List of Free code HTML


  • (X)HTML Markup Sanitizer
    The XHTML Markup Sanitizer takes untrusted (X)HTML and massages it into real, trusted XHTML. It's particularly useful with content management systems where users are in control of markup, but you want to target XHTML1.1.
  • BBCode C# Library
    This project is a BBCode parser created because existing BBCode parsers did not have the functionality or extensibility i was looking for. It is developed in C# and requires .NET 4.0 It uses NVelocity to parse the BBCode into .html templates, different types of Tags are ...
  • Code4Blog
    Code4Blog is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that allows to convert any code supported by Visual Studio IDE to HTML format with keeping same structure and colors.
  • CodeColorer.NET
    Simple colorizer for your code. Can save colored code in RTF, HTML and other.
  • ConvertSourceToHtml
    This is a standalone version of the popular Visual Studio plugin 'CopySourceAsHtml'. ConvertSourceToHtml replaces RTF code in your clipboard by HTML code that you can paste in your website or blog.
  • CopySourceAsHtml
    CopySourceAsHtml is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 that allows you to copy source code, syntax highlighting, and line numbers as HTML. CSAH uses Visual Studio's syntax highlighting and font and color settings automatically.
  • DB > doc for Microsoft SQL Server
    Tool to generate documentation for Microsoft SQL Server database structure. Generates documentation in HTML, XML or WikiPlex format.
  • DBDocumenter
    DBDocumenter, an interactive tool designed to generate the SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 documentation. It supports, export of documentation to HTML(WEB) format. It helps the developer , who's design the Data Layer for the application. He/she can easily find the name of column etc...
  • Dynamic Template plug-in for Windows Live Writer
    Dynamic Template is a plug-in that makes it easier to insert oft-used snippets of HTML or text into your Windows Live Writer posts.
  • FiddlerHtmlInspector
    Improved HTML inspection for Fiddler.
  • Flexible XPath Visualiser
    This XPath Visualiser is a simple, free WPF tool to help you visualise the results of XPath queries on markup documents including HTML, SOAP and XML.
  • Html Agility Pack Test Bed
    If you're an Html Agility Pack fan, then here's a little application for you to test out your XPath!
  • Html Agility Pack Testbed
    Html Agility Pack Testbed or HAP Testbed was originally named HTML Live but unfortunately, few people only notice the tool so I updated the name and to be specific.
  • HTML Converter
    The Delphi and C# samples for HTML Converter ActiveX from
  • Html Document Creator
    Html Document Creator helps developers to create an Html document in Visual Studio using classes.
  • Html Reader
    Html Reader makes it easier for WPF WebBrowser users to access the Document property, and retrieve information from HTML pages. You'll no longer have to use MSHTML interfaces.
  • Html to OpenXml
    A library to convert simple or advanced html to plain OpenXml document.
  • Html To RichTextBox
    HtmlToRichTextBox is a plain libary for Converting html code into the RichTextBox.
  • HTML5 Converter
    Its simple HTML5 converter from old html types
  • HtmlAgilityPack XPath Finder
    Each web browser has different DOM generated for web page. This tool is used for easily find XPath for specific html elements in HTMLAgilityPack DOM.
  • HtmlAnalysis
    This is a about html analysis,and about renren's login.It is more simple.
  • HtmlParser
    HtmlParser is a collection of Html processing and querying projects. The first element, the low level parser, is based on and extends Html::Parser from CPAN. This core is an event producing document parser with all other tools and libraries acting as subscribers. Using this...
  • HtmlTextbox for Windows.Forms
    A Textbox for editing Html in a Windows Forms (.Net 2.0) application.
  • ImmDoc.NET
    ImmDoc .NET is a command-line utility for generating HTML documentation from a set of .NET assemblies and XML files created by the compiler. It's developed in C#.
  • Jumony
    Jumony is based on. NET Framework 3.5 in the HTML an analysing and processing engine, makes it possible in C #, easy and convenient manipulation of HTML documents, is's also act as a Web page engine.
  • md2html - Markdown to HTML conversion tool
    This program will convert markdown text files to HTML files, using the Markdown.Sharp implementation. Written in C# 3.0 for .NET 3.5.
  • Nanobox
    A tool to generate tiles for DNA self-assembly. Outputs a 2-dimensional map with corresponding glues which allow for use with any core substrate in HTML format.
  • Ocular - a free, open source WYSIWYG editor for HTML
    Ocular is a free C# WYSIWYG HTML editor, similar to Adobe Dreamweaver. We are always looking for contributors, so please help us!
  • RazorEngine
    A templating engine built upon Microsoft's Razor parsing technology. The RazorEngine allows you to use Razor syntax to build robust templates. Currently we have integrated the vanilla Html + Code support, but we hope to support other markup languages in future.
  • Smith Html Editor
    This simple and lightweight WYSIWYG HTML Editor is a user control for WPF application. It provides basic editing functions and outputs HTML code.
  • SPCAMLEditor
    A tool to customize WSS or MOSS. Using this tool you can : 1) edit properties of SPWeb,SPList,SPView,SPField. 2)create new view and modify the html schema of view , and can preview the result. 3)create new field and modify it's schema. 4)export schema of view and field.
  • SQL Server Data Compare
    * Compare the *data* in two databases record by record. * Generate *html compare results* with interactive interface. * Generate *T-SQL synchronization scripts*
  • is dotnet port of Texy! text to html converter/formatter.
  • trx2html
    Converts Visual Studio TestResults files to html with agregate information, making easier the inspection of test results
  • WebExtractor360 - Open Source Web Extractor
    WebExtractor360 is a free and open source web data extractor. It uses Regular Expressions to find, extract and scrape internet data quickly and easily. It is very flexible, allowing you to extract both simple and commonly used data and complex data structures like HTML tables.
  • Zen Coding Visual Studio Plugin
    Zen Coding for Visual Studio is plugin for HTML and CSS hi-speed coding

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