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  • 2SexyContent for DotNetNuke - great looking and animated content
    2SexyContent is an Extension to create attractive, designed content. It lets web designer create designed templates for users to fill, creating amazing output.
  • Bookmark Collector
    This project is a best practice example of how to use content items in DotNetNuke. It allows you to quickly and easily manage a listing of external links.
  • CKEditor? Provider for DotNetNuke?
    CKEditor Html Editor Provider for DNN?
  • Content Dejour
    A text/html module for DotNetNuke which dynamically selects its content based on the current month, day of month, day of year, day of week, profile property, time of day as well as by optional category. There are options for handling multiple matches.
  • DDRMenu
    DDRMenu is a templated menu provider for DotNetNuke that can produce any menu style you may require. It is supported for DNN 4.5 and above, and is the default navigation provider for DNN 6.0.
  • DDT Last Content Modified On Date
    This package including a module and a Skin Object for DotNetNuke 6.1.x (or above) provide the ability to show field LastContentModifiedOnDate from table Modules
  • DDT Org Chart for DotNetNuke
    This DevPCI module - DDT_Org_Chart for DotNetNuke 6.2.4 + is based on Telerik Org Chart (google it to see demos on Telerik website) for his View.
  • Disqus Module for DotNetNuke
    This is a module wrapper for the popular Disqus comment engine. This allows you to add the comments to any page, and attach the comments directly to any module on the page. Using this module, you can instantly enable the most interactive comment engine known.
  • DNN Photo Snap
    DNN Photo Snap is an application for the iPhone that allows one to upload photos from their phone to a photo gallery on their DotNetNuke website. It consists of an iPhone app and a DNN module. The iPhone app was built using Appcelerator Titanium. The DNN Module was written in C#
  • DNN Rad Tag Cloud
    A module that uses Telerik's Tag Cloud control to display tags applied in a DotNetNuke install.
  • DNN? Form and List
    DotNetNuke? Form and List (formerly User Defined Table) is a rich module for creating / managing custom tables with input validation, various field types, etc
  • DnnDash Service
    The DnnDash project enables administrators of DotNetNuke websites to view any installed DotNetNuke Dashboard components via other devices.
  • DNNspot Tabs
    Looking for a way to add content and allow your users to tab through that information? Using the DNNspot DotNetNuke Tabs module, simply drop the module on to a
  • DotNetNuke Amazon S3 Folder Integration
    A set of providers (data and authorization) that provide Amazon S3 folder services to a DotNetNuke installation in an integrated and seamless manner. This package allows existing modules to utilize externally-persisted S3 files without any modification.
  • DotNetNuke Contact Form
    simple yet effective DotNetNuke contact form
  • DotNetNuke easy.News Multilanguage template module
    This is a DotNetNuke 5.5+ module for news. It allows users to create, manage and preview news on DotNetNuke portals. Module is template based and can work on multilanguage portals. It is free of charge and constantly improving.
  • DotNetNuke Role-Based Control Panels
    This provider extends the DotNetNuke control panel by allowing a host to specify the particular control panel that is to be loaded by role (and site). For non-administrators any user interface may be utilized, allowing for flexible custom functionality not otherwise possible.
  • DotNetNuke Social Dashboard
    The DotNetNuke Social Dashboard gives DotNetNuke Administrators and insight into the social statistics of their site.
  • DotNetNuke Telerik Library
    A set of Telerik wrappers for DotNetNuke module developers to utilize which aren't yet included as of 5.6.1. Eventually this will be offloaded to the core.
  • DotNetNuke Templated (Mega-)Menu Provider
    A derivative of the built-in DotNetNuke DNNMenu navigation provider, allowing for templated custom menu panels. Configure one or more menu items to be displayed using a (built-in or custom-developed) template, yielding display options not before available to DotNetNuke users!
  • DotNetNuke? Announcements
    DotNetNuke? Announcements is a basic module used for displaying news items on your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? Auth: Live ID
    Windows Live ID authentication for DotNetNuke.
  • DotNetNuke? Auth: OpenID
    OpenID authentication for DotNetNuke.
  • DotNetNuke? C#
    The DotNetNuke? project is developed and maintained on a Visual Basic codebase, however a C# version has always been a popular request. This is a supervised project to provide a community driven C# development version of the DotNetNuke Open Core.
  • DotNetNuke? FAQ
    DotNetNuke? FAQ is a basic module used for displaying frequently asked questions on your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? Forum
    DotNetNuke? Forum is a full featured module used for managing forums and email notification of posts on your DNN site.
  • DotNetNuke? Media
    The Media Module is a module that you can use to display and/or play any of the common media formats that you're interested in on your DotNetNuke website, including social media, and content on other popular websites.
  • DotNetNuke? Postgres Data Provider
    DNN PG Provider is a DotNetNuke? 4.9.5 Data Provider for PostgreSQL, an enterprise class open source database system. With DNN PG DataProvider you are no longer limited to use commercial databases or commercial database providers to run DotNetNuke?. It is developed in C#.
