List of Free code Backbone.JS


  • 3d backbone
    Backbone with 3d views.
  • a Table
    Fast, flexible Javascript table component built on Backbone.js.
  • aebleskiver
    Node chat application. Built with Backbone.js, Express.js, and DNode as primary components.
  • ajax webapp
    Comparision of Backbone.js and Angular.js.
  • angular resource collection
    Backbone like collections for AngularJS resources.
  • app cloud backbone
    Provides a base backbone collection with a set of default hooks to interface with the App Cloud system. Additionally, there is an example application to highlight how backbone's views and routes can be used with App Cloud bc.ui.forwardPage and bc.ui.backPage APIs.
  • appboil requirejs backbonejs
    Boilerplate template of HTML5 App with RequireJS and Backbone.js.
  • appenginetodos
    J?r?me Gravel Niquet's Todos backbone sample Todo list application, ported to AppEngine.
  • applicant tracker
    A sample application that you with a working example of a Backbone app using the Kinvey Backbone client library, including relational data, user login, and external APIs.
  • aquilon
    Backbone.js 0.9.0 + Playframework 1.2.4 Sample App.
  • aura backbone example
    Example app with Aura / Backbone and manually starting & stopping widgets.
  • autocomplete example
    A example showing how to create a autocomplete field with node.js, mongodb, backbone.js and now.js using the now.js socket connection.
  • backbone adapters
    A collection of sync methods designed to make it easy to integrate your backbone models and collections with data from popular 3rd party APIs.
  • backbone app layout
    A sample of a structured contact list backbone app.
  • backbone atlas
    Backbone compatible json to models converter.
  • backbone azure mobile services
    Backbone sync for Azue Mobile Services.
  • backbone baguette
    Freshly toasted backbone library. Provides tools and components for a super quick backbone development in small to medium applications.
  • backbone base and form view
    backbone base and form view.
  • backbone book
    Code Samples for Instant Backbone.js Application Development.
  • backbone books
    Google Books API + Backbone.js.
  • backbone bootstrap
    Backbone, API Stub, Sinatra, HAML, SASS, Coffeescript, jQuery, Underscore, Sprockets, Asset Packaging, Heroku, Pry.
  • Backbone Bootstrap Form Validation
    Utilizes an extendable Backbone.js View, Model and HTML Markup conventions to allow for a simple way to indicate form validation errors using Twitter bootstrap tooltips and some CSS.
  • backbone calendar
    A calendar component built with Backbone.js and RequireJS.
  • backbone cappedcollection
    Capped Collections for BackboneJS.
  • backbone coffeescript demo
    Demo Rails application using Backbone.js, CoffeeScript and Jasmine.
  • Backbone Collection Multi Sort
    Multi Attribute Sort for Backbone Collection.
  • backbone collection proxy
    Create a read only copy of a backbone collection that stays in sync with the original.
  • backbone collection wax
    Backbone. Collection mixin which works with backbone model wax to provide methods for controlling 'on'/'off' state in collections.
  • backbone contacts
    a sample contacts app written in backbone.js.
  • backbone create
    A Backbone.js based framework for CreateJS canvas projects. Includes TweenMax.js for super fast animation. Built on top of Brunch for assembly.
  • Backbone CSS3 Page Transitions CSS Frameworks Demos
    CSS Frameworks demo code used on Backbone Responsive CSS3 Page Transitions project site.
  • Backbone d3
    Simple visualisations of backbone collections via d3 visualisation library.
  • Backbone data Tables
    Make jQuery data Tables support Backbone/AMD.
  • backbone deferred
    Provides the deferred pattern to Backbone models and collections.
  • backbone demo
    A simple demonstration using Backbone.js with Ruby on Rails.
  • backbone demo with grunt
    A backbone example , build with requirejs and grunt.
  • backbone documentmodel
    A plugin to create entire Document structures with nested Backbone.js Models & Collections with deep model references and event bubbling.
  • backbone drag drop
    Backbone drag drop using jquery drag drop plugin.
  • backbone events
    Backbone.Events API as a component.
  • backbone expansion pack
    Some extensions to Backbone base components.
  • backbone faux server
    A (tiny) framework for mocking up server side persistence / processing for Backbone.js.
  • backbone fiber
    Connecting components together to make better BackboneJS apps.
  • backbone filtered collection
    Create a filtered version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.
  • backbone form builder
    A form builder for backbone.js.
  • backbone form helper
    Form field helpers for backbone.js and underscore.js templates.
  • backbone forms
    Form framework for BackboneJS with nested forms, editable lists and validation.
  • backbone full stack
    A full stack extension of the backbone.js todos example app.
