List of Free code JavaScript


  • Advanced JavaScript outlining for Visual Studio 11
    This is extension for Visual Studio 11 that adds additional outlining for JavaScript Editor
  • Appointments and ToDo Manager
    Javascript Single Page Application
  • AutoMorgue
    Simple JavaScript application. Made for Teamwork in Telerik Academy.
  • Building Modern Mobile Web Apps
    This project provides guidance on building mobile web experiences using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Developing web apps for mobile browsers can be less forgivi
  • Chirpy - VS Add In For Handling Js, Css, DotLess, and T4 Files
    Mashes, minifies, and validates your javascript, stylesheet, and dotless files. Chirpy can also auto-update T4MVC and other T4 templates.
  • Clay
    Clay is a dynamic C# type that will enable you to sculpt objects of any shape just as easily as in JavaScript or other dynamic languages.
  • ClearScript
    ClearScript is a library that makes it easy to add scripting to your .NET applications. It currently supports JavaScript (via V8 and JScript) and VBScript.
  • CRM 2011 Code Snippets for Visual Studio
    A set of JavaScript and C# code snippets to facilitate common Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 development for Visual Studio 2010.
  • CRM 2011 Visual Studio Tools
    CRM 2011 Visual Studio Tools is an Addon for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 and speeds up JavaScript Development on Microsoft CRM 2011.
  • CRM 4 to CRM 2011 JavaScript Converter
    CRM 4 to CRM 2011 JavaScript Converter tool helps convert scripts to the latest CRM 2011 Form scripting Client API. Upgrade CRM 4 script to CRM 2011
  • CrmXpress SmartSoapLogger for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
    SmartSoapLogger automates the process of generating SOAP messages as well as JavaScript functions to use them. All you do is write C# code and click on a button[You have few options as well]to get SOAP messages as well as the Script.
  • datajs - JavaScript Library for data-centric web applications
    datajs is a new cross-browser JavaScript library that enables data-centric web applications by leveraging modern protocols such as JSON and OData and HTML5-enabled browser features. It's designed to be small, fast and easy to use.
  • Extensions.js
    Extensions.js is a library of methods and techniques to simplify dealing with javascript objects in a style familiar to C# programmers.
  • Fiddler Delayed Responses Extension
    A fiddler extension that help developers delay the delivery of HTML Responses to applications. Some delay user stories: - Delivery of css to HTML pages, delaying or disturb the renderization - Delivery of javascript to HTML pages, raising javascript events. - Timeouts - ...
  • Flot.Net
    Flot.Net provides a .Net wrapper around the Flot jQuery charting library. It is developed in C# 3.5 I created this project as I found the javascript notation difficult to create, and so developed an object model around the flot objects so I could create charts in a common ...
  • Free jQuery Grid
    This grid is written in pure javascript using jQuery. It's very easy to understand to modify as you wish since it uses OOP.
  • FREE Web Tools
    This tool set contains full source code of HTTP Request/Response Viewer, Browser Header Viewer, Base64 Encoder/Decoder, URL Encoder/Decoder, ViewState Decoder, HTML, CCS and JavaScript Optimizer and other tools from
  • GaDotNet
    GaDotNet is an open source library designed to make it easy to log page views, events and transactions, through c# code, without using JavaScript or even needing to have a browser.
  • ImageCropper base on AjaxControlToolkit
    The image cropper provides a way to draw a crop area on an image and capture the coordinates of the drawn crop area. This control is migrated from another tool (, which is base on the Pr...
  • Javascript .NET
    Javascript .NET integrates Google's V8 Javascript engine and exposes it to the CLI environment. Javascript .NET compiles (at runtime) and executes scripts directly from .NET code. It allows CLI objects to be exposed and manipulated directly from the executed Javascript.
  • JavaScript Prototype Extensions
    It is a standalone JavaScript extension based on JavaScript prototype directly, to make developers use JS like C# or Java.
  • JavaScript Web Resource Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
    JavaScript Web Resource Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 helps CRM developers to extract javascript web resources to disk, maintain them and import changes back to CRM database. You will no longer have to perform mutliple clicks operation to update you js web resources
  • Jint - Javascript Interpreter for .NET
    Jint is a script engine based on the Javascript language. Using Jint, developers can provide fully scriptable applications, execute .NET code without compiling, or create external configuration logic, using the most used script language.
  • jquery.override
    A jQuery plugin to force inline events to jQuery bind() events and to override/subscribe to existing JavaScript functions. Sometimes, it just needs to work.
  • jQXB Expression Binder
    JQ Expression Binder is a lightweigth javascript library for bi-directional data binding between javascript objects and HTML elements.
  • JSAnalyse - Javascript Analyser and Dependency Checker
    JSAnalyse - Javascript Analyser and Dependency Checker
  • jsbeautifylib
    Based on jsbeautify.js, a c# version of this javascript to beautify & format javascript code.
  • JSEnhancements
    A Visual Studio extension that provides some improvements to JavaScript editor in VS 2010
  • JSLint for Visual Studio 2010
    JSLint JavaScript Code Analysis Add-in for Visual Studio 2010
  • JSLint.NET
    JSLint.NET is a wrapper for Douglas Crockford's JSLint, the JavaScript code quality tool. It can validate JavaScript anywhere .NET runs.
