List of Free code Node.JS Server


  • airshow
    A simply awesome node.js photo gallery server.
  • Alligator
    Application Server for JavaScript on top of NodeJS (AntiNode).
  • antinode
    Static HTTP server built on node.js.
  • battlefield
    Connect to a Battlefield 3 (and probably others) server with Node.JS.
  • catan servers
    Backend for a didactic game aimed to teach Node.js.
  • cinnamon
    A lightweight continuous integration server for Node.js applications.
  • citeproc node
    node.js server and slight modifications to citeproc js to run in node.
  • cluster
    Node.JS multi core server manager with plugins support.
  • coalition
    simple, fast nodejs + dynamic postgis tile server.
  • compound
    MVC framework. Built on Node.JS. Works on server and browser.
  • connect browser logger
    Displays Node.js server side logs in your browser console.
  • cs node devserver
    A development Node.js server that returns JSON payloads for values you may need for development challenges.
  • darkside
    Node.js framework for building complex server sides of web apps.
  • drone
    Elastic server setup using Node.js #javascript #node.js.
  • feedability
    Node.js server that uses Readability to replace excerpts in feeds with the full articles.
  • freerev server sdk
    Freebox Revolution Server nodejs SDK.
  • gamesaver
    A node.js game saving server which authenticates via browserId.
  • gateway
    A standard web server /application interface that works with Node.js's asynchronous nature.
  • gifencoder
    Server side animated gif generation for node.js.
  • grappler
    A minimalistic server for "comet" connections in Node.js.
  • grimwire
    A downloadable node.js relay server for WebRTC and Local.js.
  • Grunt Cascade Examples
    a set of examples and test code for accessing Cascade Server Web Services in NodeJS.
  • grunt develop
    Grunt Task to run a Node.js Server while developing, auto reloading on change.
  • haibu
    a node.js application server spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware.
  • haibu carapace
    The application host used by the haibu node.js application deployment / management server.
  • hail
    A server framework implementing the ZeroC Ice RPC protocol for Node.js.
  • handbrake server
    This is a node.js express app that will handle handbrake cli jobs via a web interface.
  • hapi
    Server Framework for Node.js.
  • haste server
    open source pastebin written in node.js.
  • Houston
    Houston :: A local static file server based on node.js.
  • impact crater
    NodeJS authoritative server for the Impact.js game engine.
  • livereloadx
    An implementation of the LiveReload 2.X server in Node.js.
  • locker
    Lock server written in node.js.
  • long noodle
    Long polling server for node.js.
  • mach
    A better way to build web servers in node.js.
  • matisse
    A shared whiteboard using HTML5 Canvas with server on and node.js.
  • memcached.js
    Port of Memcached server for Node.js.
  • minotaur
    Cross browser, long poll server implemented in node.js.
  • n3
    pop3 server for node.js.
  • node apn server
    An http server written in Node.js to send apple push notifications.
  • node autoquit
    Automatically quit node.js servers when inactive.
  • node browserchannel
    An implementation of a google browserchannel server in node.js.
  • node channel
    A general purpose comet server written in node.js.
  • node crawler
    Web Crawler/Spider for NodeJS + server side jQuery ; ).
  • node d2 server
    A server environment for front end developers In nodejs.
  • node easymock
    A simple but powerful mock server in nodejs.
  • node echoprint server
    A node.js implementation of the Echoprint music identification server.
  • node examples
    A set of example scripts/servers in Node.js.
  • node farmjs
    A node.js server farm with everything you ever dreamed of.
  • node game server
    A game server that runs in Node.js.
  • node irc server
    Implementation of the IRC server protocol using node.js.
  • node named
    DNS Server in node.js.
  • node proxy
    Proxy Server (s) in Node.js and JS.Class.
  • node readability
    Server side readability with node.js.
  • node spdy
    SPDY server on Node.js.
  • node steam
    Interface directly with Steam servers from Node.js.
  • node telescope server
    A Nodejs server to control telescopes remotely, like Nexstar.
  • node toobusy
    Don't let your Node.JS server fall over when it's too busy.
  • node uo
    A UO server for node.js.
  • node webdav
    An experiment for a Node.JS based WebDAV server.
  • node webkit server
    A node.js driver for webkit server.
  • nodeftpd
    An FTP server written in Node.js.
  • nodegame server
    node Game server for the browser and node.js.
  • NodeJS Git Server
    A multi tenant git server using NodeJS.
  • NodeJS MotionCAPTCHA
    josscrowcroft's MotionCAPTCHA server side validated with NodeJS.
  • nodejuice
    Seeker Server works with all other servers including Apache, Passenger, Nginx, Cherokee, and more. A web server isn't required, NodeJuice comes with one in case you forgot yours. It runs on NodeJS; a low level non blocking network ready process with many capabilities. This is a tool that every web developer needs and has wanted for a very long time. IRC @ #node.js.
  • nodemon
    Monitor for any changes in your node.js application and automatically restart the server perfect for development.
  • nodeproxy
    memcache proxy server ? map key to specific memcache? written in nodejs environment.
  • NodePush
    Push Notifications for iOS & Android from a Node.js server.
  • noodle.js
    a node.js discussions server.
  • nproxy
    A nodejs proxy server.
  • oyunjs
    An experiment with nodejs on building a turn based game server.
  • pact
    Vows macros for easy Node.js HTTP server testing.
  • phonegap powerapp nodejs
    PhoneGap PowerApp NodeJS Server companion server for PhoneGap PowerApp.
  • photo server
    Photo sharing Node.js app.
  • pomelo
    a fast, scalable,distributed game server framework for node.js.
  • proxima
    An HTTP and TLS (HTTPS) reverse proxy server intended to replace full web servers for proxying Node.js applications.
  • pumbledb
    PumbleDB is a Node.js key value server that uses LevelDB.
  • restore
    Simple remoteStorage server written in Node.js.
  • rpc.js
    Simple and lightweight JSON RPC [gateway, server and documentation] for Node.JS.
  • sc
    Node.js Web server framework, emphasized distinction between serving pages and doing Ajax !.
  • send
    connect's static() file server extracted for general node.js use.
  • shib
    WebUI for Hive Server on node.js.
  • SImple Chat Server
    Simple Chat Server using node.js with multiple dynamic rooms.
  • simple file uploader
    A file uploader written using HTML5 and Node.js. It can upload both to a local directory on the server or to an AWS S3 server.
  • simpleS
    Simple HTTP(S) Server for Node.JS.
  • simpleTileServer
    How to write your own simple tile server, using Node.js + node canvas + tileJson.
  • skyrun
    Skyrun is a small node.js utility library to assist running local scripts on remote servers.
  • sse dash
    Node.js & Aura.js demonstrating SSE ( Server Side Events).
  • sse.js
    Server Sent Events made easy for node.js.
  • stagecoach
    Painlessly deploy node.js applications to your staging and production servers. Use a standard VPS or dedicated server to host both Node and traditional Apache based websites. Built on cool things like node http proxy and forever.
  • statik
    A simple and easy to use static file server written on Node.js.
  • testosterone
    Virile testing for http servers or any nodejs application.
  • tincan nodejs
    Experimental Tincan Server in node.js.
  • tunguska
    A comet based distributed publish/subscribe hub for server side JavaScript (NodeJS, Rhino/RingoJS).
    Web server with virtual hosts for node.js.
  • vectorosm
    OSM geo JSON Tile Server on NodeJS.
  • Windshaft
    A map tile server for PostGIS based on node.js and Mapnik.

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