  • backbone fundamentals
    Real world example of Backbone's use. Meant to be used in conjunction with
  • backbone ga class
    Materials for my class on Backbone presentation and example code.
  • backbone gcl
    Mixin for Backbone.View providing methods to free up list views for garbage collection.
  • backbone github issues
    Example Backbone.js application recreating Github Issues into a single page web application. Built with Coffeescript + SASS + iCanHaz.
  • backbone grid
    Render a backbone collection as a grid with filtering, paging, sorting etc.
  • backbone handlebars demo
    Demo app with Backbone and Handlebars.
  • backbone html5 uploader
    HTML5 and Backbone.js Drag & Drop file upload example.
  • backbone index
    Simple, dynamic indexes for greasy fast filtering of collections.
  • Backbone Introduction
    Contains Samples Used in Rochester, NY May 2nd, 2012 Talk.
  • backbone jasmine examples
    Some examples of Jasmine specs for a forthcoming blog post.
  • backbone jqmobile
    Backbone framework for jquery mobile.
  • backbone jquerymobile
    Sample App showing how to use Backbone.js and jQuery Mobile together.
  • backbone js on nancy
    Sample demonstrating Single Page App using Backbone JS and NancyFX.
  • backbone knockout examples
    Backbone examples ported from Knockout.
  • backbone layout
    An extension to Backbone.View to allow nested views.
  • backbone list
    A powerful, extendible list component for Backbone.js applications.
  • backbone login
    Best practices & demo for client side authentication via Backbone.JS AJAX.
  • backbone memoize
    Lazy ass caches for Backbone collections and models.
  • Backbone Mobile
    Example app of using backbone with jquery mobile.
  • backbone mobile components
    Include 7 components to use with backbone to help you get started with doing mobile web apps.
  • backbone mobile search
    A Backbone.js + jQuery Mobile sample app using AMD for separation of modules, Require.js for dependency management + template externalisation and Underscore for templating.
  • backbone modular
    Sample modular backbone.js based app with require.js. Template using handlebars.js.
  • backbone modulebone
    A frontend heavy single page HTML5 backbone boilerplate app with a Todo app, notifications, authentication, authorization, registration, profile edit, and password reset/change.
  • backbone mongo
    Query Backbone. Collections with the mongodb api.
  • backbone mvc
    Add Controllers to Backbone.js.
  • Backbone NodeJS Sample Project
    Backbone and NodeJS contrived example that shows view caching, and treating Backbone views more like a controller with html templates being the views.
  • backbone on express
    A framework for using Backbone on the server side and client side and sharing as many components as possible.
  • backbone package template
    Backbone.js, Require.js architecture for packages ( widgets ) based projects.
  • backbone pageable
    A pageable, drop in replacement for Backbone. Collection inspired by Backbone.Paginator, but much better.
  • backbone paginated collection
    Create a paginated version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.
  • backbone parse
    A Backbone plugin to make it work with out of the box. Boom.
  • Backbone Playground
    Building simple Backbone examples just so I can play with/understand it.
  • backbone poller
    Backbone poller is a simple utility that allows polling on any backbone model or collection.
  • backbone propgrid
    Property Grid Component for Backbone.js.
  • backbone rails3.1 example
    James Yu's CloudEdit app built with Coffeescript and Sass.
  • backbone redis
    Backbone data persistence through Redis pub/sub and
  • backbone require example
    An example app written in Backbone using RequireJS.
  • backbone require wire
    A basic project based on the TodoMVC project setup to serve as a example and test bed for the use of base JavaScript libraries of Backbone, Require and Wire.
  • Backbone RequireJS
    The backbone js todo example app refactored to use requireJS.
  • Backbone RequireJS boilerplate
    Boilerplate for a scalable MVC JavaScript web application that utilizes AMD, Require.js & the text.js plugin for templating, Backbone.js, jQuery, and amplify.js for PubSub. 2 simple modules already created to show basic usage of all components.
  • Backbone Responsive CSS 3 Page Transitions
    CSS 3 hardware accelerated page transitions optimised for fluid layouts.
  • backbone sample app
    A backbone.js sample application.
  • backbone schema
    Backbone.Schema allows developers to specify rich Backbone models and collections with JSON Schema.
  • backbone serverside
    Node.js server side Backbone adapters.
  • Backbone Snippets
    A collection of useful Backbone.js code snippets, techniques, and design patterns.
  • backbone socket io
    sample program for backbone and and node.js and redis.
  • backbone socketio demo
    A simple demo of twitter streaming api with backbone, express and
  • backbone sorted collection
    Create a sorted version of a backbone collection that stays in sync.
  • backbone spotify
    A library for writing Spotify apps with Backbone.
