List of Free code Node.JS


  • animitter
    Animation loop + EventEmitter for browser, node.js and AMD. Using request Animation Frame with fallback.
  • apnagent playground
    Sample application for article: "Delivering iOS Push Notifications with Node.js".
  • args
    Command line arguments parser for node.js.
  • args.js
    Another Node.js argument parser.
  • argumentum
    No bullshit option parser for node.js.
  • assemble
    Static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. Used by H5BP/Effeckt, Topcoat, Web Experience Toolkit, and hundreds of other projects to build sites, themes, components , documentation, blogs and gh pages.
  • betable node sample
    Betable powered slot machine sample application in Node.js.
  • binary parser
    Blazing fast binary parser builder for node.js.
  • binaryparser
    A binary parser for nodejs.
  • bleach
    A minimalistic HTML sanitizer for node.js.
  • blend demo
    An all around NodeJS demo for the BLEND conference.
  • builder.js
    Component builder implemented with node.js.
  • cb Network node
    A Node.js implementation of cb Network.
  • cli table
    Pretty unicode tables for the CLI with Node.JS.
  • comsat
    Starcraft 2 replay file parsing with node.js!.
  • cqrs sample
    CQRS, EventSourcing, (DDDD) Sample in node.js.
  • cukecipes
    Example Node.js application demonstrating Cucumber.js usages.
  • data midi lab
    Data MIDI Lab A Node.js based MIDI Controller and web frontend that allows you to generate MIDI notes and control data from arbitrary chunks of data.
  • datastore codelab nodejs
    Google Cloud Datastore codelab for Google I/O 2013.
  • datauri
    Generate Data URI scheme via terminal or node.js.
  • easy table
    Nice text table for Node.js.
  • ebay srp nodejs
    A demo app used for benchmarking Play Framework against Nodejs.
  • example nodejs project
    An example project to show the way I'm testing node.js.
  • excel.js
    Native node.js Excel file parser. Only supports xlsx for now.
  • express example
    An example node.js app using express.
  • express pjax demo
    pjax using express pjax NodeJS demo.
  • express template demo
    Demo of using template engines with express.js and node.js.
  • expressroutes urlmanager
    Dynamic routing and simple urlmanager in express (node.js).
  • Faker.js
    generate massive amounts of fake data in Node.js and the browser.
  • federation
    A Federated Message Network in Node.js.
  • feed read
    fetch & parse ATOM & RSS feeds with Node.js.
  • flatiron demo
    Flatrion and Node.js demo app.
  • flickr originals
    Node.js app that serves flickr feeds of your photos and favorites.
  • frame
    Collection of tools for node.js used with most Coolony projects.
  • grunt browserify jasmine node example
    An example of how to set up a project for cross developing for the browser and node.js.
  • html pe
    Accurate HTML parser and encoder for node.js.
  • humanapi example app nodejs
    Sample application showing how to work with the HumanAPI using Nodejs.
  • IniReader
    A ini configuration file parser for nodejs.
  • intro to nodejs
    Code samples for my Intro to Node.js session.
  • jquery audioplayer
    Mp3 player with jQuery mobile frontend and NodeJS backend.
  • jquery.evented ajax .js
    An event driven replacement for $. ajax designed for use with non blocking, evented backends (you know, stuff like NodeJS, EM, Twisted).
  • JSONloops
    JSONloops is a real time, multiuser audio sequencer for node.js and the browser.
  • jsonpatch.js
    An implementation of the JSONPatch (and JSONPointer) IETF RFCs for Javascript (Node.JS and the Browser).
  • learn nodejs
    Simple NodeJS Application Examples.
  • loopback
    LoopBack is an open source backend as a service for your mobile apps. Connect to multiple data sources, write business logic in Node.js, auto generate iOS & Android SDKs.
  • MaelstromNodeTestApp
    Test application (node.js) for verifying Maelstrom Network functionality.
  • microcosm
    NodeJS Social Network Simulator Tool for Enterprise Software Development.
  • microformat node
    Microformats parser for node.js.
  • neptunejs
    A template for quickly setting up a Node.js/Ember.js/ website.
  • High Performance Networking for Browsers and Node.js.
  • netfoundry
    node.js platform for self organizing collaborative object networks.
  • netstat.js
    nodejs binding for netstat, just in case you felt the need to see what your network is up to.
  • node by example
    node.js by example simple code examples of the available features of node.js.
  • node checker
    Checker is the collection of common abstract node.js methods for validatiors and setters.
  • node command parser
    Node.js command line parser.
  • node demos
    Some nodejs examples for demo purposes.
  • node dicom
    DICOM utils/ parser for node.js.
  • node dtrace examples
    Examples of DTrace probes in Node.js.
  • node express mongoose demo
    A simple demo app in node.js using express, mongoose, passport.js and jade for beginners.
  • Node Express MVR Example
    Example Node.js Express project to get you started with a MVR architecture.
  • node fastcgi parser
    FastCGI protocol parser for node.js.
  • node feedparser
    Robust RSS, Atom, and RDF feed parsing in Node.js.
  • node flat config
    Simple node.js config file and arguments parser.
  • node geom 2d
    2d vectors, geometry, and affine transformations for nodejs.
  • node getopt
    Another arguments parser for NodeJS.
  • node happening
    Distributed network based event emitter for NodeJS.
  • node ical
    Node.js parser for the iCal format.
  • node icalendar
    iCalendar parser and generator for Node.js.
  • node in an embedded env
    This is a repository to hold code examples from the Dec. 19th Node.js in the Wild Boston meetup and Feb. 20 NYC Node.js meetup.
  • node jquery
    jQuery with a thin wrapper for Ender.JS, Node.JS, and other npm based packaging systems.
