
    A very adaptable web crawler framework. Impossible to kill.
  • roads
    A web application framework for Mozart / Oz.
  • robotlegs utilities UndoableCommand
    Undoable Command Classes for Robotlegs Framework.
  • root
    a lightweight prototypical middleware web framework.
  • rosy
    An inheritable AMD framework.
  • rxjs components
    A JavaScript component framework built with Microsoft's Reactive Extensions for JavaScript.
  • Schmutzka Framework
    Simple, practice inspired, Nette based framework.
  • screw unit
    A Javascript BDD Framework with nested describes, a convenient assertion syntax, and an intuitive test browser.
  • scriptaculous is an open source JavaScript framework for visual effects and interface behaviours.
  • sDashboard
    A simple & light weight dashboard framework in javascript.
  • sharemyideas
    Ideas Sharing website built on Slim Framework.
  • shopping cart
    The Rails old shopping cart demo ported to the Padrino framework.
  • shudder
    Shudder, a Spidermonkey based JS testing framework.
  • shurikenjs
    very fast and native javascript framework.
  • Sidetap
    Sidetap is a simple framework that allows you to quickly build platform independent mobile web interfaces.
  • simple frontend boilerplate
    A starting point to develop websites or web applications without forcing a specific MV* framework or modular loader.
  • simply mobile
    A front end mobile/ table framework designed to easily integrate into PhoneGap.
  • sinatra foundation skeleton
    A skeleton Sinatra application which utilizes Zurb's Foundation 3 framework.
  • sketch.js
    Cross Platform JavaScript Creative Coding Framework.
  • smoke
    A JavaScript mocking and stubbing framework.
  • solidbase webapp
    solidbase webapp, a demo of eweb4j framework.
  • spksrc
    Cross compilation framework to create native packages for the Synology's NAS.
  • sproutcore buildtools
    Ruby build tools for the SproutCore JavaScript framework. Install via sudo gem install sproutcore.
  • sproutcore examples
    Examples using the Sproutcore Javascript application framework.
  • sproutcore rich text
    In development official SproutCore RichText framework.
  • sproutcore uds
    Sproutcore Universal Data Sources(SCUDS): Common Public APIs and Data Source Frameworks.
  • ss 2d samples
    SmoothStep 2D framework sample apps.
    A framework for distributed and authenticated communication between web and back end clients.
  • starbucks
    Serverside Javascript Web Framework.
  • steller
    Sound Modeling framework using the Web Audio API.
  • stick
    JSGI middleware composition layer and application framework.
  • Swiper
    Mobile touch slider and framework with hardware accelerated transitions.
  • swiss
    JS framework abstraction framework.
  • syringe
    An ultra lightweight dependency injection framework for JavaScript.
  • table search
    an example of gogo frameworks.
  • teoria
    A JavaScript music theory framework.
    Simple js test framework.
  • testr.js
    Unit testing require.js modules, with both stubbed and script loaded dependencies. Compatible with all test frameworks Jasmine, QUnit, JsTestDriver, Buster JS, etc.
  • thin
    a simple thin js framework.
  • thoughtless
    Thoughtless Slide Framework. Don't Make Me Think! (Or code.).
  • timbits
    Widget framework based on Express.
  • TimeSide
    open web audio processing framework.
  • tiny call center
    FreeSWITCH Call Center Framework.
  • toadstool
    Scaleable Sass based style guide framework.
  • tracing framework
    Web Tracing Framework libraries and extensions.
  • trinity
    A minimalistic Ruby web framework for publishing Linked Data.
  • undum
    A client side framework for narrative hypertext interactive fiction.
  • Vaadin MVP Lite Mail Example
    This is an example project that shows how to use the VaadinMVP framework.
  • VIE
    Semantic Interaction Framework for JavaScript.
  • virtual datalist
    Dijit Framework for creating virtual scrolling components.
  • visionyc
    NYC data visualizer, an example of using d3.js's geographic framework.
  • VK app js framework
    This had to be my framework for the social network apps. Please refer to
  • voltron model
    voltron model provides a framework agnostic wrapper around Javascript objects, simplifying their use as Model objects in web applications. A component.
  • VX Animation
    An JavaScript Animation Framework.
  • wash
    `wash` is a framework for creating and interfacing with trojans that can establish a "web shell" on a compromised web server. It is designed with penetration testers in mind, and thus is highly versatile and extensible.
  • WebIntents 0.1
    A framework for Webbased Inter app communication and service discovery.
  • webmote
    An extensible home automation framework.
  • webspecter
    BDD style acceptance test framework for web applications based on PhantomJS.
  • Wicket
    A modest library for moving between Well Known Text (WKT) and various framework geometries.
  • widget js
    Widget.JS is a framework that provied routing, events and a widgets to JS Apps.
  • Widjet
    Widjet is a Javascript Widget framework that allows you to develop web applications more in the style you use when you develop desktop applications by creating a set of user interface components Widgets.
  • wijcollections
    A Java like Collection Framework for JavaScript.
  • wikiwyg js
    Wikiwyg is a WYSIWYG browser editor framework for wikis. It is designed to be pluggable on top of existing wiki engines, with little or no change to the wiki engine's core software.
  • wildgarlic
    a simple urbandictionary mobile app, written in JavaScript with the Jo framework.
  • WinningJS build
    A grunt build task for Windows 8 applications built on the WinningJS framework.
  • WinningJS todo
    Demo todo list application for Windows 8, built on the WinningJS framework.
  • workshopper
    A terminal workshop runner framework.
  • WP Simple Settings Framework
    A simple framework for Wordpress' Settings API.
  • wq
    Documentation for wq, a modular framework for mobile / web geographic data collection applications.
  • wru
    essential unit test framework.
  • wysihat
    A WYSIWYG JavaScript framework.
  • xitrum
    Async and clustered Scala web framework and HTTP(S) server.
  • XKit
    Extension framework for Tumblr.
  • xtc
    This project brings the Terrific.js clever, yet simple frontend modularization pattern to Node and Express and implements some of the features of Terrific Composer, like server side module includes. And much more... It provides an awesome server , framework and template for most frontend projects.
  • xupload
    XUpload extension for Yii Framework.
    Small, Lightweight Framework for Mobile Devices (Yet Another Simple, Mobile Framework ).
  • yeti adaptors
    Use Yeti with other client side testing frameworks.
  • yii themes
    Collections of themes for yii framework.
  • yiinitializr intermediate
    Yii Framework project structure boilerplate for basic to intermediate application requirements.
  • YiiShop
    Shop application based on yii framework.
  • yoke
    Yoke is a middleware framework for Vert.x.
  • Zend Framework Examples
    Repozytorium z przyk?adowymi aplikacjami wykorzystuj?cymi Zend Framework'a.
  • zendblog
    Creating a blog using zend framework.
  • zf 2 d2 blog
    My personal blog built with Zend Framework 2 and Doctrine 2.
  • zfunittest
    Demo application to explain unit testing with Zend Framework 1.8 or higher.

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