  • backbone tablesorter
    A backbone.JS powered table generation and sorter library that respects your Views().
  • backbone testing
    Apps, suites, and examples for Backbone.js test development.
  • backbone todos
    Yet another backbone todo's example. This one combines backbone with jquery, handlebars, jammit and rails 3.
  • backbone tree model
    A tree using Backbone Model and Collection.
  • backbone treeview
    treeview widget for backbone.js.
  • backbone ui
    An attempt to create a small collection of backbone.js components for creating structured web layouts.
  • backbone view collection
    Simple and fast container for management many Backbone views.
  • backbone view states
    make your Backbone views statefull and build easily UI components with Backbone.
  • Backbone Widgets
    Simple jQuery plugins that use Backbone JS.
  • backbone wine cellar
    Spring MVC + JPA implementation of The Wine Cellar application ( jax cellar).
  • Backbone With Server Side Rendering
    An example of using backbone.js models, collections and view with HTML rendered from Sinatra/Datamapper.
  • backbone wordpress demo
    Sample theme for WordCamp Chicago demo.
  • Backbone. Collection Filter
    create filtered collection from backbone collections.
  • backbone. collectionsubset
    Create sub collections from other collections and keep them in sync.
  • backbone. collectionview
    Easily render models in a collection as views with magic.
  • Backbone. Component View
    view manager based on goog.ui. component for Backbone.
  • backbone. d3
    Reusable D3 visualizations using Backbone.js views.
  • backbone. datepicker view
    Bootstrap style datepicker backbone view.
  • backbone. grid
    Some Grid goodness with a Backbone CRUD interface.
  • backbone. layoutmanager
    A layout and template manager for Backbone.js applications.
  • backbone. layoutmanager .docs
    Documentation site for Layout Manager.
  • Backbone. Table Sorter
    A Backbone View that allows easy sorting of existing HTML elements.
  • backbone. widget
    Create Backbone.Views via jQuery.
  • Backbone.actAs.Paginatable
    Paginatable backbone collections for large model sets. Request your collections piece by piece.
  • Backbone.Augment
    Simple plugin/addon functionality for Backbone Views, Models, and Collections.
  • Backbone.Chosen
    One Collection , different models, mapped easy via configuration.
  • Backbone.ChromeStorage
    A API adapter for Backbone.js.
  • backbone.cloudant
    Helper objects for interacting with data stored in Cloudant.
  • backbone.cocomp
    An event based Backbone Collection comparison utility.
  • backbone.collectionView
    Easily render backbone.js collections. In addition to managing model views, this class supports automatic selection of models in response to clicks, reordering models via drag and drop, and more.
  • Backbone.DataBinding
    The plugin implements a two way data binding between views and models/ collections.
  • backbone.datagrid
    A powerful component, based on Backbone.View, that displays your Backbone collections in a dynamic datagrid table.
  • backbone.debug
    A small debug library for Backbone.js.
  • Backbone.dropbox Datastore
    A Dropbox Datastore API adapter for Backbone.js.
  • backbone.epoxy
    Data Binding for Backbone.
  • Backbone.Facetr
    A library to perform faceted search on Backbone collections.
  • Backbone.Flexisync
    A Backbone.Sync replacement for aggregating data from multiple sources (and optionally caching it).
  • backbone.geppetto
    Bring your Backbone applications to life with an event driven Command framework.
  • backbone.giraffe
    A light and flexible library that extends Backbone.js to new heights.
  • backbone.googlemaps
    A Backbone JS extension for interacting with the Google Maps API (v3.10).
  • backbone.hashmodels
    Connect multiple Backbone models to the url hash.
  • backbone.include
    Simple interface for mixins for views, models and collections. No more long prototype chains.
  • backbone.iobind
    Bind events to backbone models & collections. Also includes a drop in replacement for Backbone.sync using
  • Backbone.js and Require.js Twitter Client
    Backbone.js + Require.js Twitter Client application.
  • backbone.js examples
    This is a collection of simple apps meant to illustrate and explore various techniques used in building Backbone.js apps.
  • backbone.js with templates demo
    A demo app to show how to use Backbone.js along with templates such as Handlebars.js / mustache / ICanHaz.js for client side development in HTML + Javascript.
  • backbone.kineticview
    Special Backbone View for canvas via Kineticjs library.
  • backbone.leaflet
    A map component for Backbone.js.
  • backbone.marionette collection example
    A basic example of using Backbone.Marionette to simplify building Backbone.js apps.
  • Backbone.Meninges
    Deep Models and smart form /model synchronisation for backbone js.
  • Backbone.ModelRegistry
    Use only single references to Backbone models across registered collections.
