List of Free code URL


  • Asynchronous Downloader
    This product will let you write your URL's in a Textbox before you start downloading them.
  • CloudShot
    Features: - Integration with dropbox - Save shot url to clipboard - Multiple monitors support - History of shots - Text labels - Shot window or selected region
  • Codekicker.BBCode
    Codekicker.BBCode is a stable and performant BBCode-Parser for .NET/C#. Transform any BBCode into HTML. All tags are fully customizable. Codekicker.BBCode is used in-the-field on [url:] which is a german question and answer site for programming questions.
  • Crockford Base32 Encoder
    A .NET encoder/decoder implementation of Great for URLs and humans.
  • DNAide
    A framework of useful aide (helper) methods targeting web developers including a powerful but easy to use url rewriter, image manipulation (thumbnails, effects, easy to create text based images), sitemap enhancements integrating with seamlessly with the url rewriter, webcontro...
  • DNN Extension Url Providers
    The DNN Extension Url Providers project contains installable extensions for extending DNN URL functionality.
  • DropBox Linker
    The goal of DropBox Linker project is to improve DropBox service client usability. It intellectually automates copying URLs to clipboard after publishing a file. Multiple files at once is supported. Additionally, it corrects URL on file rename after its link been copied.
  • GoMusicNow Downloader
    This is a simple application created to make things a little easier when downloading a whole album worth of mp3s from the web site. To use, simply add your gomusicnow username and password, choose a local folder to download the mp3s to, then paste the url of ...
  • Google URL Shortener API for .NET
    Google URL Shortener API for .NET is a wrapper for the Google Project below: With Google URL Shortener API, you may shorten urls and get some analytics information about this. It's developer in C# 4.0 and VS20...
  • HTML Scraper
    HTML Scraper is an extension to the populate HTML Agility Pack library, which adds features to implement a POCO document structure and ease of scraping from URL
  • HyperAddin: A Visual Studio Addin which adds hyperlinking in your source code
    Visual Studio already had the ability to recognize and quickly navigate (with Ctrl LeftClick) to URLs embedded in the comments of the code. This is great, but what is really needed is a way of referring quickly and easily from one part of the code to another part of the code ...
  • iFinity Friendly Url Provider
    The original iFinity Friendly Url Provider for DotNetNuke. This extension is used to improve the standard Urls in DotNetNuke.
  • Internet Explorer Plugin: TabSaver
    Basically this plugin is able to save open Tabs from an Internet Explorer session. The goal would be to save tab information, such as history, etc.. Currently the plugin is only capable of saving the Tab URLs. This Plugin uses SpicIE framework and is developed in C#.
  • Media Art Aggregator
    A digital media art aggregator. Finds cover art for music, tv shows, movies or any other type of media. Searches different sources including Google Images, Yahoo Images, Live Images, Deviant Art, and Walmart. Additional sources can be customized by defining the url to
  • Microsoft.DwayneNeed
    Samples and reusable code for accomplishing interesting scenarios in WPF. In depth discussions of these topics can be found on my blog, at [url:].
  • Module Providers for Url Master
    This project is a collection of plug-in Url Providers for the Url Master module. The Url Master module is an Url-improvement extension for DotNetNuke.
  • Open Url Rewriter for DNN (DotNetNuke)
    Open Url Rewriter for DNN (DotNetNuke) is extension that improve SEO and overall Site quality.
  • Orchard CMS ImageResizer
    resize or scale images in orchard simply by url or using the build-in HtmlHelper Update: Automatic resizing is now also possible!
  • Redirect Manager Module for Sitecore CMS
    Open source redirect manager module for Sitecore CMS. The module provides url redirection functionality (i.e. 301 redirects) where the destination is a sitecore item. The module also offer automatic 301 creation for sitecore items that are moved or renamed, including child items.
  • regx
    regx is a CMD-friendly grep-like command-line tool using the .NET regex engine. Features: Filter, File, & Url searching. Detailed output options. Replacements.
  • RFC2396 URL
    This is a component for RFC2396 URLs and URL canonicalization.
  • SSRS URL Parameter Builder
    You can call, manage, view and export reports via URL parameters in SSRS. However this is very painful to handle the right syntax. This program simplifies this.
  • The Helper Trinity
    This project contains a set of helper classes for most any .NET application: argument checking, event raising, and exception raising. The code supports my article [url:The Helper Trinity|]. For now at least, documentation i...
  • UncleGED - GEDCOM-to-HTML
    UncleGED is a GED-to-HTML utility which has been freely distributed since 1999 at [url:]. It has been made into any open-source project in the event that others may have fresh ideas and wish to contribute to the project.
  • URL Reservation Modifer
    A library and GUI for modifying URL reservations in HTTP.SYS. URL reservations are required to use the .NET Framework class System.Net.HttpListener as a limited user.
    In the Beta release we are planing to include the following:
  • urlbot
    urlbot is a simple IRC bot that captures URLs from channels it's sitting in. It then stores those URLs for querying over IRC by users.
  • Web Crawler
    A class library for crawling websites and taking actions when different urls are encountered. This can be used for: downloadng sites/images/movies, collecting pages for testing, computing statistics about websites, or anything else that involves crawling the wev.
  • Webcam based Laser Tracking for Human-Computer Interaction
    This project presents an alternate way to communicate with computers using a laser pointer. The code works by using a webcam for laser tracking, so that a laser pointer can be used for moving a mouse cursor and simulating clicks. This project was created for a Microsoft [url...
  • XrmEMailing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4
    This project is a package for Addon Nice Server for CRM 4, and you will need Addon Nice Server to use it, see the corresponding codeplex project. It brings better e-mail campaigns to MS CRM, better document management and delivery of secured URL rather than full document.

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