List of Free code IIS


  • Bliss
    Virtual Server Power Toys for Microsoft Virtual Server running on Windows XP without IIS installed.
  • Cloud Samurai - Windows Azure Multi-Tenant (Hosted) Sample
    The Cloud Samurai Project, aka. (Project Bowlus), is a complete code sample demonstrating a hosted multi-tenant approach on Windows Azure utilizing the IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) extension.
  • EWS Push Notification Example (standalone application)
    Example application showing how to implement Exchange Web Services push notifications in an application, without requiring IIS. The application uses Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to receive events.
  • Git Web Access
    The project provides a Git smart HTTP backend on IIS.
  • IIS 7.0 Logging UI Module
    Windows Vista did not ship with a user interface to configure logging in the IIS Server Manager. This module was developed to provide missing functionality as well as provide an example of how to develop a UI module for IIS 7.0. While Windows Vista Service Pack 1 now includes ...
  • IIS Express GUI
    The GUI for IISExpress (version 7.5 and 8.0)
  • IIS Express Manager
    IIS Express Manager (IISEM) will liberate you from visual studio/web matrix just to open your precious IIS Express hosted applications.
  • IIS Hosts File Manager
    Here's an IIS 7.5 and 8.0 module to add host headers to the Hosts file without having to edit it with notepad. Very useful if you create a lot of web sites for testing or demo purposes.
  • IIS Network Diagnostic Tools
    Web implementation of "looking glass" like services (ping, traceroute) as HTTP modules for Internet Information Services.
  • Netduino-compatible embedded webserver
    Embedded Webserver is a small footprint, multi-platform webserver implementation exposing IIS-like API to web enable your hobby project in four easy steps.
  • Tranquility.Net (Wcf App Server)
    Allows developers to host multiple isolated Wcf services within a single Windows service. You'll no longer have to use IIS to host all your services. It's developed in C# .NET. Your services with a smile.
  • Wake On LAN Gateway
    A Client/Server solution for relaying WOL magic packets. Server runs as IIS module or Windows Service. Usage via REST service or installable windows client.
  • Web based PowerShell Console
    The "Web based PowerShell Console" enables you to execute PowerShell Scripts and Cmdlets via a Web or Browser based PowerShell Console. Just install the tool on a mchine running IIS and use PowerShell via network!
  • Web Log Analyzer
    Indihiang Project is a web log analyzing tool. The tool analyzes IIS and Apache Web servers in comprehensive graphs and reports.
  • WebsitePanel IIS Modules
    Enables secure folders on IIS web sites. Emulates Apache "mod_auth_basic", "mod_authz_user" and "mod_authz_groupfile" modules and works with native .htaccess and .htpasswd files. The module is similar to IISPassword ISAPI, but could be used on both IIS 6 and IIS 7.

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