  • Backbone.mongoose
    Store Backbone Models and Collections to the MongoDB.
  • backbone.native
    A tiny drop in replacement for jQuery to allow Backbone to work.
  • backbone.notifier
    Notifications framework for Backbone.js.
  • backbone.obscura
    A read only proxy of a Backbone. Collection that can be filtered, sorted, and paginated.
  • Backbone.observe
    Extends Backbone. Collection with an observe method which creates new collection that is automatically synced, optionally filtered and optionally transformed from the original collection.
  • backbone.orderable
    Methods for allowing user reorderable Backbone Collections.
  • backbone.paginator
    Backbone.Paginator is a pagination component for Backbone.js.
  • backbone.picky
    selectable entities as mixins for Backbone.Model and Backbone. Collection.
  • Backbone.promissedSync
    Simple line plugin, that make `Backbone.sync` resolve with model/collection instance instead of `$. ajax ` response.
  • Backbone.RailsNestedAttributes Collection
    A Backbone collection for working with rails has_many associations using nested attributes as collections.
  • backbone.rowgrid
    A view that renders a row centered grid.
  • Backbone.Rpc
    Backbone.js Plugin for using Json Rpc interfaces.
  • Backbone.Safe
    a plugin for backbone models to save & load data using localstorage as well.
  • backbone.scrollinglist
    Scrolling List UI Component.
    Quick search plugin for backbone collections using the Quicksilver string ranking algorithm.
  • Backbone.SharePoint
    Making SharePoint lists and items available as Backbone models and collections.
  • backbone.siren
    Converts Siren JSON representations into Backbone Models.
  • backbone.stickit
    Backbone data binding, model binding plugin. The real logic less templates.
  • backbone.stompbind
    Bind Backbone.js models and collections to STOMP messaging over WebSockets.
  • backbone.ti
    example /template for using backbone.js and coffeescript in Appcelerator Titanium.
  • backbone.ui
    Components based on the Backbone.js, Underscore.js and jQuery.
  • backbone.validation
    A validation plugin for Backbone.js that validates both your model as well as form input.
  • Backbone.Validator
    Validation framework for Backbone that allows you to set reasonable defaults.
  • backbone.viewscollection
    A collection of views for Backbone.js.
  • backbone.wreqr
    A simple infrastructure for decoupling Backbone and Backbone.Marionette application modules and components.
  • Backbone.xmpp
    A storage layer for syncing Backbone models/ collection with XMPP Pub Sub nodes in real time.
  • BackboneDiorama
    BackboneDiorama is everything you need to build client side web applications. Optimised for developer happiness, it builds on the components of Backbone.js and aims to be the easiest and the fastest way to build for the browser.
  • BackboneGarage
    Backbone garage projects provides you loads of sample projects developed using backbone.js library.
  • backboneio
    Share Backbone.js models between client and server and sync them with
  • backbonejs gallery
    A Backbone, Underscore and jQuery Templates based image gallery (early early beta).
  • backbonejs googlemaps demo
    Simple Backbone.js and Google Maps demo.
  • backbonejs mvc boilerplate
    A boilerplate to work with Backbone.js using MVC based on Yeoman webapp generator.
  • BackboneJS PerfView
    Fast rendering and scrolling for Backbone,JS. Built for mobile devices and desktop.
  • backbonelayoutsexample
    Backbone Layout Manager Example.
  • backbonetree
    a demo showing how to use backbone to generate a check tree layout.
  • background color
    A small app to help learn Backbone.js.
  • backlunr
    is a solution to bring Backbone Collections together with the browser fulltext search engine Lunr.js.
  • backmvc
    Another JavaScript framework which extends Backbone.js with the functionality of Pure MVC.
  • backnode
    Express inspired web development framework , built on Backbone and Connect experimental.
  • backrack
    Rack and Sprockets powered Backbone.js mobile app generator.
  • backstack
    Simple Backbone extension library providing alternative mechanism to navigate/route between application views.
  • badass backbone
    Minimalist base views, models & collections to reduce backbone code while staying inline with backbone philosophy.
  • bb10 jqm sample app
    jQuery Mobile + Backbone.js Sample Application for the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Platform.
  • bbb phonegap marionette jqm boilerplate
    Backbone Boilerplate, Phonegap (Cordova), Marionette and jQuery mobile boilerplate.
  • bbexamples
    Some example programs I wrote (adapted) for backbone.js.
  • bblinks
    A visualization of cost of living to demonstrate linked views in D3 and backbone.js.
  • bbstarter demo
    Demo app for bbstarter A custom boilerplate for developing web clients with backbone and bootstrap.
  • bbvis
    Chrome Dev Tools extension for Backbone network visualization.
