List of Free code Node.JS Client


  • amqp.node
    AMQP 0 9 1 library and client for Node.JS.
  • arango client
    ArangoDB client for nodejs and web browsers.
  • avalon node
    The Nodejs Client For VMarket.
  • backdroid
    it's a backdoor for Android formed by a client written in JavaScript, with the help of, and a server written in NodeJS.
  • basex node
    A node.js client for the BaseX server.
  • chat nodejs
    This application created as part of a node.js and tutorial. It includes a server built in node.js and a html client.
    Simple chat server /client using node.js and
  • chatty
    simple webbrowser chat client , Node.js backend, geared towards OpenShift deployment.
  • client
    Node.js code that interfaces devices with the Ninja platform.
    Lightweight comet server /client for Node.js.
  • connect diffable
    Client side differential patching of static resources implemented for Connect and Node.js.
  • Dali
    Dali is templating engine for javascript. It can run on the client in any browser and on servers such as node.js.
  • doozerjs
    Doozer client for node.js.
  • easysoap
    A simple to use Soap Client for Node.js.
  • esl
    Node.js client and server for FreeSwitch Event Socket.
  • etcd node
    Alternative etcd client for node.js.
  • eventsource node
    EventSource client for Node.js.
  • fivebeans
    A beanstalkd client for node.js & a simple framework for running beanstalkd workers.
  • ftp get
    Simple to use node.js FTP client for downloading remote files.
  • GarageServer.IO
    A simple, lightweight, HTML multiplayer game server (and client) for Node.js.
  • gearman js
    Gearman Client for nodejs.
  • gearnode
    Gearman worker and client for Node.js.
  • grmble
    A node.js chat server /client application.
  • h5.coap
    Implementation of the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) client for node.js.
  • hashids.js
    A small JavaScript class to generate YouTube like hashes from one or many numbers. This is a client side version of Node.js version.
  • heka node
    A node.js client for heka.
  • helios
    Solr client for nodejs.
  • http request
    General purpose HTTP / HTTPS client for node.js. Supports transparent gzip / deflate decoding. Successor of http get.
  • ichabod
    A Node.js test harness for writing client side javascript tests and automating test runs with a headless browser.
  • inbox
    Simple IMAP client for node.js.
  • jasmine nodejs example
    Example project using jasmine with node.js to test client side (browser) javascript.
  • jayson
    Jayson is a simple but featureful JSON RPC 2.0 client and server for node.js.
  • jsftp
    Light and complete FTP client implementation in JavaScript for Node.js.
  • json over tcp
    Node.js TCP server/client, using JSON for messaging.
  • lic
    A scriptable IRC client in Node.js with a central hub that maintains a persistent connection for you.
  • lilac
    Share models, templates and rendering between server and client with node.js.
  • mws js
    Complete Amazon marketplace web services client for Node.js.
  • Nami
    Asterisk manager interface (ami) client for nodejs.
  • needle
    Nimble & fast HTTP client for Node.js. With proxy, deflate & multipart support.
  • nestor
    Jenkins CLI and node.js client.
  • node adbhost
    node.js adb ( android debug bridge) client.
  • node airbrake
    Node.js client for, formerly hoptoad.
  • node amqp
    node amqp is an AMQP client for nodejs.
  • node ar drone
    A node.js client for controlling Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quad copters.
  • node bitcoin exit
    Node.js server for providing Bitcoin webservices to thin clients.
  • node bitcoin impl
    A NodeJS library of Bitcoin components. (And eventually, a full client made from them.).
  • node cassandra client
    CQL client for Cassandra written in Node.js.
  • node celery
    Celery client for Node.js.
  • node cloudfiles
    A client implementation for Rackspace CloudFIles in node.js.
  • node cloudservers
    A client implementation for Rackspace Cloud Servers in node.js.
  • node dbus
    D bus protocol client and server for node.js written in native javascript (no binary dependencies).
  • node eksi sozluk
    NodeJS client to query Eksi Sozluk.
  • node graphite
    A node.js client for graphite.
  • node hbase client
    Asynchronous HBase client for nodejs.
  • node http2
    An HTTP/2 client and server implementation for node.js.
  • node irc
    NodeJS IRC client library.
  • node jsonrpc
    JSON RPC client and server for node.js.
  • node kinect
    xbox kinect communicating with client side javascript via OSC and node.js.
