List of Free code Web


  • annotateMe
    annotateMe is a simple open-source web service for text snippets annotation and highlighting. The project is developed in C#.
  • AtomSite
    AtomSite (BlogService) is a standards-based online publishing platform. It's free, open, and uses Microsoft's newest web framework. It'll have your new website or blog up in a snap.
  • Awesomium.NET
    .NET Wrapper for Awesomium, a Web-Browser Framework
  • AwesomiumDotNet
    AwesomiumDotNet is a .NET wrapper for the Awesomium library and is written in C++/CLI. It provides a powerful framework for rendering rich web content online or offline.
  • Bing Web Server Probe
    Simply cmd line tool to interrogate an IP address through the Bing API to find all domains tied to it.
  • BizArk
    A collection of utilities and sample code built in C#. This includes a command-line parser, data type conversions, web helper, string templates, and much more.
  • Bookmark Browser
    Mobile web application that allows access to your Firefox Sync bookmarks on platforms that are not supported by Firefox (e.g. iOS).
  • Carrot
    The project is aimed to provide a practical solution for multi-tenant web application framework. It bases on many well-known technologies in .NET framework and leverages using of those one together in an end-to-end solution.
  • Color Combiner
    This a simple tool for Application and Web page designers. Color combiner can be used in choosing best combination of colors
  • Community Forums NNTP bridge
    Community project for accessing the MS Web-Forums via an open source NNTP newsserver (bridge).
  • CrissCross
    A custom web interface for running SSRS reports, based on the SSRS Web Services and SSRS ReportViewer component.
  • Dadaist
    Dadaist is a random natural language generator that allows creation of random yet understandable (and often crazy) placeholder text for web designers. It could one day replace "Lorem ipsum" altogether! It is developed in C# and is a console application.
  • Devshed Tools
    Provides easy to use and compile-time-support solution for various type of projects on the .NET framework. Currently Devshed.Web is in development.
  • Distributed Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) Event System
    The Web Solutions Platform (WSP) event system is a general-purpose distributed publish/subscribe event system designed for high performance and low latency. Publish/subscribe is a common communication pattern though there are many variations to solve different scenario require...
  • DIY Brewery Temperature Logger
    .NET Micro Framework project that provides a web-based interface for a Netduino based temperature monitoring circuit.
  • DreamShield Deployment Tools
    A free deployment tool to create installer program for any .NET based applications but also dynamic updates from a web server. You can also publish directly your software to a web server with only a few clicks. It's mainly developed in C# but contains portions in C++.
  • Eblog(Easy to use and easy to extend)
    eBlog is an open source, lightweight blog system based on .NET. It is also a lightweight framework for web development, you can easily build your own web application based on eBlog framework. The name eBlog comes from easyBlog, easy to use, easy to expand. The following techno...
  • Employee Info Starter Kit
    Employee Info Starter Kit is an open source project that is highly influenced by the concept ?Pareto Principle? or 80-20 rule, where it is targeted to enable a web developer to gain 80% productivity with 20% of effort with respect to learning curve and production.
  • ESV Bible Web Service 2.0 Client For .NET 3.5
    ESV Bible Web Service 2.0 Client provides native .NET 3.5 access to the ESV Bible REST service.
  • ExtendedDataTable
    ExtendedDataTable is a component which provides more functionality compared to native ?.Net Framework DataTable. It is also platform independent, you can use it with web or windows applications. It is developed by .Net Framework 2.0 and .Net Framework 3.5, you can download bot...
  • F-Loading
    F-Loading is a Web application designed to assist users in designing complex typed forms and assist their filling. The project has been developed by students of Application Oriented Laboratory, a course for the master degree in computer science at University of Pisa.
  • Family Net
    Genealogy application in web environment, it is based on Family Show project.
  • FIM 2010 Resource Management Client
    The Forefront Identity Management 2010 Resource Management Client is a library to communicate with the FIM 2010 web service. The development language is C#.
  • FIM Query Tool
    Forefront Identity Manager Query Tool, written for FIM 2010. A Windows Forms front-end to the FIM unsupported web service enumeration client. Provides a one-stop shop for querying the web service with XPath filters.