  • bindem
    A light weight library providing Knockout like two way declarative data binding for Backbone.
  • bobun
    Bobun is a very light (1.1k) UI oriented Backbone library. It supports one way and two way bindings and sub views.
  • bobun ui
    Set of UI components based on Backbone Bobun.
  • boilerplate handlebars layoutmanager
    Example showing Backbone Boilerplate Handlebars and LayoutManager integration.
  • bongoapp
    Example Todo app using Backbone, Go and App Engine.
  • book node mongodb backbone
    Example source code accompanying O'Reilly's "Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone" by Mike Wilson.
  • BroadStreet
    Backbone is a MVC like framework , this project is about building out Classes and Controls for use in a mobile project using JQuery and Backbone in OOP/OOD. BroadStreet is a Backbone.js Mobile Framework.
  • brunch backbone widgets
    Reusable Widgets for apps built with Backbone.js + Brunch + Sass/Compass.
  • btapp
    Btapp.js is a backbone library that provides easy access to Torque/BitTorrent/uTorrent clients.
  • buggy
    The sample application for Backbone on Rails tutsplus premium course.
  • CakePHP Backbone Todos
    A working demo of the classic Todo demo for backbone.js using CakePHP and MongoDb.
  • Carto D3
    A library for creating D3 visualizations using Backbone.CartoDB models.
  • cerebral
    Application framework , extending functionality of Backbone.js.
  • chat app
    Demo app for Backbone.js on Rails with cucumber and Jasmine tests.
  • chicago boss backbone todos
    A sample application for using backbone.js and chicagoboss.
  • ClientManager
    Sample application built with Backbone, RequireJS and Twitter Bootstrap on the client and Node.js (Express.js, Mongoose) on the server.
  • CloudEdit
    A simple Rails and Backbone.js application. Follow the tutorial here: a backbone js tutorial by example /.
  • color grid
    A little thing I wrote to learn backbone.js.
  • confi
    Yeoman + Backbone App for demo.
  • crossbones
    Crossbones is a collection of useful, test driven, Backbone extensions.
  • CSRequireBackboneNodeContacts
    Sample Backbone app written using RequireJS and Coffeescript.
  • dbpatterns
    Dbpatterns is a service that allows you to create, share, explore database models on the web. Uses Django, Tastypie, Backbone and MongoDB.
  • DevtimeRafflerBundle
    This is a demo Symfony2 bundle including a backbone.js Raffler app created with DevtimeBackboneBundle.
  • directory backbone bootstrap
    Employee Directory sample application built with Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap.
  • directory backbone ratchet
    Sample Mobile / PhoneGap App built with Backbone.js and Ratchet.
  • directory backbone topcoat
    Sample Mobile / PhoneGap Application built with Backbone.js and TopCoat.
  • django backbone demo
    the classic todo example, but with server side persistance.
  • django tastypie backbone todo tutorial
    A tutorial / sample app to read todos from an API into a backbone app.
  • drag and drop canvas backbone game
    A drag and drop face creator game, built with Backbone and Canvas.
  • dragdropformbuilder
    Drag Drop Backbone Form Builder.
  • DrawSvg
    An experimental touch based game using HTML, SVG & Javascript. Using Underscore.js, Backbone.js, Raphael, RequireJS, jQuery, iPad.
  • DunglasTodo MVCBundle
    A Todo MVC implementation wrote with Symfony, Chaplin.js and Backbone.js.
  • Dynamic Bar Graphs
    My playground App for the backbone framework. It shows collections of numbers as a Bar Graph. The Graph is produced with 2d canvas, webgl, svg, simple div blocks and what ever else I come up with.
  • es backbone
    ElasticSearch Backbone library for quickly building Faceted Search front ends.
  • example backbone app
    As simple as possible backbone.js app to demonstrate how to wire one up.
  • Exercise
    App used as sample for integrating JQuery Mobile and Backbone.js.
  • exoskeleton
    Faster and leaner Backbone for your HTML5 apps.
  • ezel
    A boilerplate for Backbone projects that share code server /client and scale through modular architecture.
  • F
    F, a Backbone component framework that encourages code re use.
  • faq app client mobile comparison
    This project aims to compare two differents methods to integrate Backbone.js with jQuery Mobile.
  • filtered collection
    A simple backbone.js filtered collection.
  • FormBuilder
    Generates forms w/ validation from JSON using jquery, underscore, backbone, and handlebars.
  • fowa backbone
    Example Code for FOWA London.
  • Full of stars
    Backbone used with Kinetic.js (for canvas ) Creates a starfield.
  • game of life backbone
    Conway's Game of Life as only Sinatra/Backbone.js/Coffeescript can tell it.