  • node opmlparser
    OPML parsing in Node.js.
  • node optimist
    Light weight option parsing for node.js.
  • node patterns discerning
    Node.js Patterns for Discerning Developers: Code samples from my talk at Pittsburgh TechFest 2013.
  • node pcap parser
    Packet capture (pcap) file parser written in pure javascript for Node.js.
  • Node Photo
    Node.js example for photo uploading to AWS.
  • node photoshop
    Control Adobe Photoshop from Node.js.
  • node plist native
    Node.js native plist parser & builder.
  • node roll
    node.js package for rolling dice and adding modifiers. ex: 2d 6+1.
  • Node Sample
    Playing around with node.js.
  • node samples
    A set of very simple examples of Node.js usage.
  • node upload progress
    Node.js demo for asynchronous file upload with progress report.
  • node video gallery
    A Metro style video gallery with Ajax , infinite scroll and other fun stuff. Now rewritten in Node.js.
  • node webmaker i18n
    Webmaker Localization Components for node.js and the browser.
  • node xlsx
    Node.js excel parser & builder.
  • node.js samples
    Code samples that I use in my various talks about Node.js.
  • Node.js Smoke Test App
    Basic app that demos the various aspects of FeedHenry node.js.
  • nodebnf
    Native BNF parser , and compiler for nodejs.
  • nodechat
    a socketio hack with backbonejs todos example , with nodejs backend.
  • NodeCommerceKickstart
    E Commerce sample site made with Node.js.
  • nodeCQRS
    CQRS, EventSourcing, (DDDD) Sample in node.js.
  • NodeDeploy
    Example scripts for deploying a Node.js application behind a Node proxy alongside Apache/Nginx, as a demon which restarts automatically upon crashing.
  • nodejs
    collection of node apps.
  • nodejs cxx proxy
    Cross site scripting ajax web proxy.
  • nodejs demos
    Node.js examples and demo code, just as reference or documentation.
  • nodejs neural network
    neural network for nodejs work in progress.
  • nodejs professional
    Sample code heavily based on the Professional Node JS book and the Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja book.
  • Nodejs Sample
    Sample project with node.js, express, jade and jquery+ajax.
  • nodejs scaffolding
    A full stack node.js sample application that demonstrates an architecture for building a complete production website with node.js.
  • nodejs sfdc sample
    Sample app for the sfdc node package.
  • nodejs webmatrix video tutorials
    Code samples to match the videos at js development with webmatrix 2 and express/.
  • nodejsTest
    Example project for node.js.
  • org mode parser
    An org mode parser for nodejs.
  • packet
    Incremental binary parsers and serializers for Node.js.
  • photo ReX nodeserver
    the webserver portion of the photo ReX written in Node.js.
  • PhotonJS.Build
    NodeJS based build tools developed for PhotonJS.
  • photos js
    A node.js powered Photo Gallery.
  • pngparse
    100% JavaScript PNG Parser for Node.JS.
  • R 2C2 WebInterface
    WebInterface using Node.JS on a Linux Embedded board to remote control an R 2C2 RepRap 3 D printers/CNC board.
  • Raspberrypi GPIO
    Remote control appliances via WebInterface by using a RaspberryPi + Node.js + GPIO Relay control board (turning On/Off a coffee machine, toaster, heater, etc from a webpage in your mobile phone, tablet or laptop).
  • riaktant
    A node.js sample app that stores syslog messages in Riak Search.
  • robots.js
    Parser for robots.txt for node.js.
  • sauce node demo
    Demo of how to use Sauce OnDemand with Node.js, Express.js, Vows.js, Wd, etc...
  • saywat
    a nodejs sample app to help people deal with cultural quirks.
  • scion demos
    A collection of demos illustrating use of SCION in the browser and nodejs.
  • SJWedding
    NodeJS backend for my wedding iPhone app.
  • smartdisplay media
    node.js based application that reads information about currently locally playing mediafiles (mp3s) and serves that information via http. Suitable for using cheap ( android ?) tablets as a info displays.
  • smokesignal
    Build your own small (or larger) peer to peer network with node.js.
  • SnowCannon
    NodeJS web analytics data collector for SnowPlow.
  • Social Networking Site in Node.js
    Social networking site in nod.js.
  • social7
    Experimental node.js based social networking website... Sort of.
  • SoundStation
    Local network based music player and organizer controlled from a browser or phone. Built with Node.js.
  • spider
    Programmable spidering of web sites with node.js and jQuery.
  • streethoarding
    Hoarding upon which you, and everyone else, can write, or, a ruthlessly simple example of a proper Node.js program.
  • Synchronizr
    A node.js utility for getting dropbox like functionality on my home (Linux) network.
  • tableUpdates
    Using node.js to send updates to an AJAX table.
  • teuxdeux webapp
    simple webapp for TeuxDeux using node.js proxy and some fancy AJAX.
  • thunder
    A lightning fast template parser for node.js.
  • toml js
    TOML parser implementation (node.js + browser).
  • toml node
    TOML parser for Node.js.
  • trader.nodejs
    bitfloor nodejs sample trader implementation.
  • tripping spice
    A NodeJS photo gallery.
  • ttt
    An example ClojureScript+Node.js scripting app; A git backed text based ticket tracker.
    Example of unobtrusive templating on nodejs.
  • useragent
    Useragent parser for Node.js, ported from
  • vline node example
    Sample node.js app built with vline.js.
  • voteExpress
    This is a demo application that integrates node.js, express, mongoose and angular.js to develop a simple vote application.
  • vrt
    Realtime Data Visualizer for Node.js.
  • wns
    WNS is a component based, class based Node.JS MIDDLEWARE.

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