  • Fitness Diary
    Fitness Diary is a sport and healt tracking web application.
  • Football Management
    Football Management System is web management system for football (soccer) leagues, teams and players.
  • ForumsAcademy
    forum web application for asking questions and writing answers
  • Freetime Development Platform
    Freetime Development Platform is a set of reusable design used to develop Web and Desktop based applications.
  • Freetour Web
    Freetour is a platform of hotel reservation based Website.
  • Frenalytics
    Frenalytics is the open source framework for web analytics. It gives the flexibility to the users to include their custom tags while performing web analytics.
  • Galatea
    Galatea is a web based peer review and bug tracking tool for software development teams who want to adopt a simple peer review process without being tied to complicated business processes. It was born out of frustration with unneeded complication in other peer review tools (bo...
  • Global System Builder
    Global System Builder (GSB) is a light-weight Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to provide software developers with the capability to dynamically program software in real-time from anywhere to anywhere in the world over the internet using a web browser.
  • GoogleTrail
    Convert Web (Google,Yahoog,Bing,Cloudemat,Openstreet) map to Garmin Custom Map. Create/Edit waypoints Overlay two different maps for study.
  • Grammar and Spell Checking Library
    After the Deadline is a web-based grammar and spell checker. This project is a C# wrapper for this service which lets you add easily grammar and spell checking into your application.
  • Grammar and Spell Checking Plugin for Windows Live Writer
    This project is a spelling and grammar checker plugin for Windows Live Writer. It uses the "After the Deadline" web service to provide advanced grammar checking abilities.
  • Hardanger - Web Application Penetration Testing Platform
    Hardanger is an open source web application penetration testing platform for Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • helpline
    The idea is to develop a web-base management system for counsellors to manage their clients.
  • iTunes.Scrubber
    iTunes.Scrubber is an Open Source library that allows people to easily update metadata for their iTunes libraries. It's developed in C#, and interfaces with various web services, including imdb, and thetvdb
  • jKinect - Kinectify any web site.
    Provide a unique Kinect User Experience for your website. With jKinect, turn any web site into a Kinect enabled web application.
  • KiGG
    KiGG is a Web 2.0 style social news web application developed in Microsoft supported technologies following Domain Driven Design.
  • LPFM Scrobbler
    LPFM Scrobbler is a simple .NET API library for scrobbling to the web service. It is designed for desktop, web and mobile applications that target the .NET 4 Framework. The library supports the Scrobble and Now Playing functionality of the API version 2.0
  • Malevich - a web-based code review system for Perforce, TFS, and more!
    Multiple reviewers can collaborate reviewing change lists and shelvesets. Multiple iterations are supported. Can me easily installed on a local developer's desktop, or shared by a small to midsize team of developers.
  • mana Web
    This library contains web controls, extensions and resources that help you in your web applications.
  • MapAround
    .NET tools for developing web and desktop mapping applications
  • mcePicasa (Picasa Web Album Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Application)
    Picasa Web Album Viewer - Windows Media Center (MCE) Presentation Layer Application. Using your remote to browse, search, view, edit, upload and enjoy photos from your albums and community albums on your wide screen.
  • MediaBrowserWS - Creates a Web Service for the popular MediaBrowser plugin
    Creates a web service in Media Center for accessing your MediaBrowser collection. Allows for external devices (Tablets/phones/laptops) to access a collection and select something to play.
  • Mercury Business Framework
    Mercury Business Framework is a project set up to define basic objects used by the vast majority of business and non business software. The idea is to define the low level objects required by most applications on the web and desktop.
  • More Rules Engine
    A Business Rules engine that runs at hide speeds and an intuitive web based rule manager. Compiles into an assembly for that extra speed.
  • Mouse Gestures for .NET
    Mouse Gestures component allows you to add mouse gestures recognition functionality to your application. Mouse gestures can provide quick access to common functions of your program. They are very useful in MDI (multi document interface) applications i.e.: web browsers, docum...
  • Mund Publishing Infrastructure
    Mund Publishing Infrastructure Mund Publishing Feature Manage Custom Master Pages Manage Page Layouts Manage Publishing Web Pages Manage Welcome Page or home Page for Sites Manage Navigation Edit Publishing Page Localization Search webparts Publishing feature for Sha...