  • GapForce
    Demo app that uses Backbone.Force extension.
  • gbone.js
    Gbone.js is a framework written on top of Backbone.js for building mobile JavaScript applications.
  • generator backbone aura widget
    Yeoman Backbone/Aura Widget generator.
  • goog. mvc
    backbone.js like mvc for google closure.
  • gr8conf 2012 workshop
    Presentation materials, instructions, and sample app for a workshop I'm holding during Gr8Conf 2012. Participants will gain hands on experience building a Backbone.js based application.
  • Gravy
    A small form abstraction layer for backbone.
  • Guess the color
    A really simple web based Backbone.js game for hardcore web developers.
  • happypointer
    jQuery Mobile + Backbone.js + SimpleGeo = Happy Pointer.
  • has component views
    Child view handling for Backbone.js.
  • Hello Backbone Node Sinatra Mongo
    Application base for a Backbone.js application backed by Sinatra or Node.js API and MongoDB.
  • heroku seoserver
    Generate static HTML for bots (Google, Facebook, Twitter) that don't parse javascript. Ideal for Angular, Ember, and Backbone apps. Instantly deployed to Heroku. Then route bot requests through heroku seoserver.
  • highway maps
    Sample application built with Django and Backbone.js.
  • html5 bomberman
    A HTML5 +backbone+node bomberman.
  • human view
    A smart base view for Backbone apps, to make it easy to bind collections and properties to the DOM.
  • it logica application backbone
    Backbone for our applications. Includes many helpers, ajax support, etc.
  • jackbone
    JQuery Mobile meets Backbone.
  • jasmine backbone
    a sample project for backbone.js using the jasmine BDD framework.
  • javascript hero
    JavaScript engine for a "GuitarHero" like games. Uses D 3 js, backbone, and underscore. Less is used for compiling CSS.
  • javascript sandbox console
    a mini interactive javascript console, built on backbone.js, perfect for js library /plugin demos and homepages.
  • JaxConf2012 SpringMVC BackboneJS Demo
    Demo application for my presentation at JaxConf 2012 (San Francisco) to show how to integrate SpringMVC and Backbone.js.
  • jbackbone mobile
    Mobile Web App Framework for easy building Navegation backbone structure Just native Javascript/ HTML5 /CSS3.
  • jqm backbone require
    JQuery mobile Backbone Require boilerplate for project rapid start.
  • jquery to backbone marionette
    code demo for my "jQuery To Backbone + Marionette" talk.
  • jquerymobile router
    A router/controller for jquery mobile. Also adds support for client side parameters in the hash part of the url. The routes handles regexp based routes. This plugin can be used alone or (better) with Backbone.js or Spine.js, because it's originally meant to replace their router with something integrated with jQM.
  • Js SDK
    Javascript SDK for interfacing with Gossamer's APIs. Built on top of backbone.
  • khs backbone example
    Keyhole Software javascript mobile application Backbone.js example application.
  • kitchenapp backbone
    Kitchenlist BackBone application featuring BackBone. Layout Manager, require.js and other good stuff.
  • knockback inspector
    Knockback Inspector.js provides an inspector tree view library for Backbone.Models and Backbone. Collections using Knockback.js.
  • LAB Javascript Playground
    Various javascript libraries and frameworks demonstrated on the Salesforce Platform (jQuery, jQueryMobile, Bootstrap, Angular.js, Backbone.js).
  • learning basics backbone
    A list of sample codes explaning basics of backbone js. Check readme file for details.
  • LearningBackbone
    some examples about backbone and js developement.
  • li3 start
    Quickstart repo for LIthium apps. jQuery, backbone, underscore and reset. css included.
  • localgram
    An example Backbone and Requirejs application.
  • localtodos ko
    A knockout.js version of the localtodos backbone.js sample.
  • mapx
    Backbone example with Google Api and Twitter search.
  • Marionette pushState
    Demo app that uses Backbone Marionette, Node.js Express server, and pushState.
  • marionette sample
    Require.js + Backbone + Marionette.
  • Marionette.Scaffold
    Backbone.Marionette Scaffold Project (Slick Grid , Select2, Loading component etc.).
  • mbt
    Mobile Build Tool for JQM, Backbone.js and PhoneGap.
  • memery
    100% awesome client side meme generator with Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, and HTML5 Canvas.
  • Meteor angular peepcode tunes
    This is the peepcode example. Redone from backbone to Meteor js and also uses angularjs.
  • mindful
    Experimental mobile web app written with Backbone.
  • mobile content
    A Backbone.js, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap iPhone app that was built simply to evaluate the technologies for use in developing iPhone applications.
