List of Free code AJAX


  • .communities
    .communities is an AJAX-enabled, multi-user content management system that allows for an individual or an ISP to quickly create and administer a collaborative website such as a club site, a user group site, or a news site. Based on the popular source code of the original Commu...
  • Ajax Dialog Control Library
    An Ajax dialog library and framework based on the AjaxControlToolkit designed to allow you to create robust Ajax dialogs quickly and effeciently with best practices.
  • Ajax Grid
    This Project is an off-shoot of the ajaxControlToolkit Project. We will be building an AjaxGrid that allows people to do the following: Data manipulation - Insert Incremental Search SelectFullRow Template Support : ItemTemplate EditTemplate GridView...
  • AJAX Map DataConnector
    AJAX Map DataConnector is an Open Source + Open Data project focused on connecting the power of Bing Maps AJAX Control, Version 7.0 to the spatial query capabilities of SQL Server 2008. The examples provided here represent a starting point, showing some ways to harness SQL Server
  • elFinder .Net connector
    .Net connector for great AJAX file manager elFinder.
  • Fileupload AJAX
    As it sounds: a FileUpload control with AJAX behavior... and much more new functionalities
  • Gapi.NET - .NET (C#) wrapper for Google AJAX API
    .NET (C#) wrapper for Google AJAX API & a high performance JSON parser.
  • Google Search .NET - API for Google Services in C# .NET
    Google Search .NET provides .NET developers access to Google search results through a friendly C# API. The API is based on the Google AJAX Search REST API, which currently supports the following Google services: Web, Local, Video, Blog, News, Book, Image, Patent.
  • HTML Presence Controls for Microsoft Lync Server 2010
    The HTML Presence Controls for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 allow you to easily add presence to your web applications. The controls work in all browsers, and are developed in C#, AJAX, WCF, and UCMA 3.0.
  • Laharsub: a message server for real time web applications
    Laharsub makes it easy for web applications to organize internet scale message exchange using a publish/subscribe pattern. AJAX or RIA applications running in a browser can create topics, publish, and subscribe to messages in a topic using REST APIs exposed by a .NET WCF service.
  • OpenSeadragon
    OpenSeadragon aims to be a framework agnostic and completely open version of the Ajax-based Deep-Zoom viewer from
  • QlikView Extension - Call EDX Tasks from Ajax-/Web-Client
    A QlikView object extension to enable users to call an EDX tasks using only the Ajax client.

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