  • node kyoto tycoon
    KyotoTycoon client library for Node.js.
  • node loggly
    A client implementation for Loggly in node.js.
  • node mail
    This SMTP client library for Node.JS helps you send email safely and easily.
  • node memcached
    A fully featured Memcached client build on top of Node.js. Build with scaling in mind so it will support Memcached clusters and consistent hashing.
  • node nats
    Node.js client for NATS messaging system.
  • node oauth2 examples
    A paired consumer (client) / provider (server) example of OAuth2 for NodeJS.
  • node poplib
    POP3 client library for Node.js.
  • node prox
    Hookable socks5 proxy client and server in node.js.
  • node rfxcom
    Node.js client for talking to an RFXtrx433 device.
  • node scribe
    Node.js client for scribe.
  • node soap
    A SOAP client and server for node.js.
  • node sproutcore
    Simple NodeJS comet server and a client written in Sporutcore.
  • node statsd client
    Node.js client for statsd.
  • node stratum
    Stratum protocol server and client for Node.js.
  • node supercollider
    supercollider client for node.js.
  • node tair
    Taobao Tair Client for Node.js.
  • node torrent
    Bittorrent client for node.js.
  • node wwwdude
    A flexible HTTP client library for node.js.
  • node x11
    X11 protocol native client for node.js.
  • node xmpp client
    High level xmpp client for node.js.
  • nodegame client
    node Game client for the browser and node.js.
  • nodegrass
    nodegrass is a tool to process client request for Node.js.
  • NodejsOSCProcessing
    LAN communication between a web based javascript client and a java app using OSC. All based on Processing, using nodejs in the middle.
  • nodestalker
    A beanstalk client for node.js.
  • nodiak
    Nodiak is a Node.js client for the Riak Distributed Database.
  • nTorrent
    command line bitTorrent client in node.js.
  • oban
    (Obsolete) node.js server client app that powered the original Logiblock IDE.
  • payswarm.js
    A PaySwarm client for node.js.
  • peer vnc
    Web VNC client integrating noVNC with Node.js and
  • polyfill.js
    A node.js application that serves the polyfill.js client framework.
  • prey node client
    Node.js client for the Prey anti theft software.
  • rabbitmq nodejs client
    rabbitmq client for node.js.
  • raven node
    A standalone (Node.js) client for Sentry.
  • remote physics
    A node.js app that runs a physics engine and lets clients download physics data in real time.
  • riemann nodejs client
    node.js client for Riemann. Because you should be monitoring all of those non blocking buffet plates.
  • rosnodejs
    A ROS client library using node.js.
  • SC Example ChatClient
    This is an example SproutCore chat client using Node.js and Socket.IO in about 150 lines of code!.
  • shorty
    An asynchronous SMPP client and server built on Node.js. Shorty is sponsored and maintained by SMS Cloud, a subsidiary of Roave.
  • shred
    A Node.js HTTP Client.
  • simple oauth2
    A simple Node.js client library for Oauth2.
  • Socket.IO node client
    [WIP] Socket.IO 0.7 Node.JS client implementation, with simulated browser transports.
  • solr node client
    A solr client for node.js.
  • summerTorrent
    A bit torrent client written in JavaScript, on top of node.js.
  • Super Jump n Run Wars
    A multiplayer network game (server + client) written in JavaScript using node.js,, jQuery and HTML5.
  • superagent
    Ajax with less suck (and node.js HTTP client to match).
  • sync
    Node.JS Server and JavaScript/ HTML Client for synchronizing online media.
  • tfs
    TFS: Taobao FileSystem nodejs client.
  • thegrid2 client
    A cleaner rework of thegrid (a web based RTS game ) in node.js.
  • vcap node client
    VCAP(Cloudfoundry) Client for Node.js.
  • voltdb client nodejs
    Node.js client for VoltDB.
  • wcf.js
    A WCF compatible web service client stack for node.js. Written in pure javascript!.
  • wd
    A node.js client for webdriver/selenium 2.
  • webfinger
    Webfinger client library for Node.js.
  • WebIRC
    A web based persistent IRC client built on node.js.
  • webshell
    A console based JavaScripty web client utility (using node.js).
  • wordTree
    WordTree visualisation built using node.js on backend and d3.js on client.
  • ws.js
    A WS * client stack for node.js. Written in pure javascript!.

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