List of Free code RequireJS


  • barcrawl
    a web object inspecter built with d3 socketio and requirejs.
  • box 2d intro amd
    Seth Ladd's excellent box 2d intro migrated to a modular structure with requirejs.
    Simple Demo illustrating a BackboneJS + RequireJS + AMD architecture.
  • cocos 2d requirejs
    Coco 2d html5 and RequireJS integration.
  • CSSLoader
    RequireJS plugin for reliably loading and waiting for css files.
  • ember require js
    EmberJS / RequireJS sample application with nested views and controller binding.
  • emberjs requirejs
    Ember.js + Require.js (Model, Controller and a View example ).
  • example multipage
    Example RequireJS based project that has multiple pages that share a common set of modules.
  • example multipage shim
    Example RequireJS based project that has multiple pages that share a common set of modules with shim config.
  • gremlinjs
    A widget framework using jquery and requirejs.
  • Grunt Boilerplate
    This is a project set up using Grunt to take case of some standard tasks such as: compiling AMD based modules using RequireJS, watching/compiling Sass into CSS , watching/linting JS code and some other things such as running unit tests.
  • grunt bower requirejs
    Automagically wire up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config.
  • grunt requirejs mocha chai sinon example
    An example using mocha in combination with RequireJS and Grunt.js (alongside chai and sinon).
  • HTML5 Asteroids
    An Asteroids clone made in Javascript, using CreateJS, RequireJS and JS Signals.
  • JavaScript MD5
    JavaScript MD5 implementation. Compatible with server side environments like node.js, module loaders like RequireJS and all web browsers.
  • JavaScript Templates
    < 1KB lightweight, fast & powerful JavaScript templating engine with zero dependencies. Compatible with server side environments like node.js, module loaders like RequireJS and all web browsers.
  • karma requirejs
    Example setup with Karma and Require.js.
  • kis requirejs demo
    Keep It Simple RequireJS Demo. Shows simple demo of require.js before and after.
  • modular html requirejs
    Modular HTML components with RequireJS.
  • node requirejs examples
    Examples using requirejs on the server side.
  • play requirejs
    Testing with different Require Js setups with Play Framework 2.1.
  • require css
    A RequireJS CSS loader plugin to allow CSS requires and optimization.
  • require inline
    A small add on for RequireJS providing inline sync load support. Useful for dynamic widgets that need JavaScript attachments to occur instantly during the page load.
  • require jquery
    A RequireJS+jQuery sample project.
  • require less
    LESS loader plugin for RequireJS with builds, based on Require CSS.
  • requirejs bundle examples
    Example Project Shows Variation of Requirejs Bundle.
  • requirejs css plugin
    a css loader and optimizer plugin for requirejs.
  • RequireJs Example
    Playing around with using RequireJs and how to write more modular code.
  • requirejs examples
    A list of require.js or curl.js examples.
  • requirejs library
    skeleton project for building javascript libraries using requirejs.
  • requirejs library skeleton
    RequireJS / Jasmine / r.js / almond skeleton for javascript libraries and modules.
  • requireJS MVC
    RequireJS MVC example with data storage.
  • requirejs plugin wc
    This plugin provides loading support about Web Components.
  • requirejs preprocessor example
    An example which demonstrates implementing a simple preprocessor using the RequireJS optimization tool.
  • requirejs sample
    Sample project using RequireJS.
  • Simple Javascript MVC
    A simple implementation of a JavaScript MVC framework with requireJS integrated to autoload dependencies.
  • testem requirejs mocha sample
    Sample project for Testem, RequireJS and Mocha.
  • TypeScript RequireJs Jasmine
    A demo project that illustrates how to setup and get TypeScript, RequireJs, and Jasmine playing nice together.
  • webapp startup
    A basic web app template by requireJs & jquery mobile.
  • widgetloader
    A skeleton for doing embedded Javascript widgets using RequireJS, grunt and tightly controlled globals.

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