  • DotNetNuke? Q & A
    Created in the spirit of Stack Exchange, the DotNetNuke Q&A module provides a more focused and open alternative to traditional discussion forums. It provides the ability for users to ask and answer questions, and, through membership and active participation, to vote questions ...
  • DotNetNuke? Store
    DotNetNuke? Store is a rich module suite which enables you to sell products on your DNN site. Out of the box support for either Authorize.Net or PayPal, includes categories, products, mini cart, full shopping cart, reviews, order history and user provided gateways.
  • DotNetNuke? Wiki
    DNN Wiki is a stable module which combines a wiki engine with your favourite html editor.
  • Evotiva's DotNetNuke Search and Replace Module
    A DotNetNuke Search and Replace tool. It allows you to search (and optionally replace) text within any table in the DotNetNuke database. More at
  • Expandable Text/HTML for DotNetNuke by IowaComputerGurus Inc.
    The DNN Expandable Text/HTML module allows you to display multiple text items with the ability to expand and collapse individual items.
  • Free DotNetNuke MultiFunction Skin
    MultiFunction is the world's best free skin for DotNetNuke, it provides an XHTML compliant skin using the DNNMenu with an Unordered list. It has a predefined color scheme which can easily be changed utilizing CSS and the included PSD files (included in the source package)
  • helferlein_BabelFish for DotNetNuke
    helferlein_BabelFish is a DNN module to support multilingual features for other helferlein modules. It is developed in C#.
  • helferlein_Form for DotNetNuke
    helferlein_Form is an easy-to-use module written in C# for DotNetNuke that allows creating forms.
  • Hello User 4 DNN
    Hello User 4 DNN demonstrates the development and packaging of a simple DotNetNuke module. You can learn more about this module through the tutorial on HOT4DNN. This module is developed in C#.
  • HTML Template Repeater Module
    The HTML Template Repeater Module is a direct replacement for the Core DotNetNuke Text/HTML module. Use it where you need to repeat the format of an Text/HTML Segment as a template. It makes creating your own custom data bound repeating HTML lists a snap.
  • Lightbox Gallery Module for DotNetNuke
    This is a very simple module built for DotNetNuke which allows you to add a lightbox image gallery to your DotNetNuke website. This module was originally created for my 2009 Jacksonville Code Camp session as a proof of concept.
  • metaPost
    metaPost provides a MetaWeblog interface for managing content in DotNetNuke modules using MetaWeblog enabled editors such as Windows Live Writer. The metaPost module defines a framework that can be used to easily add MetaWeblog publishing support to existing DotNetNuke modu...
  • NBrightStore - E-Commerce for DotNetNuke
    NBrightStore is the evolution of NB_Store
  • Quiz Module for DotNetNuke by IowaComputerGurus Inc.
    The IowaComputerGurus DotNetNuke Quiz Module is a free extension that allows users to quickly and easily create custom quizzes for their site.
  • Razor Reports - a Visualizer for the DotNetNuke Reports Module
    Razor Reports is a visualizer plugin for the DotNetNuke Reports module. In addition to HTML and XSLT templates, Razor Results allows to develop templates in C#/VB Razor syntax. It integrates the script editor and the settings controls from DotNetNuke Razor Host Module.
  • sandnntaskmanager
    This project is done for learning Dotnetnuke, and it is used for taskmanager tasks like inserting , deleting and updating ..... thanks santosh pothankar
  • Scheduled SQL Jobs for DotNetNuke by IowaComputerGurus Inc.
    Keeping a DotNetNuke site database clean can be a real nightmare for those hosting sites on shared hosting providers.
  • SignalRChat for DotNetNuke
    A simple DotNetNuke module that utilizes SignalR to provide a simple chat interface on your DotNetNuke website.
  • SilverlightDesktop for DotNetNuke
    DotNetNuke module version of SilverlightDesktop.
  • Simple File List for DotNetNuke by IowaComputerGurus Inc.
    The Simple File List module is a Free DotNetNuke module that will list all files within a specific folder under the specific portal folder within DNN for users
  • Survey? Project DNN? Module
    The goal of this project is to create a DotNetNuke (DNN)? Module of the Survey™ Project survey and (data entry) forms toolkit. Survey? is a free web based survey and (data entry) forms toolkit for processing and gathering data online. DotNetNuke? is a web content m...
  • Tapatalk Module for Dotnetnuke Core Forum
    Hi, I work for months in a plug for Dotnetnuke core forums, I have enough work done, the engine RPCXML, the Web service and a skeleton of the main functions, bu
  • Trigger
    A DotNetNuke C# Module
  • User Friendly Registration Plugin for DotNetNuke
    This plugin makes DotNetNuke registration process more user friendly. Main idea is to inform user about possible mistakes in the registration form immediately,
  • User Group Labs: My Groups
    This is one of a series of social modules in the DotNetNuke User Group Labs project. This module allows you to easily lists the groups that a user is a part of
  • WatchersNET.SkinObjects.ModuleActionsMenu
    Displays the Module Actions Menu in DNN (DotNetNuke) as a Unsorted CSS Menu.
  • WatchersNET.TagCloud
    TagCloud Module for DotNetNuke

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