List of Free code RSS


  • Argotic Syndication Framework
    A powerful and extensible .NET web content syndication framework for RSS, Atom, OPML, APML, BlogML, RSD and more. The Argotic Syndication Framework is a Microsoft .NET class library framework that enables developers to easily consume and/or generate syndicated content from wit...
  • BeyondPod for Windows Mobile
    BeyondPod is RSS feed reader and podcast manager (podcatcher) for mobile devices. With BeyondPod you can subscribe for RSS feeds, read the feed content, download and listen to associated podcasts (enclosures) directly on your mobile device.
  • bitboxx bbnews
    The bitboxx bbnews module is a DNN module for collecting and providing news on your portal. It is able to collect news from a RSS/Atom feeds or from twitter. Alternativeliy you can write your own news. News display is full templated and could be provided as RSS feed too.
  • Bonobo Reader
    Bonobo Reader is a desktop application for reading any kind of information. It was designed for downloading RSS Feeds, but reader became more general. It is modular, so you may be able to use any kind of provider (Twitter and IRC are planned or you can write your own).
  • Desktop Google Reader
    .NET / WPF client for Google Reader RSS agregator service. Shows unread items with basic functionality and various social network integrations. Has Outlook-like new item notification functionality standalone as well as using Snarl (
  • Directory2Rss
    Directory2Rss scans a list of files under a given set of directories and writes the output to a Rss feed which can be published on the web. When it is run again it checks for new files and writes the addition to the Rss feed. Great for monitoring directories for additions.
  • Dragon RSS Reader
    a full-featured RSS Reader, codename: Dragon features: specified RSS feed, parse and show it in a WinForm 2.import/export OPML file 3.arrange a automatic subscriber to update specified RSS 4.can be transmitted to Windows Mobile platform and re-used in web project
  • Facebook Graph Toolkit
    .NET library for Facebook Graph Api and OAuth 2.0 Authorization. Server-side controls for converting Facebook Wall to RSS, LikeBox. Written in C#.
  • Feed Tracker
    Feed Tracker allows you to track your favorite feeds (RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0) and open them up directly in your browser.
  • Feedbook
    Feedbook supports any RSS and Atom news feeds, It can also download podcasts saliently and play it within Feedbook. It integrates with Twitter and Google Buzz very well, you can send tweets/post easily and can also subscribe to twitter timelines/buzz feeds. Characters like #...
  • MetaComic : RSS/XML Daily Comic Strip Viewer & Archiver.
    With MetaComic you can view and save RSS/XML Daily Comic strips from the web on to you Windows Desktop.Archive and tag your favorite ones.Generate PDF or cbz archives comics out of them.
  • RSS Reader (C#)
    RSSReader is a small and lightweight RSS client application written in C# using .NET 3.5 Client Profile framework. It is open-source and released under GNU GPLv3, so you can download, modify and re-distribute it under the terms GNU GPLv3 or any later version. First numbe...
  • Squid Micro-Blogging Library
    Squid is a easy-to-use micro-blogging library that allows a user to create an RSS feed by simply writing a simple T-SQL statement. Creating an RSS feed is literally a one step process. Simply write something like "SELECT Id=0, Title=PersonName, Description=PersonSalesData FR...
  • Start Reading
    Start Reading is a web-based RSS reader Open-Source project.
  • Vandelay Industries
    This suite of Orchard modules contains the following features: Classy, Favicon, Feedburner, Meta tags, Tag Cloud, Tag RSS, Theme Picker and Translation Manager.
  • Windows 8 RSS Reader
    A RSS Feed Reader Window 8 Style App This source code is written in C# and XAML and uses the Visual Studio Grid Layout template.
  • WordPress BlogML Export
    Converts WordPress Extended RSS (WXR) files to BlogML

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