  • mobile reader
    RSS reader using jquery mobile , coffeescript, & backbone.js.
  • moment.picker
    A backbone + moment.js date picker.
  • mongoose backbone
    Expose mongoose models as Backbone models on the client side.
  • MongoSync
    A Backbone.Sync replacement for persisting data on the backend using MongoJS.
  • mortar layouts
    A small library for constructing app UIs with backbone.js.
  • myTodo Mvc
    My version of the famous Todo MVC project. This one is Backbone + Marionette + Handlebars with RequireJS.
  • network api backbone
    The backbone client for Behance Network API.
  • nicar mvc
    presentation for nicar 2011 (an exploration into the concepts behind backbone.js).
  • Node Backbone Require Example Blog
    A sample blog built with Node.js, Backbone.js, and Require.js. It supports GRUD for posts.
  • node fanfou
    A demonstration of fanfou api usage in nodejs, backbone.js and html5.
  • node.couchapp.backbone. demo
    Demo application using Node.js, CouchDB and Backbone.js. For the Seattle Backbone.js meetup.
  • Node.js Arduino
    Node powered app that collects sensor data and sends commands to Arduino. [Node.js, Arduino, Express, MongoDB, Backbone, D3 ] (For Gadgets course project).
  • nodecellar
    Sample application built with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, MongoDB.
  • nodecellar rethinkdb
    Sample app built with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, RethinkDB forked from ccoenraets/nodecellar.
  • NoteIn
    This is a simple notes editor for mobile devices, it is a PhoneGap/HTML5/ CSS3 /JavaScript/Backbone/RequireJS technologies demo.
  • omni
    Javascript framework for building realtime apps with Backbone.js.
  • openshop
    Sample Node.js + Backbone Marionette application that makes use of Push State for progressive enhancement.
  • paginated collection
    A backbone paginated collection.
  • palettes
    Color palette creator in Backbone.js.
  • Phalanx
    is a Backbone wrapper library. Focusing to decouple view and manage ui component simply.
  • phery
    This library unleashes everything you expect from an AJAX library, AJAX file upload, json, nested AJAX responses, merging and unmerging responses, direct access to the DOM element that is making the AJAX call. Plays well with libraries and frameworks such as AngularJS, Ember, Knockout and Backbone bridging to PHP.
  • phone book backbone spring
    Phone book test application. Spring MVC + Spring Data + Backbone.js + Bootstrap.
  • phonegap backbone
    Boilerplate for getting cross platform mobile apps out using the beauty of backbone.js.
  • photodb
    How to build a " photo viewer" application with Apache TomEE. [Backbone.js, Twitter Boostrap, Handlebars.js, Jquery, LessCss, Underscore.js, Require.js, Lint, Jasmine, Java].
  • play scala backbone todo
    Built on Play Framework , Slick, Backbone, RequireJS, CoffeeScript, Less and Dust using the H2 in memory database.
  • PPG Casino Blackjack
    Third implementation of Backbone.js. Working blackjack with betting and re rendering of hands in vector based css.
  • range component
    form component on backbone.
  • ratebeer
    Backbone Django Tastypie sample.
  • RedditInsight
    Reddit Analytics built in Backbone 1.0.0, Express 3.2.6, Node 0.10.12, MongoDB 2.4.4, Mongoose 3.6.14, Handlebars 1.0.0, Bootstrap 2.3.2, jQuery 2.0.2, and Underscore 1.4.4.
  • Redmine Mobile
    A backbone.js mobile application that streamlines access to Redmine's essential features that can be installed by dropping it into the /public directory.
  • refactor to backbone example
    A little example repo demonstrating a refactor from jQuery to backbone.
  • refactoring with backbone.js
    Example of "Refactoring with Backbone.js".
  • rendr
    Render your Backbone.js apps on the client and the server , using Node.js.
  • requirejs backbone example
    Example of using require.js with backbone.js.
  • requirejs template module example
    An example Template Module implementation in the context of RequireJS, Backbone and Handlebars.
  • rethinkdb example flask backbone todo
    A canonical backbone todo application running on flask and RethinkDB.
  • Ribs.js
    Data oriented UI building extension to Backbone.js under MIT license.
  • Rich Client Music Player
    A quick demonstration of Backbone, Handlebars, and RequireJS for a presentation.
  • rivets backbone adapter
    Backbone.js adapter for Rivets.js data bind with nested models and collections support.
  • rlbb
    "Real Life" Backbone Demo.
  • routeless backbone contacts
    Routeless client side CRUD tutorial application written using CoffeeScript and Backbone.js.
  • sa demo
    ShopAunt dynamic grid based on kineticjs and backbone.