  • JSLint.VS
    JSLint.VS is Add-In for Visual Studio that provides errors in JavaScript during compiling enabling you to spend less time in browser catching bugs and typos.
  • JsMapper
    JsMapper creates Javascript MVVM-Code (support for Backbone and KnockoutJs atm) from your (Domain-) Classes with support of DataAnnotations
  • JSMerge
    JSCombine is a command-line utility that is designed to help authors of Javascript libraries combine numerous *.js files into one, comprehensive file.
  • JSON Tiny Serializer dedicated to output JavaScript string from C# object
    This C# JSon Serializer is dedicated to output JavaScript string from .Net managed object. The code is oriented performance and running more than twice fast as the standard .Net 4 JavaScriptSerializer. Recursive Check and Size limit are implemented.
  • JsValidator
    JsValidator acts like a compiler for your javascript files. Helps you find syntax mistakes in js with ease (outputs Errors and Warnings right to your VS, like any other compile-time errors). Configurable via json config file. Project uses Google Closure for compilation support
  • Jurassic - A Javascript Compiler for .NET
    Jurassic is an implementation of the ECMAScript language and runtime. It aims to provide the best performing and most standards-compliant implementation of JavaScript for .NET.
  • Knockout SPA for Web.API
    library that uses jQuery and Knockout to create a single-page-application javascript library which consumes any (multiple) Web API controllers. This is intended to be used with MVC 4 (beta).
  • Lava JS
    Lava is a javascript framework that makes creating web applications much easier. It allows you clearly separate logic from the UI by utilizing MVC concepts.
  • Microsoft Ajax Minifier
    The Microsoft Ajax Minifier enables you to improve the performance of your Ajax applications by reducing the size of your Cascading Style Sheet and JavaScript files.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Javascript Audit
    CRM Javascript Audit enables the auditing functionality for client side Javascript customization. Traditionally you will have to store the Javascripts in source control, but this could be a tedious process as more customizations made. Supports MSCRM v4 On Premise deployment.
  • Phoenix Service Bus
    The goal of pServiceBus(Phoenix Service Bus) is to provide an API and Service Components that would make implementing an ESB Infrastructure in your environment easy. It's developed in C#, and also have API written for Javascript and Java Clients.
  • RedUI
    Javascript UI Framework for Single Page Applications
  • Reef Status
    Reef status is an application that connects to the Profilux aquarium controller and gathers information about the current state of your aquarium controller. It also provides graphing and web control to the controller. It is developed in C# using WPF, JavaScript and HTML
  • Resource Report Builder
    We all know the steps involved to embed a resource (ex: image) into a project: defining assembly wide reference, replacing and maintain references in javascript and stylesheet files and finally maintain references in C# code. This tool comes in hand just for that.
  • SharpKit
    SharpKit is a C# to JavaScript Compiler
  • Shinkansen: compress, crunch, combine, and cache JavaScript and CSS
    Shinkansen allows you to compress with gzip/deflate, crunch (minify, etc), combine into a single resource, and cache CSS and JavaScript includes.
  • spidermonkey-dotnet
    spidermonkey-dotnet is a binding between the original javascript engine SpiderMonkey and the .Net platform. Future releases will include easy to use javascript wrappers for .Net objects, and possibly the exposure of the .Net class library to JS.
  • TagCloud
    Yet another TagCloud control. This one with much more client side javascript support.
  • TitaniumPlaces
    This is a project by team Titanium for the Telerik Academy course JavaScript Frameworks.
  • UFRAME: goodness of UpdatePanel and IFRAME together
    UFrame combines the goodness of UpdatePanel and IFRAME. It allows a DIV to behave like an IFRAME loading content from any page either static or dynamic. It can load pages having inline Javascript, CSS, external Javascript and CSS just like IFRAME. But unlike IFRAME, it loads t...
  • V8.NET
    A fairly non-abstracted wrapper for Google's V8 JavaScript engine.
  • v8sharp
    v8sharp started as a research project to see if it was possible to host Google's new V8 javascript engine from within Microsoft .NET. It could be used to create an extensibility model or application automation model that could be accessed via scripting technologies.
  • VisualStudio 2010 JavaScript & CSS Outlining
    Visual Studio 2010 editor extension for JavaScript & CSS code blocks and custom regions outlining.
  • WCF Data Service Consuming (oData)
    This project describes the consuming of custom WCF Data Services (odata) via Javascript (jQuery) and in a console application.
  • xUnit.js
    xUnit.js is an xUnit style framework for javascript, designed to facilitate writing unit tests in a style familiar to C# programmers. It includes an engine API, a script-engine agnostic console runner, a cross-browser GUI runner, and a mechanism to attribute tests declaratively.
  • Yahoo JavaScript/CSS Compressor UI Wrapper
    Drag and drop your .css and .js files or directories to this application's form and it's done!
  • Yahoo! UI Library: YUI Compressor for .Net
    This is a .NET port of the Yahoo! UI Library's YUI Compressor Java project. The objective of this project is to compress any Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets to an efficient level that works exactly as the original source, before it was minified.

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