  • My beginning education with C# and HTML5, thanks to Telerik Academy!
    My progress with: the book Intro Programming with C# by Svetlin Nakov and staff; Additional C# and web(HTML5) exercises from the Telerik Academy's education.
  • NetDuino Solar Monitor
    Netduino embedded web server that exposes the charge status of a Midnite Solar charge controller. The status page can be viewed by any browser on the local WiFi
  • NetSurveillance Web Application
    Net Surveillance Web Application
  • NginxTray
    NginxTray allows you manage easily Nginx Web Server by a Tray icon.
  • NineMine
    NineMine is a web based ticketing and issue tracking system built on the Microsoft stack.
  • NobeliumBlog
    Small educational project. Blog system. Server side Web API, Cliente side JavaSript
  • NRobots.txt
    The Robots Exclusion Protocol or robots.txt protocol, is a convention to prevent cooperating web spiders and other web robots from accessing all or part of a website which is otherwise publicly viewable.
  • NWebCrawler
    This is a web crawler program written in C#.
  • OGC Web Service .NET
    This project provides a .NET class library and web service template for easy and flexible implementation of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Sensor Observation Service (SOS).
  • OneNote Web Exporter
    Plug-in to export your OneNote 2007 notebooks as an interactive web site.
  • patterns & practices Web Client Developer Guidance
    The Web Client Guidance from patterns & practices, assist developers and architects with the design, development and deployment of Rich Responsive Web applications using .NET.
  • patterns & practices: Repository Factory
    This package was originally released as part of the patterns & practices Web Service Software Factory as the Data Access Guidance Package. It allows easy creation of a data access layer that insulates your application code from your data access code.
  • Planerka task manager (service desk)
    Web-application "Planerka" is a simple task manager with service desk functionality.
  • Plugin Framework Web
    Lighweight plugin framework for web applications
  • Project Server 2007 Queue Watch Tool
    The Project Server 2007 Queue Watch Tool will help you monitor all queue activities for a specific Project Web Access (PWA) instance. This tool leverages the standard Project Server Interface publically documented web services to query and retrieve jobs in the Project Server ...
  • QuickieB2B
    QuickieB2B is intranet web application which main target is to provide quick info about products. It's designed for small companies who have a big number of products in their sell catalog. Application also have TODO system and address book which can be syncronized with MSOutlook.
  • Raktajino-Packagemanager
    Dedicated / VServer Windows webserver package-manager tool wai msi installer package install web wix Tigerduck
  • Rawler?-The Web scraping Framework using XAML
    This is the Web scraping Framework using XAML .This framework makes Web scraping possible by only XAML.
  • RDFSharp - Start playing with RDF!
    RDFSharp is a lightweight library designed to ease the creation of .NET applications based on RDF and Semantic Web data model.
  • RolyPoll: Social Voting
    A web and mobile application for distributed decision making.
  • SDX DataGrid
    SDXDataGrid is a comprehensive data grid component for Microsoft .NET 3.5 web application developers. It is designed to ease the exhausting process of implementing the necessary code for sorting, navigation, grouping, searching and data editing in a data representation object.
  • Second WAF - Heavy Load .NET Web Application Framwork
    Second WAF is a content generation framework for web servers with a high page rendering throughput.
  • Service Contract Generator
    A library of web services contracts provided by Macro Web Services.
  • Service Gateway
    The service gateway enables composition and agility for web sites and services.
  • Shipping Agent
    Shipping Agent is the web service component of the Shipper system by Structured Solutions. Shipper is a desktop application for high velocity shipment processing. There are several different Shipping Agents available in this project. Each Shipping Agent provides the interface ...
  • Skyweb Web Browser
    Thats web browser in c# with tabpage support. Whats happen in which version ? Version 10.0.3 *Fix adres bar key issue *Update server problem solved.
  • SOAPe
    Application that allows testing of SOAP implementations, in particular Exchange Web Services.
  • Storm
    STORM is a free and open source tool for testing web services. It is written mostly in F#. (I love this language!) STORM allows you to 1. Test web services written using any technology (.NET , Java, etc.) 2. Dynamically invoke web service methods even those that h...