  • sagan
    Integration sample of Play! Framework and Backbone.js.
  • Sample BackboneAura
    Simple backbone aura app.
  • sdk backbone
    The official Signal Box Backbone SDK.
  • sdk backbonejs
    Javascript library for Backbone.js.
  • server backbone redis
    Server side backbone redis store for node.js. Also supports object/ JSON export/import for server side and client side.
  • sinatra sprockets slim backbone example
    A basic sinatra application with a few pre installed components: sprockets, backbone.js, slim, eco, zepto.js, and sinatra reloader.
  • slickback
    Slickback brings Backbone and Slick Grid together.
  • social
    this's my test social network using node.js, backbone.js and mongodb.
  • solritajs
    A Backbone.js client for Apache Solr.
  • SpainJS Pipedream Demo
    A demo of a Backbone app that works on the client and server.
  • spineless
    Spineless.js is a MVC stack without the need of a backbone. Great for small sites and prototypes that need to be built quickly.
  • spring 3.1 backbone.js todo list
    Sample application presenting Servlet 3, Spring 3.1 and Backbone.js integration.
  • stolen vehicles pt2
    A visualization of NZ's stolen vehicles, using d3.js, coffeescript, and backbone.
  • strophe.plugins
    A collection of plugins for Strophe in the context of Backbone apps.
  • table manager
    Simple Backbone setup to manage a table of data with pagination.
  • tabled
    Backbone UI component for building interactive tables.
  • tableling
    Table plugin based on Backbone.Marionette.
  • teddy tables
    Small times tables app to learn backbone and express.
  • test heart animation
    SPA for testing css framework and backbone.marionette plugin use google+ api.
  • The Backbone Store
    A simple application, a JSON store of products and lists of products, as a demonstration using Backbone.js.
  • thermal api client
    WisP: a backbone.js client for the Thermal WordPress API.
  • TicTacToe Game
    in CoffeeScript with Backbone.js.
  • timeline
    Turns out I was building Facebook Timeline as a canvas app at the same time Facebook was building Facebook Timeline. They rocked it, so here's my work in progress code built on CouchDB, Backbone.js and Node.js.
  • todo app
    GAE + Backbone + Require.js Todo web app example.
  • todo backbone example
    Simple web application based on RESThub 2 Spring / Backbone.js stack.
  • todo backbone sample
    A sample todo application built with Backbone and RequireJS.
  • todo client
    simple mobile todo client app based on jquerymobile, jade templates, grunt, backbone.js.
  • TodoAppWithBackboneRequireAnd MVC
    The basic Backbone.js todo app implemented with MVC 3 and split into the parts to load with require.js.
  • todomvc marionette
    Todo MVC with Backbone.Marionette.
  • todomvc server
    A collection of server side implementations compatible with Todo MVC Backbone. Plenty of work to do, plenty of changes to make.
  • todos parseback
    An adaptation of the Backbone.js Todos example for use with
  • todos play20
    Port the backbone demo app todos to play2.0.
  • traceur todomvc
    Backbone Todo MVC rewritten using ES6.
  • tres
    A Backbone.js based mobile web applications framework.
  • ttTodo MVC
    Exercise on Todo MVC with Backbone.js Boilerplate, Express.js, MongoDB, and Handlebars.
  • tweats
    Hybrid iphone application using phonegap, backbone and html.
  • tyro
    Another lightweight JavaScript MVC framework inspired by Backbone, Cor MVC and Sammy.
  • vertebrae
    Web application framework for a frontend built using RequireJS, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, jQuery, Mustache.js.
  • weapon of choice
    Stub project for Backbone.js / MongoDB / (Sinatra | Node.js) / HTML5 Boilerplate.
  • webapp template
    Web application structure template (layout), starting point for backbone + requirejs + twitter bootstrap application compiled by nodejs and running on any web server or phonegap environment : ).
  • WildGarlic jqmobile
    a simple urbandictionary mobile app, written in JavaScript with jQuery Mobile and Backbone.js.
  • world. data .map
    experimenting with d3.js, backbone and coffeescript for data visualization.
  • Wraith
    A lightweight MVC framework inspired by AngularJS, Backbone, Spine, written in CoffeeScript. In early stage of development, don't forget to star this repo to keep up to date!.
  • yeoman 1 0 backbone requirejs
    A Yeoman 1.0 Backbone RequireJS Example.
  • Yeoman Todo MVC
    Todo app using Backbone + RequireJS + Bootstrap + Yeoman (Grunt + Bower).
  • Zatacka
    zatacka clone using js, canvas and backbone.js.
  • Zepto mobile
    ABANDONED A jQuery Mobile like framework based on Zepto and Backbone.

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