List of Free code jQuery


  • .NET Heatmap
    This is a simple project using C#, JQuery, and heatmap.js that allows you to create a heatmap for a web page using static data from a SQL database.
  • AutoComplete for MVC
    This plugin aims to provide a simple way to add an autocomplete (jquery ui) in the MVC 3 project, using the facilities of the Razor and Lambda.
  • Awesome Slider
    Using a jquery plugin this module allows you to build a custom slider for your website. You can add items to the slider simply providing a image and a description. Note: This is my first module. Module was greatly inspired by the photo albums module by Alexankin Dmitriy.
  • JQMdotNET
    JQMdotNet is an early attempt to make a series of MVC HTML helpers to quickly render JQuery Mobile pages.
  • jQuery Filedrop
    In this demo I will demonstrate using HTML5 compatible browsers to drag and drop files and save the content into a SQL2012 database.
  • jQuery UI DotNetNuke integration
    The goal of jQUI-DNN is to provide an easily deployable solution for developers wanting to use jQuery UI in a DotNetNuke context. The core and themes are provided as separate modules for easy deployment in a DotNetNuke host. It is developed in C#.
  • Learning JQuery 1.3 And Above Examples
    This project has examples based on the book Learning jQuery 1.3 Chapter By Chapter
  • MamaHippo
    MamaHippo Is an open source Jquery Single Page App (SPA) Framework written in MVC 4 and Visual Studio 11. Simple simple simple Quick code Lean Start-up Framework. It is meant to be a light wait focused implementation of all the best of bread tools in MV4 along with othe...
  • Management tool for MWT
    This project though focused on creating a tool for the MWT management to use is a place to exercise the latest technology trends in the .NET community. I intend to use the best design practices the technologies like WCF, regex, HTML5, Jquery, WPF(maybe).
  • Mobile Pack for EPiServer CMS
    Mobile Pack for EPiServer CMS is a one-size-fits-all generic mobile web app, that will let you easily add a mobile web app to any web site running on EPiServer CMS 6 R2 (or later). It's based on JQuery Mobile and can reuse content from the entire site.
  • MVC 3 with JQuery ajax
    My first MVC 3 app using Jquery AJAX
  • MVC+jquery Chat
    Chat plugin written in MVC 1.0 and jquery using SQL Server for MVC applications
  • MvcContrib Ajax Sorting and Paging with jQuery
    Leveraging and extending jQuery to provide fast, asynchronous AJAX updates (from data sorted and paged on the server, nonetheless) to the user is pretty cool. Creating a plugin to wrap around the MvcContrib Grid and Pager helpers is awesome.
  • Oomph - A Microformats Toolkit
    Oomph makes Microformats more accessible for developers, designers and users. Oomph is an amalgamation of applications: an Internet Explorer Add-in built in C++ that finds Microformats on a page; a cross-browser HTML overlay built using JQuery that aggregates Microformats; a ...
  • Project Director - Open Source
    Project Director is an enterprise project, employess, client and contact management tools. It's developed in MVC 3, DI, JQuery and Ajax
  • Project WarRoom
    An experimental chatroom jQuery widget for instant messaging functionality on web applications.
  • SharedDeploy
    Simple ASP.MVC app , that use 2 types of view : mobile and desktop. In core WebApi, jQuery,
  • Vitus.GoogleCalendar
    A module for Orchard CMS. Enables websites to display Google Calendar(s) using Full Calendar jQuery plugin and configure it extensively in the administration.
    thewms is warehouse manager system! For the logistics industry! The team learning project! Built on the mvc3.0 and wcf ! Using jquery js framework as front end

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