  • Survey Nuke
    Survey Nuke is a survey and form software that allows you to create and deploy easily without any technical knowledge web based forms to gather important feedback from your customers, employees or website visitors. Once you've gathered all this information Survey Nuke provide...
  • Sweet Survey
    Sweet Survey is a lovely web application, with which people can easily create/share surveys online. Currently this project is in development phase.
  • TFS Global Alerts
    A web service to notify any number of users when any work item in TFS changes. Notification logic is easily customisable to suit your environment.
  • The Document Factory
    The Document Factory is an open source template to Microsoft Document application library. It comes in two forms a web based library designed for use as a web service on a node that does not have Microsoft Word installed and a windows library for use on work stations that do h...
  • Typescript Code Generator
    The projects goal is to generate Typescript Code from existing .Net Code by using Reflection. The final target is to have something similar to a Webservice.
  • vBulletin Private Message Reader
    Small web application capable of reading and allowing the searching of private messages downloaded from most current vBulletin implementations.
  • Visuospatial Web Browsing using Kinect
    The Kinect Web Browser project explores how users might use the Kinect sensor as a natural interface to browse the visual web. It's developed in C#.
  • Web API For Swedish Soccer
    A Web API For accessing information on the Swedish Soccer League
  • Web Config ConnectionString Encryptor
    A handy tool to encrypt and decrypt connectionStrings section of web.config instead of typing complex aspnet_regiis arguments. It also supports RSA key container creating, deleting, exporting and importing and makes sharing RSA key among servers easier.
  • Web Service Compression for Compact Framework
    This is an implementation of Web Service Compression that works on both a server/desktop and a Windows Mobile device. The original source code made use of the SharpZipLib library with support for .NET Framework 2 and .NET Compact Framework 2, but it has now been converted to u...
  • web services .net
    Test for backend developer Aranda. ASP .NET API web services implemented.
  • WebBrowserEx - Extended WebBrowser Control
    This web browser control extends Microsoft's implementations to build a highly customizable web browse capable of building really smart Windows client applications that can interact with web applications.
  • WebCycle
    WebCycle is a screensaver application that cycles through web pages. This was originally created to cycle through Reporting Services reports so that idle monitors could serve as dashboards.
  • WebServiceExtensions For .Net
    WebServiceExtensions is a library of frequently used extensions in .Net Web Services. List of Extensions : 1. LogExtension 2. CallCounterExtension Log Extension - Log extension can be used to log Soap request an response. Following are the informations which can ...
  • whois app
    A windows forms application written in C#, that allows to search or lookup domain names. The application also displays the web page of already "taken" domains.
  • WSUS Web Administration
    Web Application to remotely manage WSUS
  • XBrowser - Headless Browser for .Net
    XBrowser is a "headless" web browser written for .Net applications using C#. It is designed to allow automated, remote controlled and test-based browsing sessions without any actual rendering overhead.
  • Xenta Framework - extensible enterprise n-tier application framework
    Xenta is an extensible enterprise n-tier application framework with multilayered architecture. It is an open source project and available for free. Developed in .NET/C# programming language. Initially targeted to web based solutions. Licensed under the MIT license.
  • Xtrax Inventory
    Xtrax Inventory is a real-time inventory management application designed to allow businesses/manufacturers to easily manage stock, deliveries, customer finance, web-based management, warranties, etc. It is written in C# 3.0 and the .NET Framework 2.0 and parts of 3.5.
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports API
    A RESTful Yahoo Fantasy Sports API wrapper making it easy for developers and end-users to work with Yahoo's Fantasy Sports web service. This is developed in C# .NET 4.
  • zanox Web Services Client Library for .NET
    This project provides you with all you need for developing Affiliate Marketing Solutions in .NET based on zanox Web Services for the zanox Application Store.
  • Zeta Web Spider
    A web spider library written in C# to grab websites and store them locally.
  • ZSpider.NET
    Photo Spider is used to crawl the web for free high-pixel photos. This tool is free and written in C#4.0, it is run on the .NET4.0 platform.

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